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Getting Patriotic on President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! Also known as “Washington’s Birthday”, or “Washington and Lincolns Day”, this holiday is an ideal time to express patriotism. It was established to celebrate the birthday of the first president of the USA, George Washington, although it has also become a day to remember all presidents.  Even though President Washington was born on February 22nd, the date of this federal holiday varies because it always falls on the third Monday of the second month of the year. Much to the happiness of schoolchildren and many adults, Monday was chosen for celebrating this holiday to conveniently turn a two-day weekend into a three day one.

The combination of a holiday and three-day weekend has also frequently turned the third and fourth weeks of February into a time for bargains and shopping discounts. This probably resulted from stores realizing that more people are likely to go shopping if they have a Monday off, especially when outdoor activities are curtailed by winter weather. No matter what the reason for sales, it’s worth it to keep an eye out for bargains at this time of year, especially on items and clothing we might want for the summer months.

However, in addition to saving money on garden statues and other items that will be put to use in a month or two, this weekend is an excellent excuse to celebrate patriotism. These are a few ideas for celebrating love of country, freedom, and democracy:

Decorate to celebrate: “Americana” is the decorating theme that works best for President’s Day, and these items will look just as impressive long after the end of February. Although we may or may not want to take down the red, white, and blue bunting, showing the flag never goes out of style, and neither do certain statues and other types of high quality decor. Out in the garden, such decor can take the form of garden sculptures like the “Patriotic Flag Children” Statue,  and Western Americana decor like the Cowboy Cody Western Welcome Statue. Just keep in mind that such garden statues shouldn’t be placed outside if the temperature still dips below zero. If so, these and other patriotic sculptures will look just as good in a month or two.

It’s just as important and festive to decorate the interior of the home. A bit of bunting will work along with pictures of the flag, Mount Rushmore, and other iconic American images including the impressive Statue of Liberty (1886) Wall Frieze, and the beautifully detailed “On the Hunt” Native American Statue.

Throw a party: Interior decor is also important for this holiday if we plan on throwing a President’s Day party. Invite friends and family to the house for an evening of classic American recipes accompanied by locally brewed spirits, and patriotic-themed games. These can take the form of trivia about the Constitution of the United States of America, trivia about past presidents, or giving out small, fun prizes to guests who can name all of the state capitals. An apple pie bake-off, most patriotic outfit, and other small contests can also be held. Make a big impression by using the Uncle Sam Yankee Doodle Dandy Butler Pedestal Sculptural Table to serve apple pie and other standard American fare.

Patriotic movie night: Whether we throw a party or not, we can also have fun on this holiday weekend by hosting a patriotic-themed movie night. Show an evening of two or three movies that deal with patriotism in any number of ways, and share them with good friends.

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Beating the Winter Blues with Animal Garden Sculptures

Depending on the location, February is a month that can mark the end of winter, or a time when we still have to endure cold weather accompanied by short days and long nights. In southern states, the second month of the year often leads into the first mild days of spring. However, up north, rare mild days in February are usually followed by a choice of flurries, freezing rain, and a frozen backyard.

The bulk of the winter might be over but many of us still have to deal with a chronic case of winter blues. Vacations to sunnier, warmer climates are the best remedy, but if we can’t get away, we have to resort to other means of dealing with winter’s final weeks. One possibility is spending more time in a sun room. Whether the room in question acts as a greenhouse or as an enclosed back porch, as long as the place is bathed in sunlight, it can work wonders at this time of year. Decorate that warm, sunny corner of the home with house plants and cheery, summer decor and it might become your favorite spot to read a book, enjoy meals, or just wait until it’s warm enough to venture back outside.

In terms of decor, a vase and urn or two are easy, beautiful ways to showcase flower cuttings that remind us of picnics and walks in the country on warm, summer days. Framed paintings of spring and summer scenes also work well, and we can lend a vibrant look to the sun room by way of beautiful stained glass works of art. Other worthwhile decorations include any number of garden statues, especially ones that were used in last year’s backyard. Take a few of those favorite small garden sculptures out of storage and they can act as a useful reminder that spring will be back in a month or so.

We can also beat those winter blues by shopping for new spring decor. These items can take the form of any type of new statues suited for the backyard, including certain animal garden statuary that look just as lovely inside the home as in the garden. Although the best animal statues are always going to be the ones best suited to our decorating needs and themes, adorable animal sculptures are especially good at lending a fun, cozy touch to their surroundings.

