How to Celebrate Labor Day

Summer is almost over. The hot, muggy weather might say otherwise but the calendar doesn’t lie. September is just around the corner and, for many, it comes with our first taste of autumn weather. The days will still be warm but the nights will be getting cooler, we may notice some change in the color of the garden foliage, and some of our garden birds will have migrated to warmer, tropical climates. September also starts with Labor Day, a holiday that marks a definite end to summer.

After Labor Day, the kids say goodbye to another beautiful summer as a new school year begins, parents are busy with buying last minute school supplies, and we can start to contemplate how to decorate the backyard for the scariest time of the year. Some of us also contemplate how we spent the recent holiday weekend. Was it a memorable, fun way to celebrate the end of summer, or just another average weekend? This year, try these suggestions to make this final, official summer weekend one for the personal family record books:

A weekend road trip to somewhere new: Take advantage of the holiday weekend to travel outside of familiar territory. This is the perfect chance to visit places you have always wanted to see, especially if they require a drive of three to six hours. This gives enough time to leave the home on Friday, enjoy a mini vacation, and come back on Sunday or Monday. If we aren’t sure where to go, we can look at a map, and see which sites are within driving distance. We could also spin the map, put a finger down on a random spot, and just get up and go. Although we don’t know what awaits, we might find a small, quaint town, an interesting state park, or fun activities associated with Labor Day. Wherever we decide to go, the most important thing to keep in mind is that adventure often awaits when visiting some place new.

Go hiking in a national park: If there is a national park within reach, take one or a couple of days to visit it for a hike. This is a fun way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while also getting some exercise. We can also hike as near or far as we like, and finish off the walk with a gourmet picnic. If we do go hiking on a trail in a national park, we just have to make sure that we are prepared with proper clothing, footwear, and enough water and snacks. Pick a trail that leads to a lake, an overlook, or other point of interest, and document the day with family photos.

Backyard party with a scavenger hunt: Folks who don’t feel like leaving the home can still celebrate Labor Day in style, especially if they host a party that features a scavenger hunt. Just about anything can be used for “treasures” including cold, bottled drinks, knick-knacks, or Labor Day cards and pictures made by the kids. End the game with a cook-out that features favorite foods and drinks.

Local sights on Saturday, party in the garden on Sunday: We can also enjoy the holiday weekend by doing more than one activity. For example, we could visit a local museum, amusement park, or state park on Saturday, and host a fun, garden party on Sunday or Monday. This way, we can do something fun outside of the home one day, and relax on the following day while still sharing and celebrating the beauty of the garden.

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Penguins in the Garden

Penguins are one of the more unique types of birds. In fact, it’s hard for many to accept that they are birds in the first place. After all, they can’t fly, their wings look more like flippers than the flapping, soaring appendages of eagles, storks, and bluebirds, and they have a distinctive way of walking not demonstrated by other members of the avian lineage. But, a closer look shows that penguins are indeed birds, they are just highly adapted to aquatic life in a very cold environment. They have small, close fitting feathers that help keep them warm and aerodynamic in the waters they call home. They have stout, webbed feet that work well in places with more ice, snow, and rocks than vegetation, and they have beaks that are adapted to snatching and eating small fish and other sea creatures.

Although they can’t fly in the air, penguins are very adept at “flying” under the water. They use their wings to move with incredible speed and grace when beneath the cold waves, and often float on the surface, looking a bit like odd ducks in the process. They do prefer cold places but could we really see penguins in the garden?

Although we can pay homage to penguins in any backyard or place of business with life-like sculptures like the Antarctic King Penguin Statue, and the fun Rock Hopper Penguin Statue, no, we are not going to see a live, wild penguin at the bird feeder or garden pond. We might see visits from wild ducks and herons, but even if we live on the cold, northern coasts of Alaska, Maine, or Newfoundland, live penguins are impossible. The habitat isn’t too far off, but the hemisphere is. Penguins only live south of the equator, although there actually is one species that resides right on the equator in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Penguin can live there because the waters around the islands have nutrient-rich, deep, cold currents. The same goes for a couple species that live off the coasts of Peru, South Africa, and southern Australia but the rest are birds of colder, southern oceans.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have penguin-like birds in the north. Several small species of aquatic birds that share the same black and white formal attire of penguins actually do live in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Known as “auks”, these small birds breed on sea cliffs and islands, and forage for small fish in the open ocean. This family of birds includes the puffins, murres, guillemots, and auklets, and can be seen in the waters of Alaska, Washington state, California, Maine, and eastern Canada. Unlike penguins, they can fly and do so with quick, buzzing wing beats, but would still be a rare sight in any garden unless the backyard was right at the edge of a steep ocean cliff.

