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Dragons, Gargoyles, and Fairies

Creatures of myth and legend represent the fruits of the imagination, and hearken back to ancient tales told at hearths that kept the wild, unknown fears of the night at bay. Some of those creatures were good, but most were dangerous and best avoided at all costs. They took the form of fierce, scaled beasts, devilish creatures, and other concoctions of frightened minds. Most seem to have been inspired by actual fears of snakes, big cats, and other potentially dangerous animals but a few of the most famous creatures seem to have little relation with known wildlife.

One such creature is the dragon. While serpents do come to mind when speaking of dragons, most depictions of these magical creatures look more like dinosaurs or massive, winged lizards. However, they are much bigger than any lizard, some look rather like a combination of a lizard and a snake, and, in more than a few legends, dragons are highly intelligent, conniving creatures with magical powers. Most are also equipped with their own, personal flamethrower, and, like an evil tyrant, demand tribute from the lands over which they rule.

However, despite tales of dragons and dragon-like beasts in cultures across the globe, those same tales spoke of dragons in the past tense. They were said to be creatures that used to exist but haven’t been seen in a long time. No one knew if they still occurred but they were suspected to persist in remote, wild mountains, vast deserts, and the “wastelands” where few people dared to roam. As such places were explored, no one ever came across a single dragon, and none have ever been found outside the realm of fantasy. That said, the allure of these magical, powerful beasts lingers to this day and we see them in novels, films, and as mesmerizing garden decor like Sword, the Arthurian Dragon Statue.

The gargoyle is another intriguing, magical creature. Like the dragon, this beast is equipped with an array of personal weapons. It has long, sharp claws, a set of fangs, and a fierce, muscled appearance meant to intimidate any who oppose it. Also like the dragon, no one has ever laid eyes on an actual gargoyle other than the ones made of stone that line the ramparts of Gothic cathedrals. Compared to dragons, fewer tales of gargoyles exist, and most would agree that the modern depiction of these strange beasts were invented during the Middle Ages to guard churches against evil spirits while also trying to remind church-goers of the perils that can come from giving way to sin.

Similar to the dragon, nowadays, we see gargoyles in a lot more places than old, French cathedrals. Wickedly fun statues like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue can be seen accompanying sculptures of angels and other garden statuary in many a backyard, and some gargoyle sculptures also work well as interior Gothic decor. They can also be seen sharing garden space with what might be the most perilous of fantasy-themed creatures, fairies.

Garden fairies like the beautiful Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture are representative of the modern, commonly held, elegant view of these magical creatures. However, before the Victorian era, fairies were never regarded as graceful, cheerful creatures. The old tales that speak of the fairy folk invariably refer to them as either mischievous, easily crossed creatures that should be avoided at all costs, or absolutely dangerous, evil beings that want to harm people. Since far more people swear to have seen and had negative experiences with gnomes and fairies than with dragons or gargoyles, fairies might actually be the most frightening of these three famous legendary creatures.

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Three Ways to Welcome Guests with Unique Decor

Tomorrow is the official date for Halloween and we have other holidays happening during the next two months. With that in mind, we are reminded that this is the time of year when we welcome more guests into our homes. Folks who happen to be hosting a Halloween party today or tomorrow will greet a fair number of guests with their favorite spooky decor, and most of us can plan on visits from family and friends for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We want all of our guests to feel special when coming over for a party, dinner, or other activities, and there are various things we can do to make that happen.

We can start by greeting them with certain types of high quality decor as soon as they approach the front door. A unique greeting will make a lasting impression and set the stage for a fun, memorable night. This holiday season, try these three ways to welcome guests and make an impression that lasts all year long:

Unique door knockers: The doorbell is an easy, modern convenience but it just can’t compare to the classic appeal of a beautiful, artistic door knocker. These functional accents are always a fun, easy way to entertain guests as soon as they arrive. The only possible problem is the door knocker becoming so popular with kids of all ages, they they feel compelled to use it over and over, even after they have arrived. However, we can easily solve any such potential issues by telling guests that folks who use the door knocker after walking through the front door have to recite a poem, tell a story, or do a dance. Actually, depending on the guests, that might actually be an incentive for spontaneous entertainment. Either way, it will work out because we will either not hear the door knocker over and over, or hear it and be treated to a fun, and more lively party than we ever imagined. To make guests feel like they have arrived at a castle, try the Vecchio Greenman Authentic Foundry Iron Door Knocker.

