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Getting Patriotic on President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! Also known as “Washington’s Birthday”, or “Washington and Lincolns Day”, this holiday is an ideal time to express patriotism. It was established to celebrate the birthday of the first president of the USA, George Washington, although it has also become a day to remember all presidents.  Even though President Washington was born on February 22nd, the date of this federal holiday varies because it always falls on the third Monday of the second month of the year. Much to the happiness of schoolchildren and many adults, Monday was chosen for celebrating this holiday to conveniently turn a two-day weekend into a three day one.

The combination of a holiday and three-day weekend has also frequently turned the third and fourth weeks of February into a time for bargains and shopping discounts. This probably resulted from stores realizing that more people are likely to go shopping if they have a Monday off, especially when outdoor activities are curtailed by winter weather. No matter what the reason for sales, it’s worth it to keep an eye out for bargains at this time of year, especially on items and clothing we might want for the summer months.

However, in addition to saving money on garden statues and other items that will be put to use in a month or two, this weekend is an excellent excuse to celebrate patriotism. These are a few ideas for celebrating love of country, freedom, and democracy:

Decorate to celebrate: “Americana” is the decorating theme that works best for President’s Day, and these items will look just as impressive long after the end of February. Although we may or may not want to take down the red, white, and blue bunting, showing the flag never goes out of style, and neither do certain statues and other types of high quality decor. Out in the garden, such decor can take the form of garden sculptures like the “Patriotic Flag Children” Statue,  and Western Americana decor like the Cowboy Cody Western Welcome Statue. Just keep in mind that such garden statues shouldn’t be placed outside if the temperature still dips below zero. If so, these and other patriotic sculptures will look just as good in a month or two.

It’s just as important and festive to decorate the interior of the home. A bit of bunting will work along with pictures of the flag, Mount Rushmore, and other iconic American images including the impressive Statue of Liberty (1886) Wall Frieze, and the beautifully detailed “On the Hunt” Native American Statue.

Throw a party: Interior decor is also important for this holiday if we plan on throwing a President’s Day party. Invite friends and family to the house for an evening of classic American recipes accompanied by locally brewed spirits, and patriotic-themed games. These can take the form of trivia about the Constitution of the United States of America, trivia about past presidents, or giving out small, fun prizes to guests who can name all of the state capitals. An apple pie bake-off, most patriotic outfit, and other small contests can also be held. Make a big impression by using the Uncle Sam Yankee Doodle Dandy Butler Pedestal Sculptural Table to serve apple pie and other standard American fare.

Patriotic movie night: Whether we throw a party or not, we can also have fun on this holiday weekend by hosting a patriotic-themed movie night. Show an evening of two or three movies that deal with patriotism in any number of ways, and share them with good friends.

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Redecorate the House for Spring

A change of seasons is the perfect excuse to redecorate. As neighborhood trees gain leaves and temperatures climb, why not mimic those changes in the garden with modifications inside the home? It’s a chance to celebrate the end of winter and the concurrent start of spring, and an opportunity to mark new beginnings. This fresh start in redecorating can be carried out in a number of ways, and involve anything from a few indoor statues to a major make-over of every room in the home.

Before getting started with redecorating for spring, it’s worth it to take a walk through the home and think about the winter decor that can be put back into storage, and the extent to which we would like to modify the home. If we don’t feel anything good about the look of a certain room or hallway, we might want to go as far as changing the color of the room in addition to replacing the decor. More commonly, we notice a need for a few small changes here and there, and can make those happen with a variety of unique, high quality items.

We can also redecorate to match the change in garden decor. As we inaugurate a new backyard with classic outdoor garden water fountains and beautiful angel statues, we can also decorate the living room with angel-themed wall decor, and a cute animal statue or two. Angel decor for the interior of the home can take the form of items like the classy Guiding Angel Sculptural Wall Frieze by artist Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934), and functional, elegant decor like the Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.  These and other angelic sculptures and decorations lend a blend of class and peaceful elegance to any room, and many such items can also be admired on garden walls or on the back porch during the summer months.

Speaking of wall decor in general, the texture and storied appearance of a high quality frieze can lend a breath of fresh air to any room and augment its atmosphere. It’s also another easy way to give a home or place of business a touch of elegant class, and thus impress guests and clients.