Back in the southern hemisphere, though, some people might actually have penguins in their backyards. The cute Little Penguin lives in burrows on offshore islands in southern Australia, and in coastal areas of New Zealand. In some places, nocturnal tours are held to see the penguins come back to their burrows, and in some areas of New Zealand, the penguins live in urbanized areas. Other areas where live penguins might conceivably pay a visit to coastal gardens include the Falkland Islands, the Cape Town region of South Africa, and perhaps some places in southern Chile.

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How to See Cute and Cuddly Bears

The bear is one of the best known animals on the planet. In many parts of Europe, Asia, and North America, it’s also one of the first wild animals that we learn about, although not usually from seeing one in the backyard. Millions of people typically become aware of bears by way of the classic teddy bear. One of the more popular cute toys, kids might love to hug it and carry it around, but it’s a far cry from reality. While baby bears do look cute enough to be cuddled, no one in their right mind would even think about approaching one, especially when its mother is there to prevent that from happening with sharp teeth and ready claws.

We can’t really blame her because after all, how many people would let a potential threat get close to their babies? We can still appreciate wild bears from a safe distance, though, and this is possible at quite a few places in the United States and Canada. Although there are eight species of bears that live in the wild areas of the world, the most common and easiest species to see is the American Black Bear. Thanks to proper wildlife management, this species has become fairly common in many parts of both countries and has even been seen visiting the big backyards of many people who live next to large, forested areas. That said, the easiest way to see a wild American Black Bear is by visiting Yellowstone National Park, and other protected areas where they have become accustomed to people.

That’s not necessarily a good thing if the bears are actually looking for handouts because they have been fed by tourists (illegally). This can make them bold and potentially dangerous. However, as long as we don’t try to feed or pet them, or venture outside of the protection of a vehicle, we can still safely admire such bears at fairly close range. Although some foolish people do get out their cars to get even closer shots, park rangers can fine them and will remind them that Black Bears are very capable of seriously injuring and killing people, and have done so on several occasions. All it takes is the wild animal to associate people with food, and for that animal to either be having a bad day and/or hungry enough to lash out at someone who gets too close.

American Black Bears can also be seen while hiking in forested and wild areas of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Adirondacks, and many other wild places where they occur. The best way to see them is to ask park rangers where bears have been seen most often. Don’t be surprised if they mention waiting in the car near dumpsters that are visited by bears in search of food scraps! Bears are omnivorous opportunists after all, and many will eat everything from mice and other small animals to honey, apples, grubs, and even bird seed.

In North America, the other main bear species is the legendary Grizzly. Although it is considered the same species as the European Brown Bear, the Grizzly is bigger and more dangerous. It used to occur in many areas of the Great Plains and American west but is currently only found in wild areas of Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Idaho, and Washington state, western Canada, and Alaska. Since this big bear does not take kindly to being surprised, hikers in grizzly country usually wear bells or make other noise to warn the bear of their approach. If you do want to see one in the wild, the best places to look are Yellowstone National Park, wild areas in western Canada, and in many parts of Alaska, especially along rivers when salmon are running.

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Unique and Beautiful Furniture for Siestas

Summer isn’t just the best time of the year for enjoying the great outdoors, it’s also the best season for sleeping. Although many would probably argue that winter is when some of us truly take to hibernation, we shouldn’t forget that it was hot summer weather in Spain that led to the siesta. In much of Spain and some other places in the world where day time temperatures can climb to uncomfortable heights, a lot of people sleep during the heat of the day. It would be nice to do otherwise but if it’s too hot to work, why not just sleep and put in the hours when it cools down?

The answer to that question is the siesta and for folks who have a lot of free time, or can work during the evening hours, it might be a welcome idea. Although some might also argue that air conditioning takes away the need for a siesta in modern times, it’s still hard to beat snoozing in a hammock under the shade of a favorite oak, lounging by the pool, or just taking a nap on the back porch while listening to the drone of a fan or the peaceful bubbling of a garden fountain.