The gargoyle treatment: Yes, gargoyles are meant to be intimidating, medieval creatures with a ferocious appearance but no, we don’t want to frighten guests into leaving. By the “gargoyles treatment”, we mean greeting them at the front door with a gargoyle sculpture. There are three main types of gargoyles, one that perches on top of castle or cathedral walls, another that actually climbs the walls, and one that crouches next to an entrance way. All are meant to act as guards of some sort, especially the one that sits next to the front door. Put the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue just after the entrance to the home and guests will either be thrilled to have entered into an abode where Gothic decor is taken seriously, or wonder if they have come to the right place. Reassure them of either possibility by introducing them to the gargoyle sculpture in question. Keep in mind that the other two types of gargoyles also work just as well for greeting guests, including cute little Emmett the Gargoyle.

Angel sculptures and holiday decor: Angel statues aren’t just limited to churches, cemeteries, or beautiful gardens. Some sculptures can also be used as fine decor to greet guests in elegant, classic fashion, and these work especially well during the holiday season. We can also lend the angel some holiday cheer by topping the statue with an elf hat and decorating it with garland. If we would rather go with some other type of holiday decor, we can also give guests an entertaining greeting with a statue of an elf or nutcracker.

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Quick, Last Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas

With Halloween just one week away, any decorating done now falls into the “last minute” category. That’s alright; some of us are too busy with work, family, and other aspects of life to decorate for the spookiest day of the year at the beginning of October. If time flies when you are having fun, it goes super-sonic when you have a bunch of responsibilities. However, since Halloween is fast approaching, one of those responsibilities is decorating for October 31st. The good thing is that we can get that decorating done in record time, especially by following these suggestions:

Get everyone involved: We might be used to getting everything done on our own, but this is one time when everyone needs to pitch in. Get the kids and spouse together and tell them about the decorating plan. If any frowns are detected, bribe them with pumpkin spice cookies and that old standby, fudge brownies. Seasonal specialty beer or mulled wine might also work for the spouse. In addition to having the family involved, we could also host a decorating party. As opposed to other main Halloween festivities, this would be an easy-going get together that could involve pizza, wings, and watching a scary movie or two.

It’s also important to allocate decorating activities accordingly. For example, the kids might do better at putting up posters, pictures, and other easy decor, while the adults can move statues around, make a scarecrow, or partake in other, more taxing decorating activities. As for carving the pumpkin (or pumpkins), the whole family can work together. With everyone working at decorating the home and garden, the house will be ready for Halloween in a jiffy.

Kids love to make decor: Most kids love to work on arts and crafts projects, especially if they are given enough freedom to make just about anything they want. All it takes is supplying kids with the right materials, a few ideas to follow, and some supervision, and we can end up with scary, cute, and hilarious Halloween decor. Give them construction paper, glue, glitter, and markers, and have them make Halloween masks that can be placed on the front door and hallways of the home. Given them cardboard, duct tape, markers, and paint and tell them to make a graveyard. There are lots of possibilities and the end results will be cute, funny, and appreciated by family and party guests.

Classic garden statues can also be Halloween statues: A Halloween garden will always look best when decorated with gargoyles and other scary sculptures, but classic statues can also play a bigger role than expected. For example, if the garden is already decorated with greenmen, these unique types of garden decor can be easily transformed into frighteningly good Halloween decorations. Just put them in the shadows, or accessorize them with sunglasses and guests might be too afraid to enter the backyard at night.

We can also transform angel statues and other garden statuary by draping them with fake cob webs, and decorating them with scary masks, paper ghosts, and other spooky accents.

Use the backyard: Last but not least, make sure to use the backyard for decorating. Don’t forget about this easy, potentially spookiest area to decorate while getting the front porch and inside of the home ready for Halloween. At night, the garden takes on a very different personality by merit of shadows and dark corners. Take advantage of the change and decorate the tree branches with fake spider webs and sheets that act as flying ghosts, and the ground with zombie statues.

