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Redecorate the House for Spring

A change of seasons is the perfect excuse to redecorate. As neighborhood trees gain leaves and temperatures climb, why not mimic those changes in the garden with modifications inside the home? It’s a chance to celebrate the end of winter and the concurrent start of spring, and an opportunity to mark new beginnings. This fresh start in redecorating can be carried out in a number of ways, and involve anything from a few indoor statues to a major make-over of every room in the home.

Before getting started with redecorating for spring, it’s worth it to take a walk through the home and think about the winter decor that can be put back into storage, and the extent to which we would like to modify the home. If we don’t feel anything good about the look of a certain room or hallway, we might want to go as far as changing the color of the room in addition to replacing the decor. More commonly, we notice a need for a few small changes here and there, and can make those happen with a variety of unique, high quality items.

We can also redecorate to match the change in garden decor. As we inaugurate a new backyard with classic outdoor garden water fountains and beautiful angel statues, we can also decorate the living room with angel-themed wall decor, and a cute animal statue or two. Angel decor for the interior of the home can take the form of items like the classy Guiding Angel Sculptural Wall Frieze by artist Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934), and functional, elegant decor like the Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.  These and other angelic sculptures and decorations lend a blend of class and peaceful elegance to any room, and many such items can also be admired on garden walls or on the back porch during the summer months.

Speaking of wall decor in general, the texture and storied appearance of a high quality frieze can lend a breath of fresh air to any room and augment its atmosphere. It’s also another easy way to give a home or place of business a touch of elegant class, and thus impress guests and clients.

Colorful decor also works well when we want to influence the atmosphere of the home interior, especially at the start of spring. Just as tulips and other flowers begin to peek out of the ground, and color comes back into the garden, we can match that natural palette with beautiful stained glass decor. The Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window and other, similar, high quality stained glass items glow with rich, cheerful hues when placed in a window. For this reason, they act as an easy way to give the home a beautiful touch at any time of the year although spring might be the most suitable month to enjoy their bright fresh colors.

In keeping with cheerful, fun decor, spring is also the perfect season to decorate with good-natured items like the Hog Heaven Twinkle Toe Pig Statue. The small size, colors, and details of this happy, dancing pig make it an ideal addition to a living room, mantel, or dining table. This and other happy decor also work well at the beginning of spring because they can match our relief that winter is finally over. As with any humorous decor, dancing pig statues and similar, creative, unique interior decor will also put a smile on the face of every guest and act as a conversation piece.

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Beating the Winter Blues with Animal Garden Sculptures

Depending on the location, February is a month that can mark the end of winter, or a time when we still have to endure cold weather accompanied by short days and long nights. In southern states, the second month of the year often leads into the first mild days of spring. However, up north, rare mild days in February are usually followed by a choice of flurries, freezing rain, and a frozen backyard.

The bulk of the winter might be over but many of us still have to deal with a chronic case of winter blues. Vacations to sunnier, warmer climates are the best remedy, but if we can’t get away, we have to resort to other means of dealing with winter’s final weeks. One possibility is spending more time in a sun room. Whether the room in question acts as a greenhouse or as an enclosed back porch, as long as the place is bathed in sunlight, it can work wonders at this time of year. Decorate that warm, sunny corner of the home with house plants and cheery, summer decor and it might become your favorite spot to read a book, enjoy meals, or just wait until it’s warm enough to venture back outside.

In terms of decor, a vase and urn or two are easy, beautiful ways to showcase flower cuttings that remind us of picnics and walks in the country on warm, summer days. Framed paintings of spring and summer scenes also work well, and we can lend a vibrant look to the sun room by way of beautiful stained glass works of art. Other worthwhile decorations include any number of garden statues, especially ones that were used in last year’s backyard. Take a few of those favorite small garden sculptures out of storage and they can act as a useful reminder that spring will be back in a month or so.

We can also beat those winter blues by shopping for new spring decor. These items can take the form of any type of new statues suited for the backyard, including certain animal garden statuary that look just as lovely inside the home as in the garden. Although the best animal statues are always going to be the ones best suited to our decorating needs and themes, adorable animal sculptures are especially good at lending a fun, cozy touch to their surroundings.

Such “cozy” sculptures can take the form of functional decor like Pancho the Burro Planter and welcome signs highlighted with animals, as well as a variety of detailed, life-like statues. Even small statues can lend a cheerful look, especially when they happen to be sculptures of cute little baby chicks. By merit of their size, these and other versatile and adorable animal statues can be shown on tables and window sills, as well as in a corner or near the back door. When the time comes for decorating the garden, they work just as well near flower beds and as “pets” for garden gnomes.