A siesta also becomes more inviting when we can catch some afternoon z’s on beautiful, creative sofas. Out in the garden, these can take the form of anything as simple as a blanket to something as fancy as a hammock with a canopy. To enjoy the blanket approach, just look for a few of the coziest blankets you have, put them down in a shaded spot in the backyard, and get some rest. A pillow and a book will probably help, as will putting the blankets down on grass instead of the bare ground. If the ground is too wet, it might be time to try the hammock, or put a quilt on a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture like the Giant Neoclassical Swan Garden Bench.

It’s even easier to get creative with siestas on the back porch or inside the home. We can take a nap on a favorite couch but those mid-day dreams might be more interesting if we snooze on sculptural sofas like the Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise. With its simple yet rich and royal contrast of gold and ebony colors, this beautiful piece of functional decor with an Egyptian flair is truly fit for a queen of the Nile. Unique, high quality sofas such as this one also act as fantastic centerpiece decor for any home. That said, we shouldn’t be afraid to use it for its true siesta purpose. The same can be said about the equally regal Tutankhamun’s Ritual Lion Divan.

We can also go classic when it comes to siestas and rest on exquisite antique replicas. As opposed to resting on a piece of furniture that was crafted three hundred years ago, we won’t have to worry that the sofa or bench might be too old to support anyone. The mahogany and other valuable hardwoods used in modern antique replica furniture make them more durable yet just as beautiful as divans and chairs found in old estates and museums. In addition to acting as inspirational places for a siesta, pieces like the Victorian Cameo-Backed Sofa and the Swan Fainting Couch also lend an elegant, classy touch to any home. Showcase them in the living room, in a reading room, or wherever their detailed elegance looks best.

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Entertaining with Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

The garden is more than a place for planting vegetables. Whether that patch of green space is big enough to play a game of football, or fit for a small game of croquet, we can also use it to throw parties, put up a trampoline, show off our skills at decorating, and display our taste in garden decor. In other words, the “garden” doesn’t have to only be a garden, we can use that green space however we want, including entertaining guests, and that also goes for a place of business.

Green space acts as a welcome opportunity to entertain because people are gravitated to it. In a frequently urbanized world of streets, asphalt, and parking lots, more and more people thirst for the shade of big, old trees, the natural beauty of bird song, and a place where they can go for a relaxed walk near fresh green grass, trees, and other vegetation. This is one of the main reasons why so many of us love to spend time in the backyard, and why customers are drawn to gardens when frequenting any place of business.

There are many ways to entertain in a garden setting but one of the easiest involves the use of flowing, splashing water. If the garden is near the beach, we can rely on the sounds of the ocean. If the green space in question is located next to a river or babbling brook, that will also work. However, since most gardens, backyards, and plazas are not found within earshot of running water, we have to produce our own, soothing aquatic soundscape. This is why fountains have been an essential, popular aspect of gardens and plazas for centuries.

Take a walk to the central plaza or major park in almost any town or city in many parts of the world and we will come across a fountain. It might take the form of an old, historic, sculptural fountain, fountain statues that spit out water and would look right at home on a Victorian estate, or modern, contemporary sculptures that incorporate water into the piece. This type of dynamic, relaxing decor also acts as an important centerpiece in malls, or in the foyers and entrance ways of large buildings. It’s a beautiful, classic way to welcome every client or guest, and adding a fountain to the backyard or a place of business is also easier than most people realize.

Although we would love to decorate the backyard, or foyer of a hotel or restaurant with a beautiful fountain designed by an architect or artist, we don’t need to make that big of an investment to leverage fountains for entertainment. A wide variety of smaller fountains are available that can have just as much of an impact, even in the smallest of backyards. Even if we have nothing more than a back porch to entertain guests, we can still include fountains like the Abstract Floral Cascading Metal Tower Fountain or the Ceramic Cascading Vines Garden Fountain. These and similar small fountains also lend an easy touch of class to larger backyards and any place of business.

We can also entertain and impress with classic decor like the Pondering Cupid Garden Fountain, the Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain, or other fountains that pay homage to the detailed beauty of antique art forms. Such classic fountains work very well as centerpiece decor aimed at drawing the attention of anyone who walks into the garden or through the front door. However, if we don’t want to go the classic route, we can still make a big impression with many other high quality fountains, including the Grizzly Gulch Black Bears Sculptural Fountain.

