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Ancient Civilization Art as Modern Day Decor

Art evolves and changes over time and follows different paths in different places and cultures. However, because art is timeless, it also endures. Although the pictographs seen on the walls of caves in central France were made thousands of years ago, we still admire the form and grace of those ancient pictures. Like a view into the distant past, we can imagine the artist mixing minerals and crushed rock to make the paints. We can picture the artist carefully drawing images of extinct bison, Cave Bears, and sacred symbols with a stick or his or her fingers.

Viewing the work (or pictures of it) can act as a mental bridge going far back in time. It helps connect us with another era very different from this one even if the artist passed away more than 15,000 years ago. Other types of ancient art can have a similar affect. We view the symbols and works of ancient Sumeria and we wonder how those people lived. What clothes did they wear? What foods did they enjoy? What games did their children play? Did they appreciate the beauty of a night sky unhindered by urban glare? Could they have imagined watching television or listening to the radio? They probably couldn’t have imagined anything like a mobile phone or tablet but a lot of their basic needs and concerns would have been the same as those of people in present times.

In common with us, people who lived thousands of years ago in places like Sumeria, Egypt, Asia Minor, and China also decorated their homes. Although decor for most working class folks would have been limited to small items, the statues, wall decor, and art found in the abodes of royalty and rich families were stunning and often extravagant. We know this because we can still admire and study many such items in various museums. However, thanks to advances in resin technology and a cadre of dedicated artists, we can also enjoy similar, high quality replicas of ancient decor in modern homes and places of business.

Using such decor can lend a seriously classy look to any home. This pair of suggestions can help anyone leverage the exquisite beauty of ancient-themed art for every situation:

Make use of wall decor: This is an easy, excellent way to showcase decor and is one of the reasons why paintings have acted as popular decor for centuries. Although paintings in ancient cultures were typically done directly on a wall, we can still enjoy framed wall decor art that showcases the symbolism and artistic styles of ancient Sumerian and Egyptian cultures. For example, decor such as the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze and the stunning “The Egyptian Pharaoh and His Maidens” Wall Sculpture show the colors, details, and texture typical of art that graced the halls of the pharaohs. The same can be said about the powerful beauty of the ©”Persian Griffin” Wall Sculpture.

Statues: These can take the form of large, majestic sculptures of Egyptian deities such as the Egyptian Grand Ruler Collection: Life-Size Anubis Statue, or a variety of smaller statues that showcase the beautiful art of ancient Egypt, China, or Greece. A big sculpture is a good choice for making a statement, acting as a centerpiece for a collection of art and Egyptian decor, or calling attention to a place of business.

Small statues like the exquisite Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptures and the “Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Beauty” Statue lend a quick touch of detailed ancient beauty to a hallway, desk, living room, or other spaces in homes and places of business.

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Egyptian Decor and Accents for Every Home

Decorating the home is no simple matter. While it’s easy enough to put a few paintings on the walls and a statue or two in the living room, that doesn’t really compare to the art of interior decoration. This is why those who can afford to do so sometimes hire interior decorators to plan the beautification of the home. The decorator might go with certain themes for different rooms or follow the suggestions of the home owner, but will always find creative ways to make a living space look fantastic.

One of the ways they accomplish this is by using unique accents and stunning decor in every type of decorating theme. If a room follows a medieval theme, it might also feature an exquisite classic statue in addition to Gothic decor and antique replica furniture. Likewise, a hallway that follows a classic theme might also be decorated with a few modern items as long as they augment the decorating objective. Egyptian decorations and statues can also be used as accents for just about every theme because they combine a striking, regal look with classic appeal.

This aspect of Egyptian items also makes many of them suitable for every home and just about every decoration situation. Although something as large and regal as a stunning replica of King Tutankhamen’s Egyptian Throne Chair might be better suited to a room dedicated to an ancient Egyptian theme, the following accents and decor are much more versatile:

Small Egyptian accents: Small statues of Egyptian deities and other accessories are an easy way to lend a royal touch to any situation. With its striking combination of jet black and golden colors, a sculpture like the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue gives a bit of detailed beauty to a living room, office, or any space in need of artistic, classic decor. This and other small Egyptian statuary work well as desk accessories, when displayed on a mantle, or in accompaniment with other types of small decor.

Other Egyptian-themed accents can take the form of colorful decor like the Egyptian Eye of Horus Offering Vessel, decorative treasure boxes, clocks, and other items that blend fine details with the regal and mysterious symbolism of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian lamps: Decor that also acts as lighting is an easy way to lend a touch of fine, unique decor to any room. In providing a necessary function, sculptural lamps like the Egyptian Goddess of the Night Illuminated Statue and the Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp can also find a place in rooms already decorated with or bereft of Egyptian decor. The smaller sculptural lamps can be displayed on tables to act as eye-catching accents and conservation pieces, while larger forms of decorative lighting can do the same when shown in a hallway or corner of any room.

Egyptian sculptural tables and furniture: Sculptural tables that showcase Egyptian-themed art are another excellent way to decorate with unique, creative, functional decor. The mesmerizing Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table entertains with detailed depictions of the Egyptian goddess of joy and the royal colors of the ancient Egyptian palette. Since this takes the form of a beautiful golden colored feline, it will also be appreciated by anyone with an appreciation for cats.

The rich colors and fine details of the Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-Topped Table will also turn heads whether it is used in an office setting, library, or sitting room of a home. It also acts as a lovely complement to the luxurious Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise and other examples of high quality Egyptian furniture.