Other farm animal statues also work well at beating the winter blues, including beautiful sculptures of lambs, hens, and even cute flying pigs! Compliment them with equally cute statues of puppies and kittens to ensure smiles during the final cold stretch of winter. Anything along the lines of the high quality, realistic “Lover Boy” Puppy Dog Statue is a good choice as is cute functional decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Bulldog Garden Statue, or a Jack Russell Terrier Dog Welcome Statue.

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Creative Wall Decor for Every Home

Whether big or small, a home isn’t really complete until it has some form of interior decor. We might have a few furniture items, a television, and other appliances but until we do some decorating, that new house or apartment could be any old place where anyone could live. We don’t just decorate to make the place look beautiful, we also get creative with decor to make the place our own. In addition to giving the walls and hallways a new coat of paint, and picking out new lamps and curtains, we use decor to lend the home a fresh personal touch and shape the atmosphere of the new living space.

Although just about any decor is better than being surrounded by sterile blank walls, we should still be careful about the type of decor we use. Until we change it, we need to remember that the interior decor we put on display is what we are going to see day in and day out, the paintings we put on the walls will be seen by all of our guests, and the decor we use will have an effect on us. This means that we should look around a bit before picking out new decor for a new home but it doesn’t mean that we need to limit our creativity.

On the contrary, a new home gives us a clean decorating slate and a chance to be as creative as we want. While we could put up some of our favorite decor items from the previous place of residence, we could also opt to limit a few of our favorites to just one room, or keep them in storage for a few months while we give new decor a try. If the new items don’t work out, we can always go back to the older items or use them in conjunction with our newest set of statues, stained glass, and sculptural furniture.

It’s also easier to get creative with new decor when we use items that can work with a wide variety of situations. Wall decor works very well in a variety of circumstances because it can be displayed in any room, and makes it easy to convert a blank wall into an interesting and unique landscape. Use the right type of wall decor, and we can also lend the home a detailed, Gothic look, decorate with the striking colors and symbols of Ancient Egypt, or pay homage to nature in the form of dramatic animal wall sculptures. Not to mention, when the time comes to decorate the garden, many wall decor items can also be used in the backyard.

For example, The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Sculpture lends a classic look to a bathroom, indoor spa, or any place that could use a combination of elegance, classic beauty, and fantasy. Once the weather gets warm, this and other detailed wall sculptures will look just as stunning when displayed next to the pool. The same goes for the eye-catching Phineas the Flapping Macaw Bird Wall Sculpture and other colorful, life-like animal wall decor. Use this and other exotic animal decor to be reminded of places with white sand, swaying palm trees, and hot sunny weather.

Speaking of animal decor, a wall sculpture of a raven or dragon is a wonderful way to give the reading room a Gothic touch, whereas the Lord Earl Houghton’s Elephant Wall Sculpture is ideal when we want to impart a Victorian look. It’s easy to be creative with wall decor because we can also choose from beautiful friezes, sculptural clocks, and dozens of other beautifully detailed works of art.

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New Uses for New Decor

No matter how much we love the decor in our home and garden, there eventually comes a time when we need to replace one, two, or all items. Those statues and other items might be getting too old and worn out, or we might just need a change of scenery. Either way, new decor is an easy way to inject a breath of fresh air into the home and office. While that new decor will give the place an automatic, fun, new look, it can also be leveraged in a variety of interesting ways, including the following:

Complement antiques with high quality decor: Antiques are a fine, classy means of decorating any home or place of business. They represent another time and place, and stand on their own in terms of creative beauty. However, they look even better when complemented with other types of high quality decor. For example, creative decor like the Grand Plumage Peacock Sculptural Vase, or pieces that pay homage to the Art-Deco era lend a lovely touch to a room decorated with antique furniture or other items.

It can also be worth it to think outside the box and augment the beauty of an antique display with unique statuary. The Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Statue and other equally exquisite garden fairy statues act as an easy, fine complement to a room with antiques. After enjoying their beauty during the winter months, we can out them outside to give the garden a fresh look.

