5 Elegant Pieces of Art for Your Office Walls

5 Elegant Pieces of Art for your Office Walls

It’s true most of us learn to see the world through our eyes, but art helps us see the world through our hearts. Art also makes the world go around. It transforms a room, evokes a wide range of emotions and allows us to experience a spectacular world beyond our wildest dreams! Every time an artist creates a piece and someone views it, they are revealing a little about what makes them unique.

Art is highly personal to creator and patron — and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like a difference of opinion, a cornucopia of diverse artistic mediums, styles and expressions makes the world an infinitely interesting place to live in! Elegant artistic home décor brought into an office has the power to transport you from your desk or cubicle to a world beyond your imagination!

Although we have been fortunate to see some of these original masterpieces in person, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the world’s greatest art outside museum walls — and more than once or twice in a lifetime! With our lovingly curated collection of beautiful replicas, you can do so every day in the comfort of your office. We’re pretty confident you’ll find the perfect distinctive piece or two of art for the office wall from our eclectic selection inspired by classic and modern masters.

1. Go Dutch with Van Gogh!

You can’t go wrong with authentic, high-quality reproductions of famous paintings! Go Dutch with our iconic Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait (DA4831) available in four sizes: small, medium, large and grande. Capture the wonderful texture, depth of color, and bold brushstrokes of his original masterpieces with our collection of lovingly recreated replicas of Van Gogh’s workspresented in high quality frames.

2. Enhance Your Office Library!

Created by German romanticist artist and poet Carl Spitzweg in 1850, The Bookworm (DA1321) pictures an untidily dressed elderly bibliophile standing on top of a library ladder. He has several large volumes jammed under his arms and between his legs as he peers closely at a book. With its humorous yet elegant details, this wonderful piece speaks to the magic of books. Our finely crafted replica is truly unique office wall décor that will enhance any office or research library!

3. Channel Art Deco Elegance

The Brooklyn Bridge (DA3541) was a favorite subject of artist Joseph Stella. One look at this amazingly elegant yet industrial and contemporary art piece and it’s easy to understand why this artist was mesmerized by this iconic American bridge. The richly colored, streamlined composition reflects his modernist approach and the very early Art Deco period of 1922, but also embodies the gorgeous stained-glass windows of Gothic architecture.

4. Embrace Exquisite Realism

You know a painting is truly iconic when a fictional movie is made about it! Such is the case with Vermeer’s The Girl with a Pearl Earring (DA1441), a true gem of the Golden Age of painting. Considered the Dutch master’s most spellbinding work, this delicate, exquisite jewel was voted the most beautiful painting in 2006 by the Dutch people! And now you can enjoy your own custom-made framed replica in your office or home.

5. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature Inside

A passionate horticulturist, the French Impressionist Claude Monet captured the beauty of nature in a series of paintings depicting his famous gardens in Giverny. Capture the heart and soul of Impressionist expression with this lovely replica of Monet’s Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies (DA4161), an exquisite composition featuring a Japanese footbridge, his beloved water lilies and lush greenery. It will brighten the most mundane office walls and warm your heart.

These are just a handful of the extraordinary custom-made replicas among our exceptional collection of artistic home décor, just waiting to add sparkle and style to the walls in your office or any room in the house!