Animal Statues as Gifts

We are in the height of the gift buying season and time is running out to find the best presents for the special people in our lives. That might sound alarming but given the many other responsibilities we are involved with at this time of the year, we really have to take advantage of whatever bit of time we have for buying gifts. It can even be tough to find time to figure out what we are going to purchase.

With that in mind, it’s always good to hear about different possibilities for holiday gifts. When we feel like we are at the end of our wits because we can’t think of anything that would make a good gift, one of those ideas might do the trick. One such idea is an animal garden statue. Sculptures of animals might work as the gifts we need for these reasons:

A lot of people love animals: We all like to get gifts of things we love. Whether someone spends time in the garden or never ventures outside, if that person loves animals, he or she will love an animal statue. Sure, we have to make sure that the animal is one that they like but we should be able to pick out the right one because there are dozens of high quality animal garden statues to choose from. These can take the form of anything from detailed, life-like depictions of elephants and tigers to a super cute statue of Meerkats. Many animal sculptures can be placed outside or find a spot inside the home. Many can also be used as beautiful, high quality decor for a place of business. Rest assured that the person receiving a statue of an animal will find a use for it.

Pet statues work too: If the special people on the list aren’t all that into wild animals, they might have pets that they cherish. High quality statues of cats and dogs might work for them, including sculptures of the type of dog or cat that they have. As one might guess, sculptures of puppies or kittens make a wonderful, cute addition to any home, and will be especially appreciated. The
Black Labrador Puppy Dog Statue is just one of several adorable, life-like puppy sculptures that can lend a lovely, cozy touch to any room. The same goes for kitten welcome signs, and many other sculpture options that show realistic depictions of cats and dogs.

Garden animal sculptures: If the person on the list enjoys time in the garden or backyard, it’s even easier to give them an animal garden statue. In all likelihood, they already have some garden statues in the backyard and will be all too happy to get another one or two, especially if it’s a high quality statue of a bunny, fox, or other woodland animal. We can also go with fun animal sculptures that literally hang from the trees like the Up a Tree Hanging Black Bear Cub Sculpture and the hilarious Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. Other possibilities include sculptures of colorful frogs, fun snails, and even dinosaurs.

Animal statues as interior decor: Something else to keep in mind about animal sculptures is that many can also be used inside the home. This turns them into easy, fun gifts for folks who live in apartments, or who might not have a backyard. Although there are some grand-size animal sculptures that might not work inside a home, there are plenty of smaller statues that would look wonderful in the corner of a living room, or out on the balcony.

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Benefits of Antique Replica Furniture for the Holidays

There are dozens of ways to decorate for the holidays. We could go with classic winter themes, highlight the tree with beautiful indoor statues and unique ornaments, and even go with Gothic-themed holiday decor. However, no matter how we choose to decorate, it’s worth it to make use of unique, high quality decor. Eye-catching sculptures and other beautifully detailed decor are an excellent way to augment the holiday atmosphere of the home as well as places of business, and can help turn an average holiday season into one that is beautifully nostalgic as well as enchanting.

One of the ways to make that happen doesn’t just include the strategic placement of garland, wreaths, and wall decor that features trumpeting angels. We can also lend that classic, holiday touch to the home with certain furniture items. Although these can take the form of the Santa Claus Sculptural Glass-Topped Holiday Table and other unique sculptural tables, replicas of antique items can also play a big role. These are some of the benefits that can come from purchasing and using antique replica furniture during the holiday season:

Nostalgia: If there is one holiday season that brings out feelings of longing for the past, it’s Christmas and the month of December. We can’t go shopping without hearing a medley of modern and classic holiday songs and carols. We see displays that feature scenes that hearken back to the Victorian era. Classic holiday films are on the television, and we hear relatives talk about the “old days”. We love to get together and reminisce about holidays from the past, to relive the joy and magic of Christmas and other winter holidays experienced during childhood. By merit of their classy appearance, replicas of antique furniture contribute to the nostalgic atmosphere. Something like the Gentlemen’s Plush Grand-Scale Arm Chair would also act as a perfect seat for Santa.

Antique beauty for a fraction of the cost: The beauty of antique items is one of their main benefits. Chairs and tables were crafted into detailed works of art meant to last, and that’s why we can still collect them to this day. However, since we pay such a pretty penny for authentic, antique furniture that dates back a few hundred years, we probably don’t want to sit on them too much. Contrast that to high quality mahogany replicas that showcase similar, beautiful details and workmanship that can last for centuries, and it’s easy to see why replicas are a fantastic deal. While they are available for a fraction of the cost, they still manage to capture the beauty and essence of pieces fit for display in museums.

