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Bears in the Garden

The end of the winter season is approaching and as the snow melts, common winter birds begin to head back north. Dapper gray and white juncos, beautiful finches, and other species that took advantage of the backyard feeder leave and are replaced by robins and other birds of the summer. As the weather changes, we might also see other types of animals visiting the backyard. If the backyard is big and close to forested areas and green space, such wildlife can include raccoons, opossums, wild turkeys, and even deer. However, as much as we enjoy watching wildlife in the backyard, there are certain animals that we would probably rather see elsewhere. One such animal is the Black Bear, a large animal that has become surprisingly common in certain parts of the eastern United States.

The Black Bear ranges in fairly wild, woodland habitats in much of Canada and Alaska, and a small population also lives in the mountains of northern Mexico. It also occurs in the lower 48 states in parts of the Great Lakes region, New England, the Appalachians, the Ozarks, the Rocky Mountains, the coastal Pacific states, and small populations in coastal forests of the southern states. Historically, this species lived over a much larger area but deforestation and constant hunting caused it to disappear from various parts of its range. Despite those declines, decades of reforestation and hunting regulations have given a boost to Black Bear populations in many places, especially the north-eastern states.

One such place where bears have made a notable increase is northern New Jersey. The proximity of heavily forested state parks to small towns has resulted in many sightings of bears in urban areas, on trails in parks, and some even visiting big backyards. Although most bears stay away from people, some do become so accustomed to people that they lose their fear of humans, rummage through garbage cans, and look for hand-outs. These bears are the ones that can cause problems and even become dangerous because they associate people with food and can lash out when they don’t get what they want. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to avoid such problem bears by just keeping a safe distance from any bear that seems tame, and never giving them food. Instead of throwing it a snack or two, if a “tame” bear is encountered in the garden or elsewhere, the animal control authorities should be called as soon as possible.

The easiest way to keep bears out of the backyard is by removing any sources of food. Some suggestions include not leaving garbage outside or keeping it in a locked container, putting bird feeders into storage until the bear has been removed, not leaving pet food outside (which also attracts other animals), and quickly harvesting berries and other fruits before bears can come and eat them. Large dogs can also keep bears away but it’s better to keep the dogs inside if bears are around because dogs of any size can be injured or even killed by a bear, and small pets could become easy prey.

Although some folks might love to see a bear or two in the garden, both us and the bears will be much better off if we leave those encounters to the wild places. Instead of bringing wild Black Bears into the garden, we can still enjoy the beauty and wild, curious nature of these wonderful animals by way of realistic animal garden sculptures. These include detailed statues like “The Expert Fisherman” Black Bear Statue, and the Lemont the Lovable Lounger Black Bear Statue.

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Redecorate the House for Spring

A change of seasons is the perfect excuse to redecorate. As neighborhood trees gain leaves and temperatures climb, why not mimic those changes in the garden with modifications inside the home? It’s a chance to celebrate the end of winter and the concurrent start of spring, and an opportunity to mark new beginnings. This fresh start in redecorating can be carried out in a number of ways, and involve anything from a few indoor statues to a major make-over of every room in the home.

Before getting started with redecorating for spring, it’s worth it to take a walk through the home and think about the winter decor that can be put back into storage, and the extent to which we would like to modify the home. If we don’t feel anything good about the look of a certain room or hallway, we might want to go as far as changing the color of the room in addition to replacing the decor. More commonly, we notice a need for a few small changes here and there, and can make those happen with a variety of unique, high quality items.

We can also redecorate to match the change in garden decor. As we inaugurate a new backyard with classic outdoor garden water fountains and beautiful angel statues, we can also decorate the living room with angel-themed wall decor, and a cute animal statue or two. Angel decor for the interior of the home can take the form of items like the classy Guiding Angel Sculptural Wall Frieze by artist Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934), and functional, elegant decor like the Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.  These and other angelic sculptures and decorations lend a blend of class and peaceful elegance to any room, and many such items can also be admired on garden walls or on the back porch during the summer months.

Speaking of wall decor in general, the texture and storied appearance of a high quality frieze can lend a breath of fresh air to any room and augment its atmosphere. It’s also another easy way to give a home or place of business a touch of elegant class, and thus impress guests and clients.

Colorful decor also works well when we want to influence the atmosphere of the home interior, especially at the start of spring. Just as tulips and other flowers begin to peek out of the ground, and color comes back into the garden, we can match that natural palette with beautiful stained glass decor. The Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window and other, similar, high quality stained glass items glow with rich, cheerful hues when placed in a window. For this reason, they act as an easy way to give the home a beautiful touch at any time of the year although spring might be the most suitable month to enjoy their bright fresh colors.

