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Dragons, Gargoyles, and Fairies

Creatures of myth and legend represent the fruits of the imagination, and hearken back to ancient tales told at hearths that kept the wild, unknown fears of the night at bay. Some of those creatures were good, but most were dangerous and best avoided at all costs. They took the form of fierce, scaled beasts, devilish creatures, and other concoctions of frightened minds. Most seem to have been inspired by actual fears of snakes, big cats, and other potentially dangerous animals but a few of the most famous creatures seem to have little relation with known wildlife.

One such creature is the dragon. While serpents do come to mind when speaking of dragons, most depictions of these magical creatures look more like dinosaurs or massive, winged lizards. However, they are much bigger than any lizard, some look rather like a combination of a lizard and a snake, and, in more than a few legends, dragons are highly intelligent, conniving creatures with magical powers. Most are also equipped with their own, personal flamethrower, and, like an evil tyrant, demand tribute from the lands over which they rule.

However, despite tales of dragons and dragon-like beasts in cultures across the globe, those same tales spoke of dragons in the past tense. They were said to be creatures that used to exist but haven’t been seen in a long time. No one knew if they still occurred but they were suspected to persist in remote, wild mountains, vast deserts, and the “wastelands” where few people dared to roam. As such places were explored, no one ever came across a single dragon, and none have ever been found outside the realm of fantasy. That said, the allure of these magical, powerful beasts lingers to this day and we see them in novels, films, and as mesmerizing garden decor like Sword, the Arthurian Dragon Statue.

The gargoyle is another intriguing, magical creature. Like the dragon, this beast is equipped with an array of personal weapons. It has long, sharp claws, a set of fangs, and a fierce, muscled appearance meant to intimidate any who oppose it. Also like the dragon, no one has ever laid eyes on an actual gargoyle other than the ones made of stone that line the ramparts of Gothic cathedrals. Compared to dragons, fewer tales of gargoyles exist, and most would agree that the modern depiction of these strange beasts were invented during the Middle Ages to guard churches against evil spirits while also trying to remind church-goers of the perils that can come from giving way to sin.

Similar to the dragon, nowadays, we see gargoyles in a lot more places than old, French cathedrals. Wickedly fun statues like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue can be seen accompanying sculptures of angels and other garden statuary in many a backyard, and some gargoyle sculptures also work well as interior Gothic decor. They can also be seen sharing garden space with what might be the most perilous of fantasy-themed creatures, fairies.

Garden fairies like the beautiful Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture are representative of the modern, commonly held, elegant view of these magical creatures. However, before the Victorian era, fairies were never regarded as graceful, cheerful creatures. The old tales that speak of the fairy folk invariably refer to them as either mischievous, easily crossed creatures that should be avoided at all costs, or absolutely dangerous, evil beings that want to harm people. Since far more people swear to have seen and had negative experiences with gnomes and fairies than with dragons or gargoyles, fairies might actually be the most frightening of these three famous legendary creatures.

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Getting Patriotic on President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! Also known as “Washington’s Birthday”, or “Washington and Lincolns Day”, this holiday is an ideal time to express patriotism. It was established to celebrate the birthday of the first president of the USA, George Washington, although it has also become a day to remember all presidents.  Even though President Washington was born on February 22nd, the date of this federal holiday varies because it always falls on the third Monday of the second month of the year. Much to the happiness of schoolchildren and many adults, Monday was chosen for celebrating this holiday to conveniently turn a two-day weekend into a three day one.

The combination of a holiday and three-day weekend has also frequently turned the third and fourth weeks of February into a time for bargains and shopping discounts. This probably resulted from stores realizing that more people are likely to go shopping if they have a Monday off, especially when outdoor activities are curtailed by winter weather. No matter what the reason for sales, it’s worth it to keep an eye out for bargains at this time of year, especially on items and clothing we might want for the summer months.

However, in addition to saving money on garden statues and other items that will be put to use in a month or two, this weekend is an excellent excuse to celebrate patriotism. These are a few ideas for celebrating love of country, freedom, and democracy:

Decorate to celebrate: “Americana” is the decorating theme that works best for President’s Day, and these items will look just as impressive long after the end of February. Although we may or may not want to take down the red, white, and blue bunting, showing the flag never goes out of style, and neither do certain statues and other types of high quality decor. Out in the garden, such decor can take the form of garden sculptures like the “Patriotic Flag Children” Statue,  and Western Americana decor like the Cowboy Cody Western Welcome Statue. Just keep in mind that such garden statues shouldn’t be placed outside if the temperature still dips below zero. If so, these and other patriotic sculptures will look just as good in a month or two.

