Design Toscano’s Collectible Dragon Holiday Ornaments

“It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.”
–J.R.R. Tolkien

For the last ten years, Design Toscano has been creating and issuing a new, exclusive dragon Christmas ornament to help get you into the holiday spirit and add some winter magic to your home. This season is a time to connect with friends, family and loved ones and we are happy to be a small part of so many families’ holiday traditions.

We have a loyal group of customers, Gothic aficionados, dragon lovers, collectors, children and the young at heart who are delighted to add our one-of-a-kind annual collectable dragon ornaments to their tree year after year.

Dragons help us view the world through a window of mystery and wonder and whether you are discovering your first dragon ornament, or have been collecting for years, we strive to add some magic to your holiday memories and throughout the year with these unique mystical ornaments.

From old favorites, to this year’s exclusive new “Diamond Dragon” ornament, we thought you would like to take a trip down memory lane, passing through past years of our dragon collection. You just might find your new favorite along the way!

Our series of collectible, quality designer resin holiday dragon ornaments look amazing displayed alone or on their own gothic-themed tree. Be sure to feature them on sturdy tree branches or hang these ornaments from their own holders year-round as the ideal way to display this beautifully detailed, hand painted collection of 10 dragon ornaments.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t started collecting yet, it’s not too late!


Dragon with a Sweet Tooth Ornament (CL5801)

This crafty little gold dragon has decided that this candy cane is all his. Created exclusively for Design Toscano, this Dragon with a sweet tooth has his candy fix tightly gripped in claws, tail and wings which are wrapped firmly around a sweet treat!


Protector of the Gothic Portal Dragon Ornament (CL5541)

Celtic knots have no start and no finish, so they have been said to represent eternity. Our protector of the portal dragon is ready to stand guard as long as it takes, even if it’s for all eternity. With a faux pewter finish, this Toscano exclusive, brave dragon is perched on a semi-translucent crystalline resin orb that has been hand painted in a golden amber finish that lets light shine through with a detailed Celtic knot pattern.


Humdinger the Bell Ringer Dragon Ornament (CL6230)

The first of our holiday dragon ornaments designed by artist Liam Manchester exclusively for Design Toscano, our dragon is screaming out his delight at swinging on his gold metallic painted patterned bell. Humdinger has a hand painted faux pewter finish and his tail is tightly wrapped about his faux bell.


Zanzibar the Gothic Dragon Ornament (QS291250)

Every castle or wizarding school needs the passing dragon and Zanzibar is a favorite to hang around for years. Red, orange and gold metallic tones topped with black horns are the hallmark of this fierce dragon with his tail tightly wrapped around the spires of a gothic stone castle.


Frost the Gothic Dragon Ornament (QS292913)

Straight from the fantastic land of ice and snow, artist Liam Manchester designed this dragon exclusively for Design Toscano. Frost is hand painted in snowy colors of silver, aqua blues and lavender and her wings are kissed with icy glitter. Our magical Frost is anchored on top of a sparkling crackle glass orb.


Cicles the Gothic Dragon Ornament (QS292912)

The ultimate guardian, Cicles is straight out of the ancient myths and legends. This silver and green dragon is holding a sword as a symbol of his strength and courage. Artist Liam Manchester designed this enchanting brave dragon to sit atop a faux amber crystal that serves as a talisman to keep him grounded.


North Pole Dragon Ornament (QS93522)

Straight from a winter wonderland of snow and ice, this Toscano exclusive by artist Liam Manchester is perfect for holiday decorating. Our North Pole dragon grasps the top of Ole Saint Nick’s traditional red and white Santa hat that covers a sparkling glass orb filled with strands of spun glass.


Black Coal Dragon Ornament (QS93847)

Impressive and arrogant, no one will ever think of crossing this hand painted red and gold dragon who is bad to the bone. You can’t help but admire the artistry that created Black Coal; he is a strong dragon that has acquired the supernatural powers of wisdom and hidden knowledge when he gained a smoky colored resin skull.


Cane and Abel Dragon Ornament (QS94145)

Proud Abel is an epic beast that is hand painted in fiery colors of red, orange and gold. He is ready to take on the holidays with the red and white striped candy cane grasped in his sharp talons and lo be it to anyone who would try and take it away. Consider adding this legendary powerful dragon to your holiday ornament collection.


Pensive Percher Dragon Ornament (QS293582)

Master of all he surveys, Percher will always be on duty in his kingdom. A new interpretation of the classic crouching dragon, Percher is finished in flaming red, then accented in bright silver-white, part winged gargoyle and part dragon, this blazing Toscano exclusive is “perched” on a clear glass orb filled with spun glass strands.


We are excited to announce our star of this year. Toscano’s newest exclusive ornament in the holiday dragon series is the Diamond Dragon Ornament (QS94881). This stunning diamond and sassy dragon were created to celebrate Liam Manchester’s anniversary of sculpting his famous, fantastic dragons and fierce gargoyles for Design Toscano. This Gothic dragon is hand painted in bright metallic tones of red and gold and is fiercely guarding his new found treasure – the largest glass diamond he’s ever seen!

So many dragon ornaments, so many memories!

With a full range of Christmas Ornaments – like our new set of three tiny dragons, the Three Dragon Virtues Gothic Holiday Ornaments (QS93484) hundreds of Dragon & Gargoyle Statues and many other great Christmas Décor items, Design Toscano offers many exclusive and enchanting gifts for everyone on your list.

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a dragon, then always be a dragon.
–Kiersten Fay

Here is wishing you a warm and blissful holiday season!

Posted by Sue Mell