In keeping with cheerful, fun decor, spring is also the perfect season to decorate with good-natured items like the Hog Heaven Twinkle Toe Pig Statue. The small size, colors, and details of this happy, dancing pig make it an ideal addition to a living room, mantel, or dining table. This and other happy decor also work well at the beginning of spring because they can match our relief that winter is finally over. As with any humorous decor, dancing pig statues and similar, creative, unique interior decor will also put a smile on the face of every guest and act as a conversation piece.

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Why Beautiful Urns Are Decor for Every Season

In general, garden decor is meant for warm times of the year. Resin garden statues can be damaged by freezing cold weather, especially when subjected to cold weather for extended periods of time, but even if we did want to leave our favorite angel sculpture outside during the winter months, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. At least not when the backyard lies under a blanket of snow, the ground is frozen, and biting, frigid wind blows through the bare branches.

Fortunately, depending on where you live, winter only lasts three to six months of the year, and we can still use some of those garden statues inside the home. Although we might want to leave most of the high quality garden gnomes in storage, some of our garden fairies and animal garden statues can act as a suitable addition to the inside of a winter home. In general, small garden statuary works best as interior decor, but there are a few other types of garden decor that work for every season no matter how big or small they may be.

Urns and vases fall into this category. It doesn’t mean that we would want to leave such “all-season decor” outside during the winter months (not a good idea for any decor made from resin), just that there are urns and vases suited for every season.  During the hot days of summer, decorative urns play an easy role in gardens of every size. Their gestalt can help them fit in with everything from classic statuary to Gothic decor and backyards decorated with animals garden sculptures, and they can also be placed in just about any corner of the garden. In general, items like the Versailles Cherub Urn & Plinth just act as basic, classy decor no matter where or how they are displayed.

Another good thing about urns and vases is that they can also be used for displaying cuttings of flowers and other plants, and some can be leveraged as planters. This makes them suitable for the backyard during the summer months, as decor on the porch or sun room during spring and fall, and as a means of lending cheer to a winter home with brightly colored floral arrangements. An example of a beautiful, decorative urn that can be used outside during the summer and then shown inside when the weather turns cold is the Larkin Arts and Crafts Architectural Garden Urn & Plinth Set. This classy urn looks best when placed on the plinth, but still makes a regal statement when displayed without it.

We could also use certain urns for the garden, and then make use of other, more elegant urns as interior decor. While we might limit a large Versailles Cherub Urn and the Versailles Floral Oviform Urn: Set of Two to the outdoors, exquisite vases like the Peacock Centerpiece Sculptural Vase act as elegant interior decor during the cold months. This and other beautifully detailed vases make for easy, classy accents, work well with Victorian-themed decor and antiques, and lend a touch of beautiful elegance to any room.

The same can be said for the impressive Chatsworth Manor Sculptural Neoclassical Pedestal Urn. Although this detailed work of functional art works well for every season, in a warm spring or summer backyard, it can act as fine decor on its own or for showcasing favorite floral arrangements. During autumn, until it gets too cold, it can still be used in the backyard before eventually being placed in an enclosed porch, and when the snow starts to fall, it can host greenery in the living room.

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Creative Wall Decor for Every Home

Whether big or small, a home isn’t really complete until it has some form of interior decor. We might have a few furniture items, a television, and other appliances but until we do some decorating, that new house or apartment could be any old place where anyone could live. We don’t just decorate to make the place look beautiful, we also get creative with decor to make the place our own. In addition to giving the walls and hallways a new coat of paint, and picking out new lamps and curtains, we use decor to lend the home a fresh personal touch and shape the atmosphere of the new living space.

Although just about any decor is better than being surrounded by sterile blank walls, we should still be careful about the type of decor we use. Until we change it, we need to remember that the interior decor we put on display is what we are going to see day in and day out, the paintings we put on the walls will be seen by all of our guests, and the decor we use will have an effect on us. This means that we should look around a bit before picking out new decor for a new home but it doesn’t mean that we need to limit our creativity.

On the contrary, a new home gives us a clean decorating slate and a chance to be as creative as we want. While we could put up some of our favorite decor items from the previous place of residence, we could also opt to limit a few of our favorites to just one room, or keep them in storage for a few months while we give new decor a try. If the new items don’t work out, we can always go back to the older items or use them in conjunction with our newest set of statues, stained glass, and sculptural furniture.

