Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween

Decorating for any holiday season is fun but there’s nothing like getting the home and garden ready for Halloween. No other holiday combines a unique set of frightening decor and statues with costume parties, dunking for apples, and bowls of sweet candy corn. It’s also the only time of the year when a large, orange variety of squash takes center stage. That vegetable would be the pumpkin and although millions of people do love a slice or two of pumpkin pie to finish off Thanksgiving dinner, the big orange gourd is synonymous with October.

Native to North America, pumpkins have actually been an important source of food for thousands of years. They can grow to a large size, can be used in more recipes than most people realize, are even used in making some brands of beer, and the roasted seeds act as tasty, healthy snacks. Nevertheless, despite the pumpkin’s many culinary virtues, most of us use the pumpkin as a decoration. We put small pumpkins on the sills of our windows and on top of tables and mantels to act as classic fall decor, and use big ones as jack-o-lanterns.

This form of illuminated Halloween decor has been in use for a long time, and for much longer in other places than North America. Although gourds have been used as masks and art forms in many parts of the world, the first known use of the jack-o-lantern took place in Ireland and the Scottish highlands hundreds of years ago. Instead of a pumpkin, turnips and other vegetables were used to make a carving of a face, sometimes lit inside, often not, but with a similar appearance to modern jack-o-lanterns.

They also made these carvings to celebrate Samhain, a Celtic holiday that was the pre-cursor to Halloween. Although this same term is often used by modern-day practitioners of Wicca, for the Celts, Samhain was simply the name for the holiday that marked the end of the fall harvest and the start of winter. They believed that it also marked a time when the boundaries between this world and the one of spirits and fairies came close enough for spirits and magical beings to cross into our own. To appease them, treats were left outside of front doors, while jack-o-lanterns were left next to the treats to ward off bad spirits. People also dressed up in costumes to blend in with the spirits that were wandering around, and ask for treats from their neighbors.

Nowadays, we still follow several of those traditions although pumpkins have replaced turnips to act as jack-o-lanterns.  This only made sense since they are easier to carve, and make a bigger impression. To carve the best jack-o-lantern, try these suggestions:

Be creative: Although a classic, scary face always works, remember that we can also carve patterns of witches in flight, the family name, or maybe even the logo of the local football team.

Project the jack-o-lantern patterns on the wall: Once the pumpkin is lit inside, turn it around so it faces the wall. Use a strong enough light and it can project an even larger pattern on the wall of the house. This never fails to impress especially when used in conjunction with more than one jack-o-lantern.

Try different colored lights: A bright white light will make the best projection but we can also make creative jack-o-lanterns with red, blue, or green lights. Try using a different light in each of three or four jack-o-lanterns for a colorful Halloween display.

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Unique Tips for Entertaining on Halloween

The end of October doesn’t just mark the scariest day of the year. It also marks one of the biggest nights for parties, especially fun costume festivities that take place in bars, night clubs, and, best of all, right in the comfort of the home.  Although we won’t see as many costumes as a huge party hosted in a night club, for most of us, a place of residence is the best place to enjoy a Halloween party because we can share the spooky fun with family and friends, as well as entertain as we see fit.

If you plan on hosting a Halloween party, try these suggestions for throwing the most memorable one of the year:

Gothic decor, treats, and surprises: Instead of decorating with regular and predictable Halloween decor, treat guests to a unique Gothic evening. Put statues of ravens in the hallways and on the tables, make use of candles for lighting, and encourage guests to use Gothic and Steampunk themed costumes. Greet them with sculptures like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue, the Gargoyle of Castle Avonshire Sculpture, and other wicked statues of gargoyles. If guests have the courage to enter your temporary Gothic residence, offer raven-shaped cookies, mulled wine in goblets, and other delightful Halloween treats. Host a Gothic treasure hunt, a Gothic trivia contest, and other creative games where guests can win bottles of wine or sparkling cider, a book by Edgar Allen Poe, a Gothic Skeleton Bottle Opener, and other unique accessories. The end result will be a memorable, classic evening of Halloween revelry for all.

