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Early Spring is in the Air

Mid-February can be a time for Valentine’s Day dinner dates, a time to enjoy cross country skiing, or days to plan a spring garden. Depending on where someone lives, it can also mark a time when we feel the first warm breezes of spring. While folks living in the north still need to shovel snow and drink hot chocolate while watching winter birds in the backyard, a lot of people living further south might already be enjoying a warm day or two. They are feeling the change in the weather and some of the early spring birds have already come back.

When we hear the songs of robins and mockingbirds in the garden, we know that winter is finally giving way to spring. Soon, the snow will melt, the frozen ground will soften and show fresh green grass, and we can venture back outside. In a short matter of time, we can enjoy the renewed beauty of the backyard once more, and get our favorite garden decor out of storage and back into action.

Regarding decor, the new season also acts as a perfect excuse to shop for new garden sculptures, angel statues, garden gnomes, and other items destined for the garden. Whether spring is already happening, or is on its way, now is the best time to begin new plans for the backyard. Start the planning now and we will still have plenty of time to figure out exactly how we would like to decorate the backyard and save money doing it. Wait for a month and we might miss sales on unique garden statuary, resort to using the statues we already have, or regret how we end up decorating the backyard.

There are too many ideas to mention in just one post but we can start with a few suggestions for garden fairies. Whether some of these exquisite statues are already in storage or have never seen the light of the backyard, spring is the best opportunity to buy another sculpture or two of the wee folk. Since spring is a time for renewal, the fresh, new look of beautiful fairies helps them fit right in with our first annual display of garden decor. Lovely sculptures like the Poppy and Meadow the Windforest Fairies Statue Collection: Set of Two are ideal for showing this fresh, new cheerful look. They might work best when placed near equally beautiful, fresh spring flowers and other exquisite garden fairy statues.

Cheerful gnome statues are another good choice for spring because they sport bright colors and lend personality to a “new” garden. In addition to classic, smiling gnomes, it’s also fun to decorate with unique “action” gnome statues like the Nuttin But Net Gnome Statue, and the Hawaiian Hank Grass Skirt Gnome Statue. In a few months, these gnome sculptures can also act as fun conversation pieces during summer garden parties.

New animal garden statues are another good option for spring. The ones we choose depend on how we want to decorate the new garden and can take the form of detailed, realistic sculptures of wild animals to funny and cute animal statues like Buckets the Garden Frog Statue and the Monkey Mantra Zen Animal Statue.

While picking out new garden decor, it would also be a shame to neglect a few new decor items for the interior of the home. New, colorful furniture like the Staverden Castle Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and accents like Faberge-Style enameled eggs are excellent spring additions because they lend a breath of fresh air to the home.

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Extraordinary Gnomes, Garden Fairies And Other Creatures

October isn’t just a month for spooky decorations, costumes, and homecoming football games. We also enjoy the fall harvest, and Halloween gives us opportunities to celebrate fairy tales, folklore, and the fruits of imagination. Although statues of fairies and other creatures from the realm of fantasy are a wonderful addition to spring and summer gardens, they can also fit right in with a backyard set up for October 31st. Even though we don’t normally lump garden gnomes and fairies with creatures that go bump in the night, older tales of the “wee folk” often tell a different story.

In most cultures, little elves, gnomes, and their fairy brethren were typically viewed as creatures to respect and avoid. In contrast to many of the modern-day, very soft views of fairies, the little people of older eras played mean tricks, were quick to anger and take offense, were very vindictive, and even kidnapped children. Some were said to offer unwary travelers a table at a magical banquet, the acceptance of which resulted in the poor soul falling asleep for a hundred years. The more sinister fairies led people astray in the deep dark woods or other wild places of the world, and even the nicest of gnomes still seemed to have their own, strange agendas at heart. Indeed, in Europe, fairy folk were often perceived as some type of fallen angel or creatures that were in league with the evil one, and, were in the very least, believed to be up to no good.

However, many of the old fairy tales speak of people who made bargains with fairies and won by tricking the little gnome in the end. Others told of fairies that helped with chores in the garden and around the home in exchange for food and trinkets, but even though these tend to be the best known stories about fairies, the majority of fairy legends speak of creatures best left alone. With that in mind, it’s intriguing that fairy folk were eventually shown as gentle little sprites and cheerful gnomes. This wholesome perception of fairies dates back to rather recent times when garden statuary became a popular aspect of Victorian era gardens. As the demand for garden statues grew, some craftsmen capitalized on the legends of the little people and created garden sculptures of elegant fairies and cute gnomes. Since few people preferred sculptures of sinister little beings on the grounds of their estates, the appearance of the fairy folk went from being that of an unwholesome, unwelcome creature to the exact opposite.

