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Dragons, Gargoyles, and Fairies

Creatures of myth and legend represent the fruits of the imagination, and hearken back to ancient tales told at hearths that kept the wild, unknown fears of the night at bay. Some of those creatures were good, but most were dangerous and best avoided at all costs. They took the form of fierce, scaled beasts, devilish creatures, and other concoctions of frightened minds. Most seem to have been inspired by actual fears of snakes, big cats, and other potentially dangerous animals but a few of the most famous creatures seem to have little relation with known wildlife.

One such creature is the dragon. While serpents do come to mind when speaking of dragons, most depictions of these magical creatures look more like dinosaurs or massive, winged lizards. However, they are much bigger than any lizard, some look rather like a combination of a lizard and a snake, and, in more than a few legends, dragons are highly intelligent, conniving creatures with magical powers. Most are also equipped with their own, personal flamethrower, and, like an evil tyrant, demand tribute from the lands over which they rule.

However, despite tales of dragons and dragon-like beasts in cultures across the globe, those same tales spoke of dragons in the past tense. They were said to be creatures that used to exist but haven’t been seen in a long time. No one knew if they still occurred but they were suspected to persist in remote, wild mountains, vast deserts, and the “wastelands” where few people dared to roam. As such places were explored, no one ever came across a single dragon, and none have ever been found outside the realm of fantasy. That said, the allure of these magical, powerful beasts lingers to this day and we see them in novels, films, and as mesmerizing garden decor like Sword, the Arthurian Dragon Statue.

The gargoyle is another intriguing, magical creature. Like the dragon, this beast is equipped with an array of personal weapons. It has long, sharp claws, a set of fangs, and a fierce, muscled appearance meant to intimidate any who oppose it. Also like the dragon, no one has ever laid eyes on an actual gargoyle other than the ones made of stone that line the ramparts of Gothic cathedrals. Compared to dragons, fewer tales of gargoyles exist, and most would agree that the modern depiction of these strange beasts were invented during the Middle Ages to guard churches against evil spirits while also trying to remind church-goers of the perils that can come from giving way to sin.

Similar to the dragon, nowadays, we see gargoyles in a lot more places than old, French cathedrals. Wickedly fun statues like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue can be seen accompanying sculptures of angels and other garden statuary in many a backyard, and some gargoyle sculptures also work well as interior Gothic decor. They can also be seen sharing garden space with what might be the most perilous of fantasy-themed creatures, fairies.

Garden fairies like the beautiful Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture are representative of the modern, commonly held, elegant view of these magical creatures. However, before the Victorian era, fairies were never regarded as graceful, cheerful creatures. The old tales that speak of the fairy folk invariably refer to them as either mischievous, easily crossed creatures that should be avoided at all costs, or absolutely dangerous, evil beings that want to harm people. Since far more people swear to have seen and had negative experiences with gnomes and fairies than with dragons or gargoyles, fairies might actually be the most frightening of these three famous legendary creatures.

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New Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

For some of us, spring is here! For others, well, it’s going to be a few more weeks before we see fresh green grass. Nevertheless, in terms of making plans for the garden, the spring season is definitely here because when we think about how we want to decorate the backyard, snow and ice won’t be part of the picture.

If the planning involves nothing more than taking the old garden statuary items out of storage and putting them back in the same spots they occupied last year, then planning isn’t really needed. However, if we want a fresh, new look for the backyard, we need to invest some time and effort into the process. This can be as little as a few hours, or, if we want to give the backyard a serious make-over, a few days. No matter how much or little we want to make changes to the garden, though, we are going to need a few new items. If we want to get really creative, we are also going to have to consider some novel ideas for the decor we display, as well as how and where we show it.

