The Top 10 List of Design Toscano Bestsellers

Top 10 List of Design Toscano Bestsellers

We pride ourselves on paying close attention to what our customers say, and we’ve had hundreds of photos sent in by customers presenting the creative and inventive ways they have used, gifted and displayed our art in unique and thoughtful ways.

So we have put together a list of our Top 10 Bestsellers, because if others love them, than you, or those on your gift list this holiday season, just might love them too!

1. Dragon Dance of Light Illuminated Mosaic Glass Sculpture

Traditionally embodying potent powers, Toscano’s Dragon Dance illuminated sculpture brings with it the splendor of Asia. When lit, this fiery dragon dramatically glows red with a golden underbelly. Hand finished with mosaic glass tiles, this grand designer resin Dragon Dance of Light sculpture with a dark bronze finish is a notable sixteen inches long. Dragons are a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and this dramatic dragon lamp will bring a warm ambiance to any room. Our customers have commented that it is “extremely well crafted” and “looks great alone, but is amazing when lit!”

2. The Alpacalypse of Alpaca Garden Statues

Our quality designer resin, Design Toscano-exclusive Alpacas are so adorable that after you see them you’ll want the whole herd! Originally from South America, alpacas are known for their very gentle demeanor and their soft and warm fleece. Smaller than llamas, our delightful and sweet-faced wooly alpaca are hand painted and will put a smile on your face. Choose from an assortment of four sizes from our 13-inch tall baby to the life size over five-foot tall giant! The whole wild alpaca family has been described as “loveable” and “uniquely delightful!”

3. Blue Sea Turtle Statues

Existing since the age of dinosaurs, sea turtles have been the oldest representative of reptiles for over 150 million years. Design Toscano’s exclusive sea turtles feature the bright blue shells that help camouflage them underwater. Sea turtles inhabit all marine environments and use their leathery front flippers to propel them quickly through the water. Celebrate nature in all its forms with our two sizes of sea turtle statues that have been cast in quality designer resin with an ultra-glossy blue, wet-look shell to attract attention. Customers have written, “Looks wonderful and realistic by my pond!”

4. Freedom’s Pride Eagle Wall Sculpture

Sculpted by artist Samuel Lightfoot, this enduring symbol of the American spirit is intricately sculpted with outstretched wings and claws spread as if landing. This Design Toscano exclusive is created in three dimensional, real crushed stone bonded with quality designer resin and hand painted in rich natural colors. As an emblem of pride, strength and freedom, the large size of our Freedom’s Pride Eagle measures two-and-a half feet long from wingtip to wingtip, while the grand size stretches nearly four feet long. Toscano has offered this wall sculpture for almost 20 years where has earned its rightful place as a customer favorite. Purchased as a tribute given to first responders and veterans; an Ohio customer placed our eagle on a large plaque as a gift to a Medal of Honor recipient with the inspiring words, “your strength is our freedom.”

5. Remembrance and Redemption Angel Sculpture

Sculpted as an expression of hope and sorrow, artist Jaimy created, in exquisite mid-18th century style, this Design Toscano-exclusive masterpiece that undeniably captures the spiritual grace of an angel.
With elegant extended wings, this powerful and moving spirit is crafted in quality designer resin and hand painted to resemble antique marble stone. Turn any space into a place for contemplation and meditation with this fitting tribute to someone special. This exquisite Remembrance and Redemption Angel sculpture, available in three sizes ranging from fifteen inches to nearly four feet tall, evokes powerful expressions of admiration. Our customer, Lexi, said it very eloquently, “This angel is absolutely beautiful expressing the emotion to perfection.” And Tunes123 wrote, “The beauty and simplicity of the Remembrance and Redemption Angel Sculpture is charming, with a blend of exceptional elegance and sadness rolled into one perfect piece.”