This party is for the undead!: If you really want to scare party guests, go with an undead theme. Few other categories of frightening creatures consistently put people’s imaginations on edge, and maybe this is why we just can’t seem to get enough of zombies and vampires. Both used to be alive, both are now dead, but they refuse to rest in peace. Instead, they shuffle dark streets and the shadowy corners of the backyard in search of unwary people to feed on, and, in turn, convert them into fiendish undead creatures. At least, they do that in our imaginations and this is what you can count on for a fun, fantastic Halloween party of the undead.

Start the party by asking guests to dress up as vampires, zombies, ghouls, or other members of the undead “family”. When they arrive, greet them with zombie statues in the garden and right at the front door. Keep up the undead welcome with the ©”Evil Eye Twin Zombie” Wall Sculpture after they enter the home, more zombie heads, and other fantastic, frightening decor. Keep classic zombie movies playing all evening long, serve spooky treats, blood red drinks, and stick with the undead theme right to the end of the party.

Make use of the garden: Host the festivities inside the home but don’t leave the backyard out of the picture. The shifting, dark shadows made by bare branches swaying in a night breeze are creepy enough on their own, but look even more sinister when the garden is decorated with monsters hiding behind trees. Whether Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture is in plain sight or partly hidden in the dark October night, guests will take a long pause before walking into your garden. We can highlight the spooky entertainment in the backyard with statues of aliens, creeping scarecrows, even a dinosaur sculpture or two. No matter which creatures lurk in the garden, don’t forget to add a few tombstones for full Halloween effect.

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Halloween Is for Zombies and Mummies

October 31st is the one day of the year when we celebrate those frightening feelings we get from our own imagination, the things that go bump in the night, and everything spooky. It’s when we decorate with pictures and statues of witches, ghosts, goblins, and maybe even an evil, rabid scarecrow. We can also decorate for Halloween with fun, unique decor that isn’t nearly as scary but what’s the fun in doing that?

The month of October is meant for monsters and all sorts of creatures that give us pause before walking into a dark room, old, creepy basement, or haunted attic. We may or may not want to decorate the garden with frightening statues of zombies or mummies at other times of the year but Halloween season is when these and other monsters have a pass to come out and play. Believe it or not, the best place for them to do so is right in our own backyards. This way, we have them under our own control and can give all of our Halloween guests a frighteningly good impression.

But, then again, how on Earth do we decorate a home, backyard, or place of business with zombies and mummies? Then again, why would anyone want to put those creatures anywhere near a home? Well, if they were actually real, no one in their right mind would do that but it becomes an option if we can work with the next best thing. That option would be statues of mummies and other undead creatures so “life-like” that party guests become honestly anxious about venturing into the backyard.

There are various ways to make that happen, including this pair of ideas:

Mummies make their appearance: Like all undead creatures, the mummy is an especially horrifying monster because it shouldn’t be walking around. It died a long time ago but refuses to rest in peace, never gets tired, and is always up to no good. The creepy thing about mummies is that they also love to lay back and play dumb until they feel like scaring someone. Then, they slowly rise and lumber toward that unfortunate soul, moaning with every dusty step.

To make that frightening scenario happen, we can start by putting a few mummies in the dark corners of the garden, and another right by the entrance to the house. That way, as much as guests would rather not look at the creepy mummy things hiding in the shadows, they still have to walk past the one next to the door. Better yet, make that door-side mummy come to life by attaching a wire to one of its arms, and pulling on the wire to raise the arm as a guest walks by. The animated mummy and the ones out in the garden can be made by stuffing a pair of old pants and shirt with newspapers, and then wrapping those clothes with white rags. The head and face can be made with a balloon that is also then wrapped in tissue paper or rags.