It’s also easier to get creative with new decor when we use items that can work with a wide variety of situations. Wall decor works very well in a variety of circumstances because it can be displayed in any room, and makes it easy to convert a blank wall into an interesting and unique landscape. Use the right type of wall decor, and we can also lend the home a detailed, Gothic look, decorate with the striking colors and symbols of Ancient Egypt, or pay homage to nature in the form of dramatic animal wall sculptures. Not to mention, when the time comes to decorate the garden, many wall decor items can also be used in the backyard.

For example, The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Sculpture lends a classic look to a bathroom, indoor spa, or any place that could use a combination of elegance, classic beauty, and fantasy. Once the weather gets warm, this and other detailed wall sculptures will look just as stunning when displayed next to the pool. The same goes for the eye-catching Phineas the Flapping Macaw Bird Wall Sculpture and other colorful, life-like animal wall decor. Use this and other exotic animal decor to be reminded of places with white sand, swaying palm trees, and hot sunny weather.

Speaking of animal decor, a wall sculpture of a raven or dragon is a wonderful way to give the reading room a Gothic touch, whereas the Lord Earl Houghton’s Elephant Wall Sculpture is ideal when we want to impart a Victorian look. It’s easy to be creative with wall decor because we can also choose from beautiful friezes, sculptural clocks, and dozens of other beautifully detailed works of art.

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Decor and Resolutions for a New Year

Happy first day of 2017! For those who don’t have to get up early and go to work, this is the primary day of the year to sleep in, relax, and relish in the fact that another holiday season has successfully come to an end. Sure, there might be some left-overs and holiday chocolates to finish off but at least we can enjoy them without worrying about buying gifts, decorating, attending another party, or preparing our own houses for a holiday bash. While we relax with those remnant chocolates and watch our favorite shows and movies, we can also think about our resolutions for 2017.

Although we don’t know when this custom first began, resolutions at the start of another year or season are nothing new. People have been making them for thousands of years within the context of various belief systems and cultures. During the times of ancient Rome, there was a custom of making resolutions to the God “Janus” at the beginning of the year (the same deity after which the month of January is named). In later eras, knights renewed their vows, and several belief systems mark the first days of the year as a time to reflect, atone, and promise to be an overall better person.

This big change in the calendar acts as a fresh start and the perfect excuse for self-improvement. Those improvements can be anything from losing weight to quitting smoking, or just trying to smile more often. However, we don’t have to limit resolutions to changing habits or doing more for ourselves and others. We can also leverage resolutions to improve the places where we live and work. Improving the home, garden, and place of work can take the form of a major garden overhaul, changing up the decorating theme in the home, or just resolving to change the accents and statues on our work desks once a month.

Whether we make a resolution to get more exercise or decorate the living room, we probably won’t succeed unless the promise we make to ourselves is realistic. For example, if we don’t have the resources to install an in-ground pool and decorate the backyard with heirloom bronze sculptures and fantastic outdoor garden water fountains, it’s probably not going to happen during one garden season. But, if we can put in the pool this year or just opt for the bronze statue, we might make one of those resolutions come true.

The same goes for decor. If we make a resolution to change the wall decor in the home three times a year, there is a pretty good chance we can make that happen. That’s reasonable, especially so when we can choose from unique and beautiful decor like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock and the Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Promise to replace all of the garden statues with a dozen new, unique sculptures, though, and that may be more of a challenge. However, if it is, and we don’t have the resources for a complete garden make over, we can still resolve to get a stunning new angel statue for the backyard, or a fantastic animal garden statue like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture.

Keep in mind that we can also go smaller with our decor resolutions and get a new welcome sign for the backyard, or funny animal statues like the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. It’s just as easy to get a few new accents for the home and place of work, or buy at least three new decor items to change the atmosphere of a room.

Enjoy the New Year and mark it with high quality beautiful decor in the home, garden, and place of business.

Tips to Make the Most of Post Holiday Sales

It’s the first day after Christmas but the holidays aren’t over yet? That doesn’t really happen until we have to use a new calendar in January. Until then, we still have several days to enjoy time with family, make a snowman or two, and admire the beauty of treasured ornaments on the tree. After looking for gifts for the past several weeks, we might also feel like we are through with shopping for a while. However, given the great deals and sales going on during these post-Christmas days, we really shouldn’t call it quits on shopping yet. There are just too many savings to be had and still plenty of wonderful items that would look great in the garden, home, and even places of business.

These are some suggestions to make the most of post-holiday sales:

Go shopping today: A lot of things will be on sale until the end of the year but the best discounts usually happen today and tomorrow. Since some items could go out of stock, it’s worth it to get some shopping time in today, December 26th. Not to mention, that same sale might not be happening in a few days. When it comes down to it, we shouldn’t wait to save a lot of money on purchases of fine decor and whatever other items we would love to have.

