Interior Decor Ideas for a Fantastic Halloween

Decor in the form of ghosts and witches can be seen in the neighborhood, pumpkins are on some of the porches, and there is a cool, autumn breeze. No doubt about it, Halloween is almost here! Most of us have already decorated the garden with an extra gargoyle sculpture, and some of us have converted the front of the house and the backyard into a fun, spooky display. The local “haunted houses” have opened, and we have picked out costumes to host and attend our own Halloween festivities. But, if we haven’t picked out interior decor for the holiday, we aren’t truly ready for the scariest day of the year.

Late October is always fun, but why not outdo last year’s party with one for the record books? Why not make this year the Halloween to remember? There are several ways to make this Halloween nothing short of fantastic, one of the essentials being interior decor. To make this year stand out from all the rest, we can’t just add a few new everyday items to the living room, give the home a new paint job, or put up a few cut-outs that say “Happy Halloween”. To take decorating a few steps further, try these ideas:

Serious wall decor: We aren’t talking about a few average paintings or cute items suitable for other times of the year. To turn this Halloween into “the one to remember”, we need to get serious about wall decor and put up decorations that grasp the attention of guests and make them wonder if they should laugh or scream. Instead of going with regular decor, think of decor that look more like movie props than something purchased at a temporary seasonal store. Some examples would be zombie wall decor that looks straight out of the halls of the undead, or creepy wall statues that reach out to passersby with long, shadowy, eager fingers. Wall crawling gargoyles will also do the trick, especially when combined with dark and eerie tapestries and paintings.

Strategic placement for wall decor is also important. We don’t want to put a scary piece of decor in a dark, out of the way corner. Although there is something to say about shadows feeding the imagination, if the piece is in a dark corner, fewer guests will see it. Instead, put that eye-catching decor in the entrance hall or on a prominent spot in the living room to make the most impact.

Scary statues: Sculptures can also play a big role in turning a fun, average Halloween party into a major night to remember. While some statues look better in the backyard, the more confined space inside the home works with certain sculptures to lend a frighteningly good atmosphere to the place of residence. Some good examples include greeting guests with high quality gargoyle statues, putting something like the super creepy Dweller Below Statue in a corner of one of the rooms, or maybe even in the basement, and surprising guests with a statue of a zombie in a back room. Put a few statues of creatures in that same back room and we could put a sign on the door that reads, “Keep Out! Monster Show Room”. Augment the fear with a creepy alien, Bigfoot statue, or zombie sculpture right outside one or more of the windows, and the party will be a hit.

Gothic accents: In general, the more Gothic decor as accents, the better because these mysterious items are excellent for lending a lot of atmosphere to the home. Suggestions include statues of ravens, interesting candle holders, greeting guests at the front door with a skull or dragon door knocker, using Gothic-themed goblets, and even serving guests with a fantastic dragon sculptural table.

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Extraordinary Gnomes, Garden Fairies And Other Creatures

October isn’t just a month for spooky decorations, costumes, and homecoming football games. We also enjoy the fall harvest, and Halloween gives us opportunities to celebrate fairy tales, folklore, and the fruits of imagination. Although statues of fairies and other creatures from the realm of fantasy are a wonderful addition to spring and summer gardens, they can also fit right in with a backyard set up for October 31st. Even though we don’t normally lump garden gnomes and fairies with creatures that go bump in the night, older tales of the “wee folk” often tell a different story.

In most cultures, little elves, gnomes, and their fairy brethren were typically viewed as creatures to respect and avoid. In contrast to many of the modern-day, very soft views of fairies, the little people of older eras played mean tricks, were quick to anger and take offense, were very vindictive, and even kidnapped children. Some were said to offer unwary travelers a table at a magical banquet, the acceptance of which resulted in the poor soul falling asleep for a hundred years. The more sinister fairies led people astray in the deep dark woods or other wild places of the world, and even the nicest of gnomes still seemed to have their own, strange agendas at heart. Indeed, in Europe, fairy folk were often perceived as some type of fallen angel or creatures that were in league with the evil one, and, were in the very least, believed to be up to no good.