It’s just as important and festive to decorate the interior of the home. A bit of bunting will work along with pictures of the flag, Mount Rushmore, and other iconic American images including the impressive Statue of Liberty (1886) Wall Frieze, and the beautifully detailed “On the Hunt” Native American Statue.

Throw a party: Interior decor is also important for this holiday if we plan on throwing a President’s Day party. Invite friends and family to the house for an evening of classic American recipes accompanied by locally brewed spirits, and patriotic-themed games. These can take the form of trivia about the Constitution of the United States of America, trivia about past presidents, or giving out small, fun prizes to guests who can name all of the state capitals. An apple pie bake-off, most patriotic outfit, and other small contests can also be held. Make a big impression by using the Uncle Sam Yankee Doodle Dandy Butler Pedestal Sculptural Table to serve apple pie and other standard American fare.

Patriotic movie night: Whether we throw a party or not, we can also have fun on this holiday weekend by hosting a patriotic-themed movie night. Show an evening of two or three movies that deal with patriotism in any number of ways, and share them with good friends.

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Four Wonderful Gothic Gift Ideas

The holiday season might be over but it’s not the only gift giving time of the year. Plenty of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions arise from now until next December. Not to mention, there are also times when we just feel like giving a little something to ourselves. The types of gifts that we buy depend on various factors, the most important one being the preferences of the people destined to receive them. If we aren’t buying that special item for our own home, garden, or place of business, we need to put ourselves in the mind of that person, really think about the things they love and appreciate, and search from that point of view. Do that and we can cut out time spent searching for the gift while also being sure that we are picking out the best one.

One of the strategies for finding the perfect gift involves focusing on the decor they use, and knowing about their favorite movies and novels. Sometimes, all it takes is thinking about those possibilities and we can quickly pick out a fantastic, unique present. It can be even easier if that person enjoys the fantasy or Gothic genres because there are a lot more wonderful Gothic gifts to choose from than most people realize. The following are four such gift ideas for all aficionados of Gothic and fantasy-themed items:

Gothic wall sculptures: Medieval and fantasy-themed wall decor are much enjoyed by big fans of the Gothic genre.  The fine details and mysterious beauty of such items as The Dragon’s Pentacle Wall Sculpture and the Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy make it easy to showcase appreciation for the genre. These and other high quality wall decor pieces are also perfect for influencing the atmosphere of a personal library, bedroom, or other place in the home.

Fun, functional decor: Another good Gothic gift idea involves any type of decor that can be used for more than being put on display. There are high quality Gothic accents that act as beautifully detailed pen holders, journals, and even bath tissue holders. The Vampire Bat Sculptural Hooked Wall Hanger is also an excellent place to hang a hat or set of keys, and the Celadon, the Sculptural Mp3 Player Sentry is an easy, fun gift for adolescents and a wide range of people.

Something wicked for the garden: Folks with a garden or backyard, and a penchant for Gothic decor, will love Gothic garden statues. These can take the form of gargoyle statues, garden sculptures of wizards, fantasy-themed creatures, or maybe even the The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue. Greenmen statues will also be much appreciated especially when the gift is the intriguing Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture. This and other greenman sculptures help transform the backyard from an average personal green oasis into a place where the very trees haunt the surroundings with ancient faces.

Gothic lighting: Another useful item and needed for every home, Gothic lamps and other forms of decorative lighting can break new boundaries when it comes to creative, functional decor. These can be small, beautifully sculpted lamps meant to inspire and illuminate the work desk of an aspiring writer, take the form of torchiere lamps held by a dragon’s sharp claws, or any number of decorative sconces fit for the halls of modern day royalty. We can also go for more extravagant forms of Gothic lighting and give that special person a sculptural chandelier or a fantastic lighted wall sculpture.

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Creative Wall Decor for Every Home

Whether big or small, a home isn’t really complete until it has some form of interior decor. We might have a few furniture items, a television, and other appliances but until we do some decorating, that new house or apartment could be any old place where anyone could live. We don’t just decorate to make the place look beautiful, we also get creative with decor to make the place our own. In addition to giving the walls and hallways a new coat of paint, and picking out new lamps and curtains, we use decor to lend the home a fresh personal touch and shape the atmosphere of the new living space.

Although just about any decor is better than being surrounded by sterile blank walls, we should still be careful about the type of decor we use. Until we change it, we need to remember that the interior decor we put on display is what we are going to see day in and day out, the paintings we put on the walls will be seen by all of our guests, and the decor we use will have an effect on us. This means that we should look around a bit before picking out new decor for a new home but it doesn’t mean that we need to limit our creativity.

On the contrary, a new home gives us a clean decorating slate and a chance to be as creative as we want. While we could put up some of our favorite decor items from the previous place of residence, we could also opt to limit a few of our favorites to just one room, or keep them in storage for a few months while we give new decor a try. If the new items don’t work out, we can always go back to the older items or use them in conjunction with our newest set of statues, stained glass, and sculptural furniture.