Heirloom quality furniture: As with high quality, actual antiques, replicas like the Carved Rocaille Chair and the Avignon Coffee Table are built to last. These pieces are carefully crafted by hand to show beautiful details without making any sacrifices on quality, and can last for many years. Because of this, they will probably act as heirloom items that can be passed down and enjoyed by family members during holiday seasons for generations to come.

Fantastic gifts: As with any stunning item, high quality replicas of antique chairs and tables make wonderful gifts. They will be cherished for the elegant touch they give to the home, for their function, and because they will last for many years. For the people who buy them, they will also be appreciated because they cost so much less than furniture crafted during the 19th and 18th centuries.

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Egyptian Art and Other Extraordinary Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift can be a real challenge. Even if we know about the likes, hobbies, and preferences of the people in question, we don’t want to give them something that they already have, nor an average item that will be easily forgotten or put into storage. Yes, at the end of the day, it is the thought that matters, but we would still rather give something that is truly appreciated. To make that happen, we need to put some time and effort into figuring out what they would like, and then actually finding it. When we do find it, though, the happy look in their eyes will be worth all of the time and effort.

When looking for that special gift, one of the factors that can help is remembering to think outside the box. Instead of rushing into shopping, sit back and contemplate what that special person might like. Look around the house for ideas, think about what they like to do, the books they like to read, the movies they watch, and the games they might play. Browse unique online stores and ask yourself if they would like any of the items you see. Ask yourself if they spend time in the garden, enjoy the outdoors, or would rather stay at home. The more questions we ask, the more likely we will find the best gifts for every person on our lists.

Thinking outside the box can also help us find gift possibilities like Gothic art and Egyptian decor. Although we might not have considered such options in the past, that might stem from being unaware of those possibilities. Once we start to look into high quality Egyptian-themed statues and art, we might find wonderful presents for the people on our gift lists as well as ourselves. This might not be too surprising when we consider the history of the Egyptian genre of decor and art.

Although modern pieces that follow an Egyptian theme have their own unique appearance, they still retain the striking colors and ancient symbols that were seen in the courts of the pharaohs. In other words, they are modern representations of art fit for Egyptian royalty, and perhaps this is why such items still lend a regal touch wherever they are put on display. That royal appeal is also one of the reasons why Egyptian-themed decor and art make wonderful gifts for more people on our lists than we realize.

For example, indoor statues like the Gods of Ancient Egypt Sculptures: Anubis and Horus and the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue lend a striking, classic touch to a desk, table, or bedroom by way of striking gold and jet black colors, and fine details that replicate the symbols and sculptures seen in museums and the tombs of the pharaohs. Because of this, these might be excellent gifts for anyone interested in ancient Egypt, classic art, and ancient history.

Likewise, if that special person loves cats, they will probably like the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptures and other striking Egyptian decor with a feline theme. If they like fine decor in general, there’s a good chance that they will love any number of exquisite Egyptian urns, vases, and offering vessels. High quality wall decor also acts as an excellent gift idea, including Egyptian tapestries, fine replicas of antique paintings that show Egyptian themes, and stunning, textured art like the “The Egyptian Pharaoh and His Maidens” Wall Sculpture.  These and many extraordinary, high quality decor items lend an equally high quality touch to any place of residence.

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Suggestions for Black Friday Weekend, 2016

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Yes, today is Black Friday and for many, this is the best shopping day of the year. It might not be the most tranquil time to make purchases but it is a day when we can find big savings on dozens of gifts and other items. Since many savings are also offered on Saturday and Sunday, the shopping spree usually goes on for the entire weekend. Whether someone plans on doing all of their shopping today, until Sunday, or not at all, try these suggestions for a fun Black Friday weekend:

Online shopping: We have said it before but it’s worth repeating because a lot of savings can also be found online during Black Friday and the rest of the weekend. This is a major boon for anyone not that interested in braving traffic and over-enthusiastic crowds of shoppers. Check favorite online stores throughout the day because some deals might only last for a few hours, or just for Friday.

Make a gift list before shopping: Whether we shop online or at the nearest mall, a lot of time will be saved if we make a list beforehand. With so many deals available and so many things to buy, it’s all too easy to waste hours looking in the wrong places, buying extra stuff that aren’t priorities, and missing out on the best deals. It’s of course alright to save money on items that aren’t on the gift list but if gifts are the priority, we should probably purchase those first (unless we chance upon large items available for amazing discounts). The sooner we cross off all of the gifts on our list, the sooner we can browse for other Black Friday deals to our heart’s content.