Zombies!: These popular, reanimated corpses always work well with their mummy cousins and can become the life of the party. Since zombies are notorious for wandering into gardens, homes, and just about anywhere, all we have to do is make our own zombie decor, or get fantastic zombie statues and put them out in the garden or inside the home. Make a zombie the same way we make mummy statues but put splotches of red, yellow, and green on the clothes, leave the rags off, and put a zombie mask on the balloon head. Lean one or two of them against trees in the backyard and watch how guests react! Augment the fear with fantastic zombie decor like the Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue, and the Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue.

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Halloween Gothic Surprise

Halloween is coming and we can start decorating any day now! Although there’s no official rule for when we can start putting cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the windows, most folks at least wait until October to get the yard ready for the spookiest day of the year. The cooler October weather, increasingly early evenings, and falling leaves go hand in hand with Halloween displays, and help set the stage for the big , scary party at the end of the month.

In getting things ready for that party, we need to figure out what we are going to put on display and how we are going to do it. If we are just looking for an easy, average display, all we need are a few cheap decor items for the front windows, a few pumpkins for the porch, and maybe a ghost or two for the backyard. The display will pretty much look like those of most other homes but we won’t have to worry about spending too much time and effort on decorating for the holiday. However, before we decide to decorate as little as possible for Halloween, we should remind ourselves that it only happens once per year, is usually the most fun party of the year, and might not take as much time and effort as we think.

If we already know where to buy fantastic, unique decor that saves us plenty of time that would have been spent on looking for those items. If the place to buy unique decor is also online, we don’t have to worry about braving any traffic or crowds to help turn this year’s display into an incredible Halloween treat for family, friends, and all of our party guests. As for what can meet the definition of “fantastic Halloween decor”, that can take the form of anything from beautiful statues of angels to wicked gargoyles, dragon skulls, and even zombie gnomes!

However, unique statues aren’t the only way to kick Halloween decorating up a notch. That can also be easily accomplished with a variety of Gothic-themed items. Yes, these do take the form of Gargoyles and some other wonderfully classic creepy sculptures, but can also be represented by a wide variety of distinguished furniture, wall decor, accents, and other items that will impress every Halloween party guest.

This year, instead of sticking to the same old decor, give guests something to talk about with skeleton gnome statues and other Gothic sculptures in the garden. Give guests a fright with creepy greenman decor like the Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpture , and why not welcome them to the party with the tombstone of a vampire! The frightening nature of these fine statues can be further highlighted with a host of other Gothic decor including statues of ravens, skulls in the flower beds, and even an incredibly creepy sculpture of a fiend clawing its way out of the ground.

Once they walk inside the home, we can keep on entertaining them with a suite of lovely Gothic decor. Greet them with Gothic lighting in the form of dark candles and sculptural sconces like the Blackfriar’s Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp, and Gothic wall decor that entertains, intrigues, and sparks the imagination. Once they enter the main chambers of the home, treat guests to more Gothic decor in the form of accents and furniture. Seat the most special of guests in a throne fit for a vampire king,  and encourage them to play “mirror mirror on the wall” with the splendid Chateau St. Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror.

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The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Backyard

The Gorilla is one of the more impressive animals on the planet. This large, muscular great ape is the world’s heaviest primate (well, after Bigfoot of course) and only lives in the deepest, wildest jungles of central Africa. Seeing a wild one can be accomplished but usually requires a guided trip to national parks in Uganda or Rwanda. If the Mountain Gorillas make an appearance, you then have to follow strict guidelines set forth by the guide. This means staying quiet, not making any sudden movements, and most of all, avoiding making eye contact with the animals, especially the adult male.

If you do look in his eyes, the dominant male might feel like it is being challenged or threatened and could decide to remove you from the area to protect its family group. Since that big male Gorilla weighs hundreds of pounds and is several times stronger than any person, it’s pretty important to avoid eye contact! The only other way to see a live gorilla is by visiting a zoo that has these critically endangered animals on display. In that safe setting, we can take as many pictures as we want and appreciate the power and gentle nature of these amazing animals without having to worry about looking into their eyes.