Such “cozy” sculptures can take the form of functional decor like Pancho the Burro Planter and welcome signs highlighted with animals, as well as a variety of detailed, life-like statues. Even small statues can lend a cheerful look, especially when they happen to be sculptures of cute little baby chicks. By merit of their size, these and other versatile and adorable animal statues can be shown on tables and window sills, as well as in a corner or near the back door. When the time comes for decorating the garden, they work just as well near flower beds and as “pets” for garden gnomes.

Other farm animal statues also work well at beating the winter blues, including beautiful sculptures of lambs, hens, and even cute flying pigs! Compliment them with equally cute statues of puppies and kittens to ensure smiles during the final cold stretch of winter. Anything along the lines of the high quality, realistic “Lover Boy” Puppy Dog Statue is a good choice as is cute functional decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Bulldog Garden Statue, or a Jack Russell Terrier Dog Welcome Statue.

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Four Wonderful Gothic Gift Ideas

The holiday season might be over but it’s not the only gift giving time of the year. Plenty of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions arise from now until next December. Not to mention, there are also times when we just feel like giving a little something to ourselves. The types of gifts that we buy depend on various factors, the most important one being the preferences of the people destined to receive them. If we aren’t buying that special item for our own home, garden, or place of business, we need to put ourselves in the mind of that person, really think about the things they love and appreciate, and search from that point of view. Do that and we can cut out time spent searching for the gift while also being sure that we are picking out the best one.

One of the strategies for finding the perfect gift involves focusing on the decor they use, and knowing about their favorite movies and novels. Sometimes, all it takes is thinking about those possibilities and we can quickly pick out a fantastic, unique present. It can be even easier if that person enjoys the fantasy or Gothic genres because there are a lot more wonderful Gothic gifts to choose from than most people realize. The following are four such gift ideas for all aficionados of Gothic and fantasy-themed items:

Gothic wall sculptures: Medieval and fantasy-themed wall decor are much enjoyed by big fans of the Gothic genre.  The fine details and mysterious beauty of such items as The Dragon’s Pentacle Wall Sculpture and the Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy make it easy to showcase appreciation for the genre. These and other high quality wall decor pieces are also perfect for influencing the atmosphere of a personal library, bedroom, or other place in the home.

Fun, functional decor: Another good Gothic gift idea involves any type of decor that can be used for more than being put on display. There are high quality Gothic accents that act as beautifully detailed pen holders, journals, and even bath tissue holders. The Vampire Bat Sculptural Hooked Wall Hanger is also an excellent place to hang a hat or set of keys, and the Celadon, the Sculptural Mp3 Player Sentry is an easy, fun gift for adolescents and a wide range of people.

Something wicked for the garden: Folks with a garden or backyard, and a penchant for Gothic decor, will love Gothic garden statues. These can take the form of gargoyle statues, garden sculptures of wizards, fantasy-themed creatures, or maybe even the The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue. Greenmen statues will also be much appreciated especially when the gift is the intriguing Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture. This and other greenman sculptures help transform the backyard from an average personal green oasis into a place where the very trees haunt the surroundings with ancient faces.

Gothic lighting: Another useful item and needed for every home, Gothic lamps and other forms of decorative lighting can break new boundaries when it comes to creative, functional decor. These can be small, beautifully sculpted lamps meant to inspire and illuminate the work desk of an aspiring writer, take the form of torchiere lamps held by a dragon’s sharp claws, or any number of decorative sconces fit for the halls of modern day royalty. We can also go for more extravagant forms of Gothic lighting and give that special person a sculptural chandelier or a fantastic lighted wall sculpture.

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Tips to Make the Most of Post Holiday Sales

It’s the first day after Christmas but the holidays aren’t over yet? That doesn’t really happen until we have to use a new calendar in January. Until then, we still have several days to enjoy time with family, make a snowman or two, and admire the beauty of treasured ornaments on the tree. After looking for gifts for the past several weeks, we might also feel like we are through with shopping for a while. However, given the great deals and sales going on during these post-Christmas days, we really shouldn’t call it quits on shopping yet. There are just too many savings to be had and still plenty of wonderful items that would look great in the garden, home, and even places of business.