However, many of the old fairy tales speak of people who made bargains with fairies and won by tricking the little gnome in the end. Others told of fairies that helped with chores in the garden and around the home in exchange for food and trinkets, but even though these tend to be the best known stories about fairies, the majority of fairy legends speak of creatures best left alone. With that in mind, it’s intriguing that fairy folk were eventually shown as gentle little sprites and cheerful gnomes. This wholesome perception of fairies dates back to rather recent times when garden statuary became a popular aspect of Victorian era gardens. As the demand for garden statues grew, some craftsmen capitalized on the legends of the little people and created garden sculptures of elegant fairies and cute gnomes. Since few people preferred sculptures of sinister little beings on the grounds of their estates, the appearance of the fairy folk went from being that of an unwholesome, unwelcome creature to the exact opposite.

Since beautiful statues of fairies and gnomes make a wonderful, happy addition to any garden, that transformation was certainly welcome. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t also go back to putting a few, more frightening statues of the little people in the backyard, at least during the month of October. Sculptures of pixies tend to show the “old” version of fairies and this make an excellent addition to any Halloween display. Put something like the Sling and Stretch Garden Pixie Sculptures next to the back door or just beyond reach in the backyard and its creepy appearance will put the imagination on edge, especially during the half-light of an autumn evening.

Some gnomes sculptures can also lend a fun look to an October backyard. Give garden guests a tour of the backyard and show them happy, easy-going statues of modern-day gnomes. Then, take them to the other side of the garden and surprise them with statues of skeleton gnomes. Finish off the tour by giving another surprise in the form of a Bigfoot statue peering from behind a tree. As you approach this statue of the most extraordinary creature in North America (and sometimes rumored to be in the same league as gnomes), mention that neighbors claim to have seen Bigfoot in the area.

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How to Pick Out Beautiful Accents for a New Home

Moving into a new home is one of the more exciting steps we can take in life. Whether we move into our first apartment or into a freshly built house, it represents an emotional new beginning. It’s also the most important time to pick out decor, and with so much open space to work with, it’s the easiest time to pick our indoor statues, wall decor, and other new items for the home.

Before we get started, we can let our imaginations run wild and pick which room would look best with Asian-themed decor, which space would work well with Egyptian statues, and the best places for replicas of antique furniture. But why stop with picking out the big items? We also need to figure out which accents would look best on that new dining table, treasured side tables, and above the fireplace. Try these ideas to find the best accents for a new home:

Start with a plan: Before even looking at decor, we can save time by starting with a plan. Look around the new home and pick which rooms or space will act as places for dining, sleeping, and relaxing. Once we have that figured out, we can them move on to thinking about where the large furniture items will go, followed by smaller items. These can of course be moved around but picturing where those items go can make it easier to pick out the best accents for each room. If we still need to get new furniture for the home, take into account the amount of space we can work with and purchase the furniture before going any further.

This is a good idea because knowing what the furniture looks like plays an essential role in choosing the most appropriate accents. For example, although we might not want to put something like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble on an average table with a modern appearance, it will look fantastic and right at home on the beautiful English Gothic Refectory High Table.

Don’t forget about the hallways: It can be easy to overlook hallways even though they play an important role in welcoming people into the home. They also act as a good place for hanging portraits and other types of wall decor. Fortunately, if we do forget about the hallways, it’s also just as easy to decorate them after the fact. In addition to paintings, we might want to try tapestries, and masks that act as Egyptian art.

Get something different: To mark this new start, why not pick out something totally different? Browse sites with unique decor and let the imagination run wild. If the former home used a vase and a few other accents on tables, we might want to try a vase crafted in a different style and in different shades of blue or peach. We could also lend stunning colors with Faberge-style decorated eggs, use sculptural table lamps for elegant, artistic lighting, and pick out fun accents for the home office. Folks interested in the realm of fantasy might enjoy dragon, and Celtic-themed accents.