Yes, despite their intimidating looks, gorillas are actually very gentle creatures. They aren’t predators, and spend most of their time feeding on fruits and vegetables while caring for family members. They don’t look for trouble and are far less aggressive than their smaller yet quite powerful cousin, the Chimpanzee. However, their gentle nature doesn’t keep them from being featured in certain sci-fi and horror films. As easy-going as gorillas actually are, they just look too potentially dangerous and formidable to be kept off the big screen and out of horror novels.

Those impressive looks can also make them excellent subjects for Halloween decor. Put a Gorilla statue on the porch and it will be the talk of the town. Use a life-like sculpture though, and the young trick-or-treaters might be too afraid to approach the door. They might be convinced otherwise if you put a hat on the Gorilla and hang a candy bag on the statue. It will also look great with a jack-o-lantern at its feet, and sharing the porch space with a spooky scarecrow.

As fun as a Gorilla statue looks on the porch, it looks even better when displayed in the backyard. The green surroundings highlight the realistic appearance of a sculpture like the Black-back Western Lowland Gorilla Giant Great Ape Statue, and it will look a lot scarier when it is partially obscured by the shadows of the garden. Have it share space with tombstones and other creepy Halloween decor and the garden might win a prize for being the spookiest backyard in town.

Whether at a Halloween party or any time of the year, garden party guests will also be impressed by another 800 pound Gorilla sculpture, the Lowland Gorillas Mother & Child Great Ape Statue. This fantastic sculpture of the great ape expresses realism in the form of fine details and life-like dimensions. In showing a mother gorilla foraging for food in the rainforest while her cute baby clings to her back, this statue also shows realistic behavior. Put it in an October backyard, though, and it will still give guests a fright!

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How to Throw a Red Carpet Party for the Emmy Awards

September is a wonderful time of the year for parties, especially in the garden. The weather is beautiful, the air smells like crisp apples, and we can show off our grilling skills while watching football. Although we never need an excuse to throw a lovely soiree, pool party, or a major backyard bash, if we were looking for one, we could always celebrate the Emmy awards.

This major awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of our favorite television shows, and although it’s never as big as the Grammy awards, it still is an important red carpet affair. It’s a must see for anyone who enjoys watching television, and always includes exciting acts and performances. Even if one didn’t watch anything on TV, it’s still a fun central theme for a party, even one out in the garden. Try these suggestions to throw the best red carpet Emmy party of the year:

 Red carpet: To put guests in the mood for a party, welcome them with a red carpet. The idea of a red carpet to welcome important guests has been around for more than two thousand years. It was mentioned in ancient Greek literature and may have been used long before the era of ancient Greece. Keep up the tradition with your own red carpet, either an actual, long, red carpet, or one of your own making. Try a long stretch of red cloth from a local fabric store, have the kids help you make a “red carpet” out of red paper, or make a nature-themed red carpet out of crimson autumn leaves. Use your imagination, be creative, and give guests the red carpet treatment.

Set up an outdoor projector: Host the party in the backyard and showcase the Emmy awards with a projector. The Emmy awards can be shown on a white sheet draped against a wall, or on a light-colored wall itself. Guests will get a kick out of watching the show among a beautiful fall backyard display that features classic garden statues. Make sure to provide enough chairs to watch the show, and pathways that lead to other corners of the garden for guests who would rather eat, drink, and socialize.

Award guessing contest: Hand out ballots with a list of the awards and nominees. This can also be sent electronically before the party, and embellished with your own funny take on the nominees. Have guests turn their results in shortly after the party starts, and then pick the winner with the most right guesses at the end of the soiree. The winner can receive a bottle of wine, certificate of excellence at guessing Emmy winners, or maybe fun garden decor sculptures like the ©Chorus Line of Cats Garden Welcome Statue.