Colorful decor also works well when we want to influence the atmosphere of the home interior, especially at the start of spring. Just as tulips and other flowers begin to peek out of the ground, and color comes back into the garden, we can match that natural palette with beautiful stained glass decor. The Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window and other, similar, high quality stained glass items glow with rich, cheerful hues when placed in a window. For this reason, they act as an easy way to give the home a beautiful touch at any time of the year although spring might be the most suitable month to enjoy their bright fresh colors.

In keeping with cheerful, fun decor, spring is also the perfect season to decorate with good-natured items like the Hog Heaven Twinkle Toe Pig Statue. The small size, colors, and details of this happy, dancing pig make it an ideal addition to a living room, mantel, or dining table. This and other happy decor also work well at the beginning of spring because they can match our relief that winter is finally over. As with any humorous decor, dancing pig statues and similar, creative, unique interior decor will also put a smile on the face of every guest and act as a conversation piece.

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Display Trophies and Treasures on Creative Mantels, Shelves, and Pediments

We all have our own, personal treasures. When we were kids, those might have been things like interesting rocks and shells from trips to the beach, a note from a special friend, or small gifts from grandparents. As we became older, treasures turned into trophies, photos, and any number of beautiful objets d’art collected over the years. Although some special items are best kept secret, most are meant to be put on display and shown with pride because they represent our achievements, what we enjoy in life, and anything held close to our hearts.

Whether the treasure in question is a photo of the family, a framed diploma, or a small exquisite accent, it will look best when shown in a beautiful setting. Since the importance of an item is reflected by the way in which we display it, we don’t want to put treasures on the top of a television, on a cluttered coffee table, or other place that diminishes their importance. This is why we reserve space for trophies and other important items on shelves, or on the mantel above the fireplace. However, these aren’t the only places where we can display fantastic decor and other personal items. We can also showcase their importance and beauty in a number of creative ways, including these ideas:

Themed shelves: Although the function is the same, the appearance is what makes these types of shelves stand out from regular pieces of furniture. For example, the Egyptian Columns of Luxor Shelves lend a classic, regal touch wherever they are put on display. Painted by hand and standing seven feet tall, this functional piece of furniture art is fit for the halls of any modern day king. However, the six foot long tempered glass shelves won’t be complete until they showcase small sculptures, trophies, or other personal items. Whether used for showcasing a collection of Egyptian art or anything else, these striking shelves are also an easy, excellent way to give any room a creative touch.

The same goes for shelves that follow classic, medieval, or Gothic decorating themes including beautiful pieces of furniture like the lovely Broadgate Grand Presentation Case. This and other, high quality themed shelves are also fitting additions to the office.

Curio Cabinets: Sometimes, we feel better about keeping accents and heirlooms behind glass, and there’s no better way to do that than with a beautiful curio cabinet. This type of furniture is specifically designed and crafted to display antique dishware, cutlery, and other highly valued items. As with other quality furniture, beautiful functional decor like the Rosedale Hardwood Wall Curio Cabinet lends a classy touch all on its own. Nevertheless, as with themed shelves, it and other hardwood, mirror-backed curio cabinets are at their best when displaying beautiful objets d’art, Faberge-style eggs, and other fine items.

Such cabinets also work well in smaller rooms, or when we don’t have as much space to work with. They can also act as an excellent, easy way to house our favorite books and other personal items in the bedroom, or as functional decor for a library or reading room.

Mantel pediments: Mantels aren’t restricted to the top of a fireplace. They can also act as fantastic, functional wall decor in the living room, and come in various sizes. The Dunbridge Soupiere Mantel Pediment is ideal for celebrating the beauty of fair-sized decor like framed art, vases, and small sculptures, and makes a classy, regal impression by way of hand-carved, rich mahogany. If a slightly smaller pediment is needed, The Bounty of Karnington Manor Wood Mantel acts as a fine Victorian addition.

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Decor and Resolutions for a New Year

Happy first day of 2017! For those who don’t have to get up early and go to work, this is the primary day of the year to sleep in, relax, and relish in the fact that another holiday season has successfully come to an end. Sure, there might be some left-overs and holiday chocolates to finish off but at least we can enjoy them without worrying about buying gifts, decorating, attending another party, or preparing our own houses for a holiday bash. While we relax with those remnant chocolates and watch our favorite shows and movies, we can also think about our resolutions for 2017.

Although we don’t know when this custom first began, resolutions at the start of another year or season are nothing new. People have been making them for thousands of years within the context of various belief systems and cultures. During the times of ancient Rome, there was a custom of making resolutions to the God “Janus” at the beginning of the year (the same deity after which the month of January is named). In later eras, knights renewed their vows, and several belief systems mark the first days of the year as a time to reflect, atone, and promise to be an overall better person.

