The Best Labor Day Garden Party

Labor Day is almost here but with the warm weather, many of us wonder if the summer is truly coming to an end. Anyone with kids can’t help but admit that this is indeed the truth as we shop for new school supplies and clothes. Another summer has come and gone but we took advantage […]

Use the Backyard to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s hot outside. The pool beckons but that’s only if we manage to extricate ourselves from the cool oasis of an air-conditioned home. However, once we dive into the refreshing waters, we are reminded once again why it was worth it to venture back outside. The summer is hot but we can still stay cool […]

How to Convert Water into Fun Garden Decor

It’s summer and in most of the USA and Canada, it already looks like it’s going to be a hot one. As the temperatures rise, we can spend a boring summer in air-conditioned malls and homes, or have fun and take advantage of the great outdoors. That’s easy enough when one of the greatest parts […]

How to Create a Tropical Backyard

It’s Memorial Day! We hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday and kicking off the summer season with family and friends. Many of us also mark the beginning of summer by decorating the backyard with a variety of sculptures and garden decor. Whether we happen to decorate the backyard today or plan on doing that […]

Five Tips for Showcasing Favorite Garden Statuary and Decor

Favorite decor can take many shapes and forms. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if there is one thing that unites favorite garden decor, it’s the high quality of the decor in question. A garden sculpture or other decor item often becomes a favorite when it shows a certain rare character, beautiful, […]