Ideas for Pet Memorials

For most of us, pets are more than animals that we take care of and play with. They are members of the family that we love and cherish, often, from the time of birth to their final days. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our beloved pets and that’s why we buy them toys, love […]

The Best Labor Day Garden Party

Labor Day is almost here but with the warm weather, many of us wonder if the summer is truly coming to an end. Anyone with kids can’t help but admit that this is indeed the truth as we shop for new school supplies and clothes. Another summer has come and gone but we took advantage […]

Ideas for Better Meditation in the Backyard

The garden can be many things but most of all, it should always be a place where we can escape the stress and noise of everyday life. It’s a sort of green oasis and such places are naturally designed for rest and relaxation. Whether the garden is made of carefully raked sand, gravel, and stones, […]

How to See More Hummingbirds with Garden Decor

It’s June and it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors. We take advantage of the warm, summer weather by spending more time in local parks, going camping, and doing other, fun outdoor activities. Although we often take vacations at this time of year, we don’t really need to travel very far to […]