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Late Summer Suggestions for Garden Decor

At the end of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the weather can be anything different than hot and muggy. Walk outside and in many places, the warm air feels downright tropical. However, it only takes one look at the calendar to know that cool weather will be here before we know it. In a couple of months, temperatures might even be cool enough to wear a jacket. We will have closed down the pool, might start putting up Halloween decor, and will be getting ready for the much colder weather of winter.

For now, though, we can still enjoy hot summer weather and take full advantage of it by spending more time in the backyard. Go for a swim every day because that won’t be possible in a month or two from now. The same goes for birds coming to the bird bath, and outdoor dinner parties. When the weather turns cold, we will also have to put resin garden statues back into storage. But, before then, we still have plenty of time to showcase favorite sculptures and enough time to change up the decor in the backyard. This change can help give the backyard a fresh, new exciting look for this last bit of summer and early fall. Try these suggestions to help make that happen:

Change every statue or just a few?: The number of sculptures we remove and add depends on how much we want to change in the garden. We might want to consider removing a few gnomes or fairies and replacing them with animal garden statues. We might want to only replace sculptures that remind us of spring or early summer, and replace them with statuary and decor that are associated with harvests and other aspects of autumn.

Instead of switching over a few sculptures, we could also change the entire look of the backyard by putting every piece of decor back in the garage. This is a good option if we want to change the decorating theme, make room for Halloween decorations and statues, or to just decorate with a few sculptures to facilitate getting the yard ready for winter.

Try a new theme: This is the perfect time of the year to change over the decorating theme in the backyard. More than enough time has passed to enjoy the previous theme, and a new set of sculptures and decor will impress garden guests. If spring and the first part of summer already played host to statues of angels and classic decor in the garden, we could switch to a display with more animal garden sculptures. We could also get really creative and use realistic dinosaur statues to turn the yard into an amazing display of prehistoric creatures. That change works especially well for a hotel or restaurant, and can be complemented by a Bigfoot statue.

Tree decor and hanging statues: We could also go with statues and decor that literally hang from the trees. These dynamic decor items work well when we want to decorate a backyard with just a few pieces of decor. Such hanging decor items can take the form of anything from fun sculptures like the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue to colorful statues of parrots on a perch or even Gothic decor fit for the scariest of Halloween displays.

Items meant to decorate trees don’t have to hang off of them either. Greenman statues literally put a face on a tree or garden wall, and character can also come in the form of animal statues like Simone the Squirrel.

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Use the Backyard to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s hot outside. The pool beckons but that’s only if we manage to extricate ourselves from the cool oasis of an air-conditioned home. However, once we dive into the refreshing waters, we are reminded once again why it was worth it to venture back outside. The summer is hot but we can still stay cool in our own backyards with the help of that pool and other ways. It won’t happen if we bask beneath the brutal rays of a mid-day sun, but there are plenty of other ideas to enjoy the backyard during these hot, summer days.

Here are a couple of suggestions for staying cool without forsaking the beauty of the garden for the rest of the summer:

Stay in the shade: Anyone who takes care of a garden knows that the hottest areas in the yard are the places where the sun beats down for hours on end. This helps in knowing where to plant peppers and other vegetables that require lots of sun as well as knowing where we need to water more often, and where we do not want to relax with a novel while seated on a beautiful garden bench.

Shade can be natural, or we can make our own with a canopy. Since the natural kind comes from trees, there’s not a whole lot we can do about that now unless we already have a tree growing in the backyard. If so, it’s pretty easy to sit back in a lounge chair beneath a big old oak or a lovely maple, and enjoy the shade. If the backyard lacks a tree, it’s probably better to wait for cooler days before planting one. But, keep in mind that even if we have a small tree in the backyard, it might actually provide enough shade for a cool place to sit.

As far as artificial shade goes, that is much easier to do and requires nothing more than a trip to a department or outdoor store and the time to install a canopy. These can take many forms but the best provide protection against UV rays as well as summer downpours. Even better would be a backyard canopy with some sort of solar panels on top attached to a couple of fans underneath the roof of the canopy. But, until that invention becomes available, anything that provides shade will help cool us off in the garden.