This big change in the calendar acts as a fresh start and the perfect excuse for self-improvement. Those improvements can be anything from losing weight to quitting smoking, or just trying to smile more often. However, we don’t have to limit resolutions to changing habits or doing more for ourselves and others. We can also leverage resolutions to improve the places where we live and work. Improving the home, garden, and place of work can take the form of a major garden overhaul, changing up the decorating theme in the home, or just resolving to change the accents and statues on our work desks once a month.

Whether we make a resolution to get more exercise or decorate the living room, we probably won’t succeed unless the promise we make to ourselves is realistic. For example, if we don’t have the resources to install an in-ground pool and decorate the backyard with heirloom bronze sculptures and fantastic outdoor garden water fountains, it’s probably not going to happen during one garden season. But, if we can put in the pool this year or just opt for the bronze statue, we might make one of those resolutions come true.

The same goes for decor. If we make a resolution to change the wall decor in the home three times a year, there is a pretty good chance we can make that happen. That’s reasonable, especially so when we can choose from unique and beautiful decor like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock and the Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Promise to replace all of the garden statues with a dozen new, unique sculptures, though, and that may be more of a challenge. However, if it is, and we don’t have the resources for a complete garden make over, we can still resolve to get a stunning new angel statue for the backyard, or a fantastic animal garden statue like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture.

Keep in mind that we can also go smaller with our decor resolutions and get a new welcome sign for the backyard, or funny animal statues like the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. It’s just as easy to get a few new accents for the home and place of work, or buy at least three new decor items to change the atmosphere of a room.

Enjoy the New Year and mark it with high quality beautiful decor in the home, garden, and place of business.

It’s Never Too Late for Last Minute Gifts

Still looking for last minute gifts? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of us still need to get more presents for the people we love. Various scenarios may have brought us to this anxious place including buying presents in advance and then suddenly realizing that we forgot to get one or two gifts, not knowing where to find the gifts we need, or just not finding the time to go shopping for that final present. All of these reasons are valid but we don’t need to panic because there are solutions.

First and foremost, if we have a busy schedule, we really do need to set some time aide for buying those final gifts. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but should at least be enough to do a bit of searching and purchasing whatever we need. Since we are down to the wire, we also need to consider where we are going to shop, how far away that is, and if the extra driving time is worth it, especially because the holidays roads are already going to be busy. Factor in looking for a gift that might not even be present and last minute shopping at a department store might not be the best option.

We could still order gifts from online stores but then again, since Christmas is just a few days away, we have to take shipping times into consideration. However, at least one solution to that is having a rush delivery option. If we can use that and have our purchases arrive in two to three days that could work. To be sure if it will work, we should call the store in question and talk to them about it. If it will take longer for the gift to arrive, then we have to decide if it will be alright to give those presents a few days after December 25th.

Ideas for last minute gifts are also a huge help. If we already know what to buy, we don’t have to waste hours in searching for something we might not find. We don’t need to have an exact idea of what to get either because even an inkling of what to get will be a big leap in buying those final gifts. For example, although we might not know which types of garden statues to buy for Aunt Rose or a friend who loves to throw garden parties, we at least know that we want to give them a beautiful garden statue.

With that in mind, the next step involves picking up the tablet or phone, or turning on the computer, and making a quick search on a confirmed, well known site that offers dozens of garden statuary options. Then, we can pick a suitable category of sculptures, say animal garden statues, browse the ones that are “best sellers” or on sale, and pick out and purchase a fantastic, high quality gift. Although it depends on how long we browse the site, the entire process is much less time than a trip to the store and can be a mere question of minutes.

Furthermore, if we would rather see reviews about a lovely angel statue, or high quality wall art, we can probably find those on that same trusted online store, usually right on the same page as the item in question. If the site selling garden decor also has categories for accents, gifts, and other items, it’s going to be much easier to find gifts at the last minute than we ever imagined.

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Exquisite Last Minute Gift Ideas

With Christmas less than a week away, it’s crunch time for buying gifts. We probably wish we could have bought those presents a month ago but just didn’t have the time, or weren’t sure what to buy. But now, if we plan on giving anything to the few remaining special people on our gift lists, we need to make the time to find and buy those presents. Since suggestions and gift ideas can be hard to come by, first and foremost, it pays to know where to shop.