These are some suggestions to make the most of post-holiday sales:

Go shopping today: A lot of things will be on sale until the end of the year but the best discounts usually happen today and tomorrow. Since some items could go out of stock, it’s worth it to get some shopping time in today, December 26th. Not to mention, that same sale might not be happening in a few days. When it comes down to it, we shouldn’t wait to save a lot of money on purchases of fine decor and whatever other items we would love to have.

It’s also just as important to know where to shop so we can avoid crowds and find the best deals. Don’t leave online stores out of this equation because they might have just what we are looking for, we won’t need those items right away, and we wouldn’t have to brave traffic or wait in any lines to buy them.

Check prices first: We shouldn’t buy on impulse because we see the word “sale”. Some places have discounts for more, and others offer discounts that differ little from the ones we saw before Christmas. If you aren’t aware of the usual price for an item, check prices at a few places before clicking that “buy now” button. It will be worth it if we can save even 25% instead of 20% on beautiful wall art, an exquisite mahogany table, or other items for the home and garden.

It’s a long, dark winter: We are just getting started with the winter, and for folks who love sunny weather, unfortunately, we literally have a lot of dark days ahead of us. The lack of sunlight can be trying even if we do manage to break up the cold weather with a two week trip to Cancun, Jamaica, or Costa Rica. This is a worthwhile thing to keep in mind while shopping during these discounted days because we might come across some items that will lend the home a bright, cheerful look. Keep an eye out for discounts on sculptural floor lamps like the eye-catching Peacock Goddess Torchiere, and the fun Heads above Giraffe Floor Lamp. We should also look for deals on unique sculptural wall sconces, cute table lamps, and other cheerful interior decor.

Keep spring and summer in mind: It can hard to imagine the pleasant warm days of summer when the garden is a frozen landscape of ice and snow, but in a few months, spring will be here again and fresh green shoots of grass will be coming up in the backyard. It will be time to think about decorating the garden, and if we shop for decor now, we can be prepared for it while saving money on beautiful animal garden statues, sculptures of angels, and other high quality decor.

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It’s Never Too Late for Last Minute Gifts

Still looking for last minute gifts? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of us still need to get more presents for the people we love. Various scenarios may have brought us to this anxious place including buying presents in advance and then suddenly realizing that we forgot to get one or two gifts, not knowing where to find the gifts we need, or just not finding the time to go shopping for that final present. All of these reasons are valid but we don’t need to panic because there are solutions.

First and foremost, if we have a busy schedule, we really do need to set some time aide for buying those final gifts. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but should at least be enough to do a bit of searching and purchasing whatever we need. Since we are down to the wire, we also need to consider where we are going to shop, how far away that is, and if the extra driving time is worth it, especially because the holidays roads are already going to be busy. Factor in looking for a gift that might not even be present and last minute shopping at a department store might not be the best option.

We could still order gifts from online stores but then again, since Christmas is just a few days away, we have to take shipping times into consideration. However, at least one solution to that is having a rush delivery option. If we can use that and have our purchases arrive in two to three days that could work. To be sure if it will work, we should call the store in question and talk to them about it. If it will take longer for the gift to arrive, then we have to decide if it will be alright to give those presents a few days after December 25th.

Ideas for last minute gifts are also a huge help. If we already know what to buy, we don’t have to waste hours in searching for something we might not find. We don’t need to have an exact idea of what to get either because even an inkling of what to get will be a big leap in buying those final gifts. For example, although we might not know which types of garden statues to buy for Aunt Rose or a friend who loves to throw garden parties, we at least know that we want to give them a beautiful garden statue.

With that in mind, the next step involves picking up the tablet or phone, or turning on the computer, and making a quick search on a confirmed, well known site that offers dozens of garden statuary options. Then, we can pick a suitable category of sculptures, say animal garden statues, browse the ones that are “best sellers” or on sale, and pick out and purchase a fantastic, high quality gift. Although it depends on how long we browse the site, the entire process is much less time than a trip to the store and can be a mere question of minutes.

Furthermore, if we would rather see reviews about a lovely angel statue, or high quality wall art, we can probably find those on that same trusted online store, usually right on the same page as the item in question. If the site selling garden decor also has categories for accents, gifts, and other items, it’s going to be much easier to find gifts at the last minute than we ever imagined.