Use offering vessels to lend a touch of class to the home and place of business: Offering vessels are an easy, fun way to lend a beautiful touch to a home or place of work. They can work as table centerpiece decor, or be placed on a bookshelf, on a mantle, or other surface. Since it’s very easy to find a place for an offering vessel, the most important thing to keep in mind is choosing one that lends a true touch of class. For example, if we put something like the Pharaoh’s Treasure Offering Vessel on display, we can highlight the room with a touch of beautiful royal Egyptian colors and classic ancient Egyptian symbols. The offering vessel itself can be used to display a bouquet of flowers, the scent of fresh potpourri, or a cookie jar.

Lend a touch of fantasy to the home: Folks who enjoy fantasy movies and novels might enjoy updating the home with new, fantasy-themed interior decor. This can take the form of anything from an indoor statue of a raven to a unique sculptural table of a unicorn. Since the unique appearances of such creative, fantasy-themed items stand out, we might only need a few such pieces of decor to give the place a fresh, new look.

Beautiful furniture: Chairs, tables, footstools, and other furniture items can lend a wonderful new look, especially when they are beautiful antique replicas and sculptural works that blend function with decor. The Saint-Lazare Petite Metal Daybed is a unique piece of furniture that can act as a wonderful place for an afternoon nap, a lovely spot to get lost in a good book, or a cozy corner to share with that special person.

Creative lighting: Illumination doesn’t have to be restricted to average track lighting and lamps. We can also combine lighting with decor through the use of beautiful Tiffany-Style lamps, decorative works of art like the Peacock & Wisteria Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window, and creative sculptural table lamps. These artistic items are an excellent, easy means of lighting a room with detailed, eye-catching decor.

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Inspire, Impress, and Save with Beautiful Antique Replica Furniture

We decorate our homes in any number of ways. Some of us choose a few, large statues and wall decor but put up few other decorations, others decorate with several paintings, small statues, and other accents, and some folks go for an approach that makes use of accents and functional decor such as sculptural lamps and tables. People also decorate with antiques, sometimes exclusively so.

Antiques lend a classic, elegant, and artistic touch to any home, but many such items tend to be costly. To find antiques, we also have to work with antique dealers or even attend auctions for items that we would rather put on display than actually use. The easiest solution to spending tens of thousands of dollars on antique items that we might not be able to use for fear of breaking them is buying antique replicas. These can’t be cheap knock-offs of antique items either, but high quality replicas made with durable, beautiful materials, and carefully made to last. This is why the best antique replica furniture items are made with mahogany or other long-lasting hardwoods, and aren’t generally available at a local big box store.

After finding high quality, antique replica chairs, tables, and other furniture items for a good price, we then have to think about how they can be used to decorate the home or place of business. Fortunately, most high quality replicas look so impressive, it doesn’t usually take long to realize that such items look fantastic no matter where we show them. That said, here are a few tips for using replicas of beautiful antique furniture to give any home or place of business a classy, elegant look:

Seating: Providing guests with beautiful seating is one of the easiest ways to showcase antique replicas. Not only will the person notice a magnificent seat like the Carved Rocaille Chair, they will also be drawn to it and just have to sit in it to see if it is as comfortable as it looks, or if they feel like royalty after sitting down. The same could be said about magnificent furniture items like the Victorian Cameo-Backed Sofa. Display such beautiful chairs and sofas where they can be easily seen by guests.

Tables: Tables don’t have to be places where we simply sit down for dinner. They can also be works of art and heirloom pieces that showcase our taste in beautiful, decorative furniture. Take the Sir Benedict’s Library Table for example. This stunning table pays homage to Renaissance era furniture with depictions of acanthus leaves and ornate carvings in beautiful hardwood. Display this and other lovely antique replica tables on their own, or highlight their beauty with Art Deco and Tiffany-style stained glass lamps.

Furniture to showcase small antiques: In addition to showcasing beautiful, functional furniture that can used as seating and for dining, we can also use fine furniture to display our favorite statues, small antique items, and treasures. In fact, we should use fine furniture to display such items because they deserve it. Whether we like it or not, the curio or presentation case ends up being an extension of those items, especially for guests who are seeing them for the first time. For example, if we show a treasured statue, trophy, or photo in a lovely hardwood presentation case, everyone immediately knows that it is something of serious importance. Place the treasure on an average desk or table, and we aren’t really showing it at all.

