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Redecorate the House for Spring

A change of seasons is the perfect excuse to redecorate. As neighborhood trees gain leaves and temperatures climb, why not mimic those changes in the garden with modifications inside the home? It’s a chance to celebrate the end of winter and the concurrent start of spring, and an opportunity to mark new beginnings. This fresh start in redecorating can be carried out in a number of ways, and involve anything from a few indoor statues to a major make-over of every room in the home.

Before getting started with redecorating for spring, it’s worth it to take a walk through the home and think about the winter decor that can be put back into storage, and the extent to which we would like to modify the home. If we don’t feel anything good about the look of a certain room or hallway, we might want to go as far as changing the color of the room in addition to replacing the decor. More commonly, we notice a need for a few small changes here and there, and can make those happen with a variety of unique, high quality items.

We can also redecorate to match the change in garden decor. As we inaugurate a new backyard with classic outdoor garden water fountains and beautiful angel statues, we can also decorate the living room with angel-themed wall decor, and a cute animal statue or two. Angel decor for the interior of the home can take the form of items like the classy Guiding Angel Sculptural Wall Frieze by artist Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934), and functional, elegant decor like the Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.  These and other angelic sculptures and decorations lend a blend of class and peaceful elegance to any room, and many such items can also be admired on garden walls or on the back porch during the summer months.

Speaking of wall decor in general, the texture and storied appearance of a high quality frieze can lend a breath of fresh air to any room and augment its atmosphere. It’s also another easy way to give a home or place of business a touch of elegant class, and thus impress guests and clients.

Colorful decor also works well when we want to influence the atmosphere of the home interior, especially at the start of spring. Just as tulips and other flowers begin to peek out of the ground, and color comes back into the garden, we can match that natural palette with beautiful stained glass decor. The Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window and other, similar, high quality stained glass items glow with rich, cheerful hues when placed in a window. For this reason, they act as an easy way to give the home a beautiful touch at any time of the year although spring might be the most suitable month to enjoy their bright fresh colors.

In keeping with cheerful, fun decor, spring is also the perfect season to decorate with good-natured items like the Hog Heaven Twinkle Toe Pig Statue. The small size, colors, and details of this happy, dancing pig make it an ideal addition to a living room, mantel, or dining table. This and other happy decor also work well at the beginning of spring because they can match our relief that winter is finally over. As with any humorous decor, dancing pig statues and similar, creative, unique interior decor will also put a smile on the face of every guest and act as a conversation piece.

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Decor and Resolutions for a New Year

Happy first day of 2017! For those who don’t have to get up early and go to work, this is the primary day of the year to sleep in, relax, and relish in the fact that another holiday season has successfully come to an end. Sure, there might be some left-overs and holiday chocolates to finish off but at least we can enjoy them without worrying about buying gifts, decorating, attending another party, or preparing our own houses for a holiday bash. While we relax with those remnant chocolates and watch our favorite shows and movies, we can also think about our resolutions for 2017.

Although we don’t know when this custom first began, resolutions at the start of another year or season are nothing new. People have been making them for thousands of years within the context of various belief systems and cultures. During the times of ancient Rome, there was a custom of making resolutions to the God “Janus” at the beginning of the year (the same deity after which the month of January is named). In later eras, knights renewed their vows, and several belief systems mark the first days of the year as a time to reflect, atone, and promise to be an overall better person.

This big change in the calendar acts as a fresh start and the perfect excuse for self-improvement. Those improvements can be anything from losing weight to quitting smoking, or just trying to smile more often. However, we don’t have to limit resolutions to changing habits or doing more for ourselves and others. We can also leverage resolutions to improve the places where we live and work. Improving the home, garden, and place of work can take the form of a major garden overhaul, changing up the decorating theme in the home, or just resolving to change the accents and statues on our work desks once a month.

Whether we make a resolution to get more exercise or decorate the living room, we probably won’t succeed unless the promise we make to ourselves is realistic. For example, if we don’t have the resources to install an in-ground pool and decorate the backyard with heirloom bronze sculptures and fantastic outdoor garden water fountains, it’s probably not going to happen during one garden season. But, if we can put in the pool this year or just opt for the bronze statue, we might make one of those resolutions come true.