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Unique Tips for Entertaining on Halloween

The end of October doesn’t just mark the scariest day of the year. It also marks one of the biggest nights for parties, especially fun costume festivities that take place in bars, night clubs, and, best of all, right in the comfort of the home.  Although we won’t see as many costumes as a huge party hosted in a night club, for most of us, a place of residence is the best place to enjoy a Halloween party because we can share the spooky fun with family and friends, as well as entertain as we see fit.

If you plan on hosting a Halloween party, try these suggestions for throwing the most memorable one of the year:

Gothic decor, treats, and surprises: Instead of decorating with regular and predictable Halloween decor, treat guests to a unique Gothic evening. Put statues of ravens in the hallways and on the tables, make use of candles for lighting, and encourage guests to use Gothic and Steampunk themed costumes. Greet them with sculptures like the Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Statue, the Gargoyle of Castle Avonshire Sculpture, and other wicked statues of gargoyles. If guests have the courage to enter your temporary Gothic residence, offer raven-shaped cookies, mulled wine in goblets, and other delightful Halloween treats. Host a Gothic treasure hunt, a Gothic trivia contest, and other creative games where guests can win bottles of wine or sparkling cider, a book by Edgar Allen Poe, a Gothic Skeleton Bottle Opener, and other unique accessories. The end result will be a memorable, classic evening of Halloween revelry for all.

This party is for the undead!: If you really want to scare party guests, go with an undead theme. Few other categories of frightening creatures consistently put people’s imaginations on edge, and maybe this is why we just can’t seem to get enough of zombies and vampires. Both used to be alive, both are now dead, but they refuse to rest in peace. Instead, they shuffle dark streets and the shadowy corners of the backyard in search of unwary people to feed on, and, in turn, convert them into fiendish undead creatures. At least, they do that in our imaginations and this is what you can count on for a fun, fantastic Halloween party of the undead.

Start the party by asking guests to dress up as vampires, zombies, ghouls, or other members of the undead “family”. When they arrive, greet them with zombie statues in the garden and right at the front door. Keep up the undead welcome with the ©”Evil Eye Twin Zombie” Wall Sculpture after they enter the home, more zombie heads, and other fantastic, frightening decor. Keep classic zombie movies playing all evening long, serve spooky treats, blood red drinks, and stick with the undead theme right to the end of the party.

Make use of the garden: Host the festivities inside the home but don’t leave the backyard out of the picture. The shifting, dark shadows made by bare branches swaying in a night breeze are creepy enough on their own, but look even more sinister when the garden is decorated with monsters hiding behind trees. Whether Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture is in plain sight or partly hidden in the dark October night, guests will take a long pause before walking into your garden. We can highlight the spooky entertainment in the backyard with statues of aliens, creeping scarecrows, even a dinosaur sculpture or two. No matter which creatures lurk in the garden, don’t forget to add a few tombstones for full Halloween effect.

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Halloween Gothic Surprise

Halloween is coming and we can start decorating any day now! Although there’s no official rule for when we can start putting cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the windows, most folks at least wait until October to get the yard ready for the spookiest day of the year. The cooler October weather, increasingly early evenings, and falling leaves go hand in hand with Halloween displays, and help set the stage for the big , scary party at the end of the month.

In getting things ready for that party, we need to figure out what we are going to put on display and how we are going to do it. If we are just looking for an easy, average display, all we need are a few cheap decor items for the front windows, a few pumpkins for the porch, and maybe a ghost or two for the backyard. The display will pretty much look like those of most other homes but we won’t have to worry about spending too much time and effort on decorating for the holiday. However, before we decide to decorate as little as possible for Halloween, we should remind ourselves that it only happens once per year, is usually the most fun party of the year, and might not take as much time and effort as we think.

If we already know where to buy fantastic, unique decor that saves us plenty of time that would have been spent on looking for those items. If the place to buy unique decor is also online, we don’t have to worry about braving any traffic or crowds to help turn this year’s display into an incredible Halloween treat for family, friends, and all of our party guests. As for what can meet the definition of “fantastic Halloween decor”, that can take the form of anything from beautiful statues of angels to wicked gargoyles, dragon skulls, and even zombie gnomes!

