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New Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

For some of us, spring is here! For others, well, it’s going to be a few more weeks before we see fresh green grass. Nevertheless, in terms of making plans for the garden, the spring season is definitely here because when we think about how we want to decorate the backyard, snow and ice won’t be part of the picture.

If the planning involves nothing more than taking the old garden statuary items out of storage and putting them back in the same spots they occupied last year, then planning isn’t really needed. However, if we want a fresh, new look for the backyard, we need to invest some time and effort into the process. This can be as little as a few hours, or, if we want to give the backyard a serious make-over, a few days. No matter how much or little we want to make changes to the garden, though, we are going to need a few new items. If we want to get really creative, we are also going to have to consider some novel ideas for the decor we display, as well as how and where we show it.

This spring season, try these suggestions to surprise and entertain garden guests:

Unique animal garden sculptures: Instead of sticking with the same angel statues and other garden sculptures as previous years, shake up the backyard scenery with an animal statue or two. Sculptures of animals are an easy way to give the garden a touch of humor, a bit of natural beauty, or to just give it a brand new look. Fun decor like the At a Snail’s Pace Garden Gastropod Statues: Large Snail lend a creative, easy-going look, and fit right in with just about any decorating theme. If we would rather go the cute route, we can’t go wrong with adorable decor like the Prized Pup Statues and other detailed sculptures of cats, dogs, and baby animals.

Flower planters: The garden is an ideal place to showcase natural decor, the most common of which are flowering bushes and plants, and floral arrangements. Although it’s too early to see them come out of the ground, we can still envision where we want them to grow, as well as where we would like to show flower cuttings. In addition to making plans for flowerbeds, we can also purchase new sculptural planters. The Art Nouveau Mystic Maiden Wall Pocket Planter Sculpture and similar detailed decor lend a classic touch of elegance to any garden, and can give an equally fine touch to the interior of the home.

Consider gargoyle statues: The good thing about gargoyles is that they can be displayed in a lot more situations than we realize. Although they often act as essential decor for Gothic and medieval-themed gardens, ironically, gargoyle sculptures also work well with angel statues, other types of classic decor, and a backyard decorated with nothing more than garden gnomes and a water fountain. They can take the form of wicked statues that entertain the imagination, sculptures that welcome guests with Gothic flair, and can also act as backyard wall decor. One such example of classic wall decor is Gnash The Grotesque Gargoyle Wall Sculpture. This intriguing wall decor item looks just as classy on the walls of spring and summer gardens as it does inside the home.

New Asian-themed decor: An Asian garden statue or two can also act as a novel addition to the backyard. Make an impression with beautiful, quality sculptures like the Praying Baby Buddha Asian Garden Statue and the Shenzhan Buddha Garden Statue.

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Tips for Decorating with Sculptural Furniture

It’s January and it’s the dead of winter. In many states and provinces, the backyard has become a frozen, snow-covered place where we used to enjoy the pool, host garden parties, and just relax with a good book on a favorite piece of garden furniture. At this time of year, our favorite angel statues are safely stored in the garage, and it’s too cold to hang out in the garden. A lot of us end up spending more time indoors but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because being inside gives us a chance to spend more time with family and friends, have fun with new board games, and host cooking parties.

Although we can’t go outside and see how new garden statues will look in the backyard, when it comes to decor, we can still be constructive and focus on sprucing up the inside of the home. It’s a good opportunity to try new decorating ideas and different types of decor, including sculptural furniture. By blending function with art, this type of furniture lends a creative, artistic touch wherever it is used, and is an easy way to inject a bit of excitement and elegance into the most average of rooms. The following are a few suggestions when decorating with beautiful sculptural tables and chairs:

Exquisite and stunning additions: Many sculptural furniture items are detailed, beautiful works of art. This makes them an easy means of lending an exquisite touch to the living room, dining room, library, or other parts of the home. One such example is The Muses Glass-Topped Sculptural Table. When guests see this classic work of art, they may wonder if it is an elegant indoor sculpture, or a small table. As with any piece of sculptural furniture, it’s actually both and thus acts as functional decor. The same goes for any number of other sculptural tables, including more colorful, splendid pieces like the Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table.

Go Gothic: This type of furniture tends to be either tables and chairs suited for folks who love statues of Ravens and other classic Gothic symbols, or items of a more medieval character. Either way, we can make use of these decor themes to give the home an intriguing, classic look. Fantastic Gothic decor like the Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table acts as treasured art for anyone with a deep interest in the fantasy genre. The fine details on Hastings give this dragon knight a life-like appearance and make an impression on every guest. The Gothic flavor of this creative table is augmented when it can share a room with the Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table, and other Gothic or medieval furniture.

