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Redecorate the House for Spring

A change of seasons is the perfect excuse to redecorate. As neighborhood trees gain leaves and temperatures climb, why not mimic those changes in the garden with modifications inside the home? It’s a chance to celebrate the end of winter and the concurrent start of spring, and an opportunity to mark new beginnings. This fresh start in redecorating can be carried out in a number of ways, and involve anything from a few indoor statues to a major make-over of every room in the home.

Before getting started with redecorating for spring, it’s worth it to take a walk through the home and think about the winter decor that can be put back into storage, and the extent to which we would like to modify the home. If we don’t feel anything good about the look of a certain room or hallway, we might want to go as far as changing the color of the room in addition to replacing the decor. More commonly, we notice a need for a few small changes here and there, and can make those happen with a variety of unique, high quality items.

We can also redecorate to match the change in garden decor. As we inaugurate a new backyard with classic outdoor garden water fountains and beautiful angel statues, we can also decorate the living room with angel-themed wall decor, and a cute animal statue or two. Angel decor for the interior of the home can take the form of items like the classy Guiding Angel Sculptural Wall Frieze by artist Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934), and functional, elegant decor like the Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.  These and other angelic sculptures and decorations lend a blend of class and peaceful elegance to any room, and many such items can also be admired on garden walls or on the back porch during the summer months.

Speaking of wall decor in general, the texture and storied appearance of a high quality frieze can lend a breath of fresh air to any room and augment its atmosphere. It’s also another easy way to give a home or place of business a touch of elegant class, and thus impress guests and clients.

Colorful decor also works well when we want to influence the atmosphere of the home interior, especially at the start of spring. Just as tulips and other flowers begin to peek out of the ground, and color comes back into the garden, we can match that natural palette with beautiful stained glass decor. The Fruit of the Vine Stained Glass Window and other, similar, high quality stained glass items glow with rich, cheerful hues when placed in a window. For this reason, they act as an easy way to give the home a beautiful touch at any time of the year although spring might be the most suitable month to enjoy their bright fresh colors.

In keeping with cheerful, fun decor, spring is also the perfect season to decorate with good-natured items like the Hog Heaven Twinkle Toe Pig Statue. The small size, colors, and details of this happy, dancing pig make it an ideal addition to a living room, mantel, or dining table. This and other happy decor also work well at the beginning of spring because they can match our relief that winter is finally over. As with any humorous decor, dancing pig statues and similar, creative, unique interior decor will also put a smile on the face of every guest and act as a conversation piece.

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

A new home is such an exciting event! It represents a new start, a place that we can finally call our own, and a place that we can decorate as we see fit. It’s also a time for celebration, and this is one of the reasons why we host and take part in housewarming parties. We want people to see the new place and share in our excitement, and want to welcome the new folks to the neighborhood. In doing so, we give and receive gifts, many of which are suited for a new place of residence. Although gifts for a new place can take many forms, the best gifts tend to be the ones that combine elegance with function and creativity. The following ideas are a good fit for any housewarming event:

Wall decor: This is an easy, essential aspect of decor for any home that can be just as easily overlooked. Yes, many people put some form of decor on the walls of the home but, many times, they fail to realize that so much more can be done with wall hangings and other types of wall art. While paintings are a classic type of wall art, we don’t have to stay with cheap, average prints. Decorating with replicas of beautiful antique paintings shown in elegant, carved frames is an easy way to lend the new home a serious touch of class. If the owners of the new home are fans of Impressionism, wall art can also take the form of Impressionist pieces like the La Danse a Bougival Canvas Replica Painting.

Wall decor as a housewarming gift can also be a beautiful, unique wall frieze, a sculptural mirror, or even an exquisite greenman wall sculpture. There are hundreds of options for unique wall decor, we just need to think about the best fit for the new home owners.

Creative lighting: Every home could also use more lighting, and this is another easy way to combine decor with function. Although we need to be careful about buying the right decorative lamp as a housewarming gift, if we know that the owners enjoy the fantasy genre, they might like something along the lines of the Aberdeen Manor Gothic Lantern Floor Lamp. The simple, classic elegance of this lamp also help it work with a variety of decorating themes.

Creative lighting also happens with smaller table lamps, and can include beautiful pieces like the Dragonfly Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Lamp, and the lovely Victorian Hanging Tulip Stained Glass Lamp.

Unique accents: These can take many forms including wall decor as well as sculptural lamps, and many other items. This is also a good place to look when we aren’t sure what to buy as a housewarming gift. At the Basil Street Gallery,  we find a large number of elegant, beautiful decor items that also work well as wedding gifts. Whether we choose a unique indoor sculpture, something as exquisite as the French Rococo Centerpiece Comport Urn, or a gift as simple and beautiful as the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls, it will be much appreciated in any new home.

Garden statuary: Last but far from least, don’t leave garden statues out of the housewarming equation. If the new home owners plan on spending any time in the backyard, they will appreciate a beautiful garden sculpture or two. Once again, if we aren’t sure about their likes or dislikes, we might want to stick with popular classics like Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture.

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