Shop for big items: By “big items”, we mean furniture, garden statues, and other large items. It can really be worth it to shop for things like antique replica tables and beautiful angel sculptures this weekend because they might be available for the lowest prices of the year. Whether we gift those items or keep them for ourselves, it would be a shame to pass up big discounts on large, high quality decor and furniture like the Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair.

Enjoy leftover turkey recipes: Although Black Friday and the next two days tend to be the biggest days of the year for savings, we don’t have to spend every second looking for deals on gifts and high quality decor. If we shop online, we can also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the holiday weekend, and part of that enjoyment can involve recipes that make use of leftover turkey. Instead of eating a turkey sandwich or two, look up some recipes and give them a shot. If family members are staying for the weekend, we can also try two or three recipes and hold a taste test contest.  If we have leftover ingredients, we can do the same with different recipes for apple and pumpkin pies.

Fun, Games, and Decor: When not shopping, we can also take advantage of this holiday weekend and play board games, watch movies, and even have a video game competition. If we feel like doing some arts and crafts, why not also help the kids make decorations for the tree and next big holiday on the calendar.

Avoid travel when possible: Last but not least, just a reminder that if you don’t need to travel, it would be better to stay off the roads and away from train stations and airports. Since all of the above are already going be saturated with folks who need to travel, there’s no point in making the situation more crowded than it already is.

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Excellent Gift Ideas for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the many great things about Turkey Day is that it happens on Thursday and not on Friday. This gives us a holiday weekend that also includes two days during the week along with football, parades, fun family time, a wonderful autumn feast, and the biggest shopping day of the year. Yes, Black Friday happens in just a couple of days, and for folks interested in big savings, this is the one of the most important days of the year.

Most stores will be offering major savings on most items, and popular toys, tech, and gifts will be selling like hot cakes. The doors will open at midnight, and more than a few folks will race inside to grab the items on their holiday shopping lists. Those of us who would rather not deal with the crowds (and lack of sleep) will wait until later in the day, go shopping on Saturday, or just stick to online stores. Fortunately, quite a few online shopping sites host Black Friday sales, the main difference from brick and mortar stores being the lack of crowds. The sales will still be happening and they might only be offered on Friday but we won’t have to worry about parking spaces, waiting in long lines, and dealing with traffic on the way home.

Instead, we can pick out most or maybe all of the gifts we need to buy from the tranquil, warm, relaxing comfort of our homes. When searching for those gifts, we might also consider the following ideas:

Fun wall decor: Wall decor is a great choice for a gift, we just have to figure out what the person in question would love to see on the walls of his or her home or office. This is an easy gift especially when we aren’t sure what to buy for that special person, or when the person already seems to have everything. This is because every home could use wall decor, as long as the decor in question is of the highest quality. When picking out the wall decor gift, we could go for items that match the tastes of the people in question (such as the Bacchus, God of Wine Greenman Wall Sculpture for aficionados of the fermented grape), or pick out something that would appeal to a wide variety of people (the beautiful Winthrop Court Wall Niche and the classy French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L’Etoile fall into this category).

Walking sticks and other accessories: If the person in question uses a walking stick, or enjoys strolls in the park, an elegant, Italian walking stick like the Bulldog Pewter Walking Stick is a good choice. This and other walking canes from the Padrone collection are an expression of elegance and a grand gift for any gentleman.

Unique jewelry:  This also works well as a gift, especially for women with unique tastes.  The beautiful Lady Anastasia Victorian Ensemble and the eye-catching Victorian Lace Necklace and Earring Ensemble are fine choices for ladies who appreciate antique items and jewelry that hearken back to another, more simple time. There are also plenty of options for ladies who happen to be big fans of the fantasy genre (the Dragons Thorne Serpent Dragon Bronze-Finished Pendant is one of several possibilities), as well as women who like Gothic and Egyptian art.

Unique Desk Accessories: These small items always make great gifts whether the person has a desk or not. There are fun pen holders like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory and the Knight’s Templar Helmet Desk Accessory, as well as elegant bookends and journals.