However, unique statues aren’t the only way to kick Halloween decorating up a notch. That can also be easily accomplished with a variety of Gothic-themed items. Yes, these do take the form of Gargoyles and some other wonderfully classic creepy sculptures, but can also be represented by a wide variety of distinguished furniture, wall decor, accents, and other items that will impress every Halloween party guest.

This year, instead of sticking to the same old decor, give guests something to talk about with skeleton gnome statues and other Gothic sculptures in the garden. Give guests a fright with creepy greenman decor like the Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpture , and why not welcome them to the party with the tombstone of a vampire! The frightening nature of these fine statues can be further highlighted with a host of other Gothic decor including statues of ravens, skulls in the flower beds, and even an incredibly creepy sculpture of a fiend clawing its way out of the ground.

Once they walk inside the home, we can keep on entertaining them with a suite of lovely Gothic decor. Greet them with Gothic lighting in the form of dark candles and sculptural sconces like the Blackfriar’s Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp, and Gothic wall decor that entertains, intrigues, and sparks the imagination. Once they enter the main chambers of the home, treat guests to more Gothic decor in the form of accents and furniture. Seat the most special of guests in a throne fit for a vampire king,  and encourage them to play “mirror mirror on the wall” with the splendid Chateau St. Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror.

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Creative Ideas for Fantastic Halloween Displays

Halloween is many things to different people. For the kids, it’s that special day when they can dress up in costumes and get lots of free candy. For many adults, October 31s is the biggest party day of the year. For others, it’s just another day on the calendar. Whether we fill a bag with candy, attend parties, or host a Halloween bash, this holiday is also when many of us outfit the home and garden with spooky decor. That display can take the form of just a few cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the front windows, feature a pumpkin on the front porch along with a scarecrow or two, or act as a major exhibit of spooky statues and decor.

This year, there’s still enough time to plan the Halloween display to make it one to remember and maybe even win a decorating contest. Try these ideas to have the most creative display on the block, and maybe even in the city:

Fairies and evil gnomes: We don’t usually think of fairies when talking about Halloween but they can lend an interesting touch to many spooky displays. Although most of the little folk aren’t known for frightening features or dangerous habits, traditional tales of fairies say otherwise. The fairies that were spoken of in legend and superstitions were mysterious, magical, powerful creatures that were best avoided, and never offended. If so, they could cause a lot of problems for the offender and are always hard to appease. Keep that in mind when party guests and trick-or-treaters ask why there are a few fairy statues as part of the Halloween display.

They might wonder less if they see sculptures like the Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Statue.  This fairy statue shows the potential perilous side of these magical beings with Gothic features and a no-nonsense expression. With her small but powerful muscles tensed, she looks ready to pounce on garden guests, or to defend the backyard from evil pixies and zombie gnomes. She and other detailed fairy statues also look great when glaring at skeleton gnomes.

Dragons and dinosaurs: Folks don’t usually go with a dragon theme for Halloween but that’s probably because they don’t know how scary dragons can be, nor do they have access to fantastic dragon decor. In reality, few animals, mythical or real, are as frightening as a dragon. In legend, these massive, scaled beasts are as crafty, proud, and intelligent as they are powerful. Present them in the right way and they will mesmerize and terrify garden guests.

Put the realistic Stoker’s Moors Dragon Skull Statue just past the entrance to the backyard to pique the interest of party guests, and follow that up with a small, detailed dragon statue or a full sized, frightening beast like the Red Welsh Dragon Monument-Sized Statue. Heighten the experience with the Scaled Jurassic T-Rex Raptor Dinosaur Statue, and other amazing dinosaur statues.

Greetings with gargoyles and angels: What better way to make a big, long-lasting impression than with large sculptures of frightening gargoyles and majestic angels? Flank the entrance of the Halloween display with a pair of intimidating gargoyles and watch as guests make a long pause before walking past them. After passing the gargoyles, they can be impressed by the classic glory of angel sculptures. Guests will love the contrast of good and evil, and the beautiful Gothic appearance of the sculptures, especially when these statues share the display with gargoyles and other high quality Halloween decor that hang from the walls and frequent quiet spooky corners of the garden.