Choose a couple of sculptures: Whether the old residence was decorated with indoor statues or not, it’s always worth it to pick out one or two inaugural sculptures. While browsing indoor statues, think of how the sculpture would look on a desk or other space in need of decor. Consider beautiful, bonded marble statues, medium-sized sculptures for a corner, for a small column, or for space near the fireplace.

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Ideas for Pet Memorials

For most of us, pets are more than animals that we take care of and play with. They are members of the family that we love and cherish, often, from the time of birth to their final days. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our beloved pets and that’s why we buy them toys, love to give them treats, cuddle with them, and even take them with us on family vacations.

Eventually, after a long, happy life, pets pass away. It’s never easy, and we are never eager to get another dog, cat, or other animal because nothing can replace that furry or feathered loved one. However, we can remember them with memorials and other ways, including these ideas:

A celebration of life: Although we could hold a funeral for a loved pet, a celebration of the animal’s life is a more fitting way to remember him or her. Not to mention, no places of worship are going to hold services for a pet no matter how much we insist that the animals was a real member of the family. The garden is an ideal place to host the celebration, especially if the deceased pet loved to play in the backyard. Invite friends and family who knew and loved the pet for a backyard brunch and encourage them to bring and share any photos they may have. During the brunch, we can also show a slideshow of pictures and/or videos of the deceased pet. You may or may not want people to bring their own pets.

Plant a tree: Another way to remember a lost pet is by planting a tree. Go to a local nursery and ask which tree would look best in the garden based on the size of the backyard, local climate, and soil conditions. Plant the tree in a quiet corner of the backyard, or, better yet, next to or on the burial site of the pet. When the tree gets big enough, put a memorial plaque in front of it. The same can be done with a flowering bush, or a flower bed.

Pet memorial garden statuary: Whether we host a party that celebrates the pet’s life or plant a tree, the best way to pay homage to our pet is with a memorial stone. Similar to a grave stone, the pet memorial stone can mark its resting place and can also be used to mark the important role it played in our lives. There are pet memorial statues that show a beautiful dog or cat angel at rest, or ones like the “In God’s Hands” Dog Memorial Statue that can also host a personalized plaque. Put the memorial stone next to a sitting bench, under a favorite tree, or in another special corner of the garden. We can decorate the memorial with flowers from time to time or make a small stone pathway that leads to it.

Instead of using a memorial specifically designed for pets, we can also use a memorial stone garden bench. Just because classy benches like the In Our Hearts Forever Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench were designed to remember people who have passed away doesn’t mean that we can’t also use them to remember a beloved pet. The touching phrase is just as relevant for a pet and its simple elegance lends a beautiful touch to any backyard.

Make a donation to pet-related organizations: Another way to remember a pet is with a donation to an organization or association dedicated to helping pets in any number of ways.

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Some Benefits of Interior Decorating with Nautical Decor

Decorating the interior of a home, office, or place of business usually follows a theme. If we don’t stick to one theme, the end result is more likely to generate confusion than make good impressions. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use different themes in different rooms, just that it’s a good idea to stick with one theme for one defined space. However, before deciding where to begin with the new decor, we need to figure out which theme (or themes) to work with.

If we are looking for a cozy, classic look, Americana and/or an antique theme is a good choice. Such decor blends class and nostalgia for an elegant, dignified look. If we want a room with a classic yet edgy appearance, Art Deco is a good choice, whereas Gothic art is ideal for a home in need of dark and mysterious decor. These are just a few of many themes to consider, one of those being the “nautical” look.