It’s also just as important to know where to shop so we can avoid crowds and find the best deals. Don’t leave online stores out of this equation because they might have just what we are looking for, we won’t need those items right away, and we wouldn’t have to brave traffic or wait in any lines to buy them.

Check prices first: We shouldn’t buy on impulse because we see the word “sale”. Some places have discounts for more, and others offer discounts that differ little from the ones we saw before Christmas. If you aren’t aware of the usual price for an item, check prices at a few places before clicking that “buy now” button. It will be worth it if we can save even 25% instead of 20% on beautiful wall art, an exquisite mahogany table, or other items for the home and garden.

It’s a long, dark winter: We are just getting started with the winter, and for folks who love sunny weather, unfortunately, we literally have a lot of dark days ahead of us. The lack of sunlight can be trying even if we do manage to break up the cold weather with a two week trip to Cancun, Jamaica, or Costa Rica. This is a worthwhile thing to keep in mind while shopping during these discounted days because we might come across some items that will lend the home a bright, cheerful look. Keep an eye out for discounts on sculptural floor lamps like the eye-catching Peacock Goddess Torchiere, and the fun Heads above Giraffe Floor Lamp. We should also look for deals on unique sculptural wall sconces, cute table lamps, and other cheerful interior decor.

Keep spring and summer in mind: It can hard to imagine the pleasant warm days of summer when the garden is a frozen landscape of ice and snow, but in a few months, spring will be here again and fresh green shoots of grass will be coming up in the backyard. It will be time to think about decorating the garden, and if we shop for decor now, we can be prepared for it while saving money on beautiful animal garden statues, sculptures of angels, and other high quality decor.

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Animal Statues as Gifts

We are in the height of the gift buying season and time is running out to find the best presents for the special people in our lives. That might sound alarming but given the many other responsibilities we are involved with at this time of the year, we really have to take advantage of whatever bit of time we have for buying gifts. It can even be tough to find time to figure out what we are going to purchase.

With that in mind, it’s always good to hear about different possibilities for holiday gifts. When we feel like we are at the end of our wits because we can’t think of anything that would make a good gift, one of those ideas might do the trick. One such idea is an animal garden statue. Sculptures of animals might work as the gifts we need for these reasons:

A lot of people love animals: We all like to get gifts of things we love. Whether someone spends time in the garden or never ventures outside, if that person loves animals, he or she will love an animal statue. Sure, we have to make sure that the animal is one that they like but we should be able to pick out the right one because there are dozens of high quality animal garden statues to choose from. These can take the form of anything from detailed, life-like depictions of elephants and tigers to a super cute statue of Meerkats. Many animal sculptures can be placed outside or find a spot inside the home. Many can also be used as beautiful, high quality decor for a place of business. Rest assured that the person receiving a statue of an animal will find a use for it.

Pet statues work too: If the special people on the list aren’t all that into wild animals, they might have pets that they cherish. High quality statues of cats and dogs might work for them, including sculptures of the type of dog or cat that they have. As one might guess, sculptures of puppies or kittens make a wonderful, cute addition to any home, and will be especially appreciated. The
Black Labrador Puppy Dog Statue is just one of several adorable, life-like puppy sculptures that can lend a lovely, cozy touch to any room. The same goes for kitten welcome signs, and many other sculpture options that show realistic depictions of cats and dogs.

Garden animal sculptures: If the person on the list enjoys time in the garden or backyard, it’s even easier to give them an animal garden statue. In all likelihood, they already have some garden statues in the backyard and will be all too happy to get another one or two, especially if it’s a high quality statue of a bunny, fox, or other woodland animal. We can also go with fun animal sculptures that literally hang from the trees like the Up a Tree Hanging Black Bear Cub Sculpture and the hilarious Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. Other possibilities include sculptures of colorful frogs, fun snails, and even dinosaurs.

Animal statues as interior decor: Something else to keep in mind about animal sculptures is that many can also be used inside the home. This turns them into easy, fun gifts for folks who live in apartments, or who might not have a backyard. Although there are some grand-size animal sculptures that might not work inside a home, there are plenty of smaller statues that would look wonderful in the corner of a living room, or out on the balcony.

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The Best Way to Pick Out an Angel Sculpture for the Garden

One of the main difficulties for decorating the garden is choosing decor. If we can’t get past that first step, the backyard is going to look pretty plain. However, at the same time, we can’t jump at the first statues and other garden decor items we come across because that will probably result in a backyard decorated with cheap, below average statues, or a hodgepodge of items that end up diminishing or even tarnishing the character of the backyard. When picking out decor for a new summer garden season, it’s worth it to stop and think about what we would like to display in the backyard and how we would like to showcase those items before we even think about purchasing that first statue.