This spring season, try these suggestions to surprise and entertain garden guests:

Unique animal garden sculptures: Instead of sticking with the same angel statues and other garden sculptures as previous years, shake up the backyard scenery with an animal statue or two. Sculptures of animals are an easy way to give the garden a touch of humor, a bit of natural beauty, or to just give it a brand new look. Fun decor like the At a Snail’s Pace Garden Gastropod Statues: Large Snail lend a creative, easy-going look, and fit right in with just about any decorating theme. If we would rather go the cute route, we can’t go wrong with adorable decor like the Prized Pup Statues and other detailed sculptures of cats, dogs, and baby animals.

Flower planters: The garden is an ideal place to showcase natural decor, the most common of which are flowering bushes and plants, and floral arrangements. Although it’s too early to see them come out of the ground, we can still envision where we want them to grow, as well as where we would like to show flower cuttings. In addition to making plans for flowerbeds, we can also purchase new sculptural planters. The Art Nouveau Mystic Maiden Wall Pocket Planter Sculpture and similar detailed decor lend a classic touch of elegance to any garden, and can give an equally fine touch to the interior of the home.

Consider gargoyle statues: The good thing about gargoyles is that they can be displayed in a lot more situations than we realize. Although they often act as essential decor for Gothic and medieval-themed gardens, ironically, gargoyle sculptures also work well with angel statues, other types of classic decor, and a backyard decorated with nothing more than garden gnomes and a water fountain. They can take the form of wicked statues that entertain the imagination, sculptures that welcome guests with Gothic flair, and can also act as backyard wall decor. One such example of classic wall decor is Gnash The Grotesque Gargoyle Wall Sculpture. This intriguing wall decor item looks just as classy on the walls of spring and summer gardens as it does inside the home.

New Asian-themed decor: An Asian garden statue or two can also act as a novel addition to the backyard. Make an impression with beautiful, quality sculptures like the Praying Baby Buddha Asian Garden Statue and the Shenzhan Buddha Garden Statue.

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Egyptian Decor and Accents for Every Home

Decorating the home is no simple matter. While it’s easy enough to put a few paintings on the walls and a statue or two in the living room, that doesn’t really compare to the art of interior decoration. This is why those who can afford to do so sometimes hire interior decorators to plan the beautification of the home. The decorator might go with certain themes for different rooms or follow the suggestions of the home owner, but will always find creative ways to make a living space look fantastic.

One of the ways they accomplish this is by using unique accents and stunning decor in every type of decorating theme. If a room follows a medieval theme, it might also feature an exquisite classic statue in addition to Gothic decor and antique replica furniture. Likewise, a hallway that follows a classic theme might also be decorated with a few modern items as long as they augment the decorating objective. Egyptian decorations and statues can also be used as accents for just about every theme because they combine a striking, regal look with classic appeal.

This aspect of Egyptian items also makes many of them suitable for every home and just about every decoration situation. Although something as large and regal as a stunning replica of King Tutankhamen’s Egyptian Throne Chair might be better suited to a room dedicated to an ancient Egyptian theme, the following accents and decor are much more versatile:

Small Egyptian accents: Small statues of Egyptian deities and other accessories are an easy way to lend a royal touch to any situation. With its striking combination of jet black and golden colors, a sculpture like the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue gives a bit of detailed beauty to a living room, office, or any space in need of artistic, classic decor. This and other small Egyptian statuary work well as desk accessories, when displayed on a mantle, or in accompaniment with other types of small decor.

Other Egyptian-themed accents can take the form of colorful decor like the Egyptian Eye of Horus Offering Vessel, decorative treasure boxes, clocks, and other items that blend fine details with the regal and mysterious symbolism of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian lamps: Decor that also acts as lighting is an easy way to lend a touch of fine, unique decor to any room. In providing a necessary function, sculptural lamps like the Egyptian Goddess of the Night Illuminated Statue and the Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp can also find a place in rooms already decorated with or bereft of Egyptian decor. The smaller sculptural lamps can be displayed on tables to act as eye-catching accents and conservation pieces, while larger forms of decorative lighting can do the same when shown in a hallway or corner of any room.