While we could find a gift at any local big box store, there’s a pretty good chance that it won’t be the type of beautiful, unique item we had hoped to purchase. In all likelihood, it will end up being a standard small gift purchased because we can’t find anything else or just can’t afford to keep looking for the right present. Therefore, instead of making that quick trip to a big store, it’s worth it to take a break and really think about what those special people would like. If we think about what they have in their homes, what they like to do, and what they like to wear, we should come up with some ideas. However, we can save even more time by checking out the right online stores.

This late in the gift buying game, shipping can be an issue but since rush delivery is possible at most online stores; it should still arrive in time for Christmas. If not before December 25th, we can still use it as a gift for the ten days of Christmas. For the most exquisite gift options, the Basil Street Gallery is always a good choice. Look for gifts here and we find a large selection of unique items including ideas such as these:

Beautiful wall art: Decor for the interior of the home is always a good option as a gift for the holidays, for a birthday, and as a wedding present. It will be put to use, is often a much needed item, and can take the form of any number of lovely works of art. This gift idea can take the form of high quality replicas of tribal masks, exquisite sculptural wall pediments, lovely tapestries, and creative pieces like the Parisian Salon Art Nouveau Mirror and the Winged Peacock Princess Wall Sculpture.

Accents: Various accents for a table or desk can also act as excellent gifts. We can go with splendid candelabra ensembles, breathtaking Faberge Style Enameled Eggs, organic silver sculptures, and other accents that lend a lovely touch to any home. Sculpted torchiere lamps and other illuminated decor can also make wonderful gifts.

Indoor statues: A high quality sculpture for the interior of the home is another fine possibility that works for just about anyone. Everyone loves to see the home decorated with classy and elegant works of art because they help give the place a refined appearance, and lend a special touch needed in every apartment, house, or condo.

When choosing an indoor statue as a gift, we should imagine what that item would look like in the home of the person on the list and if it would fit in with existing decor. Would a small bonded marble statue be a suitable gift, or should we help her or him decorate with the fantastic Chatsworth Manor Sculptural Neoclassical Pedestal Urn? We can also consider sculptural tables, Egyptian-themed statues, small faux bronze sculptures, or maybe even something like the Folk Art Whale Statue.

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Just 40 Days until Christmas!

It’s hard to believe but December 25th is less than 40 days away! In just a month, folks who celebrate Christmas will be marking this major holiday, and many of us host holiday parties well before that date. If we want to celebrate in style, and to impress people of all ages, we need to start getting ready for the winter holidays today. If we wait until after Thanksgiving, we will be joining thousands of other last-minute shoppers and might not even find the high quality decor and gifts that will make this holiday one to remember for years to come.

There’s still plenty of time to find fantastic decor and gifts for everyone but we do need to get started as soon as possible. One of the easiest ways to begin with the search for unique decor is by shopping online for high quality ornaments and decorations. It’s easier than braving early winter holiday traffic, and there’s a lot more options. Not to mention, we don’t have to necessarily see the item in person when we can check out high resolution images and learn more about the decor in question by reading posted reviews.

As far as gifts go, we can also save huge amounts of time by shopping online. Given the huge popularity of various online stores, that news isn’t exactly new but it’s always good to be reminded of the option, even when searching for the unique, high quality gifts for the most discerning of friends and family members.

For example, if we aren’t sure what to get for that sister, cousin, or favorite co-worker, we can start by browsing a site like the Basil Street Gallery. Whether we find something or not, it’s still a great place for gift ideas, and if we don’t buy a gift or two on the first visit, it’s a lot easier to come back and shop compared to driving an hour or more to a specialty store that has a much more limited selection. What makes Basil Street such a great place to look for holiday gifts is the varied selection of high quality items that includes everything from small exquisite accents to beautiful wall decor, and fantastic antique replica furniture.

In terms of accents, the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls: Set of Three is an easy, beautiful gift for people who enjoy collecting small, detailed items. These accents pay homage to the art deco movement and still act as a colorful, classy means of decorating a mantle, and lending an old touch of class to a table, or top of a piano. Likewise, other high quality accents and small items will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates creative, artistic decor.

Functional decor items also work well as gifts because they can be used to do something while adding a beautiful touch to a room or place of work. Such useful items can include anything from unique sculptural tables to decorative, interesting clocks like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock, an ideal choice for fans of Steampunk and other fantasy genres.