Host “aqua parties”: In other words, host any sort of get-together that involves splashing, sprinkling, or diving into water. A pool is ideal and can be used for everything from water polo to pool volleyball but we can also do a lot with a sprinkler, or even a garden hose. Then, there’s water battles that can take place with a wide assortment of water balloons, and the prodigious use of soaking water guns. For even cooler results, use water cooled down in the freezer or fridge (but NOT until it freezes into rock solid ice!). Prizes for the winners of any backyard water contests can include popsicles, ice cream, or a well-deserved dunk in the pool.

Enjoy the garden at night: If it’s just too hot during the day, stay cool inside the home or in a mall, and use the garden at night. Wait for it to get dark, let the backyard cool off a few degrees, and invite friends over for cold drinks. We can also surprise them with unique decor like Roswell, the Alien Sculpture. This and other creative, detailed sculptures take on an even more authentic look in the cool, dark of the night!

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Essentials for Summer Garden Parties

Summer is a fantastic time of the year to entertain family and friends. The warm weather makes it so much easier for people to come over and visit, and much easier to host them because we can have the get-together, dinner party, or full-fledged summer bash out in the backyard. Have the party outside and there’s no need to worry much about having enough room inside the house or to get busy with interior decoration. We do need to get the garden ready for our guests but we can get as involved with that as much as we like. If the backyard already features fun decor, that will work well for any party. If garden statuary takes up too much space, we may want to actually remove a few statues for the date of the venue. We can also get new decor for summer party occasions, along with these ideas for summer garden party essentials:

Lighting: No need for any lighting during the day but since the best summer garden soirees happen at night, this is an essential. We can get as creative with garden illumination as we like as long as we remember to provide enough lighting for guests to dine, dance, and be merry. Strong lighting is probably a good idea on the back porch because we don’t want people falling on the steps, but in general, we just need enough soft lighting for folks to see their food and drink, the pool, and each other. Fun decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Cat Garden Statue can be combined with lighting to welcome guests. We can also put up colored lights next to or even on our favorite decor, and get creative and entertain guests by putting a dim red light near a Bigfoot Statue peering from behind a tree, or put a green light near the dragon skull in the garden. Guests will be impressed and will look forward to your Halloween festivities.

Fun decor: Parties are an opportunity to entertain and decor can always play a fun, central role. If there is a theme for the party, certain statues and accents can help guests feel like they are enjoying a true castle feast, or pay homage to the tropical beauty of the South Seas. To give the party a Polynesian touch, serve fruity drinks on the Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table, or other sculptural furniture inspired by tropical islands. A wide variety of animal garden statues also act as fun party entertainment. Just see how guests react to a highly realistic walking crocodile statue!

Games: One or two games always bring life to any party. If a few people are over, try interactive board games that can be played in the backyard, or if people feel like getting out of their seats, hold a miniature badminton or lawn bowling tournament. For larger parties, we could even do a slip and slide, play water polo in the pool, carry out a scavenger hunt, or play volleyball. Just use your imagination.

Furniture: People need places to sit and a few tables won’t hurt either. Although we can use our own furniture or rent chairs and tables, this is also the perfect opportunity to lend life and personality to the party with sculptural chairs and tables. Reserve the fantastic King Crab Chair for a guest of honor (or the winner of the slip and slide contest), and use Roman spa furniture to give guests a unique party experience.

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Beautiful Garden Decor for Rainy Days

Summer is often synonymous with sunny days but we can’t have clear skies every day of the week.  A reality check usually comes in the form of occasional showers and thunderstorms during the summer months, but the rain doesn’t have to ruin our day. We need that water to help the garden grow, replenish reservoirs, and give us a cool respite from the hot weather. Rain can also fill our garden fountains and backyard koi ponds, and the sound of falling rain on the roof can be soothing and make for a romantic evening.

It also gives the backyard a fresh new look, especially if we live in an area that has been experiencing a drought. The rain can also work with certain types of decor by lending more personality to the backyard. Although any garden statue designed for outdoor use will be alright when subjected to rain, these suggestions will help decorate the garden with sculptures that work especially well in wet, rainy weather:

Colorful garden statues: Those beautiful angel statues will still look fine in the rain but sculptures painted in bright colors really stand out during overcast, rainy weather. Anyone who has worked with a camera eventually realizes that bright, sunny days aren’t all that conducive to taking photos that highlight bright colors. The higher levels of light often over-expose images, sometimes to the point of showing white instead of yellow or green. Although our eyes work better than cameras, most bright colors can still look lighter than they really are on a bright, sunny day. Compare that to an overcast or rainy day, and it can be surprising how much more vibrant the colors look whether we use a camera or our own vision. Whether the backyard features classic statuary or just a few animal garden statues, this is why it’s worth it to put a few bright and beautiful sculptures in the garden. Garden gnomes are a great choice, as are colorful garden welcome signs.