For example, a good place to start is with decorating themes. A tropical flavored garden can be a summer time hit, especially for folks who love to throw parties and grill outside. A fantasy-themed backyard is also made possible with a bevy of dragon and gargoyle garden statues, Celtic sculptures, and other unique decor. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to classic sculptures either, and that’s where angels come into the picture.

Sculptures of angelic beings have played a standard role as decor for gardens, cemeteries, and plazas for centuries. Although most are found in churches and cathedrals, they are also seen in Victorian gardens and in any backyard where beautiful, classic decor is appreciated. We also see a variety of angel sculptures because they come in more forms than most people expect. We hope that these suggestions will help in picking out the best angel statue for the backyard:

Centerpiece statue or smaller decor: One of the first main things to consider is the size of the angel sculpture. Browse a good selection of angel statues and we find quite a few large angels, several medium-sized sculptures, and more than enough small ones to choose from. If we buy a large angel like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture, it could easily act as majestic centerpiece decor. However, if the backyard isn’t big enough to host an angel of this size, it might be better suited to the smaller yet just as elegant Angel of Patience Sculpture. Or, we could go smaller still with a couple of cherub sculptures or an easy-going Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture.

Which type of angel? Before buying an angel, we also need to be aware of the different types of angel sculptures available for the garden. There are eye-catching, impressive angels suitable for a cathedral, praying angels, motherly angels that walk with or hold children, shy angels, child angels, and more artistic representations of heavenly beings like the “Extended Grace” Angel Statue. In choosing the type of angel, we should always keep in mind how it will complement or fit into the general decorating theme, as well as if we would like to use it as an interior statue during the winter months.

Where to show the angel? Before picking out any angel sculpture, we also need to think about where we are going to put it on display. Do we want to put the statue in a quiet corner of the garden to act as inspiration for contemplation? Or, will it look better when placed shortly after the entrance to the garden? Envisioning where each angel looks best will help us pick out the best one for the garden.

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The Best Garden Decor for Summer

The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, it’s hot outside, and it’s hard to believe that we were scraping snow off our cars earlier in the year. Summer is here and there’s no better season for baseball, pool time, and other forms of outdoor fun. Anyone who does any amount of gardening also knows that summer is when we work the backyard to turn it into a beautiful, peaceful oasis that might include a Koi pond, rows of vegetables, ornamental bushes and trees, and displays of beautiful garden statues.

Although just about any high quality statues will look great in a summer garden, certain sculptures and decor seem to work better at this time of the year than spring or fall. Follow these tips to decorate the backyard with the best display of garden statues:

Statues of angels: The timeless beauty of quality angel sculptures gives the garden a classy touch at any time of the year. However, some angels seem better suited to warm, summer days than the fresh days of spring, or the nostalgic colors of fall. Whereas the majestic Heaven’s Angel Cast Bronze Garden Statue is a fantastic, heirloom quality sculpture suitable for most seasons, fine sculptures like “Joy, the Flower Angel” Statue work well with the abundant green vegetation of the summer season. There are also angel statues that blend function with classic beauty. One such example is the “Angel of Peace” Reflecting Pool Sculpture, a cute winged cherub that shares a reflecting pool with backyard birds coming to bathe.

Animal garden statues: Sculptures of animals can also lend a lovely look to any backyard. No matter which type of animals one likes, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for animal statues is to pick out sculptures that are as life-like as possible. Realistic details never fail to impress and make it very easy to admire the beauty of decor like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture and the Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Lounging Cub. These carefully crafted sculptures are just two of several, very realistic animal decor items that help add “life” to a summer backyard.

Although statues of wild animals are always a good choice, keep in mind that statues of animals can also take the form of fun, and colorful creatures. Such decor is always the life of the party and includes fun sculptures like the Madame & Monsieur Escargot, Enormous Garden Snail Statue Set, and the “Party Time Pink Flamingo” Statue.

Favorite decor can be a good choice: When we aren’t sure which decor might work best for this year’s summer garden, why not check and see what other people like? Galleries of best-selling garden statues can show a variety of favorite sculptures, statues, and decor, including unique and extraordinary statues like Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture, and the adorable Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture.  These sculptures are favorites because they lend character to any garden, and, despite their eye-catching appearance, also work well with other types of decor. Other sculptures become favorites because they combine beautiful form with function, or are just wonderful works of art for the backyard.

Stick with sculptures that you like: When picking out summer garden decor, the best advice is just to choose the statues and decor that we like the most. For example, if we really like squirrels and other cute little animals, we will enjoy a garden decorated with a few funny statues of squirrels a lot more than one with other types of statues.

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