Interview Series: Gothic Artist Gary Chang

People are always asking, “Where do we get our ideas?” Our Design Toscano buyers search all around the world discovering unique antiques and incredible artists with distinctive ideas and innovative sculptures. We at Design Toscano took some time to sit down with acclaimed dragon and gargoyle artist Gary Chang to find out more about the […]

Just 40 Days until Christmas!

It’s hard to believe but December 25th is less than 40 days away! In just a month, folks who celebrate Christmas will be marking this major holiday, and many of us host holiday parties well before that date. If we want to celebrate in style, and to impress people of all ages, we need to […]

The Versatility of High Quality Angel Statues

There are garden statues that look better in a classic, ordered, Victorian setting, and others that look best when paired with sculptures of dragons, wizards, and other fantasy-themed decor. Most will look fine when placed in any part of the garden but certain statues make a much better fit when displayed in a corner, next […]

Wall Decor Ideas for Halloween

It’s still a few weeks until Halloween but for many of us who love to celebrate this holiday, decorating started on the first of October. There’s no time to waste when decorating for the scariest day of the year especially if we plan on turning the entire backyard into a creepy graveyard, and the front […]

Laughs and Screams on Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve, or “Halloween”, is arguably the scariest holiday of the year. It’s when we can visit haunted theme houses and see if we scream when the monster hops out of the closet, when we dress up in costumes of witches, zombies, and other frightening creatures, and when we turn the house and backyard […]

Halloween Gothic Surprise

Halloween is coming and we can start decorating any day now! Although there’s no official rule for when we can start putting cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the windows, most folks at least wait until October to get the yard ready for the spookiest day of the year. The cooler October weather, increasingly early […]

Reasons to Shop for Halloween Decor Today

At the end of the summer, for most people, Halloween is one of the farthest things from the mind. Families with young children and adolescents are focused on starting a new school year, and most of us are thinking more about celebrating Labor Day than worrying about costumes and decorations for the end of October. […]

Do Dragons Have a Place in Modern Times?

Dragons! These mythical beasts captivate us with tales of their power, intelligence, cunning capability, and frightening reptilian appearance. Although no one has ever seen a live, fire-breathing dragon, what is it about these mythical creatures that we find so intriguing? No matter how much time we spend searching for dragons, we are never going to […]

New Gargoyle and Dragon Decor at Design Toscano

Challenges during holiday shopping can come in the form of crowds, traffic, and finding the best decor for family festivities. Another recurring issue is finding an appropriate gift for people who seem to already have everything, or are blessed with elusive tastes. However, if those tastes happen to include anything Gothic or related to the […]

Best Selling Wall Decor Is on Sale!

At Design Toscano, we love high quality decor for every decorating theme and necessity. This is why our collection features much more than beautiful garden statues. We also carry a wide variety of wall decor items, all of which are on sale for 20% off until tomorrow, October 16th. Even our best-selling wall decor is […]