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Ancient Civilization Art as Modern Day Decor

Art evolves and changes over time and follows different paths in different places and cultures. However, because art is timeless, it also endures. Although the pictographs seen on the walls of caves in central France were made thousands of years ago, we still admire the form and grace of those ancient pictures. Like a view into the distant past, we can imagine the artist mixing minerals and crushed rock to make the paints. We can picture the artist carefully drawing images of extinct bison, Cave Bears, and sacred symbols with a stick or his or her fingers.

Viewing the work (or pictures of it) can act as a mental bridge going far back in time. It helps connect us with another era very different from this one even if the artist passed away more than 15,000 years ago. Other types of ancient art can have a similar affect. We view the symbols and works of ancient Sumeria and we wonder how those people lived. What clothes did they wear? What foods did they enjoy? What games did their children play? Did they appreciate the beauty of a night sky unhindered by urban glare? Could they have imagined watching television or listening to the radio? They probably couldn’t have imagined anything like a mobile phone or tablet but a lot of their basic needs and concerns would have been the same as those of people in present times.

In common with us, people who lived thousands of years ago in places like Sumeria, Egypt, Asia Minor, and China also decorated their homes. Although decor for most working class folks would have been limited to small items, the statues, wall decor, and art found in the abodes of royalty and rich families were stunning and often extravagant. We know this because we can still admire and study many such items in various museums. However, thanks to advances in resin technology and a cadre of dedicated artists, we can also enjoy similar, high quality replicas of ancient decor in modern homes and places of business.

Using such decor can lend a seriously classy look to any home. This pair of suggestions can help anyone leverage the exquisite beauty of ancient-themed art for every situation:

Make use of wall decor: This is an easy, excellent way to showcase decor and is one of the reasons why paintings have acted as popular decor for centuries. Although paintings in ancient cultures were typically done directly on a wall, we can still enjoy framed wall decor art that showcases the symbolism and artistic styles of ancient Sumerian and Egyptian cultures. For example, decor such as the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze and the stunning “The Egyptian Pharaoh and His Maidens” Wall Sculpture show the colors, details, and texture typical of art that graced the halls of the pharaohs. The same can be said about the powerful beauty of the ©”Persian Griffin” Wall Sculpture.

Statues: These can take the form of large, majestic sculptures of Egyptian deities such as the Egyptian Grand Ruler Collection: Life-Size Anubis Statue, or a variety of smaller statues that showcase the beautiful art of ancient Egypt, China, or Greece. A big sculpture is a good choice for making a statement, acting as a centerpiece for a collection of art and Egyptian decor, or calling attention to a place of business.

Small statues like the exquisite Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptures and the “Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Beauty” Statue lend a quick touch of detailed ancient beauty to a hallway, desk, living room, or other spaces in homes and places of business.

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Choosing an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain for the Backyard

Summer garden decor season has nearly arrived and this means that folks who spend a lot of time in the backyard need to make some serious decisions. One choice involves the decor that may or may not still be in storage. If those sculptures and other decor items are still in the attic or garage, the first thing we need to do is unpack them for a quick inspection. Next on the list is picking out the angel statues and other sculptures that still belong in the backyard, and choosing the ones destined for the next garage sale.

Once we have the statues and decor meant for this year’s summer garden, we can think about new decor. Animal garden statues are always an easy, fun addition, especially when they are crafted with fine, realistic details. A beautiful angel sculpture can also lend a classic touch, whereas statues of gargoyles and dragons pay homage to fantasy realms and fairy tales.

However, one of the best new additions for any garden is an outdoor water fountain. For many, the beautiful blend of sculpture and falling water is a crowning piece for the yard, and it also acts as excellent welcome decor for a hotel or other place of business.

Fountains have always played a special role when it comes to decor. During the days of ancient Greece and Rome, stone fountains decorated with motifs of deities and other accents were a focal point in plazas and estates. The first fountains were essentially wells and springs that were engineered to provide easy access to fresh, running water. As with many projects involving stonework and masonry, the craftsmen also gave their projects an artistic touch by sculpting the blocks of limestone and marble.

The presence of the common, town fountain continued long after the fall of the Roman Empire with more elaborate fountains being constructed during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The 18th century Baroque era marked the opening of one of the most spectacular fountains of all time, the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. This magnificent sculptural display of running water marks the place where the “Acqua Vergine” bursts forth from the ground, an aquifer that was discovered during the days of ancient Rome and has been used for drinking water ever since. Many modern Romans still believe that the water issuing forth from the fountain has curative properties.

Although few of us have the resources, enough land, nor the commitment to build something as grand as the Trevi Fountain, we can still decorate the backyard with a beautiful, classic garden fountain. This can take the form of a classic, multi-tiered Italian-style fountain, a fountain that features sculptures of Saint Francis with animals, or one that neatly decorates the corner of the backyard (see the Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain). Such classic-themed fountains are a fine addition to backyards that feature Greek garden statues, angel sculptures, and Victorian-themed decor, although they also lend an exquisite touch to any backyard.

Modern fountains are another option, especially for gardens that stick with statues of animals and other natural themes. A fountain in the shape of a pagoda or cascading bamboo can work well with Asian garden statues, whereas decor like the Chapoteo Del Sol Sculptural Fountain is a good way to decorate the backyard with a touch of modern class.

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