Egyptian sculptural tables and furniture: Sculptural tables that showcase Egyptian-themed art are another excellent way to decorate with unique, creative, functional decor. The mesmerizing Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table entertains with detailed depictions of the Egyptian goddess of joy and the royal colors of the ancient Egyptian palette. Since this takes the form of a beautiful golden colored feline, it will also be appreciated by anyone with an appreciation for cats.

The rich colors and fine details of the Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-Topped Table will also turn heads whether it is used in an office setting, library, or sitting room of a home. It also acts as a lovely complement to the luxurious Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise and other examples of high quality Egyptian furniture.

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Four Wonderful Gothic Gift Ideas

The holiday season might be over but it’s not the only gift giving time of the year. Plenty of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions arise from now until next December. Not to mention, there are also times when we just feel like giving a little something to ourselves. The types of gifts that we buy depend on various factors, the most important one being the preferences of the people destined to receive them. If we aren’t buying that special item for our own home, garden, or place of business, we need to put ourselves in the mind of that person, really think about the things they love and appreciate, and search from that point of view. Do that and we can cut out time spent searching for the gift while also being sure that we are picking out the best one.

One of the strategies for finding the perfect gift involves focusing on the decor they use, and knowing about their favorite movies and novels. Sometimes, all it takes is thinking about those possibilities and we can quickly pick out a fantastic, unique present. It can be even easier if that person enjoys the fantasy or Gothic genres because there are a lot more wonderful Gothic gifts to choose from than most people realize. The following are four such gift ideas for all aficionados of Gothic and fantasy-themed items:

Gothic wall sculptures: Medieval and fantasy-themed wall decor are much enjoyed by big fans of the Gothic genre.  The fine details and mysterious beauty of such items as The Dragon’s Pentacle Wall Sculpture and the Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy make it easy to showcase appreciation for the genre. These and other high quality wall decor pieces are also perfect for influencing the atmosphere of a personal library, bedroom, or other place in the home.

Fun, functional decor: Another good Gothic gift idea involves any type of decor that can be used for more than being put on display. There are high quality Gothic accents that act as beautifully detailed pen holders, journals, and even bath tissue holders. The Vampire Bat Sculptural Hooked Wall Hanger is also an excellent place to hang a hat or set of keys, and the Celadon, the Sculptural Mp3 Player Sentry is an easy, fun gift for adolescents and a wide range of people.

Something wicked for the garden: Folks with a garden or backyard, and a penchant for Gothic decor, will love Gothic garden statues. These can take the form of gargoyle statues, garden sculptures of wizards, fantasy-themed creatures, or maybe even the The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue. Greenmen statues will also be much appreciated especially when the gift is the intriguing Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture. This and other greenman sculptures help transform the backyard from an average personal green oasis into a place where the very trees haunt the surroundings with ancient faces.

Gothic lighting: Another useful item and needed for every home, Gothic lamps and other forms of decorative lighting can break new boundaries when it comes to creative, functional decor. These can be small, beautifully sculpted lamps meant to inspire and illuminate the work desk of an aspiring writer, take the form of torchiere lamps held by a dragon’s sharp claws, or any number of decorative sconces fit for the halls of modern day royalty. We can also go for more extravagant forms of Gothic lighting and give that special person a sculptural chandelier or a fantastic lighted wall sculpture.

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Creative Wall Decor for Every Home

Whether big or small, a home isn’t really complete until it has some form of interior decor. We might have a few furniture items, a television, and other appliances but until we do some decorating, that new house or apartment could be any old place where anyone could live. We don’t just decorate to make the place look beautiful, we also get creative with decor to make the place our own. In addition to giving the walls and hallways a new coat of paint, and picking out new lamps and curtains, we use decor to lend the home a fresh personal touch and shape the atmosphere of the new living space.