Serve fun treats and drinks: Give the party a better atmosphere with treats that pay homage to classic television shows and actors. These can take the form of anything as simple as cupcakes that say “Emmy Awards, 2016” on them to “best drama deviled eggs” arranged on a tray to spell out “Emmy”. Drinks can also be as creative as we like. Try serving “red carpet martinis”, and champagne or sparkling apple cider when the final winners are announced.

Use fun lighting in the garden: This is a must for any outdoor party and will be appreciated by guests. We can line the pathways with interesting solar sculpture lighting like the “Go Home!” Castle Imp Gargoyle Solar Garden Statue, and greet guests with a pair of tiki torches that accompany beautiful kneeling angel statues.

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Fun Activities for Fall

Autumn is a favorite time of time of the year for many. We love the change in the weather, and especially so when it was hot and humid just a month before. We also love other changes that come with the transition between summer and winter, including football season, carving pumpkins for Halloween, and getting the garden ready for the cold months. Well, some of us don’t particularly enjoy spending our time doing that but it is a necessary chore, especially for backyards that feature a fine selection of garden statues.

We can also take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to partake in a number of different fun activities. The following are a few suggestions:

Picking apples and peaches: It depends on what is grown in the surrounding area but in several parts of the northeast, fall is harvest time for apples, peaches, pears, and other fruits. If you don’t know which local farms let people come and pick their own fruit, just ask around or do a quick Internet search to find out. This is a great activity for the kids because it gets them outside, helps them realize where some of their food comes from, and they can enjoy their personal harvest in the form of apple pie, peach cobbler, and other goodies. For parents, the benefits also come in the form of plenty of fruit for low prices and a beautiful day spent out in the country. Everyone can also make their own candy apples for Halloween.

The great pumpkin search: Although it’s not nearly as important an endeavor as looking for a Christmas tree, it still makes for a really fun day. If pumpkins are grown in your area, instead of heading to the nearest supermarket, get in the car and drive your way to local farms and country roads. You are bound to come across roadside stands that sell plenty of pumpkins and squash for great prices. We could go for the first big pumpkin we see or take a gamble and look for more roadside stands with bigger fruits. The kids will love picking out their own pumpkins and will be just as eager to carve them for Halloween. Share this activity with cousins and neighbors and it can also be turned into a treasure hunt for the biggest pumpkin. End the great pumpkin hunt with an autumn party in the backyard.

Autumn leaf collage: Experiencing the fall foliage is a necessary aspect of autumn. To see a few suggestions about that beautiful activity, please see one of our other recent posts. While enjoying those stunning fall colors, we can also collect leaves to make an autumn collage. Once again, this activity is a great way to get kids away from their electronic devices and back into the “real world”. Help them collect different leaves with different colors, give them a big piece of cardboard and paste, and tell them that they can make a collage of whatever they like. The leaves can take the form of dinosaurs, mountains, a Halloween scene, or anything really. Give incentive in the form of small prizes, and pumpkin spice cookies.

Wine tasting: Yes, the big people should also enjoy fall and wine tasting is a great way to do it. Although a worthwhile endeavor at any time of the year, the sampling of the fruit of the vine is even better when surrounded by crisp fall weather and autumn foliage. See which vineyards are offering wine tasting, and if none are in the neighborhood, buy several interesting vintages and host your own wine tasting event in the beauty of your own fall garden.

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Big, Wild Animals in the Backyard

Animals can be entertaining, cute, and downright adorable. The ones that fall into those categories tend to be animals like pet cats, dogs, bunnies, and Meerkats.  There are also animals that fall into categories at the opposite end of the cute spectrum. For most folks, these would be things like spiders, hairy caterpillars, and other creepy-crawlies along with Hyenas, and (for a lot of people) snakes. Then there are the members of the animal kingdom that aren’t usually described as being cute, nor as being revolting, but make an even bigger impression. These animals are the big, wild ones that we all know but have rarely seen in the wild unless we go on a safari to Africa, India, or Nepal.