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Fun Things To Do During the Month Before Christmas

The winter holiday season is here and for a lot of people, it’s also one of the most stressful times of the year. It shouldn’t be but stress comes easy when we have a short time frame to buy gifts and aren’t even sure what to get, need to find time to decorate the home and office with beautiful decor, have to put garden statuary back into storage before it snows, and need to take care of other chores in less than a month. Juggle that with work and other responsibilities and it’s a wonder that we don’t end up being too stressed out to enjoy Christmas and other winter holidays.

However, since this holiday season is a special one and meant to be enjoyed, the stress is dampened by the happiness that comes with seeing old friends, family, and the looks on the faces of children when they open presents. Although those happy feelings tend to take place towards the end of December, we should remember that the rest of the holiday season is also meant to put a smile on our faces. To help make that happen, try these ideas from now until December 25th:

Bake something old and something new: This is the perfect time of year for baking. It’s cold outside, the oven helps warm the home, and we are enticed by the wonderful scents of cookies, ginger breads, and other lovely home-baked goods. Take time out to bake favorite recipes and try a few new ones. Get the kids involved and invite a friend or two over for casual, good-natured baking contests. Extra cookies, rolls, and other goodies can be gifted to neighbors, co-workers, and friends in need.

Holiday movie night: Invite friends and their families over to enjoy an evening of holiday-themed movies, popcorn, and some of the baked goods made a few days before that. Try old, classic Christmas films as well as new ones, playing one for the kids and then one for the adults after the children go to bed. This idea can also be enjoyed as a family trip to the cinema. If we feel like sharing the holiday cheer, we can also treat neighborhood kids to a movie night who wouldn’t normally get a chance to go to the cinema.

Make decorations with the kids: Most kids love arts and crafts, and will have fun making ornaments for the tree as well as crafting other decor. Look up some interesting ideas online (literally thousands of ideas are easily available) and try them out. Keep in mind that some ideas will require trips to arts and craft stores for materials, while others may require nothing more than cardboard, plastic bottles, paint, glue, and some other household items. Keep things easy, and give the kids lots of freedom to make what they want. They will be occupied, interacting with family and friends, and won’t have their attention absorbed by a mobile device. Meanwhile the adults can sit back and enjoy a bit of much needed relaxation.

Go for a hike in a local park: It’s getting cold but we can still go outside and enjoy the outdoors. As long as it’s not raining, we can bundle up and take an early winter walk in a favorite park. It will be good exercise (needed after feasting on baked goods), the park may host displays of winter holiday decorations, and it will be a great excuse to enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate when we walk back into a warm, cozy home.

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Just 40 Days until Christmas!

It’s hard to believe but December 25th is less than 40 days away! In just a month, folks who celebrate Christmas will be marking this major holiday, and many of us host holiday parties well before that date. If we want to celebrate in style, and to impress people of all ages, we need to start getting ready for the winter holidays today. If we wait until after Thanksgiving, we will be joining thousands of other last-minute shoppers and might not even find the high quality decor and gifts that will make this holiday one to remember for years to come.

There’s still plenty of time to find fantastic decor and gifts for everyone but we do need to get started as soon as possible. One of the easiest ways to begin with the search for unique decor is by shopping online for high quality ornaments and decorations. It’s easier than braving early winter holiday traffic, and there’s a lot more options. Not to mention, we don’t have to necessarily see the item in person when we can check out high resolution images and learn more about the decor in question by reading posted reviews.

As far as gifts go, we can also save huge amounts of time by shopping online. Given the huge popularity of various online stores, that news isn’t exactly new but it’s always good to be reminded of the option, even when searching for the unique, high quality gifts for the most discerning of friends and family members.

For example, if we aren’t sure what to get for that sister, cousin, or favorite co-worker, we can start by browsing a site like the Basil Street Gallery. Whether we find something or not, it’s still a great place for gift ideas, and if we don’t buy a gift or two on the first visit, it’s a lot easier to come back and shop compared to driving an hour or more to a specialty store that has a much more limited selection. What makes Basil Street such a great place to look for holiday gifts is the varied selection of high quality items that includes everything from small exquisite accents to beautiful wall decor, and fantastic antique replica furniture.

In terms of accents, the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls: Set of Three is an easy, beautiful gift for people who enjoy collecting small, detailed items. These accents pay homage to the art deco movement and still act as a colorful, classy means of decorating a mantle, and lending an old touch of class to a table, or top of a piano. Likewise, other high quality accents and small items will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates creative, artistic decor.

Functional decor items also work well as gifts because they can be used to do something while adding a beautiful touch to a room or place of work. Such useful items can include anything from unique sculptural tables to decorative, interesting clocks like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock, an ideal choice for fans of Steampunk and other fantasy genres.