Although just about any decor is better than being surrounded by sterile blank walls, we should still be careful about the type of decor we use. Until we change it, we need to remember that the interior decor we put on display is what we are going to see day in and day out, the paintings we put on the walls will be seen by all of our guests, and the decor we use will have an effect on us. This means that we should look around a bit before picking out new decor for a new home but it doesn’t mean that we need to limit our creativity.

On the contrary, a new home gives us a clean decorating slate and a chance to be as creative as we want. While we could put up some of our favorite decor items from the previous place of residence, we could also opt to limit a few of our favorites to just one room, or keep them in storage for a few months while we give new decor a try. If the new items don’t work out, we can always go back to the older items or use them in conjunction with our newest set of statues, stained glass, and sculptural furniture.

It’s also easier to get creative with new decor when we use items that can work with a wide variety of situations. Wall decor works very well in a variety of circumstances because it can be displayed in any room, and makes it easy to convert a blank wall into an interesting and unique landscape. Use the right type of wall decor, and we can also lend the home a detailed, Gothic look, decorate with the striking colors and symbols of Ancient Egypt, or pay homage to nature in the form of dramatic animal wall sculptures. Not to mention, when the time comes to decorate the garden, many wall decor items can also be used in the backyard.

For example, The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Sculpture lends a classic look to a bathroom, indoor spa, or any place that could use a combination of elegance, classic beauty, and fantasy. Once the weather gets warm, this and other detailed wall sculptures will look just as stunning when displayed next to the pool. The same goes for the eye-catching Phineas the Flapping Macaw Bird Wall Sculpture and other colorful, life-like animal wall decor. Use this and other exotic animal decor to be reminded of places with white sand, swaying palm trees, and hot sunny weather.

Speaking of animal decor, a wall sculpture of a raven or dragon is a wonderful way to give the reading room a Gothic touch, whereas the Lord Earl Houghton’s Elephant Wall Sculpture is ideal when we want to impart a Victorian look. It’s easy to be creative with wall decor because we can also choose from beautiful friezes, sculptural clocks, and dozens of other beautifully detailed works of art.

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Tips for Decorating with Sculptural Furniture

It’s January and it’s the dead of winter. In many states and provinces, the backyard has become a frozen, snow-covered place where we used to enjoy the pool, host garden parties, and just relax with a good book on a favorite piece of garden furniture. At this time of year, our favorite angel statues are safely stored in the garage, and it’s too cold to hang out in the garden. A lot of us end up spending more time indoors but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because being inside gives us a chance to spend more time with family and friends, have fun with new board games, and host cooking parties.

Although we can’t go outside and see how new garden statues will look in the backyard, when it comes to decor, we can still be constructive and focus on sprucing up the inside of the home. It’s a good opportunity to try new decorating ideas and different types of decor, including sculptural furniture. By blending function with art, this type of furniture lends a creative, artistic touch wherever it is used, and is an easy way to inject a bit of excitement and elegance into the most average of rooms. The following are a few suggestions when decorating with beautiful sculptural tables and chairs:

Exquisite and stunning additions: Many sculptural furniture items are detailed, beautiful works of art. This makes them an easy means of lending an exquisite touch to the living room, dining room, library, or other parts of the home. One such example is The Muses Glass-Topped Sculptural Table. When guests see this classic work of art, they may wonder if it is an elegant indoor sculpture, or a small table. As with any piece of sculptural furniture, it’s actually both and thus acts as functional decor. The same goes for any number of other sculptural tables, including more colorful, splendid pieces like the Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table.

Go Gothic: This type of furniture tends to be either tables and chairs suited for folks who love statues of Ravens and other classic Gothic symbols, or items of a more medieval character. Either way, we can make use of these decor themes to give the home an intriguing, classic look. Fantastic Gothic decor like the Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table acts as treasured art for anyone with a deep interest in the fantasy genre. The fine details on Hastings give this dragon knight a life-like appearance and make an impression on every guest. The Gothic flavor of this creative table is augmented when it can share a room with the Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table, and other Gothic or medieval furniture.