The same goes for decor. If we make a resolution to change the wall decor in the home three times a year, there is a pretty good chance we can make that happen. That’s reasonable, especially so when we can choose from unique and beautiful decor like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock and the Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Promise to replace all of the garden statues with a dozen new, unique sculptures, though, and that may be more of a challenge. However, if it is, and we don’t have the resources for a complete garden make over, we can still resolve to get a stunning new angel statue for the backyard, or a fantastic animal garden statue like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture.

Keep in mind that we can also go smaller with our decor resolutions and get a new welcome sign for the backyard, or funny animal statues like the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. It’s just as easy to get a few new accents for the home and place of work, or buy at least three new decor items to change the atmosphere of a room.

Enjoy the New Year and mark it with high quality beautiful decor in the home, garden, and place of business.

Entertaining with Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

The garden is more than a place for planting vegetables. Whether that patch of green space is big enough to play a game of football, or fit for a small game of croquet, we can also use it to throw parties, put up a trampoline, show off our skills at decorating, and display our taste in garden decor. In other words, the “garden” doesn’t have to only be a garden, we can use that green space however we want, including entertaining guests, and that also goes for a place of business.

Green space acts as a welcome opportunity to entertain because people are gravitated to it. In a frequently urbanized world of streets, asphalt, and parking lots, more and more people thirst for the shade of big, old trees, the natural beauty of bird song, and a place where they can go for a relaxed walk near fresh green grass, trees, and other vegetation. This is one of the main reasons why so many of us love to spend time in the backyard, and why customers are drawn to gardens when frequenting any place of business.

There are many ways to entertain in a garden setting but one of the easiest involves the use of flowing, splashing water. If the garden is near the beach, we can rely on the sounds of the ocean. If the green space in question is located next to a river or babbling brook, that will also work. However, since most gardens, backyards, and plazas are not found within earshot of running water, we have to produce our own, soothing aquatic soundscape. This is why fountains have been an essential, popular aspect of gardens and plazas for centuries.

Take a walk to the central plaza or major park in almost any town or city in many parts of the world and we will come across a fountain. It might take the form of an old, historic, sculptural fountain, fountain statues that spit out water and would look right at home on a Victorian estate, or modern, contemporary sculptures that incorporate water into the piece. This type of dynamic, relaxing decor also acts as an important centerpiece in malls, or in the foyers and entrance ways of large buildings. It’s a beautiful, classic way to welcome every client or guest, and adding a fountain to the backyard or a place of business is also easier than most people realize.

Although we would love to decorate the backyard, or foyer of a hotel or restaurant with a beautiful fountain designed by an architect or artist, we don’t need to make that big of an investment to leverage fountains for entertainment. A wide variety of smaller fountains are available that can have just as much of an impact, even in the smallest of backyards. Even if we have nothing more than a back porch to entertain guests, we can still include fountains like the Abstract Floral Cascading Metal Tower Fountain or the Ceramic Cascading Vines Garden Fountain. These and similar small fountains also lend an easy touch of class to larger backyards and any place of business.

We can also entertain and impress with classic decor like the Pondering Cupid Garden Fountain, the Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain, or other fountains that pay homage to the detailed beauty of antique art forms. Such classic fountains work very well as centerpiece decor aimed at drawing the attention of anyone who walks into the garden or through the front door. However, if we don’t want to go the classic route, we can still make a big impression with many other high quality fountains, including the Grizzly Gulch Black Bears Sculptural Fountain.

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How to Convert Water into Fun Garden Decor

It’s summer and in most of the USA and Canada, it already looks like it’s going to be a hot one. As the temperatures rise, we can spend a boring summer in air-conditioned malls and homes, or have fun and take advantage of the great outdoors. That’s easy enough when one of the greatest parts of the outdoors is right there in the backyard. If it gets too hot, we can just head back inside, or we can forget about that and stay cool in the pool. We can also make use of other water features to give the garden a cool, refreshing look for garden guests and backyard wildlife.