Speaking of genres, this is also an easy, efficient way to find gifts for many of our unique friends and family members. For example, if we know that they enjoy Egyptian art, we can focus the search on Egyptian decor like the “Egyptian Eye of Horus” Wall Sculpture, or the Ancient Ankh, Egyptian Symbol of Life Wall Sculpture. If that special person likes to read fantasy novels or is a fan of horror, they might like decor and statues with a Gothic flair. If they prefer more conservative themes or spend time in the garden, a beautiful angel statue might be a good choice. Whether we need to shop for ten or twenty people, we always need to remember that we have less than 40 days to work with!

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Three Ways to Welcome Guests with Unique Decor

Tomorrow is the official date for Halloween and we have other holidays happening during the next two months. With that in mind, we are reminded that this is the time of year when we welcome more guests into our homes. Folks who happen to be hosting a Halloween party today or tomorrow will greet a fair number of guests with their favorite spooky decor, and most of us can plan on visits from family and friends for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We want all of our guests to feel special when coming over for a party, dinner, or other activities, and there are various things we can do to make that happen.

We can start by greeting them with certain types of high quality decor as soon as they approach the front door. A unique greeting will make a lasting impression and set the stage for a fun, memorable night. This holiday season, try these three ways to welcome guests and make an impression that lasts all year long:

Unique door knockers: The doorbell is an easy, modern convenience but it just can’t compare to the classic appeal of a beautiful, artistic door knocker. These functional accents are always a fun, easy way to entertain guests as soon as they arrive. The only possible problem is the door knocker becoming so popular with kids of all ages, they they feel compelled to use it over and over, even after they have arrived. However, we can easily solve any such potential issues by telling guests that folks who use the door knocker after walking through the front door have to recite a poem, tell a story, or do a dance. Actually, depending on the guests, that might actually be an incentive for spontaneous entertainment. Either way, it will work out because we will either not hear the door knocker over and over, or hear it and be treated to a fun, and more lively party than we ever imagined. To make guests feel like they have arrived at a castle, try the Vecchio Greenman Authentic Foundry Iron Door Knocker.

The gargoyle treatment: Yes, gargoyles are meant to be intimidating, medieval creatures with a ferocious appearance but no, we don’t want to frighten guests into leaving. By the “gargoyles treatment”, we mean greeting them at the front door with a gargoyle sculpture. There are three main types of gargoyles, one that perches on top of castle or cathedral walls, another that actually climbs the walls, and one that crouches next to an entrance way. All are meant to act as guards of some sort, especially the one that sits next to the front door. Put the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue just after the entrance to the home and guests will either be thrilled to have entered into an abode where Gothic decor is taken seriously, or wonder if they have come to the right place. Reassure them of either possibility by introducing them to the gargoyle sculpture in question. Keep in mind that the other two types of gargoyles also work just as well for greeting guests, including cute little Emmett the Gargoyle.

Angel sculptures and holiday decor: Angel statues aren’t just limited to churches, cemeteries, or beautiful gardens. Some sculptures can also be used as fine decor to greet guests in elegant, classic fashion, and these work especially well during the holiday season. We can also lend the angel some holiday cheer by topping the statue with an elf hat and decorating it with garland. If we would rather go with some other type of holiday decor, we can also give guests an entertaining greeting with a statue of an elf or nutcracker.

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Extraordinary Gnomes, Garden Fairies And Other Creatures

October isn’t just a month for spooky decorations, costumes, and homecoming football games. We also enjoy the fall harvest, and Halloween gives us opportunities to celebrate fairy tales, folklore, and the fruits of imagination. Although statues of fairies and other creatures from the realm of fantasy are a wonderful addition to spring and summer gardens, they can also fit right in with a backyard set up for October 31st. Even though we don’t normally lump garden gnomes and fairies with creatures that go bump in the night, older tales of the “wee folk” often tell a different story.

In most cultures, little elves, gnomes, and their fairy brethren were typically viewed as creatures to respect and avoid. In contrast to many of the modern-day, very soft views of fairies, the little people of older eras played mean tricks, were quick to anger and take offense, were very vindictive, and even kidnapped children. Some were said to offer unwary travelers a table at a magical banquet, the acceptance of which resulted in the poor soul falling asleep for a hundred years. The more sinister fairies led people astray in the deep dark woods or other wild places of the world, and even the nicest of gnomes still seemed to have their own, strange agendas at heart. Indeed, in Europe, fairy folk were often perceived as some type of fallen angel or creatures that were in league with the evil one, and, were in the very least, believed to be up to no good.

