Three Ways to Welcome Guests with Unique Decor

Tomorrow is the official date for Halloween and we have other holidays happening during the next two months. With that in mind, we are reminded that this is the time of year when we welcome more guests into our homes. Folks who happen to be hosting a Halloween party today or tomorrow will greet a […]

Interior Decor Ideas for a Fantastic Halloween

Decor in the form of ghosts and witches can be seen in the neighborhood, pumpkins are on some of the porches, and there is a cool, autumn breeze. No doubt about it, Halloween is almost here! Most of us have already decorated the garden with an extra gargoyle sculpture, and some of us have converted […]

Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween

Decorating for any holiday season is fun but there’s nothing like getting the home and garden ready for Halloween. No other holiday combines a unique set of frightening decor and statues with costume parties, dunking for apples, and bowls of sweet candy corn. It’s also the only time of the year when a large, orange […]

Unique Tips for Entertaining on Halloween

The end of October doesn’t just mark the scariest day of the year. It also marks one of the biggest nights for parties, especially fun costume festivities that take place in bars, night clubs, and, best of all, right in the comfort of the home.  Although we won’t see as many costumes as a huge […]

Halloween Gothic Surprise

Halloween is coming and we can start decorating any day now! Although there’s no official rule for when we can start putting cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the windows, most folks at least wait until October to get the yard ready for the spookiest day of the year. The cooler October weather, increasingly early […]

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Backyard

The Gorilla is one of the more impressive animals on the planet. This large, muscular great ape is the world’s heaviest primate (well, after Bigfoot of course) and only lives in the deepest, wildest jungles of central Africa. Seeing a wild one can be accomplished but usually requires a guided trip to national parks in […]

Spooky Furniture Options for Halloween

Halloween is still more than a month away but why wait to plan celebrating one of the best holidays of the year! Not to mention, since decor is one of the most important aspects of Halloween, we can start decorating the yard with zombie statues, gravestones, and other creative decor at least two weeks before […]