Try these ideas to turn this year’s summer garden into a fresh, green oasis:

Outdoor garden water fountains: If we haven’t done so already, the time has definitely arrived to get the garden fountains out of storage and fill them with water. Although we aren’t going to bathe in those fountains (that’s what the pool is for), the sight and sound of running water is a peaceful, cool addition to any backyard. To reduce water use, put the fountains beneath the shade of a tree, or consider covering them during middle of the day or when you leave the garden.

Another advantage of the garden fountain is that it can take many       forms. For example, to match the Greek garden statues and other fine, classic decor in the backyard, we could go with exquisite, classic sculptural fountains like the beautiful Portare Acqua Italian-Style Sculptural Fountain, or the Hebe, Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain. If a more modern, natural-themed fountain would look better, we could display water decor along the lines of the Staggered Rock Canyon Cascading Garden Fountain, or the Grizzly Gulch Black Bears Sculptural Fountain. No matter which fountains we put in the garden, the blend of sculpture and flowing water will give a lovely welcome to guests.

The backyard pond: A Koi pond is another classic water feature that works for any backyard. It might be easier to install than you think and is meant to be decorated with statues and other fine garden decor. A small sculptural bridge lends a quaint touch, and bronze piped decor can convert the pond into a fountain.

Fun decor for the pool: Make the most of pool time by decorating that important oasis with ocean-themed decor, and brightly colored, tropical sculptures. A mermaid sculpture can give the garden a fun, exotic look, while the “Beer Buddy Tiki Parrot” Statue will be the life of the party. Other suitable statues for the pool include realistic, detailed sculptures of crocodiles, sharks, pelicans, crabs, and other marine wildlife.

Water-themed games: Although it’s not decor, water-themed games are still an essential part of the summer garden experience. For kids of all ages, water and hot weather translates to tons of fun. All it takes is a hose or a sprinkler to stay cool on hot summer days but why stop there? Get a small slide for the pool, put out a long piece of plastic on the lawn and wet it down for slippery fun, and have random water balloon fights. Just get creative.

A bird bath: Last but not least, put out a bird bath or two so the garden can act as an oasis for birds. Bird baths bring more life into the backyard and are always fun to watch, especially when lounging in or by the pool with a cold drink in hand.

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5 Decorating Tips for New Garden Decor

In some parts of North America, April can start with warm days but quickly switch back to the final flurries of winter. However, despite that last gasp of the cold season, spring is definitely in full swing by the end of April. It only takes one quick look outside to see that all of the snow has melted, fresh green grass is growing in the yard, the trees are in blossom, and the birds are singing. In other words, the beautiful, warm days of spring and summer are here again and there’s no better place to celebrate that warm weather than our own gardens and backyards.

The new warm weather also means that this is prime time for decorating the garden. This year, try these five tips to help turn the backyard into the loveliest garden on the block:

  • Quality instead of Quantity: A backyard filled with a wide variety of average decor is nothing more than that. Although guests will notice the number of items on display, don’t expect them to be impressed by statues that they saw in a local big box store,  or that they might also have in their own gardens. One high quality, unique garden sculpture is worth a dozen low quality, average statues. With that in mind, we need to address the difference between a high quality garden sculpture and one that acts as average, mundane decor. A high quality sculpture will look like it was carefully painted by hand (because it was), will show fine details that help “bring it to life”, and shows other characteristics that make it clearly stand out from other garden gnomes and animal garden sculptures. These are the statues that tend to look more like works of art than average decor and, some, like the David Grande Garden Statue, actually are replicas of sculptures seen in museums.


  • A different type of garden statue: This year, instead of sticking with the same garden decor as last summer, augment the unique aspect of the display with a sculpture of a gargoyle, beautiful animal statues, or other extraordinary garden statues. Even one, unique sculpture gives the backyard an artistic, memorable appearance. Others can also be entertaining, and/or functional.


  • Outdoor garden water fountains: A fountain is garden decor in a category of its own. Unlike other statues, this type of decor combines the refreshing sight and sound of flowing water with the sculpted form. The end result is a soothing, sometimes hypnotic display of water and art that both entertains and lends a peaceful atmosphere to any backyard. A beautiful fountain also works well as centerpiece decor, and can act as a bath for garden birds.



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