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

A new home is such an exciting event! It represents a new start, a place that we can finally call our own, and a place that we can decorate as we see fit. It’s also a time for celebration, and this is one of the reasons why we host and take part in housewarming parties. We want people to see the new place and share in our excitement, and want to welcome the new folks to the neighborhood. In doing so, we give and receive gifts, many of which are suited for a new place of residence. Although gifts for a new place can take many forms, the best gifts tend to be the ones that combine elegance with function and creativity. The following ideas are a good fit for any housewarming event:

Wall decor: This is an easy, essential aspect of decor for any home that can be just as easily overlooked. Yes, many people put some form of decor on the walls of the home but, many times, they fail to realize that so much more can be done with wall hangings and other types of wall art. While paintings are a classic type of wall art, we don’t have to stay with cheap, average prints. Decorating with replicas of beautiful antique paintings shown in elegant, carved frames is an easy way to lend the new home a serious touch of class. If the owners of the new home are fans of Impressionism, wall art can also take the form of Impressionist pieces like the La Danse a Bougival Canvas Replica Painting.

Wall decor as a housewarming gift can also be a beautiful, unique wall frieze, a sculptural mirror, or even an exquisite greenman wall sculpture. There are hundreds of options for unique wall decor, we just need to think about the best fit for the new home owners.

Creative lighting: Every home could also use more lighting, and this is another easy way to combine decor with function. Although we need to be careful about buying the right decorative lamp as a housewarming gift, if we know that the owners enjoy the fantasy genre, they might like something along the lines of the Aberdeen Manor Gothic Lantern Floor Lamp. The simple, classic elegance of this lamp also help it work with a variety of decorating themes.

Creative lighting also happens with smaller table lamps, and can include beautiful pieces like the Dragonfly Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Lamp, and the lovely Victorian Hanging Tulip Stained Glass Lamp.

Unique accents: These can take many forms including wall decor as well as sculptural lamps, and many other items. This is also a good place to look when we aren’t sure what to buy as a housewarming gift. At the Basil Street Gallery,  we find a large number of elegant, beautiful decor items that also work well as wedding gifts. Whether we choose a unique indoor sculpture, something as exquisite as the French Rococo Centerpiece Comport Urn, or a gift as simple and beautiful as the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls, it will be much appreciated in any new home.

Garden statuary: Last but far from least, don’t leave garden statues out of the housewarming equation. If the new home owners plan on spending any time in the backyard, they will appreciate a beautiful garden sculpture or two. Once again, if we aren’t sure about their likes or dislikes, we might want to stick with popular classics like Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture.

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Decorate the Home Like a Castle

We all have our own castles. It might come in the form of a big, historic house, a small yet lovely ranch, or a cozy apartment. It’s true that every person’s cherished home is his or her castle and there’s no reason why we can’t decorate it like one. Visit ancient royal mansions and estates in Europe and we might find windows framed with vibrant stained glass, exquisite antique furniture, and a variety of artistic, medieval accents.

High quality replicas of these and other accents can lend a regal look to any home, and many of these unique decor items are fit for a real castle. Try these ideas to give the home a royal, medieval touch:

Stained glass decor: This type of classic decor is a common feature in European castles and cathedrals. It takes just one look inside the cathedral at Reims to see why it was the preferred means of decorating windows during the Middle Ages. Although the colors might look muted from the outside, the interior of the church is another matter. As the sun shines through those same stained glass windows, we see a stunning display of brilliant reds, blues, and other colors. The hues are so intense, it’s as if the windows were made of rubies, sapphires, and other precious stones. The architects who designed the church wanted to make a long-lasting impression on anyone who walked past the threshold, and this apparently worked quite well because thousands of people continue to feel a sense of wonder when admiring the beautiful stained glass at Notre Dame.

In the home, stained glass can also be used to good effect, maybe not as impressive as in an old, French cathedral, but still enough to give the place a beautiful, classic touch. It can also be put into a home easier than expected. Although we could redo the windows, it’s much easier to decorate with hanging stained glass decor like the Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window .

Sconces: During the times of castles and keeps, electricity was centuries away from being invented. For lighting, people had to rely on windows that let in the rays of the sun, and nothing more than lit torches and candles. One side effect of this was the making of sconces and candlestick holders that could take on a variety of creative forms. These were usually crafted with iron and could have a hanging, pendant form, or act as upright candlestick holders. They could also be used to give the place a certain character.

Modern sconces can be made with iron or high quality resin and can be used with the same decorative effect as antique sconces. For example, if we wanted to give the home an easy, medieval touch, we could go with the Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electric Wall Sconce or the Castle Dragon Iron Wall Sconce for lighting. Beautiful hanging pendant sconces also lend a regal look.

