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Celebrate Beauty and Elegance with French Decor

French culture has marked the world in many ways. Thanks to the people of modern day Gaul, we enjoy hundreds of wonderful French vintages, cheer important events with bubbling champagne, have incorporated French words into the English language, and can decorate the home with lovely French-themed decor. We also celebrate Mardi Gras, the parades and parties being held on a much larger scale in Louisiana, Saint Louis, and Montreal.

Although we can celebrate “Fat Tuesday” by decorating with French-themed lamps, using exquisite antique replica furniture, and serving King Cake, we can also celebrate French culture all year long with a variety of beautiful, high quality French decor. There are several types of French-themed decor but most exhibit a distinct, high quality, artistic appearance that demonstrates an appreciation for elegance, class, and the good things in life. For this reason, such decor works just as well in a home as it does in an office, and such items are also an excellent addition to restaurants, hotels, and other places of business.

Try these suggestions to showcase the elegance and beauty of French decor throughout the year:

French accents: These are many small or medium sized items that pay homage to French culture. They can take the form of lovely items like The Eiffel Tower 1892 Reproduction Telephone and other decor associated with the late 19th century, exquisite candlesticks, beautiful mirrors, or elegant pieces like the Salon Michele Art Nouveau Vase. Such beautiful works of art work well when shown with other fine accents, when used as centerpiece items on the dining table, or when sharing a room with Victorian decor. In a place of business, display high quality French accents in prominent spots to make an impression.

Furniture: Antique French furniture is renowned for its fine blend of art and function. Accordingly, authentic French antique furniture items cost thousands of dollars. Given their value and age, such pieces aren’t meant to be used any longer aside from acting as valued additions to a fine collection of antiques. Fortunately, dozens of high quality antique replicas are available that are just as beautiful, and these much newer furniture items are also meant to be put to use. These include absolutely lovely sofas like the Mademoiselle Moreau’s French Salon Settee, and the stunning Madame Claudine’s Mahogany Chaise Lounge.

French chairs also lend a touch of class to any home and can be used as a storied, comfortable place to sit while reading a favorite novel or when entertaining guests. Handsome chairs like the Brussels Library Bergére Chair are ideal for this purpose whereas luxurious seats like the St. Gabriel Neoclassical Armchair lend a fine, royal look to any room.

French wall art: Whether sharing room space with fine French furniture, or decorating a wall on its own, French inspired wall decor is an excellent means of lending a beautiful French touch to the room. Framed prints of the Eiffel Tower work well in just about any situation and look even better when accompanied by lovely tapestries of vintage French advertising. We can also decorate with exquisite wall mirrors, and classy sculptural wall friezes.

French statues: French sculptures show the same sense of detailed, exquisite beauty as other aspects of French decor. Small, bonded resign statues act as a lovely accent and addition to an office or living room, and we can also decorate with more colorful sculptures like the “Summer” Art Nouveau Maiden Statue. Out in the garden, we can do the same with the mysterious French Pleurant, and the magnificent Versailles Cherub Urn.

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How and Where to Decorate with Mirrors

Although it can be said that every type of decor has a function, some items do more than act as beautiful works of art. Take decorative chairs and sculptural tables for example. These items are decor yet they are also meant to be used for seating and serving meals. If we like, we can just use them to decorate the house but they were also made for another purpose. Other types of functional decor include lamps, vases, clocks, and anything that can be used for more than just being put on display.

Since they are meant to reflect their surroundings, mirrors also fall into this category. The function might be one that is decidedly “hands off” but it is a function nonetheless, and one that can help extend the dimensions of a room by way of illusion. This and other interesting abilities of mirrors have made them coveted devices since the first ones were made around two thousand years ago. Before then, people hoping to see their own reflection probably looked into the calm waters of a vase or basin.

The first known mirrors were made of polished metal and stone, and eventually evolved into pieces of glass that used gold and other metals as a reflective backing. During the Renaissance, Venetian glass makers developed techniques for making high quality mirrors (considered to be highly valued luxury items) but the modern day mirror that uses silver backing didn’t appear until the 19th century. In present times, such modern, silver-backed mirrors are common, abundant, and available for a tiny fraction of the price that was paid by royalty and their courtesans for similar mirrors during the 17th century.