An easy way to decorate a hallway: It’s easy to overlook the decoration of a hallway when we have other, more visited rooms to think about. However, we also need to remember that although we may not linger as often in a hallway, everyone needs to walk through them to reach other parts of the house. The decor that we show in such places does leave an impression, and influences the overall atmosphere of the home. Fortunately, the limited space in a hallway also makes it an easy place to decorate. By decorating with sculptural furniture, we can impress guests and lend an extra, creative touch that will be appreciated. This can be accomplished with just about any high quality sculptural furniture item that can fit in a hallway without obstructing the passage of people. Since a hallway also stands apart from other rooms, it can also feature decor not associated with themes in other rooms.

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Deck the Halls with Fantastic Holiday Decor

Now that we are well into December, the time has come to deck the halls with decor. The “halls” we are talking about can be the hallways, rooms, staircase, and the front porch of our homes, and the walls of an office or place of business. Decorating these and other places for the holidays helps us celebrate and mark this time of year as a season of cheer, joy, and gratitude. We can go with classic decor like branches of holly or other evergreens, put a wreath on the front door, and use plenty of garland. We can also decorate with unique statues and modern decor, or we can try a blend of classic and modern decorations meant to both entertain and impress guests.

However we choose to deck the halls, we hope to create a fantastic display of decor that invokes the magical, nostalgic feelings at the heart of the winter holidays. We can help make that happen with a variety of decor items including these ideas:

Antique decor and ornaments: If we have antique decorations and other family heirloom decor, we definitely want to put these on display. We have to be careful about displaying them in a manner that will keep such valued items from falling and breaking (especially if we have young children running around the home), but we should certainly put them in honored places where they can be admired by everyone. Such old decor can take the form of true antiques handed down for generations as well as decor made by family members when they were in kindergarten. Both types of decor trigger memories and act as nostalgic pieces that warm the atmosphere of any room. We can also highlight the nostalgic beauty of such antique decor with classic statuary like the Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square.

Beautiful holiday statues: Holiday-themed sculptures are a wonderful, easy way to lend a big touch of enchanting cheer to any room. These can take the form of sculptures as small as the cute little Holiday Snowman’s Slumber Statue to a wonderful, large statue of a reindeer. We can also decorate with statues of Santa Claus. A brightly colored sculpture of the jolly old elf is always a fun way to lend cheer to a display, and will be appreciated by kids of all ages. Once again, these can also be small, high quality sculptures like the Ho-Ho-Hold It Santa Mantle Stocking Holder Statue and the detailed Santa’s Coming to Town Holiday Statue, or larger Santa statues that can greet guests in the front hallway. A larger than life Santa sculpture like the “Jolly Santa Claus” Life-Size Statue will also be a hit at places of business.

Holiday wall decor: We can’t overlook the walls of a home or place of business when decorating for the holidays. The walls of hallways and other rooms are suitable places for additional wreaths, family pictures from past holidays, garland, and other decor. Some of those other items can include beautiful hanging tapestries and works of art like The Madonna of the Roses (1903) Canvas Wall Scroll, as well as illuminated canvas wall hangings, and more festive wall decor. These and other high quality wall art provide a touch of elegant class to any winter holiday display.

Unique ornaments for the tree: A few extra unique, high quality ornaments on the tree and placed in other areas of the home augment a fantastic Christmas display. These can take the form of exquisite snow dragon ornaments, splendid Egyptian-themed ornaments, and even a fun Bigfoot ornament or two.

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Gargoyle Gifts for the Winter Holiday Season

As we approach Christmas, many of us are still looking for last minute gifts. We may have already crossed off every name on our list but wouldn’t mind buying a few more accents, stocking stuffers and other things for the special people in our lives. Or, we might just be getting a late start on the holiday gift-giving season. Whatever the reason, there’s still time to pick up a few more presents, big and small.