Since beautiful statues of fairies and gnomes make a wonderful, happy addition to any garden, that transformation was certainly welcome. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t also go back to putting a few, more frightening statues of the little people in the backyard, at least during the month of October. Sculptures of pixies tend to show the “old” version of fairies and this make an excellent addition to any Halloween display. Put something like the Sling and Stretch Garden Pixie Sculptures next to the back door or just beyond reach in the backyard and its creepy appearance will put the imagination on edge, especially during the half-light of an autumn evening.

Some gnomes sculptures can also lend a fun look to an October backyard. Give garden guests a tour of the backyard and show them happy, easy-going statues of modern-day gnomes. Then, take them to the other side of the garden and surprise them with statues of skeleton gnomes. Finish off the tour by giving another surprise in the form of a Bigfoot statue peering from behind a tree. As you approach this statue of the most extraordinary creature in North America (and sometimes rumored to be in the same league as gnomes), mention that neighbors claim to have seen Bigfoot in the area.

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Ideas for Pet Memorials

For most of us, pets are more than animals that we take care of and play with. They are members of the family that we love and cherish, often, from the time of birth to their final days. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our beloved pets and that’s why we buy them toys, love to give them treats, cuddle with them, and even take them with us on family vacations.

Eventually, after a long, happy life, pets pass away. It’s never easy, and we are never eager to get another dog, cat, or other animal because nothing can replace that furry or feathered loved one. However, we can remember them with memorials and other ways, including these ideas:

A celebration of life: Although we could hold a funeral for a loved pet, a celebration of the animal’s life is a more fitting way to remember him or her. Not to mention, no places of worship are going to hold services for a pet no matter how much we insist that the animals was a real member of the family. The garden is an ideal place to host the celebration, especially if the deceased pet loved to play in the backyard. Invite friends and family who knew and loved the pet for a backyard brunch and encourage them to bring and share any photos they may have. During the brunch, we can also show a slideshow of pictures and/or videos of the deceased pet. You may or may not want people to bring their own pets.

Plant a tree: Another way to remember a lost pet is by planting a tree. Go to a local nursery and ask which tree would look best in the garden based on the size of the backyard, local climate, and soil conditions. Plant the tree in a quiet corner of the backyard, or, better yet, next to or on the burial site of the pet. When the tree gets big enough, put a memorial plaque in front of it. The same can be done with a flowering bush, or a flower bed.

Pet memorial garden statuary: Whether we host a party that celebrates the pet’s life or plant a tree, the best way to pay homage to our pet is with a memorial stone. Similar to a grave stone, the pet memorial stone can mark its resting place and can also be used to mark the important role it played in our lives. There are pet memorial statues that show a beautiful dog or cat angel at rest, or ones like the “In God’s Hands” Dog Memorial Statue that can also host a personalized plaque. Put the memorial stone next to a sitting bench, under a favorite tree, or in another special corner of the garden. We can decorate the memorial with flowers from time to time or make a small stone pathway that leads to it.

Instead of using a memorial specifically designed for pets, we can also use a memorial stone garden bench. Just because classy benches like the In Our Hearts Forever Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench were designed to remember people who have passed away doesn’t mean that we can’t also use them to remember a beloved pet. The touching phrase is just as relevant for a pet and its simple elegance lends a beautiful touch to any backyard.

Make a donation to pet-related organizations: Another way to remember a pet is with a donation to an organization or association dedicated to helping pets in any number of ways.

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How to Make the Garden the Greatest Part of the Outdoors

The summer means a lot of things to a lot of people. For kids, it’s that wonderful time of the year when they don’t need to even think about school. For older people, it’s when we don’t need to bother with shoveling the snow off the driveway, choosing which winter boots to wear, or worrying about icy roads. It’s also when we can walk right out the back door, straight into the backyard, and lounge by the pool. We can also take a shot at gardening, share a beautiful backyard with friends and family, or just sit back and listen to the pleasant sounds of wind rustling the leaves and the bubbling of gentle waters in the garden fountain.

