Dragons, Gargoyles, and Fairies

Creatures of myth and legend represent the fruits of the imagination, and hearken back to ancient tales told at hearths that kept the wild, unknown fears of the night at bay. Some of those creatures were good, but most were dangerous and best avoided at all costs. They took the form of fierce, scaled beasts, […]

Getting Patriotic on President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! Also known as “Washington’s Birthday”, or “Washington and Lincolns Day”, this holiday is an ideal time to express patriotism. It was established to celebrate the birthday of the first president of the USA, George Washington, although it has also become a day to remember all presidents.  Even though President Washington was born […]

Four Wonderful Gothic Gift Ideas

The holiday season might be over but it’s not the only gift giving time of the year. Plenty of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions arise from now until next December. Not to mention, there are also times when we just feel like giving a little something to ourselves. The types of gifts that […]

Creative Wall Decor for Every Home

Whether big or small, a home isn’t really complete until it has some form of interior decor. We might have a few furniture items, a television, and other appliances but until we do some decorating, that new house or apartment could be any old place where anyone could live. We don’t just decorate to make […]

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

The beautiful month of May is here and for many of us, this means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This special holiday is the perfect occasion for treating Mom to lunch or dinner at her favorite place, to spend quality time with the family, and to just make her feel like the […]

Celebrate Cyber Monday with 25% Savings on Beautiful Garden Statuary

Did you miss our Black Friday sale over the weekend? Do you still want to save 25% on beautiful gifts and high quality decor for family and friends? If “yes” is the answer to either of these questions, enjoy shopping and saving today because we are celebrating Cyber Monday with big sales on fine decor […]

Happy Thanksgiving, 2015 from Design Toscano!

Turkey Day is here again! This wonderful holiday is a treasured time to share with family and close friends. Most of us start the day by preparing the feast, and finish it with football games and a Thanksgiving snooze. This year, take advantage of the commercial breaks to save 20% on gifts for family members […]

Save 20% on Beautiful Asian Indoor Statues

Sculptures meant for the interior of the home and place of business can be entertaining, exquisite, and lend a classic touch to their surroundings. Many Asian-themed statues encompass these characteristics and blend them with a peaceful, easy-going appearance. This makes high quality Asian sculptures a wonderful addition to a winter home and office, and when […]

Take 20% Off Exquisite Clocks at Design Toscano

Some of the best decor does more than lending a lovely look to the home and garden. Functional decor can combine artistic beauty with soft lighting, or accomplish something as simple and elegant as showcasing a fresh floral bouquet. Clocks can also act as decor and provide a classy touch to rooms and homes of […]

The Design Toscano Thanksgiving Sale Starts Today!

Thanksgiving will be here in a few days and we are marking this lovely, important holiday with a 20% sale on everything is our collection. It’s not too late to shop for gifts and this sale helps with the winter holiday budget. Although every page of our site shows a variety of wonderful gift options, […]