If we can’t travel to those far-off, wild places and reserves where wildlife like Tigers, Lions, and Giraffes occur, most of us would still love to see them even if it happens to be on the other side of a big moat in a zoo. Those big animals always make an impression because not only are they larger than us humans, some of them could also eat us! This fact gives us a healthy, instinctive sense of wariness and fear when it comes to  big wildlife but never stopped people from featuring such animals in movies, stories, and art. If anything, the feelings generated by megafauna make us that more interested in them.

However, as cool as a bear or Siberian Tiger looks, no one really wants one roaming around the backyard; at least, as long as we can’t keep it under control. About the only way to do that is to either illegally own a very risky pet or have the garden back up to a game reserve or huge national forest. This latter situation is indeed the case for some people and they do see occasional visits from bears, Mountain Lions, Leopards, and other big animals. Deer and even Elk or Moose are more likely in some places but when you get animal visitors of that size, the garden almost stops being a place to grow vegetables and becomes a private wildlife reserve!

Since we might have to turn the backyard over to big animals in a case like that, the vast majority of folks would agree that we are better off reserving the garden for smaller, more manageable wildlife, cultivations, and our favorite set of garden statues. Fortunately, we can still celebrate the wild beauty of big animals via high quality, grand-size garden sculptures. These aren’t just small, average statues of cats or other animals either but truly large and very impressive sculptures with highly realistic features and details.

Some such animal garden sculptures are so life-like that garden guests and folks passing by will do a double take and wonder how on earth you managed to put a Tiger or a small African Elephant in the backyard. That’s a regular, expected response from most people who suddenly come face to face with a life-size statue of a Bengal Tiger. They will probably hesitate just as much upon seeing a tiger resting with her cubs, or a bear fishing for a meal.

It goes without saying, but dinosaurs also make a naturally big impression. If these massive beasts still roamed the planet, they would certainly be the biggest, baddest wild animals around. Although we are 65 million years too late to see one of those huge animals at our backyard bird feeder, we can still impress guests and clients with fantastic, realistic, Jurassic-sized statues of VelociraptorsTriceratops, and other dinosaurs.

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Creative Ideas for Fantastic Halloween Displays

Halloween is many things to different people. For the kids, it’s that special day when they can dress up in costumes and get lots of free candy. For many adults, October 31s is the biggest party day of the year. For others, it’s just another day on the calendar. Whether we fill a bag with candy, attend parties, or host a Halloween bash, this holiday is also when many of us outfit the home and garden with spooky decor. That display can take the form of just a few cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the front windows, feature a pumpkin on the front porch along with a scarecrow or two, or act as a major exhibit of spooky statues and decor.

This year, there’s still enough time to plan the Halloween display to make it one to remember and maybe even win a decorating contest. Try these ideas to have the most creative display on the block, and maybe even in the city:

Fairies and evil gnomes: We don’t usually think of fairies when talking about Halloween but they can lend an interesting touch to many spooky displays. Although most of the little folk aren’t known for frightening features or dangerous habits, traditional tales of fairies say otherwise. The fairies that were spoken of in legend and superstitions were mysterious, magical, powerful creatures that were best avoided, and never offended. If so, they could cause a lot of problems for the offender and are always hard to appease. Keep that in mind when party guests and trick-or-treaters ask why there are a few fairy statues as part of the Halloween display.

They might wonder less if they see sculptures like the Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Statue.  This fairy statue shows the potential perilous side of these magical beings with Gothic features and a no-nonsense expression. With her small but powerful muscles tensed, she looks ready to pounce on garden guests, or to defend the backyard from evil pixies and zombie gnomes. She and other detailed fairy statues also look great when glaring at skeleton gnomes.