It is indeed a wonderful time of year for anyone who appreciates the outdoors, especially when the best part of being outside can be found right in our own garden. Here are some tips to convert any backyard into one of the greatest parts of this summer season:

Transform the backyard: We can start by taking a good look at the green space behind the house. How much space can we work with? What would we like to do during the summer? Whether spending most of our time relaxing by the pool, or a combination of rest, throwing summer soirees, and hosting neighborhood volleyball competitions, we might be able to transform the garden to make that happen. If there is room for a pool, think how to make that happen as soon as possible. If we would like to turn the backyard into the most fun place on the block, we need to see which parts of the backyard can be set aside for play, which parts should be kept natural, and where we can host parties. No matter how we transform the yard, the most important thing to keep in mind is turning it into a place where we can enjoy the activities we love to do.

The pool: A refreshing personal oasis is a serious advantage during the hot days of summer. Folks who don’t have a pool might want to consider putting one in as soon as they can, whereas those who already have a pool can think of ways to get more use out of it throughout the summer months. In addition to keeping it clean and always ready for use, we could make time to swim a few laps per day, remember to invite friends and family over for pool parties, and put in lights for the occasional evening dip. We can also augment the fun atmosphere with fantastic poolside decor like the Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table, and the Pink Flamingo Garden Statues: Luau Larry & Flamingo Frank.

The grill: For millions of Americans and Canadians, summer is also synonymous with grilling. Get the grill ready to enjoy delicious lunches and dinners in the beauty of our own backyards. In addition to cooking up classic, basic grill cuisine like hamburgers, steaks, and sausage, we can also get as gourmet as we want. Try marinated mushrooms, eggplant topped with a touch of curry, and hundreds of other ideas. If friends have portable grills, invite them over for cooking contests.

Garden statuary: No matter what we decide to do to the backyard, the right type of garden decor can do wonders at converting an average backyard into a classy display of Greek garden statues, exquisite Celtic decor, and other possibilities.

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Fun Ideas for New Garden Decor

May is that beautiful transition between spring and summer that also happens to be the perfect occasion to buy new decor for the backyard. However, garden decor doesn’t have to take the same old shape and form as last year. We all have our favorite gnome statues, sculptures, and decorations for the garden, but we can also give the backyard a fresh new look with a few, new, unique additions. This garden season, instead of putting out the same old statues, put a few new items on display to give the backyard a fun, exciting new look.

When picking out new decor, the best place to start is in the garage, attic, or wherever we keep our old decor. Before getting something new, we need to assess what we already have and see where we could make some changes. Get all of the old decor out of storage and see which statues still belong in the backyard, and which ones might be better off in a yard sale. After doing that, pick out the ones you still want to display, keeping in mind that we want to have enough room for at least two or three new sculptures.

Once we have last year’s garden decor in front of us, we can also count how many animal garden statues we have, how many gnomes are there, and if we have enough angel sculptures for this year’s backyard. This assessment will give us a good idea of what to get for this year’s garden and save a lot of time when shopping for new decor. If we don’t have any animal garden sculptures, that would be a good place to start, and there are a wide variety of animal statues to choose from. Fun animal statues can come in the form of flying squirrels, sculptures of monkeys, and even dancing ducks! Dramatic sculptures of animals that remind us of the wild and beautiful side of nature are also possible and demonstrated with depictions of bears, forest animals, and detailed statues of tigers and other big cats.

When taking animal statues into consideration, this might also be the year to add a bronze animal sculpture to our collection of garden decor. A beautiful bronze lends a classic, high quality look to any garden or backyard, and can take the form of a galloping horse, frog, other animals, or even children at play. No matter which bronze we choose, it will give the backyard a fantastic, new look.

Those of us who love gnomes know that we can never have enough, especially when we can choose among high quality, creative gnome sculptures that are painted by hand with bright, enchanting colors. Such gnomes statues can take a variety of forms, including the fun Ringing His Chimes Garden Gnome Statue, and the easy-going Beach Comber Gnome Dude Garden Statue. Some gnomes also make for interesting functional decor, one such example being Stormy the Gnome Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue.

Of course, we can also go for unique, extraordinary decor that will leave a long-lasting impression on every neighbor and garden guest. To do that, look no further than a garden decorated with sculptures of an alien or two, a life-like dinosaur, and a bigfoot statue.

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