6. Lono Grand Tiki Sculptural Table

Uniquely entertaining, this Polynesian-style Lono Tiki sculptural table will add a touch of the tropics poolside, to a sunroom, lanai or as the perfect finishing touch to a retro bar. A mythological take on the hot tiki trend, this whimsical, Design Toscano exclusive is created in quality designer resin and hand painted 360 degrees to resemble real carved wood. You can almost see the warm South Sea lapping a white sand beach with flaming torches and a frozen cocktail waiting on this Grand Tiki table. One of our customers sent us amazing pictures of his Lono Tiki set on a stone plinth in a bed of greenery along with other tikis and dramatic spotlights at night. Looks to me just like an exotic tropical garden!

To complete the look, pair Lono with his toothy partner the Kanaloa Grand Tiki Sculptural Table (DB383038).

7. In God’s Grace Angel Statue

One of our most popular angel statues was sculpted exclusively for Design Toscano by artist Evelyn Meyers Hartley. This sweet angel, with arms outstretched, has her face raised to the heavens in a wondrous expression of joy and celebration of the wonders of the gifts God has provided. Cast in quality designer resin and hand painted in an antique stone finish, this lovely, two-foot tall graceful angel will warm your heart with gladness. A heavenly gift for a memorial garden, or a reminder to all of us to count our blessings, Patricia from Florida wrote “The details are exquisite!! This is one of the most beautiful angel statues that I have seen!! Specifically, I was intrigued by her facial expression…upturned with a look of peace…”

8. Country Tuscan Hardwood Curio Cabinet

The Country Tuscan Hardwood Curio Cabinet is the perfect size for displaying any collection to its best advantage. With three glass shelves, a fully mirrored back and three sides all composed of glass panels, this hardwood curio cabinet is hand finished in a walnut wood tone and it will let an abundance of light. This Country Tuscan Curio Cabinet can be mounted on a wall or set freestanding on a cupboard or tabletop. With elegant, stylish lines and five-and-a-half inches between shelves it is perfect for our Romanov-style enamel eggs or your own small collectibles. Several customers have mentioned that while downsizing, the County Tuscan Hardwood Curio Cabinet was just perfect to display prized keepsakes and to replace larger display cases in small spaces, entryways, or hallways.

Also in Ebony Black finish (BN24302) and Lily White finish (BN24301).

9. Mystical Spirit Owl Wall Sculpture

Snowy owls hunt during the daytime and are highly protective of their nests and families. With a powerful beak and a nineteen inch wingspan, this Design Toscano-exclusive Mystical Spirit owl wall sculpture is painstaking sculpted in quality designer resin in three dimensions while each feather, talon and wide dark eye expresses the power of this gorgeous bird. A spirit animal, and symbol of the feminine, moon, magic and wisdom, our snowy owl will wing his way into your heart. Not too surprising, several of our customers have named her Hedwig!

10. Viceroy Monarch Butterfly on a Rock Statue

Enjoy butterflies year round, indoors or outside on a deck, by a pool, or in flowerbed, with our Viceroy Monarch Butterfly who has landed on real rock ready to bring your garden to life. Toscano’s graceful butterflies are created in foundry cast iron using the age old sand cast method, hand painted in true to life color then mounted on a real stone base for lasting beauty. These hand selected rocks will vary in size and shape making each sculpture unique. With exceptionally fine detail, the Monarch’s brilliant orange color lined in black with white dots appears as if it is about to flit about your own butterfly garden. Our customers have used these Viceroy Monarch Butterflies cast iron sculptures in birdbaths or shallow fountains to allow a place for birds and butterflies to alight and take a drink.

Three other butterfly species available: the Papilio Ulysses Butterfly on a Rock (MP7482), Emerald Verde Butterfly on a Rock (MP7488) and the Yellow Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly on a Rock (MP7489).

Explore these Top Ten Bestsellers from our catalog and website. Our customer favorites range from the fun and exciting to the useful and practical and finally the uplifting and the spiritual. These popular and uniquely thoughtful gifts will delight those hard-to-shop-for friends and family members on your gift list this Christmas season. Shop by interest, by recipient or by price budget on our Holiday & Gifts page at

What are your favorites?

Posted by Sue Mell