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Early Spring is in the Air

Mid-February can be a time for Valentine’s Day dinner dates, a time to enjoy cross country skiing, or days to plan a spring garden. Depending on where someone lives, it can also mark a time when we feel the first warm breezes of spring. While folks living in the north still need to shovel snow and drink hot chocolate while watching winter birds in the backyard, a lot of people living further south might already be enjoying a warm day or two. They are feeling the change in the weather and some of the early spring birds have already come back.

When we hear the songs of robins and mockingbirds in the garden, we know that winter is finally giving way to spring. Soon, the snow will melt, the frozen ground will soften and show fresh green grass, and we can venture back outside. In a short matter of time, we can enjoy the renewed beauty of the backyard once more, and get our favorite garden decor out of storage and back into action.

Regarding decor, the new season also acts as a perfect excuse to shop for new garden sculptures, angel statues, garden gnomes, and other items destined for the garden. Whether spring is already happening, or is on its way, now is the best time to begin new plans for the backyard. Start the planning now and we will still have plenty of time to figure out exactly how we would like to decorate the backyard and save money doing it. Wait for a month and we might miss sales on unique garden statuary, resort to using the statues we already have, or regret how we end up decorating the backyard.

There are too many ideas to mention in just one post but we can start with a few suggestions for garden fairies. Whether some of these exquisite statues are already in storage or have never seen the light of the backyard, spring is the best opportunity to buy another sculpture or two of the wee folk. Since spring is a time for renewal, the fresh, new look of beautiful fairies helps them fit right in with our first annual display of garden decor. Lovely sculptures like the Poppy and Meadow the Windforest Fairies Statue Collection: Set of Two are ideal for showing this fresh, new cheerful look. They might work best when placed near equally beautiful, fresh spring flowers and other exquisite garden fairy statues.

Cheerful gnome statues are another good choice for spring because they sport bright colors and lend personality to a “new” garden. In addition to classic, smiling gnomes, it’s also fun to decorate with unique “action” gnome statues like the Nuttin But Net Gnome Statue, and the Hawaiian Hank Grass Skirt Gnome Statue. In a few months, these gnome sculptures can also act as fun conversation pieces during summer garden parties.

New animal garden statues are another good option for spring. The ones we choose depend on how we want to decorate the new garden and can take the form of detailed, realistic sculptures of wild animals to funny and cute animal statues like Buckets the Garden Frog Statue and the Monkey Mantra Zen Animal Statue.

While picking out new garden decor, it would also be a shame to neglect a few new decor items for the interior of the home. New, colorful furniture like the Staverden Castle Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and accents like Faberge-Style enameled eggs are excellent spring additions because they lend a breath of fresh air to the home.

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Big, Wild Animals in the Backyard

Animals can be entertaining, cute, and downright adorable. The ones that fall into those categories tend to be animals like pet cats, dogs, bunnies, and Meerkats.  There are also animals that fall into categories at the opposite end of the cute spectrum. For most folks, these would be things like spiders, hairy caterpillars, and other creepy-crawlies along with Hyenas, and (for a lot of people) snakes. Then there are the members of the animal kingdom that aren’t usually described as being cute, nor as being revolting, but make an even bigger impression. These animals are the big, wild ones that we all know but have rarely seen in the wild unless we go on a safari to Africa, India, or Nepal.

If we can’t travel to those far-off, wild places and reserves where wildlife like Tigers, Lions, and Giraffes occur, most of us would still love to see them even if it happens to be on the other side of a big moat in a zoo. Those big animals always make an impression because not only are they larger than us humans, some of them could also eat us! This fact gives us a healthy, instinctive sense of wariness and fear when it comes to  big wildlife but never stopped people from featuring such animals in movies, stories, and art. If anything, the feelings generated by megafauna make us that more interested in them.

However, as cool as a bear or Siberian Tiger looks, no one really wants one roaming around the backyard; at least, as long as we can’t keep it under control. About the only way to do that is to either illegally own a very risky pet or have the garden back up to a game reserve or huge national forest. This latter situation is indeed the case for some people and they do see occasional visits from bears, Mountain Lions, Leopards, and other big animals. Deer and even Elk or Moose are more likely in some places but when you get animal visitors of that size, the garden almost stops being a place to grow vegetables and becomes a private wildlife reserve!

Since we might have to turn the backyard over to big animals in a case like that, the vast majority of folks would agree that we are better off reserving the garden for smaller, more manageable wildlife, cultivations, and our favorite set of garden statues. Fortunately, we can still celebrate the wild beauty of big animals via high quality, grand-size garden sculptures. These aren’t just small, average statues of cats or other animals either but truly large and very impressive sculptures with highly realistic features and details.

Some such animal garden sculptures are so life-like that garden guests and folks passing by will do a double take and wonder how on earth you managed to put a Tiger or a small African Elephant in the backyard. That’s a regular, expected response from most people who suddenly come face to face with a life-size statue of a Bengal Tiger. They will probably hesitate just as much upon seeing a tiger resting with her cubs, or a bear fishing for a meal.

It goes without saying, but dinosaurs also make a naturally big impression. If these massive beasts still roamed the planet, they would certainly be the biggest, baddest wild animals around. Although we are 65 million years too late to see one of those huge animals at our backyard bird feeder, we can still impress guests and clients with fantastic, realistic, Jurassic-sized statues of VelociraptorsTriceratops, and other dinosaurs.

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