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New Gargoyle and Dragon Decor at Design Toscano

Challenges during holiday shopping can come in the form of crowds, traffic, and finding the best decor for family festivities. Another recurring issue is finding an appropriate gift for people who seem to already have everything, or are blessed with elusive tastes. However, if those tastes happen to include anything Gothic or related to the fantasy genre, our collection features a wonderful variety of fantastic options.

Several of those options can be found in our selection of new gargoyle and dragon decor. The “Go Home!” Castle Imp Gargoyle Solar Garden Statue is a fun garden sculpture that works for any backyard. Gothic enthusiasts and anyone with an appreciation for fun decor will enjoy the classic gargoyle looks, and guests will get a kick of out the creative lighting for your garden paths.

Get the Shadow Stalker, Conqueror of the Dark Dragon Statue to lend a unique touch of Gothic class inside the home. This dragon statue is at its best when featured as library decor, on a bookcase with favorite fantasy tomes, and when shown with other unique objets d’art. Pair this wicked beauty with the equally eye-catching “Viper, Predator of the Dark” Dragon Statue.

Fun, functional dragon and gargoyles also make wonderful gifts for anyone in search of something new. Use the Thirst Quencher Gothic Dragon Beverage Holder to cradle a favorite brew.

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At Design Toscano, we have a wide variety of garden statues, beautiful interior decor, and Egyptian art that happens to be on sale. Although these and other sale items are already available for great prices, purchase any of them today and they can be bought for unheard of low prices. For example, buy the impressive Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture today and take an extra 20% off the sale price. The same goes for the popular and adorable
In God’s Grace Angel Statue. Both of these beautiful sculptures are an excellent, easy source of inspiration for any backyard.

A large number of indoor statues are also on sale. Why not save on majestic, classy winter decor like the Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square, and the unique Abominable Snowman Yeti? These statues are just two of many indoor sculptures that help decorate any home and place of business with a unique blend of beauty and elegance.

After saving an extra 20% on indoor decor, keep saving big on beautiful Egyptian decorations. The magnificent Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise is on sale along with other stunning furniture like the Three Heads of Tutankhamen Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and The Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-Topped Table.

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Big Savings on High Quality Garden Statuary and Gifts

Garden statues lend an essential touch to any backyard, and many  a place of business. However, if we want to impress guests and give the garden the type of enchanting look that it deserves, we have to be careful to pick sculptures of a certain quality. At Design Toscano, we are well aware of how important it is to decorate the garden with high quality, unique statuary, and this is why only decor of a certain caliber makes it into our collection.

Nevertheless, every once in a while, we need to make room in our warehouse for new decor. This is one of the reasons why we are offering an additional 20% off all of our sale items. One of those high quality sculptures is the Meerkat Gang Sculpture. Inspired by the charismatic little mammals found in the deserts of southern Africa, this lovely animal yard statue adds just the right blend of “cute” and “quality” to any backyard.

Religious sculptures are also on sale, including The Risen Jesus Christ Sculpture. This impressive, quality garden statue is an equally impressive symbol of faith and inspiration, and makes a wonderful gift for Christian family and friends. Take advantage of this sale to save money on this and many other fine gifts.

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Friday is here and it’s time to celebrate! Whether rooting for the home team, shopping for Halloween decor, or just enjoying fun, autumn days, we are all happy that the weekend is here. At Design Toscano, we are celebrating this first weekend of October with big savings on all of our sale items. Buy any of our sale animal garden sculptures, spooky Halloween decor, exquisite objets d’art, or other sale items until October 4th, and you can take an extra 20% off.

Enjoy big savings on such lovely garden decor as the French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L’Etoile, and the Flowers for Felicity Little Girl Garden Statue. These are just two of many on sale garden statues that lend a lovely look to any backyard or place of business. Both of these quality sculptures can also be leveraged to display favorite flower cuttings.

Speaking of a place of business, there’s no better time than now for buying the Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur Statue, and other amazing grand scale sculptures. This fantastic, detailed depiction of a dinosaur will keep customers talking and entertain all of your guests.

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