Antique replica furniture: Visit just about any castle and most people notice the decorative chairs, tables, and other beautiful, artistic furniture. Royalty could afford to pay for beautiful furniture and the craftsmen who made those tables and chairs also wanted to make a good impression. The end result was furniture that continues to be shown in museums to this day, and for which antique collectors pay a very high price .These items acted as fine decor just as much as they were functional, and can still lend a lovely look to any modern home.

The only difference is that we don’t have to take part in an auction to acquire beautiful, unique furniture for the home. Antique replicas like the Louis XIV Glass – Topped Cocktail Table are carefully crafted to look like museum pieces, are often made with beautiful mahogany, and are built to last.

Dragon and gargoyle statues: No true castle is complete without at least one bit of dragon or gargoyle decor. We can go with a large gargoyle sculpture, a small dragon statue, or exquisite dragon-themed decor like the Dragons Thorne Twin Sentinel Dragons Mirror.

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FAQs About Stained Glass Decor

Art has also functioned as decor throughout history. Much of that decor has taken the form of sculptures and paintings that decorated the halls and plazas of ancient temples and estates. In present times, many of those works of art can be seen in the Louvre and other museums, as well as in Gothic cathedrals. Although the architecture of those old, magnificent structures is impressive on its own, the exterior of those churches are also decorated with beautiful statues of angels, detailed gargoyles, and other works of art. However, we need to enter the cathedral to see the works that were carefully designed to make the biggest impression.

Walk through the entrance to Notre Dame in Paris, or other Gothic cathedrals, and we are greeted by niches with exquisitely carved sculptures, antique paintings, and impressive frescoes. However, no matter how magnificent the angel statues may be, the first things we usually notice are the stained glass windows. This is where light enters the place of worship and as it passes through the glass, it illuminates the windows with vibrant ruby red, deep sapphire blues, and other jewel-like colors. The beautiful effect is both hypnotic and provokes a sentiment of awe. These are the feelings that the people who crafted the stained glass wanted to evoke and the fact that folks continue to be impressed more than a thousand years later is testament to their skills.

Stained glass has continued to be a popular form of decor in modern times, and is still used in the construction of places of worship. It has also become an easy, popular means of lending a classy, exquisite touch to any home. The following are some FAQs about this beautiful type of artistic decor:

How is stained glass made?

Like other types of glass, a good supply of silica is needed along with ovens that can make consistent, high temperatures. After the silica is melted, powdered metal is added to create different types of colors. Copper oxides are used to produce green and blue-green hues, cobalt gives the glass a deep blue color, and in ancient times, gold was used to give glass a red or violet coloration. In modern times, copper is used instead of gold to give the glass a deep red hue, green glass is made with silver and other metals, and manganese and nickel can be used for making purple glass.

After the metals are added to the molten glass, and the glass cools, it is cut into shapes suited to the design that the artist hopes to achieve. These pieces are placed into a lead frame, the joints are soldered into place, and a soft cement is used to weatherproof the window. When the window is ready, it is placed into the window space, and iron or copper rods are sometimes used to support its weight.

When was the first stained glass crafted?

While silica is commonly found in most parts of the globe, in ancient times, ovens that could create sufficiently high temperatures were another story. Nevertheless, examples of colored or stained glass have been found that date back to ancient Egypt and Rome. During the 7th century, stained glass for windows was produced in some parts of Europe and in Syria. However, it didn’t become an art form that showed illustrations until the 10th and 11th centuries.

Stained glass in medieval Europe to the modern era:

During the middle ages, works of art in the form of stained glass were installed in dozens of churches and cathedrals. One of the main centers of stained glass production was in Chartes, France, a medieval town that still sees visitors who come to see the fantastic stained glass in the cathedral.

In modern times, various artists made innovations with stained glass to create more colors and artistic forms, including “Tiffany lamps”. Beautiful stained glass works of art in the form of small windows and other decor also be used inside many homes.

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Wall shelves like the Brussels Floral Art Nouveau Sculptural Wall Shelf are a wonderful way to blend elegant decor with a place for displaying small heirlooms and family photos. The art nouveau style of this beautiful shelf is perfect for giving a living room a classic, antique touch. Pair this fine wall shelf with the elegant St. Louis Draped Sculptural Wall Accent Set and The Bounty of Karnington Manor Wood Mantel.

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