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How to Kick Off the Winter Holiday Season

October is officially over and for many people, that marks the end of autumn. Although we still have fall weather and even warm days in many parts of the USA and Canada, it only takes a short walk in the garden to realize that we are on the edge of winter. Most of the garden birds are gone, an increasingly cold wind blows through bare branches, and even our garden statues look like they are ready to head back into the garage for hibernation. Most of all, we just celebrated Halloween and once the party guests go home, we can’t ignore that fall is pretty much over and winter is on its way.

Although we will miss those warm summer nights and cooling off in the pool on hot July days, winter can be just as fun, and the next two months can be the most exciting ones on the calendar. This is the start of the winter holiday season, a time for celebration, and one that merits a proper inauguration. We can kick off this fun time of year in a variety of ways, including these ideas:

Host a party: What better way to begin a new holiday season than with a party? Given the recent Halloween festivities and upcoming events for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays, some of us might prefer to take a short vacation or just hide in the house and not even answer the door. That’s easy to understand but we also need to remember that we will have plenty of time to relax indoors during the first two or three months of the year. Take advantage of this break between Halloween and Thanksgiving to invite a short list of friends over for evenings of mulled wine, cider, and movies. We might also be able to convince them to help make wreaths and other decor for Thanksgiving.

Shop for unique holiday decor: Start this year’s winter holiday season with fun, new decor to impress guests and turn the home into a place of nostalgic charm. The sooner we acquire fantastic new decor like the Illuminated Bavarian Style Holiday Nutcracker Statue and a high quality Santa Claus statue, the sooner we can get into the holiday spirit. Before shopping, take a moment to look through the bags of holiday decor in the attic, basement, or wherever else they are stored to see which items should be used and which should be left in storage. We will also have a better idea about the decor that we need to buy.

Put garden statues back into storage: Although we are probably still waiting for the first snow of the year, this is an ideal time to put our favorite garden statuary back into storage. If we wait until the end of the month or December, we run the risk of leaving sculptures out in cold, freezing weather (not recommended for resin garden statues). We also risk not having the time to put those statues away because we are too busy with shopping and doing other holiday endeavors. With those factors in mind, it’s best to put that beautiful garden decor away some time during the first two weeks of November. While doing that, we can also pick out the statues to display inside the home during the winter months.

Treat yourself: The best way to kick off a new holiday season is by treating yourself to a fine meal, favorite drinks, a weekend away from home with someone special, or anything that prepares us for holiday visits, traffic, crowds, looking for gifts, and other side effects of the winter holiday season.

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Easy Suggestions to Enjoy Fall Foliage

Happy Labor Day from Design Toscano! Although the official date for this fun holiday is September 5th, many of us have been celebrating since Friday. While we continue with the celebrations tomorrow, we can also think about how we would like to celebrate the season that starts the day after Labor Day. We love fall because it offers a respite from the summer heat, gives us many crisp, star-filled evenings, football season, pumpkins, and the spookiest day of the year. We also love autumn because the trees change color, many of them with dramatic hues of red, orange, and bright yellow.

Fall foliage should always be celebrated. It always seems to come and go quicker than we expected, and varies in different parts of the United States and Canada. To make the most of this year’s fall foliage display, try these ideas:

Look for places with Maple Trees or Aspens: The plants that turn the brightest colors tend to be the ones with the most sugar in their leaves and foliage. This is why sumac turns such a brilliant red hue, and why Sugar Maples are usually the most colorful trees in the forest. If there is a maple grove near the home, keep an eye on it to see when the leaves start to change color. When that happens, go for a drive to the nearest state park and treat yourself to a beautiful fall picnic. Sugar Maples are commonly found in southern Canada and the eastern United States south to Tennessee, and grow in many situations, often near streams and waterways in the Midwestern states. Other species of maples outside of that range can show similar bright colors.

For folks who live in the Rocky Mountain region, Aspens are the trees that show bright fall colors. Look for groves of beautiful gold foliage along streams, parks, and in many areas of the mountains. The gorgeous bright yellow leaves and white trunks are hard to ignore!

Take a drive along quiet country roads: This is probably the easiest way to experience beautiful fall foliage. Check out a map, pick a good secondary road that passes through a rural area with few towns, and go for a drive. Watch the beautiful scenery pass by and stop for a walk in a park, national forest, or have lunch in a cute country diner. Stop to buy apples and pumpkins sold at farms and on the side of the road, and share the experience with the kids or that special person. Better yet, combine the beautiful drive with a hike through woodlands painted with fall colors.

