The Story Continues: Game of Thrones, the Essence of Westeros

Game of Thrones continues

If you always wanted to make your home a castle in the style of Game of Thrones, we have everything you could want and more. With just a few statement pieces, you can keep the excitement and adventure alive and take control of Westeros with your decorating.

“That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.”
– Tyrion Lannister


Design Toscano has dozens of artistic and decorative goblets and chalices that will suit any illustrious occasion or party theme, including Game of Thrones. Fit for a royal wedding toast, the Canterbury Pewter Grande Chalice (PA5000) is crafted of solid pewter, stands a huge 12” tall and holds a full 30 oz. of liquid libations. The Florentine Santa Croce Pewter Chalice (PA1004) is also crafted in Italy of solid pewter and then encrusted with faux gems.

Fit for a Dragon Queen or as a prized centerpiece in any room the Shadowcrested Tomb Guardians Dragon Chalice (WU75019) will garner acclaim. This grand vessel is flanked by a duo of dragons forming two handles, cast in designer resin and hand painted in multi-metallic tones so keep in mind it is for display use only (not food safe). For the rest of Dragonstone and the Queen’s retinue, a set of two Dragon Pewter Goblets (PA1001) from Design Toscano are crafted in solid pewter and decorated with a fierce dragon rising with wings spread from a ring of fire. For very special occasions, try The Order of the Celtic Dragon Glass Goblets (QS293504), also sold in a set of two and made of 11 oz. of clear glass with a raised three-dimensional resin dragon sigil.

These Lord of the Swords Gothic Goblets (CL7423) are perfect for the Kingsguard as these designer resin goblets with food-safe stainless steel inserts are decorated with many blades and fit for all white cloaked knights or Ser guarding the royals.

At Casterly Rock you might find King Arthur’s Golden Chalice Gothic Sculpture (CL6121) made of intricately detailed designer resin and hand painted in golden tones (not food safe). Or maybe, for a drinker of wine, these King’s Royal Chalice Embossed Brass Goblets (TV8004) that are crafted of finely decorated solid brass would be more to Lord Tyron’s taste.

As for the Greyjoys, I think that either the Skullduggery Tankard Mugs (JQ8967) or the Gothic Scare Skull Goblets (JQ9149) both created in resin, painted in natural bone, and lined with food-safe stainless steel inserts are perfect for that bunch of pirates and raiders.

Reminiscent of Highgarden in better days, and living up to House Tyrell’s motto of “Growing Strong,” this set of two Grape Harvest Solid Brass Goblets (TV98747) display the rich gifts of grapes and wine from the fertile land of the Reach, (but I suppose they are now gracing the Red Keep.)

So whether you’re royalty, a lord, a lady, or a Ser, join us in raising a glass in a toast, (or a drinking game) no matter if it is wine, ale, or a strong black beer you prefer, you’ll find your chalice, goblet or mug and tip one back Game of Thrones style.

“Brave men did not kill the dragons; brave men ride them,”
– Viserys Targaryen


If you are a dragon lover what better place to live than Dragonstone? Since most of us would have a hard time getting to Westeros, the second best idea is to equip your great house with décor from Design Toscano’s Dragon’s Throne collection featuring hundreds of dragon and gargoyle decorations.

One of my favorites is the Lord Langton’s Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural Table (CL0006), a perfect addition to anyone aspiring to have their very own castle-shaped table, complete with a dragon guardian perched on the top turret and perfect for the Seat of the Targaryens and of course for the Mother of Dragons herself.

Adorn your gloomy corridors with one or more of Toscano’s fearsome dragon wall sconces. Try the Dragon’s Castle Lair Illuminated Wall Sconce (CL4387) which boasts a dragon resting atop a castle tower or the Blackfrair’s Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp (CL2634) which features sharp dragon claws clutching a glass-globe topped torch.

Even if you don’t have a Valyrian steel sword or Needle, any greatsword will look amazing hung from our claw shaped sword hangers, the Talons of the Dunheviel Dragon Wall Sculptures (NG32489). No sword handy? Expand your imagination and use the Dragon’s Thorne MacGarvey Claw Sword Hanger Set (OS69219) to hold your winter cloak or bathrobe.

