Fountain How-To Series: Part 7 – Maintaining & CLEANING Your Fountain

Fast fact: Water in dreams symbolizes emotions. Regular cleaning is necessary for extending the life of your fountain. The first important thing to remember is to keep your fountain clear; scoop out debris like leaves and seeds to keep the pump from clogging and running too hard. Always use a material appropriate cleaner: metal cleaner […]

Fountain How-To Series: Part 6 – Accessorizing Your Fountain

Accessorize your Design Toscano fountain by adding that special sculpture or piece of garden furniture that will make your garden and fountain outstanding.

Fountain How-To Series: Part 4 – Fountain Installation

Welcome back to our Design Toscano fountain series; here is some practical information along with an introduction to Design Toscano’s Small Wonder fountain collection. To see the wide selection of other styles and sizes of garden décor try the Design Toscano website. So let’s splash right in! Quick Fact: Flowing water symbolizes cleansing, life and […]

Fountain How-To Series: Part 3 – Choosing a Fountain Style That Suits You

“There is no life without water.” –anonymous Style is both one of the easiest and one of the hardest concepts to realize. Easy if you or your gift recipient already know what your style is and what you want it to convey about you. Hard if you’re not sure where to begin (hello, new home […]

Fountain How-To Series: Part 1 – Advantages & Types of Fountains

“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.” – Washington Irving This is the perfect time of year to plan out a garden oasis for you and your family. Compose a peaceful garden sanctuary in a sunroom, on a patio or deck, or in the backyard with […]

New Cascading Garden Fountains

Outdoor garden water fountains act as centerpiece decor in any backyard. The combination of sculpture and flowing water also act as fine decor for a place of business. Put a beautiful fountain at the entrance to a fine restaurant or hotel and guests are given a regal greeting. Display a beautiful fountain in the garden […]

Bring Natural Beauty to the Backyard with Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

The backyard can be decorated with stunning garden statuary, cute gnomes, and artistic garden furniture. However, a yard looks even better when natural decor is used to complement a fine collection of garden statues. This can be accomplished with sculptures like the Flowers for Felicity Little Girl Garden Statue and such animal garden statues as […]

Final Day for 20% Off Beautiful Bronze Garden Sculptures

For the past week, we have been marking America’s Independence Day with a 20% sale on everything in our collection. However, since all good things must eventually come to an end, July 7th is the last day of our Fourth of July Sale. Buy any of our resin garden statues, unique wall décor, and other […]