An easy way to decorate a hallway: It’s easy to overlook the decoration of a hallway when we have other, more visited rooms to think about. However, we also need to remember that although we may not linger as often in a hallway, everyone needs to walk through them to reach other parts of the house. The decor that we show in such places does leave an impression, and influences the overall atmosphere of the home. Fortunately, the limited space in a hallway also makes it an easy place to decorate. By decorating with sculptural furniture, we can impress guests and lend an extra, creative touch that will be appreciated. This can be accomplished with just about any high quality sculptural furniture item that can fit in a hallway without obstructing the passage of people. Since a hallway also stands apart from other rooms, it can also feature decor not associated with themes in other rooms.

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Ideas for Ten Days of Giving

The winter holiday season is a time for cheer, family, feasting, and decorating the home and office with lovely seasonal decor. As those of us who are still shopping for the holidays know all too well, it’s also the biggest time of the year for buying gifts. This is certainly the main gift-giving season but we don’t need to limit handing out presents to just one day.

Instead of opening gifts on one or two days, we can extend the compassion and happiness of the holiday season by giving for several days in a row. This idea is nothing new and was commonly celebrated a couple hundred years ago in England and other parts of Europe. Instead of handing out a bunch of presents on December 24th or 25th, people gave one small gift to loved ones for each of the ten days after Christmas. This was a way to celebrate Christmas as well as a principle part of the Christian holiday season that extended from the 25th to the Feast of the Epiphany. In fact, the carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas” refers to this practice and it was sometimes also known as “The Ten Days of Christmas”.

There’s no reason why we can’t continue this tradition in modern times, especially with loved ones that deserve a new gift for each of ten days. Try these suggestions to celebrate ten days of giving during this holiday season:

Gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg: Although it would be wonderful to go all out and gift a major present for more than a week, most of us just can’t afford that type of giving. Luckily, when we spread gifts out over ten days, we don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive items. Give small, cute items and unique accents each day and that special person will love and appreciate each and every one of those special gifts.

Give small gifts, then one big one: We can also go with small treasures at first and save one big item for the final day. Try giving gifts like a humorous coffee mug, decorative pen, a candy cane, and other small gifts that are an expression of appreciation and being thoughtful. This will make the big gift on the final day an equally big surprise and will act as a fitting way to cap off this special season.

Give unique garden decor: We can also think outside the box and give beautiful garden statues over the course of ten days. One high quality garden statue for each of ten days will create a fantastic display for any backyard and could include statues of angels, exquisite garden fairies, and cute welcome signs that show dancing ducks. If we feel like ten garden sculptures are too many for one gift-giving season, we could also give other, small gifts each day except for one or two high quality garden statues.

Carry out acts of kindness: Finally, the ten days of giving don’t have to be a time when we give one present to one person for ten days in a row. We can also give one present to each of ten people over ten days, and carry out acts of kindness. This could be anything from saying something nice to other people at least once a day for ten days, volunteering for ten days, or carrying out random acts of kindness each day. The recipients of kindness can be people we know, strangers, or a combination of the two. Don’t be surprised if they carry out their own ten days of giving because true kindness is often contagious.

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Gargoyle Gifts for the Winter Holiday Season

As we approach Christmas, many of us are still looking for last minute gifts. We may have already crossed off every name on our list but wouldn’t mind buying a few more accents, stocking stuffers and other things for the special people in our lives. Or, we might just be getting a late start on the holiday gift-giving season. Whatever the reason, there’s still time to pick up a few more presents, big and small.

There are plenty of options but one of the more interesting possibilities is a type of decor that was commonly used on European cathedrals and churches during the medieval era. While statues of angels fall into that category (and do make excellent gifts), the type of statue we are talking about doesn’t quite look as heavenly as an angel sculpture. It has a much more fearsome and intimidating appearance, and, although it was commonly incorporated on castle walls and churches during feudal times, the gargoyle continues to act as popular decor in the modern-day era.

Although we no longer see them perched on the walls of places of worship, we do find them in many gardens and households. After a hiatus of a several centuries, gargoyles have once again become popular decor. Instead of keeping evil-doers and spirits with bad intentions from coming inside, these days, people put gargoyles on display because they love the mysterious look of Gothic decor, might want to showcase their taste for the fantasy genre, or relish the appearance of quality, classic garden statuary. Whatever the reason may be, a lot of folks are using gargoyle statues as decor inside the home as well as in the garden, and this is also why statues of these formidable creatures can act as excellent, easy gifts for a lot of people.