Reflect the candlelight and check your braids with our Double Trouble Gothic Dragon Mirrored Wall Sculpture (CL5472). With space for a taper candle, this sparkling mirror will help you fight through the long winter and it is flanked by twin dragons as keepers of the flame.

On Dany’s desk you might find the Dragons of Corfu Castle Mystic Glass Globe (QS291672) since this trio of dragons works as the sigil of the Targaryen’s three-headed dragon. Add Toscano’s set of Gothic Castle Dragons Sculptural Bookends (CL55773) to your own office desk to support your volumes of the History of Westeros.

Don’t forget to ring the bell! The Florentine Dragon Gothic Iron Doorbell (QH8206) is worthy of any keep. This cast iron functional work of art will summon a raven or the followers for dinner and add the proper gothic atmosphere.

Time is running out! Keep track of time with Toscano’s Death’s Door Dragon Sandtimer Hourglass (WU70646) with four fearless dragons flanking a glass hourglass containing ebony sands of time.

Harness the power of this Gargoyles and Dragons Sculptural Pen Collection (CL993074) – this may be the only time you’ll get to hold a dragon in your hand! These gothic Gargoyle and Dragon pens will serve you well as if you were Daenerys Targaryen herself.

 “And what do knights swear to do? Protect the weak and uphold the good.”
– Margaery Tyrell

For all the Lords, Sers, and knights in the seven kingdoms, we have a huge selection of swords, shields, armor and axes.

This heavyweight Violet-le-Duc Medieval Knight Cast Iron Battle Pick Axe Trio (SP91348) is worthy of Ser Jorah Mormont, Brienne or to display in the Tarly’s keep. This collection is truly impressive and highly detailed, cast of foundry cast iron with a bronze patina.

Serve the Kingsguard in the White Sword Tower with these Legion of the King’s Knights Royal Gothic Goblets (CL5698). Only the best for the White Cloaks as you raise a glass in a toast to your King or Queen with these steel-lined resin goblets decorated with five valiant knights.

Every knight needs a helm and this Knights Templar Helmet Desk Accessory (CL3614) four inch tall version will help you conquer your prized pens keep them close at hand.

Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and it’s the only way to write messages to be sent by raven. The Knights of the Realm: Battle Armor Pen Collection (CL993664) is a set of five sculpted battle helms, and will serve you well.

What else could cast such a warm glow as the At Battle’s End Sculptural Lamp (CL3659) featuring a knight weary after battle, giving thanks on bent knee. A Design Toscano exclusive, this metallic hand-finished sculpture with a metal shade is an appropriate gift commemorating the battles of the five kings.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” – Eddard Stark


Realized at Design Toscano, designs and décor worthy of Highgarden, Casterly Rock or Winterfell are the finest to be found anywhere in the seven kingdoms.

Illuminate your dark halls with this dramatic two-tiered Malbark Castle Gothic Floor Candelabra (FU67244). Standing over five feet tall with space for twelve candles, and adorned with elegant filigree and a crown finial this candelabra would be at home at Winterfell, the Red Keep, or any castle.

For increased drama, include candlelight glowing from the Chartres Cathedral Gothic Candlesticks (TE1038) made of heavyweight brass. Proclaim yourself King or Queen with a royal display on a mantelpiece or a pair on an intimate dining table.

The San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame Chair (KS6069) is an inviting chair worthy of Queen Cersei Lannister in her private rooms. Originally created to be used by noted nobles on public occasions and hand carved of solid hardwood with carved lion’s heads and antique gold-patterned upholstery.

The North remembers. Let the story continue. Equip any hold, castle or keep with décor for any great house you owe allegiance or start your very own dynasty. With tables like the gold Tables of Roses (EU9358) for ornamenting Highgarden. Design Toscano has wall tapestries, stained glass windows, sconces, armor and statues of Wolves and Lions all on offer.

And as for the show, I’ll just leave you with a quote, “We shall never see its likes again.”

Posted by Sue Mell