There are plenty of options but one of the more interesting possibilities is a type of decor that was commonly used on European cathedrals and churches during the medieval era. While statues of angels fall into that category (and do make excellent gifts), the type of statue we are talking about doesn’t quite look as heavenly as an angel sculpture. It has a much more fearsome and intimidating appearance, and, although it was commonly incorporated on castle walls and churches during feudal times, the gargoyle continues to act as popular decor in the modern-day era.

Although we no longer see them perched on the walls of places of worship, we do find them in many gardens and households. After a hiatus of a several centuries, gargoyles have once again become popular decor. Instead of keeping evil-doers and spirits with bad intentions from coming inside, these days, people put gargoyles on display because they love the mysterious look of Gothic decor, might want to showcase their taste for the fantasy genre, or relish the appearance of quality, classic garden statuary. Whatever the reason may be, a lot of folks are using gargoyle statues as decor inside the home as well as in the garden, and this is also why statues of these formidable creatures can act as excellent, easy gifts for a lot of people.

Try these gargoyle gift ideas when looking for stocking stuffers and for the folks still on our holiday shopping lists:

Gargoyle accents for writers: If those special people keep a journal, make notes with a pen, or happen to be full-fledged authors, they might enjoy the Gargoyles & Dragons: Alaric Sculptural Pen. Whether this exquisite writing instrument is used or not, its fine details and greystone appearance are certain to be an inspiration. This and other gargoyle and dragon pens make excellent stocking stuffers and fine gifts for anyone who enjoys the mystery, imagination, and intrigue of the fantasy genre.

Gargoyle garden statues: Does he or she have a garden? Does it already feature some garden sculptures? If the answer is “yes” for either of these questions, a gargoyle statue is an excellent choice for a gift. There are several high quality statues of gargoyles to choose from and they can take the form of sentinel statues meant to flank the entrance to a garden, sculptures that work well with other classic statuary, and even small, cute gargoyles well suited for sharing green space with garden gnomes and other adorable statues. Babble, The Gothic Gargoyle Statue and ©Ashes, the Gothic Gargoyle Statue are two of the more adorable gargoyle statues available.

Very Gothic gargoyles: Although any detailed, high quality gargoyle will be appreciated by someone with a penchant for all things Gothic, some gargoyles have a decidedly more Gothic appearance than others. Clutch, Keeper of the Mystic Orb Gargoyle Sitter Statue is one such creature and shows it with a fearsome, classic winged appearance, and long, muscled arms that cradle a “magical” orb. Other Gothic gargoyle gifts also come in the form of the Medieval Marauder Gargoyle Statue, and the Hemlock’s Gargoyle Throne Statue.

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Three Ways to Welcome Guests with Unique Decor

Tomorrow is the official date for Halloween and we have other holidays happening during the next two months. With that in mind, we are reminded that this is the time of year when we welcome more guests into our homes. Folks who happen to be hosting a Halloween party today or tomorrow will greet a fair number of guests with their favorite spooky decor, and most of us can plan on visits from family and friends for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We want all of our guests to feel special when coming over for a party, dinner, or other activities, and there are various things we can do to make that happen.

We can start by greeting them with certain types of high quality decor as soon as they approach the front door. A unique greeting will make a lasting impression and set the stage for a fun, memorable night. This holiday season, try these three ways to welcome guests and make an impression that lasts all year long:

Unique door knockers: The doorbell is an easy, modern convenience but it just can’t compare to the classic appeal of a beautiful, artistic door knocker. These functional accents are always a fun, easy way to entertain guests as soon as they arrive. The only possible problem is the door knocker becoming so popular with kids of all ages, they they feel compelled to use it over and over, even after they have arrived. However, we can easily solve any such potential issues by telling guests that folks who use the door knocker after walking through the front door have to recite a poem, tell a story, or do a dance. Actually, depending on the guests, that might actually be an incentive for spontaneous entertainment. Either way, it will work out because we will either not hear the door knocker over and over, or hear it and be treated to a fun, and more lively party than we ever imagined. To make guests feel like they have arrived at a castle, try the Vecchio Greenman Authentic Foundry Iron Door Knocker.