As the name might suggest, a nautical decorating theme pays homage to anything associated with the sea and sailing. Since people have been fishing and traveling in the oceans and seas of the world for a very long time, this theme stands out for not being linked to a particular era. This means that we can see a room decorated with small replica ships associated with ancient Egypt, the canals of Venice, and modern times, or use wall decor that shows boats and ocean scenes from opposite sides of the globe while still following the same theme.

Other benefits of following a nautical theme for interior decoration include the following:

Beautiful wall art: A number of paintings fall into the category of nautical decor. As long as the work of art shows a boat, or ocean scene, it can be used as nautical decor. Since most of us love an ocean view, and picturesque scenes where small white sailboats ply the waves of a gorgeous blue sea, such paintings are popular and usually painted with lovely details and care. They make a wonderful addition to a room that features other types of nautical decor, and can also be used on their own in the bathroom, bed room, or any place that would benefit from this type of pleasant decor. To lend more texture to the scene, try the Before the Rain Landscape Wall Tapestry or other wall tapestries that show nautical scenes.

A relaxing look: As can be expected from scenes that show a beautiful coastline or other places and situations that remind us of a vacation, nautical decor tends to lend a peaceful atmosphere to the room. This is why such decor works especially well in restaurants, hotels, the bed room, or other places meant for rest and relaxation.

Great gifts for sailing enthusiasts: Decor that follows a nautical theme can also be an excellent, fitting gift for someone who would rather be out on the boat. This includes anyone who loves to go sailing, and loves the seaside, fishermen included. Put a smile on their face with something small for the desk, or even a sculptural table featuring a mermaid.

Works well when little decor is needed: Since nautical-themed decor is so easy-going, it works well in a wide variety of situations. This includes situations where we have a room that only needs one or two decorations but we don’t want to display anything outrageous, an office that could use another painting or statue, or a bare hallway.

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Wall Decor Ideas for Halloween

It’s still a few weeks until Halloween but for many of us who love to celebrate this holiday, decorating started on the first of October. There’s no time to waste when decorating for the scariest day of the year especially if we plan on turning the entire backyard into a creepy graveyard, and the front of the home into a celebration of ghosts, witches, and frightening jack-o-lanterns. Not to mention, we also have to find time to decorate the interior of the home in preparation for the annual Halloween party. With all of that in mind, there’s no time to waste in getting ready for October 31st, and especially because we actually start celebrating the spooky day a few weeks before the actual holiday.

Even if we would rather not put statues of gargoyles and other monsters on display, we can still take advantage of this brief holiday season and decorate with pumpkins, a friendly scarecrow or two, colorful corn, and other symbols of the autumn harvest. After all, this holiday has its roots in the final fall harvest just as much as in ancient beliefs that fall equinox is a time when the spirit realm comes into conjunction with the physical world.

No matter how we decide to decorate in October, we can do so in a variety of ways inside the home, in the garden, and in places of business. While many people focus on outdoor displays that make use of sculptures and banners, Halloween wall decor can lend an easy, artistic touch to displays both inside and outside of the home. Try these wall decor ideas to help make this Halloween the most memorable one yet:

Fun wall hangings: These can take the form of fun posters and wall hangings like the Halloween Hoot and Howl Wall Hanging, the Eat, Drink and Be Scary Wall Plaque, and the See, Hear, Speak-No Evil Wall Hanging. Wall decor like these are perfect for entertaining every Halloween party guest because they contribute to a cheerful atmosphere by blending scary symbols with light-hearted humor. When used on the front door, wall decor such as these are a fitting way to welcome guests to the party, and also lend a fun look to the interior of the home.

Gothic wall art: This type of Gothic decor is a fantastic way to make a big impression on guests. Just imagine how friends will react when they see textured, eye-catching wall decor like the Zombie Gothic Wall Sculpture or the ©”No Shoes, No Pulse, No Service” Wall Sculpture. These impressive wall sculptures look just as good when displayed on a garden wall or back porch. Try illuminating these and other wall decor items with green or red lights for full spooky effect.

