New Autumn Décor from Basil Street Gallery

Lamp - Enlightened Buddha

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn is a mosaic of the all.”
 – Stanley Horowitz

Basil Street Gallery, a diverse and comprehensive catalog of fine interior décor, extraordinary objets d’art and replica antiques, has recently been expanded and now this extensive collection is featured on Design Toscano’s website.

Presented here are a few of the brand new, exclusive offerings from Basil Street Gallery. The collection caters to customers eager to surround themselves with the unique, exclusive sculptures, wall art & paintings, classical décor, tabletop accents and accent furniture. Discover fine furniture art and home décor to serve as an enduring source of joy to you and all whom you welcome into your home.

This heavenly table, the Cherubs Care Angelic Glass Topped Sculptural Side Table (JQ8534) will enhance the classic beauty of any room. Gallery quality and sculpted to be viewed 360 degrees with a faux stone finish, this divine angelic side table is crowned with a 21” glass top that will lift your drink or books to a celestial height.

Our Pensive Panther Black Jaguar Statue (JQ8762) is a Basil Street Gallery exclusive. This Pensive Panther will add wild, exotic beauty to any gallery or garden as he pauses in quiet moment of repose, as depicted in our artist’s rendition of this sleek black leopard.

Our remarkable pair of Enlightened Deities Buddha and Guan Yin Lotus Wall Sculptures (QS9348192) are museum quality works of sculptural art and fitting additions to any collection of Asian art. Finished in faux gold, this pair of Enlightened Deities wall plaques will add an instant focal point to any entry hall, office or gallery.

Adorn your grand hall with this set of two French Neoclassical Arm-Held Sculptural Torch Wall Sconces (KY8002) which includes a left and right arm ready to display on either side of an archway, corridor or fireplace. With this whimsical pair of antique bronze finished, draped and raised arm light fixtures holding a traditional torch with a glass shade, you will never be left in the dark.

At over six-feet tall, this statuesque Arabesque Maiden Sculptural Floor Lamp (KY79025) poised with arm raised aloft in victory in the classic Greek style is a striking piece that melds art with function. This Basil Street exclusive work, a blend of Neoclassical and Directoire styles, is sculpted 360 degrees, finished in ebony and gold, and crowned with a sixteen inch frosted glass shade. An investment in furniture art, this floor lamp glows with welcome warmth.

From the tranquil eastern culture our Gandara Enlightened Buddha Illuminated Statue (KY250027) was inspired by the serene appeal of ancient art. A staff favorite, this glowing golden resin Gandara Enlightened Buddha Bust will create a relaxing meditative space, or a warm welcome home in an entryway.

Find some enchantment with our Divine Power Mystical Unicorn Statue (JQ7088), a rare elusive beast and a mythic symbol of gentleness and strength. This display quality Mystical Unicorn fantasy sculpture features elegant lines, a white alabaster finish, a flying mane and flowing tail. Let Basil Street Gallery’s Divine Power Mystical Unicorn bring some magic into your life.

“It was a beautiful, bright autumn day, with the air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown.”
–Diane Gabaldon

Now that autumn is approaching and we are collecting the fruits of our labor as the air turns clean and crisp, it is time to start planning and shift our focus indoors and ahead to the holidays, parties, and guests.

Every home could use a touch of imagination, romance, or the exotic, and the proper piece or grouping does much more than enhance the beauty of a room, it truly adds joy for you and your guests, time and again.

I know I will have a great time devising the perfect indoor space while perusing the Basil Street Gallery selections on the Design Toscano website and I hope you will too!

Expect to find the extraordinary at Basil Street Gallery!

Posted by Sue Mell