Dragons and dinosaurs: Folks don’t usually go with a dragon theme for Halloween but that’s probably because they don’t know how scary dragons can be, nor do they have access to fantastic dragon decor. In reality, few animals, mythical or real, are as frightening as a dragon. In legend, these massive, scaled beasts are as crafty, proud, and intelligent as they are powerful. Present them in the right way and they will mesmerize and terrify garden guests.

Put the realistic Stoker’s Moors Dragon Skull Statue just past the entrance to the backyard to pique the interest of party guests, and follow that up with a small, detailed dragon statue or a full sized, frightening beast like the Red Welsh Dragon Monument-Sized Statue. Heighten the experience with the Scaled Jurassic T-Rex Raptor Dinosaur Statue, and other amazing dinosaur statues.

Greetings with gargoyles and angels: What better way to make a big, long-lasting impression than with large sculptures of frightening gargoyles and majestic angels? Flank the entrance of the Halloween display with a pair of intimidating gargoyles and watch as guests make a long pause before walking past them. After passing the gargoyles, they can be impressed by the classic glory of angel sculptures. Guests will love the contrast of good and evil, and the beautiful Gothic appearance of the sculptures, especially when these statues share the display with gargoyles and other high quality Halloween decor that hang from the walls and frequent quiet spooky corners of the garden.

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Spooky Furniture Options for Halloween

Halloween is still more than a month away but why wait to plan celebrating one of the best holidays of the year! Not to mention, since decor is one of the most important aspects of Halloween, we can start decorating the yard with zombie statues, gravestones, and other creative decor at least two weeks before the 31st. Heck, some folks can’t wait and turn the front yard, deck, and garden into a fun, spooky display as soon as September ends. We can’t blame them because we love decorating for the spookiest day of the year too.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using statues and decor of scarecrows, witches, ghosts, and other classic Halloween symbols, we can get as creative as we want when decorating the garden as well as in the interior of the home. Take furniture for example. There’s more that we can do with some furniture items for Halloween than one might think. We can use a sheet to convert a regular, average chair into a haunted, spectral throne for a phantom, wicked jack-o-lantern, or a throne to showcase the intimidating features of a gargoyle statue.

We can cover a card table with butcher’s paper and write spooky slogans on it with blood-red paint. Artistic folks can also use that paper as a canvas for frightening scenes that show creepy haunted woods or a witch flying across a bright, full moon as a wolf howls nearby. Kids can also have fun with it and paint pictures of their favorite monsters.

Instead of covering the furniture items, we can also decorate them with Gothic decor and other items that give them a touch of Halloween flair. Use a small dragon statue or fantastic decor like the ©The Grim Reaper and the Orb of Death Statue on a night stand to entertain guests. Drape that same night stand with a black cloth for full effect. Guests will also appreciate other details like a vase of black roses shown on the dining table, as well as unique items like the Count Dracula Pedestal Table.

Other sculptural tables and furniture can also lend a fantastic look to any Halloween party. Serve drinks on the Subservient Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table or other tables that include a detailed, intimidating statue of a dragon, and guests might begin to wonder if they actually have wandered into “Castle Dracula”. They might be convinced if they see the master of the home seated in the Dragon of Upminster Castle Throne Chair. This and other sculptural throne chairs are also fun to use with Halloween versions of musical chair games.

Certain furniture items can also be used in conjunction with Halloween displays in the backyard. Once again, sculptural tables can play a fun role in any number of spooky themes. Take the Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table for example. Although it might look harmless during the light of the day, it can take on a truly sinister appearance in the shadows of the October night. Touch up this unique table with a wizard’s hat or other accessory and it can take on a truly unnerving appearance (especially if it shares the yard with gargoyle sculptures and other Halloween decor).  Dare Halloween party guests to approach it or use it to serve spooky drinks! Halloween guests will also be entertained by the At Your Service Glass-Topped Sculptural Table, and the Lono (Tongue) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table.

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Historic Replicas for the Home & Garden