It’s also easier to get creative with new decor when we use items that can work with a wide variety of situations. Wall decor works very well in a variety of circumstances because it can be displayed in any room, and makes it easy to convert a blank wall into an interesting and unique landscape. Use the right type of wall decor, and we can also lend the home a detailed, Gothic look, decorate with the striking colors and symbols of Ancient Egypt, or pay homage to nature in the form of dramatic animal wall sculptures. Not to mention, when the time comes to decorate the garden, many wall decor items can also be used in the backyard.

For example, The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Sculpture lends a classic look to a bathroom, indoor spa, or any place that could use a combination of elegance, classic beauty, and fantasy. Once the weather gets warm, this and other detailed wall sculptures will look just as stunning when displayed next to the pool. The same goes for the eye-catching Phineas the Flapping Macaw Bird Wall Sculpture and other colorful, life-like animal wall decor. Use this and other exotic animal decor to be reminded of places with white sand, swaying palm trees, and hot sunny weather.

Speaking of animal decor, a wall sculpture of a raven or dragon is a wonderful way to give the reading room a Gothic touch, whereas the Lord Earl Houghton’s Elephant Wall Sculpture is ideal when we want to impart a Victorian look. It’s easy to be creative with wall decor because we can also choose from beautiful friezes, sculptural clocks, and dozens of other beautifully detailed works of art.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

The beautiful month of May is here and for many of us, this means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This special holiday is the perfect occasion for treating Mom to lunch or dinner at her favorite place, to spend quality time with the family, and to just make her feel like the most special person on the planet. This year, try one of these ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day:

Treat her to a gourmet picnic: Does Mom like delicious gourmet cuisine? Does she also love to spend time in the garden? If so, she would love to be treated to a gourmet picnic. Try to get an idea about the special foods she enjoys the most, and go shopping at the nearest upscale supermarket. Classic gourmet picnic options include cheeses (get at least two, maybe three types of cheese to sample, especially high quality brands), fresh bread (not that packaged stuff, but real, fresh baguettes), fresh fruit (try a mix of kiwi, mango, and peach), and pasta salad with cured olives and smoked salmon. For drinks, bring a bottle of wine or fresh fruit juices. No matter what food you decide to get, make sure to bring the things that she loves. As far as a place for the picnic, a beautiful garden is ideal but if that’s not available, have the picnic in her favorite park.

Take her on a garden tour: If Mom enjoys gardening and seeing beautiful gardens, take her on an urban garden tour. Many towns and cities host tours that visit beautiful gardens in historic neighborhoods, and many of those gardens feature unique garden statues and decor. Just look in the weekend section of the local paper or search online to find the nearest garden tour and when it takes place. Some tours also include visits to local cafes, and other sites. Just make sure you know where the tour goes and how long it is.

Bring her to her favorite park or wildlife refuge: Moms who like to watch birds or go for hikes in the great outdoors will love a visit to a wildlife refuge, local preserve, or park. Try and get an idea where she likes to experience the outdoors, and how to visit. Since most visits to preserves and wildlife refuges leave at an early hour, it would be better to let her know about the trip at least one day before rather than surprising her on Mother’s Day. This would be another opportunity to enjoy a gourmet picnic after a morning hike. Once again, the idea is treating her to something that she loves to do.

Make her favorite meal: Do you know what her favorite meal is? If not, find out and get the ingredients. If it looks like a challenge to make, try a sample run a few days before the holiday and do some taste testing with the family. Keep in mind that no matter how difficult preparing certain dishes might seem to be, videos and information for everything from haggis to baba ghanoush are easily found online.

Go shopping!: If it’s raining or Mom would rather do something indoors, treating her to shopping at her favorite set of stores is always a good back-up plan!

No matter how you celebrate it, we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Cyber Monday with 25% Savings on Beautiful Garden Statuary

Did you miss our Black Friday sale over the weekend? Do you still want to save 25% on beautiful gifts and high quality decor for family and friends? If “yes” is the answer to either of these questions, enjoy shopping and saving today because we are celebrating Cyber Monday with big sales on fine decor at Design Toscano! Purchase any of the high quality decor, Egyptian art, or other items in our collection today and tomorrow, and you can still enjoy 25% off.

Fine decor doesn’t get any better than the beautiful, prized items in the Basil Street Gallery. This is the perfect place to look for first and last minute gifts like the Folk Art Whale Statue, and the Elegant Slumber Art Deco Illuminated Sculpture. These are just two of several new additions to Basil Street, all of which are on sale for 25% off. Other beautiful, recent additions to Basil Street include the stunning Mokara Orchid Trefoil Floral Stained Glass Window, and the  classy “Calla Lilly Maiden” Art Nouveau Marble Resin Sculptural Vase.

