Haunting Halloween Gallery from Design Toscano


“Double double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.”
– William Shakespeare, Macbeth

The witching hour approaches and now is the time to set the stage for the eeriest Halloween ever!

To throw a spirited celebration, crate a bewitching pathway, or design the scariest front porch ever; you need to check out Toscano’s extensive Halloween Décor collection including reapers, zombies and tombstones, vampires and bats, witches, ravens and black cats, skulls and skeletons, traditional Halloween décor and much more.

Whatever theme you’re planning for your Halloween decorating, whether a gothic haunted house or medieval castle, an Egyptian tomb, a zombie apocalypse, a graveyard or Game of Thrones theme you will discover countless items to prop up your display.

You’ll love our catalog cover feature item, the Ruthless Knavesmire Dragon Trophy Wall Sculpture (JQ11435) created by artist Liam Manchester, who outdid himself with this tribute to all great dragons of the world. This oversized Design Toscano exclusive will reign majestically from your wall with bristling pointed horns, sharp teeth and fiery scales. At over two feet high, every detail of this mysterious symbol of strength will become the centerpiece of any dragon decor.

Zombies today are even more popular today; ever since the film Night of the Living Dead (1968) by George Romero. Now with the new wave of fast moving zombies from Western pop culture, so many of us are obsessed with the undead. For a great book with more information on the new wave of zombies, check out the, Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

A new addition to Design Toscano’s macabre works of walking dead art, the Zombie Breakout Wall Sculpture (CL76522) will creep out anyone who comes on this wall décor in the dark. Whether this ghastly zombie is trying to breakout, or whether he is trying to break into your room, he will frighten your visitors every time. Can you stop him from taking over the world?

Perfect for the zombie hunter Design Toscano’s exclusive Dead Read, Bloody Zombie Bookends (CL67232) set was so popular at the new product meeting that people were already placing orders. A wonderful set of props created of zombie apocalypse books and bloody blades for your zombie watching party, Halloween, or just to hold your ghostly literary tales.

Nowadays zombies are everywhere and not to be outdone, Toscano’s designers created the wildest new item in the Abraham Lincoln Zombie Containment Vessel (CL76062); a Design Toscano exclusive where zombies consumed our 16th president’s brain. If anyone ever told you to get “a head” now you can have some fun with this, up the fear factor use it to hold pens, scissors or provide weapons to your fellow zombie hunters. A unique conversation starter.

“It’s Halloween, everyone is entitled to a good scare!” — Brackett, Halloween (1978)

Beware! If you need a truly imposing statue to stand guard on your business, haunted house, or anchor your graveyard scene this over-six foot tall, grand Manchester’s Cathedral Gothic Chimera Gargoyle Statue (NE190048) will tower head and shoulders above everything. Sculpted by the beloved gothic artist Liam Manchester, this beast will make a huge impact wherever he is displayed. The largest gargoyle we have ever sculpted, this Chimera will hold your visitors spellbound and draw all the ghouls to your monster bash.

Looking for a stunned reaction from family and friends? New this year, the Seat of Death Grim Reaper Throne Chair (NE180195) is so impressive that you might have to dare your guests to take a seat. Invite the creatures of the night onto your porch, into your business or set the mood for the ultimate Halloween party and get your photo taken with the chilling Grim Reaper. For an unbelievable centerpiece of any lair, at over four-feet high this Seat of Death is fiberglass reinforced and painted in gothic ebony and bone hues, a frightfully good time will be had by all.

If you want to make your home even scarier, descend into darkness with our Gothic Gargoyle Cathedral Devil Dog Illuminated Wall Sculpture (JQ10385). Creepy alone or in a pair, these gothic gargoyles are based from historical waterspouts and will glare at you with glowing red eyes as the seemingly burst from the wall. Welcome your trick-or-treaters exposed fangs and a haunting red glow out of the dark.

The newest item for your office desk is Edgar Allen Poe’s Tall-Tale Heart Statue (CL7615), which makes the perfect gift for a Poe lover or a wonderful prop for a game of murder mystery. This replica of a bleeding human heart stabbed through with a dagger shaped letter opener, will give trick-or-treaters the shivers. Would make an eerie costume award to all vampires, ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!” –Unknown

Steampunk as an aesthetic movement is continually gaining fans. As a neo-Victorian subculture, Steampunk combines Victorian and Edwardian sensibilities with modern principles: a mix of the best of the past with the promise of the future, and industrial with imagination.

One of the finest example of Steampunk décor is our new set of Knowledge Seekers Steampunk Cat and Owl Sculpture Bookends (CL74612). This magical feline sitting on a book and clever owl perched on a riveted trunk covers with gears will protect your favorite books. This adorable pair is an amazing addition to any Steampunk library collection, or a handy helper used as a Halloween prop to hold napkins on a buffet.

Light the way with this Dragons of the Knight Templar Sculptural Candelabra (KY137) holding your four candles while adding a dramatic touch of flickering candlelight. Give your guests the shivers when this Design Toscano exclusive Dragon candelabra holds the place of honor in your haunted front hall, on a buffet table, or on your castle’s fireplace mantelpiece.

Check out all of Toscano’s ghoulish home and garden décor and browse our new product section for this autumn and Halloween season.

For setting the spookiest party let you imagination run wild and think of Design Toscano first!

Posted by Sue Mell