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Dragons, Gargoyles, and Fairies

Creatures of myth and legend represent the fruits of the imagination, and hearken back to ancient tales told at hearths that kept the wild, unknown fears of the night at bay. Some of those creatures were good, but most were dangerous and best avoided at all costs. They took the form of fierce, scaled beasts, devilish creatures, and other concoctions of frightened minds. Most seem to have been inspired by actual fears of snakes, big cats, and other potentially dangerous animals but a few of the most famous creatures seem to have little relation with known wildlife.

One such creature is the dragon. While serpents do come to mind when speaking of dragons, most depictions of these magical creatures look more like dinosaurs or massive, winged lizards. However, they are much bigger than any lizard, some look rather like a combination of a lizard and a snake, and, in more than a few legends, dragons are highly intelligent, conniving creatures with magical powers. Most are also equipped with their own, personal flamethrower, and, like an evil tyrant, demand tribute from the lands over which they rule.

However, despite tales of dragons and dragon-like beasts in cultures across the globe, those same tales spoke of dragons in the past tense. They were said to be creatures that used to exist but haven’t been seen in a long time. No one knew if they still occurred but they were suspected to persist in remote, wild mountains, vast deserts, and the “wastelands” where few people dared to roam. As such places were explored, no one ever came across a single dragon, and none have ever been found outside the realm of fantasy. That said, the allure of these magical, powerful beasts lingers to this day and we see them in novels, films, and as mesmerizing garden decor like Sword, the Arthurian Dragon Statue.

The gargoyle is another intriguing, magical creature. Like the dragon, this beast is equipped with an array of personal weapons. It has long, sharp claws, a set of fangs, and a fierce, muscled appearance meant to intimidate any who oppose it. Also like the dragon, no one has ever laid eyes on an actual gargoyle other than the ones made of stone that line the ramparts of Gothic cathedrals. Compared to dragons, fewer tales of gargoyles exist, and most would agree that the modern depiction of these strange beasts were invented during the Middle Ages to guard churches against evil spirits while also trying to remind church-goers of the perils that can come from giving way to sin.

Similar to the dragon, nowadays, we see gargoyles in a lot more places than old, French cathedrals. Wickedly fun statues like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue can be seen accompanying sculptures of angels and other garden statuary in many a backyard, and some gargoyle sculptures also work well as interior Gothic decor. They can also be seen sharing garden space with what might be the most perilous of fantasy-themed creatures, fairies.

Garden fairies like the beautiful Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture are representative of the modern, commonly held, elegant view of these magical creatures. However, before the Victorian era, fairies were never regarded as graceful, cheerful creatures. The old tales that speak of the fairy folk invariably refer to them as either mischievous, easily crossed creatures that should be avoided at all costs, or absolutely dangerous, evil beings that want to harm people. Since far more people swear to have seen and had negative experiences with gnomes and fairies than with dragons or gargoyles, fairies might actually be the most frightening of these three famous legendary creatures.

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Angel Statues and Gargoyles in the Same Garden?

Summer is in full swing and so is garden decor season. Although most of us began to decorate the backyard as soon as the snow melted, we don’t have to stick with the same set of statues. We can switch things up, or, if we don’t feel like going that route, might still have room for a few more garden sculptures. Guests will be impressed and we can also enjoy the new, fresh look.

Part of that new look can include sculptures that we never dreamed of putting in the backyard. Such statues wouldn’t take the form of low-quality or below-average sculptures, but decor that just didn’t happen to jive with the look we had envisioned for the garden. For example, if we already hoped to decorate the backyard with a combination of cute animal garden statues and gnomes, we might have put off buying that magnificent angel sculpture or various Greek garden statues. If we chose to limit our decor to a garden fountain, one or two metal benches, or Asian-themed decor, we might have put the gnomes back into storage.

However, although the garden might not seem to be suited for certain statues or combinations of decor at first glance, folks are frequently surprised at how good the garden looks when decorated with different types of statues. If the garden is big enough, or just has enough vegetation to create miniature grottoes or other nooks and crannies, we can easily find room for an extra angel statue or two. While one part of the backyard might be dedicated to easy-going decor or garden fairies, another corner of the backyard could host a classic beauty like the Angel of Patience Sculpture.  No matter what other statues we have on display, various angel statues can also make a beautiful statement when displayed next to the pool.

Statues of angels can also fit in with just about any type of decor when they are already part of a fountain, or work as wall decor. Two such examples are the Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture, and the Santa Croce Angel Wall Frieze. Both lend a lovely statement when displayed on garden walls or in a place of business no matter which types of statues are shown in the garden. In fact, these beautiful angels would still look just as impressive even if the backyard was decorated with a Bigfoot statue or other types of decor that represent the realm of myth and fantasy.

Some might also find it surprising that Gothic decor often looks great when shown with statues of angels. Many actually consider angel sculptures to be a type of Gothic decor although that really depends on the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, one type of Gothic statue often looks right at home when sharing a backyard with statues of angels. Although we might not expect it, gargoyle statues work very well when shown with angel decor. Both types of statues have a similar origin that date back to the Middle Ages, and despite their very different appearance, both also share the same ramparts of many Gothic cathedrals. When displayed in the same backyard, they entertain and lend character with their classic contrast between good and evil, and work well in any backyard.

Even an angel as magnificent as the Grand Basilica Praying Angel Garden Statue can share a garden with something as intimidating as Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture although we might want to put them in separate corners of the backyard.

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