If we would rather use Gothic wall sculptures that trade in the humor for “terrifying”, not to worry, because we could always go with something like The Creeper Wall Sculpture or the mounted head of a zombie werewolf. Put up a few Gothic tapestries to round out our display of creative Halloween wall decor.

Greenmen: With the mystical (and often creepy) blend of a human face and vegetation, Greenman statues are ideal for Halloween. Some classic greenman sculptures like the Oak King Greenman Wall Sculpture and the God of the Grape Harvest Wall Sculpture are ideal decor for autumn just as much as they are for Halloween. However, if we plan on giving guests a fright, we might want to use something like the Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpture.

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New Uses for New Decor

No matter how much we love the decor in our home and garden, there eventually comes a time when we need to replace one, two, or all items. Those statues and other items might be getting too old and worn out, or we might just need a change of scenery. Either way, new decor is an easy way to inject a breath of fresh air into the home and office. While that new decor will give the place an automatic, fun, new look, it can also be leveraged in a variety of interesting ways, including the following:

Complement antiques with high quality decor: Antiques are a fine, classy means of decorating any home or place of business. They represent another time and place, and stand on their own in terms of creative beauty. However, they look even better when complemented with other types of high quality decor. For example, creative decor like the Grand Plumage Peacock Sculptural Vase, or pieces that pay homage to the Art-Deco era lend a lovely touch to a room decorated with antique furniture or other items.

It can also be worth it to think outside the box and augment the beauty of an antique display with unique statuary. The Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Statue and other equally exquisite garden fairy statues act as an easy, fine complement to a room with antiques. After enjoying their beauty during the winter months, we can out them outside to give the garden a fresh look.

Use offering vessels to lend a touch of class to the home and place of business: Offering vessels are an easy, fun way to lend a beautiful touch to a home or place of work. They can work as table centerpiece decor, or be placed on a bookshelf, on a mantle, or other surface. Since it’s very easy to find a place for an offering vessel, the most important thing to keep in mind is choosing one that lends a true touch of class. For example, if we put something like the Pharaoh’s Treasure Offering Vessel on display, we can highlight the room with a touch of beautiful royal Egyptian colors and classic ancient Egyptian symbols. The offering vessel itself can be used to display a bouquet of flowers, the scent of fresh potpourri, or a cookie jar.

Lend a touch of fantasy to the home: Folks who enjoy fantasy movies and novels might enjoy updating the home with new, fantasy-themed interior decor. This can take the form of anything from an indoor statue of a raven to a unique sculptural table of a unicorn. Since the unique appearances of such creative, fantasy-themed items stand out, we might only need a few such pieces of decor to give the place a fresh, new look.

Beautiful furniture: Chairs, tables, footstools, and other furniture items can lend a wonderful new look, especially when they are beautiful antique replicas and sculptural works that blend function with decor. The Saint-Lazare Petite Metal Daybed is a unique piece of furniture that can act as a wonderful place for an afternoon nap, a lovely spot to get lost in a good book, or a cozy corner to share with that special person.

Creative lighting: Illumination doesn’t have to be restricted to average track lighting and lamps. We can also combine lighting with decor through the use of beautiful Tiffany-Style lamps, decorative works of art like the Peacock & Wisteria Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window, and creative sculptural table lamps. These artistic items are an excellent, easy means of lighting a room with detailed, eye-catching decor.

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Laughs and Screams on Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve, or “Halloween”, is arguably the scariest holiday of the year. It’s when we can visit haunted theme houses and see if we scream when the monster hops out of the closet, when we dress up in costumes of witches, zombies, and other frightening creatures, and when we turn the house and backyard into places where it looks like things do indeed go bump during the day just as much as they do in the night. However, as much as we like to partake in such spooky aspects of Halloween, this October holiday can also be a time for laughs.