Advances in mirror making technology have also resulted in a wide selection of artistic and creative mirrors that can act as fine, functional decor. Such mirrors can be used to work with other types of decor in more than one way. For example, Egyptian-themed mirrors like the Wadjet Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces are an excellent addition for rooms, hallways, or homes that feature other forms of Egyptian art, whereas the Peacock Dreams Mirrored Wall Sculpture works well in rooms that feature Victorian and Art Deco items.

The reflective nature of a mirror can also be used to highlight the beauty of sculptures, floral arrangements, and other types of decor in a room or hallway. Place the fantastic Royal Baroque Mirror in front of or across the room from exquisite decor, and we can further showcase its beauty while decorating with a beautiful hardwood antique replica. This is also why a high quality mirror works well in a hallway that features sconces and decorative lighting, especially candles. Place the mirror where it can best reflect the candle or other light source and it will help with lighting as well as lend a creative touch to the hallway.

When putting a mirror on display, we should also remember that mirrors were first and foremost, meant to be looked at. A small mirror just past the front door, and especially near key and coat hooks, will be much appreciated by guests. Using a creative, decorative looking glass like the Lady of the Lake Art Deco Wall Mirror, or the striking Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall Sculpture can also act as an opportunity to make a fine first impression. Further down the hall, or in other rooms, we can use larger mirrors to keep up with the good impressions. These can take the form of anything from classic antique replicas to something along the lines of the exquisite Madame Antoinette Ebony Salon Mirror.

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Tips for Decorating the Home with Unique Furniture

Interior decoration is an art form to some and a chore to others. For most, it lies somewhere between a necessity and a fun, creative way to beautify the home or place of business. Those who feel like it’s a chore might change their mind when they realize just how creative we can get with decorating the home. There can be much more to it than giving the walls a new paint job and putting up a few cheap paintings. Decorating an apartment or house can also include statuary, sculptural lamps, artistic lighting, and a variety of beautiful wall decor items including tapestries fit for a royal abode.

We can also leverage just about everything inside a home for interior decor including furniture. Desks, tables, chairs, and other items can be easily used to decorate the home, especially when the furniture items are made with high quality materials and show creative carvings and other features. We hope that these suggestions will help when using unique furniture to decorate any residence:

Unique chairs, tables, and other furniture: Before talking about where to put the furniture, we need to know what type of furniture to get. Unique, creative furniture and other types of decor aren’t usually found in a local mall or big box store. We usually need to visit specialty stores, the best selection being found online. This is where we find beautiful chairs that are replicas of antique items, stunning mahogany tables, and creative sculptural decor like the elegant Neoclassical Male Occasional Table or the wickedly detailed Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.  Both of these sculptural tables are very creative yet quite different in terms of style, and this leads us to our next suggestion.

Choose a decorating theme: Since unique furniture items can take a variety of forms, it’s best to settle on a decorating theme before making any purchases. An Egyptian theme pays homage to the regal, ancient beauty of Egyptian art with its striking contrast of bright gold and jet black, and symbols seen on the walls of the tombs of the pharaohs. Egyptian sculptures also play an important role and lend a unique, creative touch to pieces like the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Pedestal Statue.

We could also go with Gothic or medieval-themed furniture to help the place look more like a castle or an abode from our favorite fantasy novels. The handsome Lord Raffles Winged Lion Buffet Table and many other items are beautiful replicas of antiques seen in museums and European estates, or, are at least inspired by such works of art. Folks looking for furniture with more Gothic appeal might enjoy sitting in the Dragon of Upminster Castle Throne Chair.

How and where to display furniture: After choosing a theme, we still have to figure out the best way to display those unique works of functional art. Think about where each piece will make the best impact, and where it’s beauty can be most appreciated. For example, if we have a mahogany table, it will make a beautiful addition to a library or reading room, or it could be used as a royal dining table. If we have a new, sculptural chair, it might look best when displayed in a room with decor that pertains to a similar decorating theme. A unique chair or sofa also works well when displayed in an inviting corner of a cozy room, especially next to an equally creative sculptural lamp. Smaller furniture items, lighting, and other decor can be used just after the entrance to a home to essentially greet guests.

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