Consider a visit to the Appalachians: Folks who really want to get serious about fall foliage should seriously consider a trip to the Appalachians. Although the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers one of the best displays of fall foliage anywhere, and is probably the most popular place to view autumn woodlands, we can also see fantastic displays in many other parts of this ancient mountain range. Head to any number of rural areas in southern and eastern New York, Pennsylvania and much of the northeast, and mountainous areas in West Virginia south to northern Georgia and you will see spectacular foliage.

Celebrate colorful autumn foliage in the garden: If we have a few trees in the garden, we can also enjoy fall foliage right in the backyard. Take advantage of your own beautiful outdoors and enjoy fall picnics, a good book while seated on lovely garden furniture, or autumn gardening.

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

A new home is such an exciting event! It represents a new start, a place that we can finally call our own, and a place that we can decorate as we see fit. It’s also a time for celebration, and this is one of the reasons why we host and take part in housewarming parties. We want people to see the new place and share in our excitement, and want to welcome the new folks to the neighborhood. In doing so, we give and receive gifts, many of which are suited for a new place of residence. Although gifts for a new place can take many forms, the best gifts tend to be the ones that combine elegance with function and creativity. The following ideas are a good fit for any housewarming event:

Wall decor: This is an easy, essential aspect of decor for any home that can be just as easily overlooked. Yes, many people put some form of decor on the walls of the home but, many times, they fail to realize that so much more can be done with wall hangings and other types of wall art. While paintings are a classic type of wall art, we don’t have to stay with cheap, average prints. Decorating with replicas of beautiful antique paintings shown in elegant, carved frames is an easy way to lend the new home a serious touch of class. If the owners of the new home are fans of Impressionism, wall art can also take the form of Impressionist pieces like the La Danse a Bougival Canvas Replica Painting.

Wall decor as a housewarming gift can also be a beautiful, unique wall frieze, a sculptural mirror, or even an exquisite greenman wall sculpture. There are hundreds of options for unique wall decor, we just need to think about the best fit for the new home owners.

Creative lighting: Every home could also use more lighting, and this is another easy way to combine decor with function. Although we need to be careful about buying the right decorative lamp as a housewarming gift, if we know that the owners enjoy the fantasy genre, they might like something along the lines of the Aberdeen Manor Gothic Lantern Floor Lamp. The simple, classic elegance of this lamp also help it work with a variety of decorating themes.

Creative lighting also happens with smaller table lamps, and can include beautiful pieces like the Dragonfly Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Lamp, and the lovely Victorian Hanging Tulip Stained Glass Lamp.

Unique accents: These can take many forms including wall decor as well as sculptural lamps, and many other items. This is also a good place to look when we aren’t sure what to buy as a housewarming gift. At the Basil Street Gallery,  we find a large number of elegant, beautiful decor items that also work well as wedding gifts. Whether we choose a unique indoor sculpture, something as exquisite as the French Rococo Centerpiece Comport Urn, or a gift as simple and beautiful as the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls, it will be much appreciated in any new home.

Garden statuary: Last but far from least, don’t leave garden statues out of the housewarming equation. If the new home owners plan on spending any time in the backyard, they will appreciate a beautiful garden sculpture or two. Once again, if we aren’t sure about their likes or dislikes, we might want to stick with popular classics like Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture.

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Gutters and Weathervanes For a Unique Home

Decor is an essential part of every home, big or small. It gives a home character, and can also be used to showcase our interests, hobbies, and fantasies. Certain statues and other types of decor can also be leveraged to give any home a unique look, especially if the decor in question is created with fine details and an appearance that captures the attention of neighbors, house guests, and anyone who just happens to be passing by.

That decor in question doesn’t have to take the form of angel statues or cute welcome signs either. Although those can act as beautiful decor for any home, decor for the exterior of the home can also be just as functional as it is decorative. Take gutters for example. We need these “accessories” to capture rain and other debris that fall on the roof of the home to keep the roof from being damaged or even collapsing. Their simple design helps channel water and other unwanted stuff off of the top of the home and away from it. It’s an easy, essential concept but that doesn’t mean that gutters have to look like a mundane, overlooked part of the home.