However, many of the old fairy tales speak of people who made bargains with fairies and won by tricking the little gnome in the end. Others told of fairies that helped with chores in the garden and around the home in exchange for food and trinkets, but even though these tend to be the best known stories about fairies, the majority of fairy legends speak of creatures best left alone. With that in mind, it’s intriguing that fairy folk were eventually shown as gentle little sprites and cheerful gnomes. This wholesome perception of fairies dates back to rather recent times when garden statuary became a popular aspect of Victorian era gardens. As the demand for garden statues grew, some craftsmen capitalized on the legends of the little people and created garden sculptures of elegant fairies and cute gnomes. Since few people preferred sculptures of sinister little beings on the grounds of their estates, the appearance of the fairy folk went from being that of an unwholesome, unwelcome creature to the exact opposite.

Since beautiful statues of fairies and gnomes make a wonderful, happy addition to any garden, that transformation was certainly welcome. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t also go back to putting a few, more frightening statues of the little people in the backyard, at least during the month of October. Sculptures of pixies tend to show the “old” version of fairies and this make an excellent addition to any Halloween display. Put something like the Sling and Stretch Garden Pixie Sculptures next to the back door or just beyond reach in the backyard and its creepy appearance will put the imagination on edge, especially during the half-light of an autumn evening.

Some gnomes sculptures can also lend a fun look to an October backyard. Give garden guests a tour of the backyard and show them happy, easy-going statues of modern-day gnomes. Then, take them to the other side of the garden and surprise them with statues of skeleton gnomes. Finish off the tour by giving another surprise in the form of a Bigfoot statue peering from behind a tree. As you approach this statue of the most extraordinary creature in North America (and sometimes rumored to be in the same league as gnomes), mention that neighbors claim to have seen Bigfoot in the area.

Use extraordinary garden statues of gnomes and other creatures from Design Toscano to entertain October garden guests.

How to Pick Out Beautiful Accents for a New Home

Moving into a new home is one of the more exciting steps we can take in life. Whether we move into our first apartment or into a freshly built house, it represents an emotional new beginning. It’s also the most important time to pick out decor, and with so much open space to work with, it’s the easiest time to pick our indoor statues, wall decor, and other new items for the home.

Before we get started, we can let our imaginations run wild and pick which room would look best with Asian-themed decor, which space would work well with Egyptian statues, and the best places for replicas of antique furniture. But why stop with picking out the big items? We also need to figure out which accents would look best on that new dining table, treasured side tables, and above the fireplace. Try these ideas to find the best accents for a new home:

Start with a plan: Before even looking at decor, we can save time by starting with a plan. Look around the new home and pick which rooms or space will act as places for dining, sleeping, and relaxing. Once we have that figured out, we can them move on to thinking about where the large furniture items will go, followed by smaller items. These can of course be moved around but picturing where those items go can make it easier to pick out the best accents for each room. If we still need to get new furniture for the home, take into account the amount of space we can work with and purchase the furniture before going any further.

This is a good idea because knowing what the furniture looks like plays an essential role in choosing the most appropriate accents. For example, although we might not want to put something like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble on an average table with a modern appearance, it will look fantastic and right at home on the beautiful English Gothic Refectory High Table.

Don’t forget about the hallways: It can be easy to overlook hallways even though they play an important role in welcoming people into the home. They also act as a good place for hanging portraits and other types of wall decor. Fortunately, if we do forget about the hallways, it’s also just as easy to decorate them after the fact. In addition to paintings, we might want to try tapestries, and masks that act as Egyptian art.

Get something different: To mark this new start, why not pick out something totally different? Browse sites with unique decor and let the imagination run wild. If the former home used a vase and a few other accents on tables, we might want to try a vase crafted in a different style and in different shades of blue or peach. We could also lend stunning colors with Faberge-style decorated eggs, use sculptural table lamps for elegant, artistic lighting, and pick out fun accents for the home office. Folks interested in the realm of fantasy might enjoy dragon, and Celtic-themed accents.

Choose a couple of sculptures: Whether the old residence was decorated with indoor statues or not, it’s always worth it to pick out one or two inaugural sculptures. While browsing indoor statues, think of how the sculpture would look on a desk or other space in need of decor. Consider beautiful, bonded marble statues, medium-sized sculptures for a corner, for a small column, or for space near the fireplace.

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