Garden fairies: These little beauties work well in rainy weather because they are associated with nature and all of her elements. Their leafy garments and delicate features lend an enchanting, natural touch to any garden, especially during wet weather. They just seem to fit in with the scene, especially colorful sprites like the Red and Green Fairy of Acorn Hollow Statues, and exquisite decor like the Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue that seems to take delight in the falling rain.

Aquatic decor: Marine and aquatic-themed decor are always in their element during rainy weather. Many such sculptures are painted in bright colors, and look right at home when the rain comes down. Such decor includes mermaid statues and sculptural mermaid tables, wall decor that takes the form of crabs and other creatures of the deep, and fun sculptures of beautifully painted frogs like the Tropical Blue Frog Statue.

Unique rain gutters: Although any quality sculpture will look nice in the rain, some decor is indeed designed to work with a downpour. In the case of rain gutters, their main function is to channel rain off of the roof and to the ground. There’s no reason why we can’t also leverage those functional home accessories to act as interesting decor, and they can be associated with more than one theme. Folks that like medieval or Gothic decor, or would just love to add a unique touch to the home, might enjoy Roland the Gargoyle Rain Gutter and Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon Rainspout. If we would rather go with a fun, easy-going look, rainspouts that show animals or gnomes are another good bet.

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Summer Is Garden Walk Season

The summer is meant to be enjoyed outdoors and many people follow suit by taking camping trips, going to outdoor festivals, enjoying Shakespeare in the Park, playing softball, or just taking daily walks in local green space. Although it’s always fun to take advantage of everything that summer has to offer, we don’t really need to go further than our own backyards to celebrate summer. It’s the easiest, perfect place to spend outdoors and hang out by the pool, read a book on a cute garden bench, and host garden parties.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to try our hands at growing vegetables and herbs, as well as decorating the backyard with beautiful decor. However, we don’t have to just decorate the garden for ourselves; we can also decorate it for guests, especially if the garden is part of a local “garden walk”.

These summertime strolls are an increasingly popular way to share the beauty of our gardens with anyone who appreciates lovely landscaping and decor. Although it depends on the community where the garden walk takes place, becoming involved in this fun, summer activity might be just a matter of contacting the organizers and signing up. If the community has yet to host a garden walk, why not start one by presenting the idea to the local municipal parks organization, or whichever committee is responsible for activities and events. However, if you do plan on starting a summer garden walk, you might want to check the local neighborhoods first to see if there are enough gardens in the area for it to be a feasible idea.

Garden walks can be tours that are led by guides but are usually self-guided tours where participants can go at their own pace and learn about the gardens in town. At the same time, since many garden walks go through historical parts of a city or town, it’s also a fun way to actively learn about local history and see sites of local importance. If you are thinking about starting one, it’s worth it to take one of the self-guided tours to see how the idea works. These happen in many areas and tend to be more common in larger cities and towns that host historic neighborhoods, including Chicago, and Buffalo, New York. Despite being better known for snow storms, freezing cold, chicken wings, and the Bills than beautiful urban gardens,  Buffalo actually hosts the largest garden walk event in the nation. Like other garden walks, the people involved pretty much try to outdo each other in terms of beautiful garden landscaping and decor.

Participating in a garden walk is also a fun way to see how other people have become creative with landscaping and garden statuary. Whether we include our garden in a local garden walk or not, it can still be a great way to get ideas and tips for decorating our own backyards.  Do they use native or exotic plants? How much of the backyard is decorated and how much is left to its own devices? Where is statuary placed and which types of sculptures are used? All of these are good questions to think about when taking the tour. We can also see if they stick to using a few beautiful angel statues, put garden fairies here and there, or have one main classic garden fountain or a couple of contemporary ones. Whether we see a Bigfoot statue during a garden walk or not, always remember that there’s no stopping you from entertaining guests with one of those unique and intriguing sculptures.

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Historic Replicas for the Home & Garden