Speaking of genres, this is also an easy, efficient way to find gifts for many of our unique friends and family members. For example, if we know that they enjoy Egyptian art, we can focus the search on Egyptian decor like the “Egyptian Eye of Horus” Wall Sculpture, or the Ancient Ankh, Egyptian Symbol of Life Wall Sculpture. If that special person likes to read fantasy novels or is a fan of horror, they might like decor and statues with a Gothic flair. If they prefer more conservative themes or spend time in the garden, a beautiful angel statue might be a good choice. Whether we need to shop for ten or twenty people, we always need to remember that we have less than 40 days to work with!

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Five Tips to Trim the Tree with Unique Decor in Time for the Holidays

Americans have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving but make no doubt about it, Christmas is coming. For busy folks, the winter holidays seem to have this perennial habit of creeping up on us. When the calendar reaches November, all it takes is a few extra days of work or other endeavors instead of shopping for gifts and decor to put us seriously behind schedule for the holidays. It can be tough to stay organized when we have so many other things to take care of but we just need to stick to the schedule if we want to have the house ready for hosting parties and enjoying the beauty of the holiday season with family and friends.

One of several things that we need to be careful about scheduling is trimming the tree and home with beautiful decor. These five suggestions are designed to help make that happen in time for the holidays:

Get ornaments and decor out of storage in November: Don’t wait until the last minute for holiday decor. It’s all too easy to wait until December to bring those bags of ornaments and other decor out of the attic, basement, or the garage, but when we do that, we run the risk of not finding the ornaments we were looking for, and not having enough subsequent time to look for high quality replacements. Avoid the stress of looking for decor at the last minute by seeing what we have now, picking out the decor we want to use, and scheduling time to shop for new, high quality decorations.

Make a schedule: It’s going to be much easier to decorate the tree and the rest of the home if we schedule time to look at the decor we already have, to shop for new decor, and to put those decorations up in the home and on the tree. When we put time aside for these endeavors, we can have the time we need to think about how we are going to decorate for the holidays, and where we are going to buy high quality, unique decor.

Shop for high quality decor online: There are two main ways to shop for unique decor. We can either browse stores in a local mall, plaza, or shopping district, or look for and buy decor online. The main advantages of the first option is having the chance to see ornaments up close and not having to ship them. However, the advantages stop there and are often outweighed by dealing with traffic, spending many hours or even days to find unique decor, and then paying more than we would have liked. Shop online in the right place for fantastic holiday statues and other high quality tree ornaments and we can save a substantial amount of time and money. If we shop in November, we probably won’t have to worry about shipping either, and there are usually fast-track shipping options in any case.

Think outside the box: There are plenty of beautiful options for classic decor (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but we can also try a few Gothic decor ornaments, and put exquisite statues of dragon-themed ornaments on the tree. Keep thinking outside the box to give this year’s tree a unique look.

Fun Christmas-themed statues: Although sculptures of reindeers, nutcrackers, and even Santa Claus lend a magical holiday touch no matter where they are displayed, they look even better when placed near the base of the tree. The Santa’s Red-Nosed Christmas Reindeer Statue and ©A Visit from Santa Claus Holiday Statue are just two of several high quality holiday options.

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A Short History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays in the United States has been around in an official sense since state legislation by the times of the Founding Fathers. However, the holiday also has roots in feast days meant to celebrate the autumn harvest commonly held in many parts of northern Europe. Similar celebrations that focus on expressing gratitude for harvests have also been held in most parts of the globe by hundreds of cultures. Gratitude for the bounties of the land and enjoying the fruits of hard work might even be the most common, ancient theme for a major, community-held celebration.

A feast of thanksgiving being a common theme is probably why there is more than one debate about the first Thanksgiving held in the United States of America. Some academics have argued that the very first Thanksgiving in the United States was celebrated in Saint Augustine, Florida by Spanish colonists in 1565, while a celebration of Thanksgiving can also be found in the charter of a municipality in Virginia that dates back to 1619. Some people in Virginia and Texas also trade stories that the first European colonists in these states also celebrated Thanksgiving shortly after disembarking from the boats that brought them there.