All of our Egyptian decor is also on sale for 25% off including the Rameses I Between Horus and Anubis Wall Frieze, the “Pharaoh Rameses I Egyptian Ruler” Wall Sculpture, and other regal decor.

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2015 from Design Toscano!

Turkey Day is here again! This wonderful holiday is a treasured time to share with family and close friends. Most of us start the day by preparing the feast, and finish it with football games and a Thanksgiving snooze. This year, take advantage of the commercial breaks to save 20% on gifts for family members who are watching the game, or taking a nap. All you have to do is shop our collection of fine decor today and enjoy a 20% discount on anything on our site.

The lovely Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture is one of the many beautiful statues on sale. The fine details and wonderfully sculpted, life-like features of Saint Francis make this sculpture one of our most popular garden statues. The basket can also be used as a bird feeder, or as a place to showcase flower cuttings. Other best-selling statues on sale include such beautiful garden fairies as the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue, and fantastic animal garden sculptures like the Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue.

Why not also save 20% on stunning antique replica furniture? Rest your feet and relax with the regal Renaissance Curulis Ottoman Stool, and give the home a classic, royal look with the Camberwell Manor Medieval Petite Side Table.

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Save 20% on Beautiful Asian Indoor Statues

Sculptures meant for the interior of the home and place of business can be entertaining, exquisite, and lend a classic touch to their surroundings. Many Asian-themed statues encompass these characteristics and blend them with a peaceful, easy-going appearance. This makes high quality Asian sculptures a wonderful addition to a winter home and office, and when any of the Asian statues in our collection are purchased today, you can enjoy a 20% discount.

The Japanese Geisha Statues: Sadayakko & Koyukit are beautiful, delicate additions to a collection that features Asian-themed art and other examples of exquisite decor. These statues also impress with such fine details as miniature tea cups, carefully sculpted flowers, and hand-painted highlights. Showcase these beauties on the elegant Forbidden City Asian Console Table.

The Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture is another lovely addition to rooms that feature quality Asian art and fine interior decor. This peaceful depiction of the popular Chinese goddess pairs nicely with the Ancient Tang Horse Iron Statue, and the Asian Goddess Yuan-Yin Sculptural Bust.

The 20% discount is also available for such elegant Asian decor as the Mandarin Ivory Oliphants, and the Buddha Mudras Sculptures.

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Take 20% Off Exquisite Clocks at Design Toscano

Some of the best decor does more than lending a lovely look to the home and garden. Functional decor can combine artistic beauty with soft lighting, or accomplish something as simple and elegant as showcasing a fresh floral bouquet. Clocks can also act as decor and provide a classy touch to rooms and homes of all sizes.

The Amboise Twin Cherubs Mantle Clock is an elegant addition to a living room, desk, or other place suitable for showcasing a decorative clock reminiscent of items on display in old French estates. If the room is big enough, complement this beautiful item with the equally impressive “Versailles Maidens” Sculptural Mantel Clock. This functional decor and conversation piece features a handsome faux bronze finish that gives it an antique, storied look.

Clocks can also be used to highlight various decorating themes. The Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall Clock is a mesmerizing addition to a collection of Egyptian decor.  Named after an ancient Egyptian city, this striking clock showcases the rich colors and symbols used during the time of the pharaohs and is highlighted with an interesting, weathered look. Pair this fine clock with the Bastet’s Egyptian Altar Timepiece, an enchanting work of art that features the Egyptian cat goddess and guardian of time.

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The Design Toscano Thanksgiving Sale Starts Today!

Thanksgiving will be here in a few days and we are marking this lovely, important holiday with a 20% sale on everything is our collection. It’s not too late to shop for gifts and this sale helps with the winter holiday budget. Although every page of our site shows a variety of wonderful gift options, the best place to start the search is in the Basil Street Gallery.  This is where we host many of our most exquisite items, including beautiful wall art, fine objets d’art, and excellent replicas of classic paintings.

The “Egyptian Eye of Horus” Wall Sculpture is a nice gift for anyone with an appreciation for Egyptian art, while the Wing of Icarus Sculptural Metal Wall Frieze is a wonderful gift for a new home. The Los Tres Caballos del Castillo Alomar Wall Sculpture is another lovely work of art perfect for the homes of anyone who loves the beauty of a wild Mustang or a magnificent race horse.

Tabletop accents at Basil Street also make wonderful gifts. The eye-catching Peacock Presentation Crystal Bowl features a foot long Italian lead crystal bowl and classic sculpture of a peacock. Augment this fine gift with the exquisite Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls.

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