They can also add flair and be leveraged to give any home a unique and interesting look while still working to protect the house. Not to mention, if animal garden statues or other garden decor are already featured in the backyard and around the home, certain decorative gutters can be used to work with those decorating themes. Nor do we need to remove the entire gutter or do a major home exterior make-over just so we can decorate the house with a few more accents. If we want to stick with a cute animal theme, we can work with ©Jolly, the Squirrel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue and other animal downspout statues that take the form of a turtle, pig, or other animals. Likewise, if we want to stay with an angelic decorating theme, we can decorate with the ©Blessings from Heaven Angel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue.

To make these functional statues work, all we need to do is attach them to the end of the gutter and wait for the next downpour. The same goes for fantastic dragon rainspouts like Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon Rainspout. Whether we already decorate the backyard with exquisite gargoyle and dragon statues or not, we might still want to use these dragon rainspouts because they look simply fantastic, especially when water rushes out of the dragon’s mouth. These are the types of unique decor that leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who sees them because they demonstrate a combination of artistic fine details, and life-like features.

We can also make an easy impression with functional decor up on top of the home. Weathervanes act as classic, fun, functional decor that works for homes of every size. Put one on top of the house and we crown the home with a type of decor that immediately communicates with anyone who looks at it. In keeping with weathervanes from throughout history, these modern versions also tell us which way the wind is blowing.  We can also use one like the Castle Guardian Dragon Full-Size Copper Weathervane to keep going with the medieval dragon theme, top the house with a classic, beautiful copper angel weathervane, or go with the Celebration Wine Bottle Full-Size Copper Weathervane to demonstrate our love for the fermented fruits of the vine!

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Maintaining a Garden in the Desert

Summer is the green season for folks who live in Canada, the east, south, and Pacific Northwest, but it’s the scorching time of year for many residents of the west. Aside from the high mountains, much of the west is arid, and in the southwest, desert is the predominant habitat. In terms of gardens, this means that most people who live outside of mountainous areas in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and southern California would be lucky to have a lush, green backyard cultivated with trees, bushes, and vegetable gardens.

Increasingly, in many parts of the west, it’s just  too hot and dry to maintain a lush, green backyard. There are exceptions but less available water translates to more restrictions on water use, and a green garden doesn’t have nearly as much priority as farm fields, or water used for bathing, cooking, and drinking. Nevertheless, there are ways to maintain a garden in a desert environment, especially by following these tips:

A wet, green garden might not be possible: If the home happens to be located in an arid region, this is the first thing we need to come to grips with. If maintaining a green garden is too much work and requires too much water, we should probably accept that it is not the right type of garden for the backyard. There are other types of gardens, including ones that don’t require a fresh, green carpet of grass. In fact, in desert areas, this might also be a bad idea because watered lawns tend to attract more Black Widow Spiders and scorpions. Instead of going against nature, it’s going to be a lot easier to work with nature and cultivate a garden suited for very low humidity and high temperatures.

Stick with native plants: This is the easiest way to maintain a garden in arid surroundings. Instead of using plants imported from other parts of the country, why not work with cacti and other plant species that already happen to be adapted to the harsh, local conditions? Cacti and other desert plants can show beautiful flowers, attract interesting local birds, and require very little maintenance. The types of plants we use depend upon where the garden is but should be available for purchase at local nurseries and might already grow in the backyard. As with gardens anywhere, we just have to decide where they should grow, and how much pruning they require.

Water at night: If we do live in an area where we are allowed to water the garden, we should do so at night. In the desert, the difference in temperature and evaporation between night and day is extreme. Use a sprinkler during the day and most of that precious water will be quickly lost to the air. Turn on the hose at night and a much higher percentage of that water will soak into the ground and be used by the plants. In addition, if we water plants already adapted to dry conditions, very little watering will be required in the first place.

Rock gardens: To make up for the lack of vegetation, we can work with sand, gravel, stones, and rocks. It just takes one look at a professionally sculpted Japanese rock garden to see that this is a fantastic, eye-catching option.

Detailed, desert garden decor: As with any garden, one in the desert will also look better when decorated with high quality decor. The same types of garden statues used in backyards elsewhere work just as well in the desert, although animal garden statues like the “The Great Roadrunner” Statue might work better than some other animal sculptures.

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