Although these dates were before the most commonly held story of the first Thanksgiving in the Thirteen Colonies, none of these supersede any earlier celebrations of autumn harvests that were very likely held by many Native American peoples for thousands of years. That said, the modern day American Thanksgiving is usually related to one that was held in 1621. Although there isn’t a great deal of documentation (not surprising at all for events in eastern North America during the early 17th century), during the fall of that year, a small Pilgrim community that had settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts celebrated Thanksgiving not only because of traditions brought with them from Europe, but also because they experienced an excellent fall harvest after living through very difficult times trying to survive in New England.

Since they were new to those lands and thus inexperienced in surviving there, tragically, at least half of the Pilgrims in Plymouth died during their first winter. That following spring, representatives of the local Wampanoag tribe established contact with the Pilgrim settlement and both peoples agreed on a treaty of peace and mutual help in time of war. Communication and peaceful contact was greatly helped by a Native American named “Squanto” who spoke English. Squanto learned English after he had been kidnapped on two different occasions and brought to England where he was trained to act as an interpreter.

After learning that the Pilgrims had barely survived the winter, Squanto showed them how to grow more crops by placing dead fish in the soil. He and other members of his tribe probably also showed them how to plant squash and other North American crops. They may have also shown some of the Pilgrims how to hunt deer, waterfowl, and Wild Turkeys. In any case, these efforts resulted in an excellent harvest and a much better chance at surviving the upcoming winter. According to accounts from that era, that first main accepted Thanksgiving lasted for three full days in early October, 1621, and included feasts of ducks, turkeys, deer, and vegetables from the harvests, and were enjoyed by 53 Pilgrims, and 90 of Squanto’s people.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated since 1621, with proclamations for the holiday given first by religious leaders, and then by politicians and presidents, including George Washington. It has always been celebrated during the third or final week of November, the first proclamation for a set date given by Lincoln but not officially accepted until after the Civil War.

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New Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

It seems like Halloween just happened but in terms of decor, it’s already in the distant past. Once a holiday is over, it really is time to take down those decorations and put them back into storage. This is especially true for Halloween because we are talking about statues and cut-outs of witches, skeletons, and other frightening decor that just don’t fit with any other time of the year. However, that changes if we also decorated with gargoyle statues, greenmen, and garden statuary that can act as decor for any season.

Since those items lend a Gothic, classic touch to the garden, they can work any time of the year as fine decor as long as the backyard doesn’t drop below freezing. If it gets cold, though, we do want to take them out of the garden and put them back into storage because resin garden statues can be damaged in freezing cold conditions. Nevertheless, if it stays warm enough during November, we might still be able to use various garden statues as fine, Thanksgiving-themed decor.

Statues of angels and other quality garden sculptures continue to lend a peaceful, classic look, especially during the forlorn days of late fall. After removing any Halloween accessories, they can be touched up once again with holiday wreaths, garlands of multi-colored corn, and even decorated with small squashes and gourds. Gnome statues can also be decorated with autumn-colored vegetation and other fall decor, and will lend a refreshing touch of bright colors to the garden.

Animal garden statues can also work well for this time of year, especially when we can greets family and friends with decor like the cheerful “Delightful Dancing Ducks” Welcome Sign, and the Edison with the Lighted Lantern Garden Gnome Statue.  Welcoming guests with these and other fun, unique garden statues fits right in with the warm, happy feelings of Thanksgiving. We can also entertain with beautiful animal statues of dogs, and a host of other cute animals that might work even better inside the home than outside in the garden. But, no matter which animal statues we put on display at this time of year, there’s one animal that works better for Thanksgiving than any other. That animal, is of course, the Turkey.

When we think of this fun, late fall holiday, one of the first words that usually comes to mind is, “turkey”. Also known as “the bird”, or just “the main course”, a big, roasted turkey is an all important part of many a Thanksgiving dinner. Native to North America, this bird species was very likely eaten at the first Thanksgiving dinners and tastes so good, we have eaten it ever since! Images and statues of Wild Turkeys also act as important Thanksgiving decor. We can decorate the front porch with pictures of turkeys in the windows and on the front door, but to make a big impression, try putting a realistic, life-size statue of a turkey in the garden. It also looks just as impressive when placed inside the home, and acts as fun, eye-catching decor that augments the holiday atmosphere of restaurants, hotels, and other places of business.

Other decor ideas for Thanksgiving can take the form of banners or posters that show a cornucopia of vegetables and other food items, as well as replicas of classic paintings that show still-lifes of apples, autumn landscapes, and other themes associated with Thanksgiving. Finally, we shouldn’t overlook tabletop decor like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble and other accents that lend a regal touch to the dining room.

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Historic Replicas for the Home & Garden