Try these gargoyle gift ideas when looking for stocking stuffers and for the folks still on our holiday shopping lists:

Gargoyle accents for writers: If those special people keep a journal, make notes with a pen, or happen to be full-fledged authors, they might enjoy the Gargoyles & Dragons: Alaric Sculptural Pen. Whether this exquisite writing instrument is used or not, its fine details and greystone appearance are certain to be an inspiration. This and other gargoyle and dragon pens make excellent stocking stuffers and fine gifts for anyone who enjoys the mystery, imagination, and intrigue of the fantasy genre.

Gargoyle garden statues: Does he or she have a garden? Does it already feature some garden sculptures? If the answer is “yes” for either of these questions, a gargoyle statue is an excellent choice for a gift. There are several high quality statues of gargoyles to choose from and they can take the form of sentinel statues meant to flank the entrance to a garden, sculptures that work well with other classic statuary, and even small, cute gargoyles well suited for sharing green space with garden gnomes and other adorable statues. Babble, The Gothic Gargoyle Statue and ©Ashes, the Gothic Gargoyle Statue are two of the more adorable gargoyle statues available.

Very Gothic gargoyles: Although any detailed, high quality gargoyle will be appreciated by someone with a penchant for all things Gothic, some gargoyles have a decidedly more Gothic appearance than others. Clutch, Keeper of the Mystic Orb Gargoyle Sitter Statue is one such creature and shows it with a fearsome, classic winged appearance, and long, muscled arms that cradle a “magical” orb. Other Gothic gargoyle gifts also come in the form of the Medieval Marauder Gargoyle Statue, and the Hemlock’s Gargoyle Throne Statue.

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Animal Statues as Gifts

We are in the height of the gift buying season and time is running out to find the best presents for the special people in our lives. That might sound alarming but given the many other responsibilities we are involved with at this time of the year, we really have to take advantage of whatever bit of time we have for buying gifts. It can even be tough to find time to figure out what we are going to purchase.

With that in mind, it’s always good to hear about different possibilities for holiday gifts. When we feel like we are at the end of our wits because we can’t think of anything that would make a good gift, one of those ideas might do the trick. One such idea is an animal garden statue. Sculptures of animals might work as the gifts we need for these reasons:

A lot of people love animals: We all like to get gifts of things we love. Whether someone spends time in the garden or never ventures outside, if that person loves animals, he or she will love an animal statue. Sure, we have to make sure that the animal is one that they like but we should be able to pick out the right one because there are dozens of high quality animal garden statues to choose from. These can take the form of anything from detailed, life-like depictions of elephants and tigers to a super cute statue of Meerkats. Many animal sculptures can be placed outside or find a spot inside the home. Many can also be used as beautiful, high quality decor for a place of business. Rest assured that the person receiving a statue of an animal will find a use for it.

Pet statues work too: If the special people on the list aren’t all that into wild animals, they might have pets that they cherish. High quality statues of cats and dogs might work for them, including sculptures of the type of dog or cat that they have. As one might guess, sculptures of puppies or kittens make a wonderful, cute addition to any home, and will be especially appreciated. The
Black Labrador Puppy Dog Statue is just one of several adorable, life-like puppy sculptures that can lend a lovely, cozy touch to any room. The same goes for kitten welcome signs, and many other sculpture options that show realistic depictions of cats and dogs.

Garden animal sculptures: If the person on the list enjoys time in the garden or backyard, it’s even easier to give them an animal garden statue. In all likelihood, they already have some garden statues in the backyard and will be all too happy to get another one or two, especially if it’s a high quality statue of a bunny, fox, or other woodland animal. We can also go with fun animal sculptures that literally hang from the trees like the Up a Tree Hanging Black Bear Cub Sculpture and the hilarious Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. Other possibilities include sculptures of colorful frogs, fun snails, and even dinosaurs.

Animal statues as interior decor: Something else to keep in mind about animal sculptures is that many can also be used inside the home. This turns them into easy, fun gifts for folks who live in apartments, or who might not have a backyard. Although there are some grand-size animal sculptures that might not work inside a home, there are plenty of smaller statues that would look wonderful in the corner of a living room, or out on the balcony.

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New Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

It seems like Halloween just happened but in terms of decor, it’s already in the distant past. Once a holiday is over, it really is time to take down those decorations and put them back into storage. This is especially true for Halloween because we are talking about statues and cut-outs of witches, skeletons, and other frightening decor that just don’t fit with any other time of the year. However, that changes if we also decorated with gargoyle statues, greenmen, and garden statuary that can act as decor for any season.