We laugh maybe even more than we scream on Halloween because, most of all, it’s a time to relax, dress up as characters contrary to who we really are, and make light of the spooky ideas and possibilities that scared us when we were kids. A really good Halloween party is one that goes far beyond just scaring guests with creepy decor. The best festivities on Halloween are the ones that demonstrate a good blend of both scary and funny. These are some ideas to help make that happen on Halloween, 2016:

Send funny, creative invitations: This year, instead of sending cards by snail mail, or even sending out an email with basic party instructions, treat guests to a video invitation. This is always going to be more dynamic than other invitations and will convince guests that your party is the one that they can’t miss. If we plan on hosting a zombie-themed party, we can make a video of a few friends (or family) in zombie disguise that shuffle towards the camera and then give a moaning address. As they moan, subtitle the video with wording that gives the invitation. We could also record our amazing decorations in the backyard, spanning towards the door of the house at the end. During the video, give a creative spoken invitation with a voice like a vampire from Transylvania. Guests will love it and your video might even go viral.

Welcome guests with frightening fun: The only problem with a fun, creative video invitation is that party guests will probably expect a spooky soiree that goes above and beyond their typical Halloween expectations. The easiest way to exceed those expectations is by giving them a fantastic greeting that combines fun with fright. This can take the form of anything from someone in a gorilla suit that offers a bowl of candy and party favors to guests upon arrival, or an entranceway decorated with a spooky welcome sign flanked by gargoyle sentinels, Gothic angel sculptures, or an outstanding Zombie Gnome Statue.

Zombie piñata: Offering any sort of piñata will add a fun touch to a Halloween party but why use a brightly colored ball piñata when we can let guests hit the zombie? Although it will probably be a bit time consuming to make a zombie piñata, do this and guests will be howling with laughter as they wack the zombie with a witch’s broomstick. Make sure to craft the zombie piñata from papier-mâché a few days ahead of time to give it enough time to dry. If that’s too much work, we could also buy a regular piñata and cover the front of it with a big picture of a zombie face.

The unexpected cutting of a frighteningly delicious cake: Surprise guests with a fun Halloween dessert, and then surprise them again when a masked, “chainsaw” wielding psycho bursts into the dining room to cut the cake. Since the “chainsaw” will actually be a cake knife disguised with cardboard, play the sound of a chainsaw in the background for full effect.

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Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween

Decorating for any holiday season is fun but there’s nothing like getting the home and garden ready for Halloween. No other holiday combines a unique set of frightening decor and statues with costume parties, dunking for apples, and bowls of sweet candy corn. It’s also the only time of the year when a large, orange variety of squash takes center stage. That vegetable would be the pumpkin and although millions of people do love a slice or two of pumpkin pie to finish off Thanksgiving dinner, the big orange gourd is synonymous with October.

Native to North America, pumpkins have actually been an important source of food for thousands of years. They can grow to a large size, can be used in more recipes than most people realize, are even used in making some brands of beer, and the roasted seeds act as tasty, healthy snacks. Nevertheless, despite the pumpkin’s many culinary virtues, most of us use the pumpkin as a decoration. We put small pumpkins on the sills of our windows and on top of tables and mantels to act as classic fall decor, and use big ones as jack-o-lanterns.

This form of illuminated Halloween decor has been in use for a long time, and for much longer in other places than North America. Although gourds have been used as masks and art forms in many parts of the world, the first known use of the jack-o-lantern took place in Ireland and the Scottish highlands hundreds of years ago. Instead of a pumpkin, turnips and other vegetables were used to make a carving of a face, sometimes lit inside, often not, but with a similar appearance to modern jack-o-lanterns.

They also made these carvings to celebrate Samhain, a Celtic holiday that was the pre-cursor to Halloween. Although this same term is often used by modern-day practitioners of Wicca, for the Celts, Samhain was simply the name for the holiday that marked the end of the fall harvest and the start of winter. They believed that it also marked a time when the boundaries between this world and the one of spirits and fairies came close enough for spirits and magical beings to cross into our own. To appease them, treats were left outside of front doors, while jack-o-lanterns were left next to the treats to ward off bad spirits. People also dressed up in costumes to blend in with the spirits that were wandering around, and ask for treats from their neighbors.