The gargoyle treatment: Yes, gargoyles are meant to be intimidating, medieval creatures with a ferocious appearance but no, we don’t want to frighten guests into leaving. By the “gargoyles treatment”, we mean greeting them at the front door with a gargoyle sculpture. There are three main types of gargoyles, one that perches on top of castle or cathedral walls, another that actually climbs the walls, and one that crouches next to an entrance way. All are meant to act as guards of some sort, especially the one that sits next to the front door. Put the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue just after the entrance to the home and guests will either be thrilled to have entered into an abode where Gothic decor is taken seriously, or wonder if they have come to the right place. Reassure them of either possibility by introducing them to the gargoyle sculpture in question. Keep in mind that the other two types of gargoyles also work just as well for greeting guests, including cute little Emmett the Gargoyle.

Angel sculptures and holiday decor: Angel statues aren’t just limited to churches, cemeteries, or beautiful gardens. Some sculptures can also be used as fine decor to greet guests in elegant, classic fashion, and these work especially well during the holiday season. We can also lend the angel some holiday cheer by topping the statue with an elf hat and decorating it with garland. If we would rather go with some other type of holiday decor, we can also give guests an entertaining greeting with a statue of an elf or nutcracker.

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Some Benefits of Interior Decorating with Nautical Decor

Decorating the interior of a home, office, or place of business usually follows a theme. If we don’t stick to one theme, the end result is more likely to generate confusion than make good impressions. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use different themes in different rooms, just that it’s a good idea to stick with one theme for one defined space. However, before deciding where to begin with the new decor, we need to figure out which theme (or themes) to work with.

If we are looking for a cozy, classic look, Americana and/or an antique theme is a good choice. Such decor blends class and nostalgia for an elegant, dignified look. If we want a room with a classic yet edgy appearance, Art Deco is a good choice, whereas Gothic art is ideal for a home in need of dark and mysterious decor. These are just a few of many themes to consider, one of those being the “nautical” look.

As the name might suggest, a nautical decorating theme pays homage to anything associated with the sea and sailing. Since people have been fishing and traveling in the oceans and seas of the world for a very long time, this theme stands out for not being linked to a particular era. This means that we can see a room decorated with small replica ships associated with ancient Egypt, the canals of Venice, and modern times, or use wall decor that shows boats and ocean scenes from opposite sides of the globe while still following the same theme.

Other benefits of following a nautical theme for interior decoration include the following:

Beautiful wall art: A number of paintings fall into the category of nautical decor. As long as the work of art shows a boat, or ocean scene, it can be used as nautical decor. Since most of us love an ocean view, and picturesque scenes where small white sailboats ply the waves of a gorgeous blue sea, such paintings are popular and usually painted with lovely details and care. They make a wonderful addition to a room that features other types of nautical decor, and can also be used on their own in the bathroom, bed room, or any place that would benefit from this type of pleasant decor. To lend more texture to the scene, try the Before the Rain Landscape Wall Tapestry or other wall tapestries that show nautical scenes.

A relaxing look: As can be expected from scenes that show a beautiful coastline or other places and situations that remind us of a vacation, nautical decor tends to lend a peaceful atmosphere to the room. This is why such decor works especially well in restaurants, hotels, the bed room, or other places meant for rest and relaxation.

Great gifts for sailing enthusiasts: Decor that follows a nautical theme can also be an excellent, fitting gift for someone who would rather be out on the boat. This includes anyone who loves to go sailing, and loves the seaside, fishermen included. Put a smile on their face with something small for the desk, or even a sculptural table featuring a mermaid.

Works well when little decor is needed: Since nautical-themed decor is so easy-going, it works well in a wide variety of situations. This includes situations where we have a room that only needs one or two decorations but we don’t want to display anything outrageous, an office that could use another painting or statue, or a bare hallway.

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