Since those items lend a Gothic, classic touch to the garden, they can work any time of the year as fine decor as long as the backyard doesn’t drop below freezing. If it gets cold, though, we do want to take them out of the garden and put them back into storage because resin garden statues can be damaged in freezing cold conditions. Nevertheless, if it stays warm enough during November, we might still be able to use various garden statues as fine, Thanksgiving-themed decor.

Statues of angels and other quality garden sculptures continue to lend a peaceful, classic look, especially during the forlorn days of late fall. After removing any Halloween accessories, they can be touched up once again with holiday wreaths, garlands of multi-colored corn, and even decorated with small squashes and gourds. Gnome statues can also be decorated with autumn-colored vegetation and other fall decor, and will lend a refreshing touch of bright colors to the garden.

Animal garden statues can also work well for this time of year, especially when we can greets family and friends with decor like the cheerful “Delightful Dancing Ducks” Welcome Sign, and the Edison with the Lighted Lantern Garden Gnome Statue.  Welcoming guests with these and other fun, unique garden statues fits right in with the warm, happy feelings of Thanksgiving. We can also entertain with beautiful animal statues of dogs, and a host of other cute animals that might work even better inside the home than outside in the garden. But, no matter which animal statues we put on display at this time of year, there’s one animal that works better for Thanksgiving than any other. That animal, is of course, the Turkey.

When we think of this fun, late fall holiday, one of the first words that usually comes to mind is, “turkey”. Also known as “the bird”, or just “the main course”, a big, roasted turkey is an all important part of many a Thanksgiving dinner. Native to North America, this bird species was very likely eaten at the first Thanksgiving dinners and tastes so good, we have eaten it ever since! Images and statues of Wild Turkeys also act as important Thanksgiving decor. We can decorate the front porch with pictures of turkeys in the windows and on the front door, but to make a big impression, try putting a realistic, life-size statue of a turkey in the garden. It also looks just as impressive when placed inside the home, and acts as fun, eye-catching decor that augments the holiday atmosphere of restaurants, hotels, and other places of business.

Other decor ideas for Thanksgiving can take the form of banners or posters that show a cornucopia of vegetables and other food items, as well as replicas of classic paintings that show still-lifes of apples, autumn landscapes, and other themes associated with Thanksgiving. Finally, we shouldn’t overlook tabletop decor like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble and other accents that lend a regal touch to the dining room.

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Gift Ideas for a Fun Father’s Day

In a few weeks, we celebrate Father’s Day. This holiday can be marked in any number of ways and basically comes down to how Dad would like to spend it. We could take him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, treat him to a morning of fishing followed by a lunch with the family, or give him tickets for a beautiful evening at the ball park. We could also celebrate by throwing a surprise party in the backyard and inviting his friends and other fathers in the family. No matter how we decide to celebrate this special day, a gift plays an essential role.

Most dads don’t expect much and are just happy to see family members show appreciation. This might be why millions of American and Canadian dads have a small collection of ties and other accessories. Although there’s nothing wrong with adding to a tie collection, why not give something unique, something that will make him laugh? This year, try these gift ideas from Design Toscano to put a smile on Dad’s face:

  • Bar and pub gifts: Guys who enjoy a drink at the end of the day will enjoy a range of items associated with sipping single malts and other aspects of “the good life”. If he enjoys the fantasy genre, he will probably love a pewter chalice or a beautiful embossed brass goblet. Interesting coaster sets are another option, or we could go all out and give him a stunning Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar. This stunning functional decor is the perfect way for any father to enjoy his favorite evening drink or impress guests at the next poker game. If something smaller is in order, artistic bottle openers are another option.


  • Desktop decor: Fathers who work from home or spend a lot of time at a desk in the office could always use more desk decor. Since this type of decor can take the form of anything from decorative pens to bonded marble statues, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Does he like to go fishing? Get him a small, quality statue of a fish, a boat, or something else related to the hobby. Does he enjoy history? He might like a small statue of a historical event, a small marble bust, or some other decor associated with history. The same goes for just about any other interest. Think about what he enjoys or is interested in and look for unique indoor statues or quality accessories that he can relate to. Not sure what he likes? Just take a look at the books he reads, think about what he likes to do, or just ask him.



  • Chess sets and model ships: These options also make fine gifts for many a father, especially because chess sets often feature beautifully detailed pieces related to themes that range from the Civil War to Celtic Warriors.  A variety of model ships are also possible including a beautiful museum replica of a Viking ship.


  • An interesting tie: If all else fails, we can always give him another tie but we don’t have to settle on an ordinary one. See how he reacts to the striking Ancient Greece Silk Tie or other unique, artistic ties.

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