Nowadays, we still follow several of those traditions although pumpkins have replaced turnips to act as jack-o-lanterns.  This only made sense since they are easier to carve, and make a bigger impression. To carve the best jack-o-lantern, try these suggestions:

Be creative: Although a classic, scary face always works, remember that we can also carve patterns of witches in flight, the family name, or maybe even the logo of the local football team.

Project the jack-o-lantern patterns on the wall: Once the pumpkin is lit inside, turn it around so it faces the wall. Use a strong enough light and it can project an even larger pattern on the wall of the house. This never fails to impress especially when used in conjunction with more than one jack-o-lantern.

Try different colored lights: A bright white light will make the best projection but we can also make creative jack-o-lanterns with red, blue, or green lights. Try using a different light in each of three or four jack-o-lanterns for a colorful Halloween display.

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Unique Tips for Entertaining on Halloween

The end of October doesn’t just mark the scariest day of the year. It also marks one of the biggest nights for parties, especially fun costume festivities that take place in bars, night clubs, and, best of all, right in the comfort of the home.  Although we won’t see as many costumes as a huge party hosted in a night club, for most of us, a place of residence is the best place to enjoy a Halloween party because we can share the spooky fun with family and friends, as well as entertain as we see fit.

If you plan on hosting a Halloween party, try these suggestions for throwing the most memorable one of the year:

Gothic decor, treats, and surprises: Instead of decorating with regular and predictable Halloween decor, treat guests to a unique Gothic evening. Put statues of ravens in the hallways and on the tables, make use of candles for lighting, and encourage guests to use Gothic and Steampunk themed costumes. Greet them with sculptures like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue, the Gargoyle of Castle Avonshire Sculpture, and other wicked statues of gargoyles. If guests have the courage to enter your temporary Gothic residence, offer raven-shaped cookies, mulled wine in goblets, and other delightful Halloween treats. Host a Gothic treasure hunt, a Gothic trivia contest, and other creative games where guests can win bottles of wine or sparkling cider, a book by Edgar Allen Poe, a Gothic Skeleton Bottle Opener, and other unique accessories. The end result will be a memorable, classic evening of Halloween revelry for all.

This party is for the undead!: If you really want to scare party guests, go with an undead theme. Few other categories of frightening creatures consistently put people’s imaginations on edge, and maybe this is why we just can’t seem to get enough of zombies and vampires. Both used to be alive, both are now dead, but they refuse to rest in peace. Instead, they shuffle dark streets and the shadowy corners of the backyard in search of unwary people to feed on, and, in turn, convert them into fiendish undead creatures. At least, they do that in our imaginations and this is what you can count on for a fun, fantastic Halloween party of the undead.

Start the party by asking guests to dress up as vampires, zombies, ghouls, or other members of the undead “family”. When they arrive, greet them with zombie statues in the garden and right at the front door. Keep up the undead welcome with the ©”Evil Eye Twin Zombie” Wall Sculpture after they enter the home, more zombie heads, and other fantastic, frightening decor. Keep classic zombie movies playing all evening long, serve spooky treats, blood red drinks, and stick with the undead theme right to the end of the party.

Make use of the garden: Host the festivities inside the home but don’t leave the backyard out of the picture. The shifting, dark shadows made by bare branches swaying in a night breeze are creepy enough on their own, but look even more sinister when the garden is decorated with monsters hiding behind trees. Whether Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture is in plain sight or partly hidden in the dark October night, guests will take a long pause before walking into your garden. We can highlight the spooky entertainment in the backyard with statues of aliens, creeping scarecrows, even a dinosaur sculpture or two. No matter which creatures lurk in the garden, don’t forget to add a few tombstones for full Halloween effect.

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Historic Replicas for the Home & Garden