How to Kick Off the Winter Holiday Season

October is officially over and for many people, that marks the end of autumn. Although we still have fall weather and even warm days in many parts of the USA and Canada, it only takes a short walk in the garden to realize that we are on the edge of winter. Most of the garden […]

How to Celebrate Summer in the Backyard

Summer is when we spend a lot more time outdoors, when we take advantage of the pool, and when we relish the green beauty of the garden. During summer, we celebrate the beautiful warm weather in a number of ways, some of which can take place right in our own backyards. We all have our […]

How to Create a Tropical Backyard

It’s Memorial Day! We hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday and kicking off the summer season with family and friends. Many of us also mark the beginning of summer by decorating the backyard with a variety of sculptures and garden decor. Whether we happen to decorate the backyard today or plan on doing that […]