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Display Trophies and Treasures on Creative Mantels, Shelves, and Pediments

We all have our own, personal treasures. When we were kids, those might have been things like interesting rocks and shells from trips to the beach, a note from a special friend, or small gifts from grandparents. As we became older, treasures turned into trophies, photos, and any number of beautiful objets d’art collected over the years. Although some special items are best kept secret, most are meant to be put on display and shown with pride because they represent our achievements, what we enjoy in life, and anything held close to our hearts.

Whether the treasure in question is a photo of the family, a framed diploma, or a small exquisite accent, it will look best when shown in a beautiful setting. Since the importance of an item is reflected by the way in which we display it, we don’t want to put treasures on the top of a television, on a cluttered coffee table, or other place that diminishes their importance. This is why we reserve space for trophies and other important items on shelves, or on the mantel above the fireplace. However, these aren’t the only places where we can display fantastic decor and other personal items. We can also showcase their importance and beauty in a number of creative ways, including these ideas:

Themed shelves: Although the function is the same, the appearance is what makes these types of shelves stand out from regular pieces of furniture. For example, the Egyptian Columns of Luxor Shelves lend a classic, regal touch wherever they are put on display. Painted by hand and standing seven feet tall, this functional piece of furniture art is fit for the halls of any modern day king. However, the six foot long tempered glass shelves won’t be complete until they showcase small sculptures, trophies, or other personal items. Whether used for showcasing a collection of Egyptian art or anything else, these striking shelves are also an easy, excellent way to give any room a creative touch.

The same goes for shelves that follow classic, medieval, or Gothic decorating themes including beautiful pieces of furniture like the lovely Broadgate Grand Presentation Case. This and other, high quality themed shelves are also fitting additions to the office.

Curio Cabinets: Sometimes, we feel better about keeping accents and heirlooms behind glass, and there’s no better way to do that than with a beautiful curio cabinet. This type of furniture is specifically designed and crafted to display antique dishware, cutlery, and other highly valued items. As with other quality furniture, beautiful functional decor like the Rosedale Hardwood Wall Curio Cabinet lends a classy touch all on its own. Nevertheless, as with themed shelves, it and other hardwood, mirror-backed curio cabinets are at their best when displaying beautiful objets d’art, Faberge-style eggs, and other fine items.

Such cabinets also work well in smaller rooms, or when we don’t have as much space to work with. They can also act as an excellent, easy way to house our favorite books and other personal items in the bedroom, or as functional decor for a library or reading room.

Mantel pediments: Mantels aren’t restricted to the top of a fireplace. They can also act as fantastic, functional wall decor in the living room, and come in various sizes. The Dunbridge Soupiere Mantel Pediment is ideal for celebrating the beauty of fair-sized decor like framed art, vases, and small sculptures, and makes a classy, regal impression by way of hand-carved, rich mahogany. If a slightly smaller pediment is needed, The Bounty of Karnington Manor Wood Mantel acts as a fine Victorian addition.

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Egyptian Art and Other Extraordinary Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift can be a real challenge. Even if we know about the likes, hobbies, and preferences of the people in question, we don’t want to give them something that they already have, nor an average item that will be easily forgotten or put into storage. Yes, at the end of the day, it is the thought that matters, but we would still rather give something that is truly appreciated. To make that happen, we need to put some time and effort into figuring out what they would like, and then actually finding it. When we do find it, though, the happy look in their eyes will be worth all of the time and effort.

When looking for that special gift, one of the factors that can help is remembering to think outside the box. Instead of rushing into shopping, sit back and contemplate what that special person might like. Look around the house for ideas, think about what they like to do, the books they like to read, the movies they watch, and the games they might play. Browse unique online stores and ask yourself if they would like any of the items you see. Ask yourself if they spend time in the garden, enjoy the outdoors, or would rather stay at home. The more questions we ask, the more likely we will find the best gifts for every person on our lists.

Thinking outside the box can also help us find gift possibilities like Gothic art and Egyptian decor. Although we might not have considered such options in the past, that might stem from being unaware of those possibilities. Once we start to look into high quality Egyptian-themed statues and art, we might find wonderful presents for the people on our gift lists as well as ourselves. This might not be too surprising when we consider the history of the Egyptian genre of decor and art.

Although modern pieces that follow an Egyptian theme have their own unique appearance, they still retain the striking colors and ancient symbols that were seen in the courts of the pharaohs. In other words, they are modern representations of art fit for Egyptian royalty, and perhaps this is why such items still lend a regal touch wherever they are put on display. That royal appeal is also one of the reasons why Egyptian-themed decor and art make wonderful gifts for more people on our lists than we realize.

For example, indoor statues like the Gods of Ancient Egypt Sculptures: Anubis and Horus and the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue lend a striking, classic touch to a desk, table, or bedroom by way of striking gold and jet black colors, and fine details that replicate the symbols and sculptures seen in museums and the tombs of the pharaohs. Because of this, these might be excellent gifts for anyone interested in ancient Egypt, classic art, and ancient history.

Likewise, if that special person loves cats, they will probably like the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptures and other striking Egyptian decor with a feline theme. If they like fine decor in general, there’s a good chance that they will love any number of exquisite Egyptian urns, vases, and offering vessels. High quality wall decor also acts as an excellent gift idea, including Egyptian tapestries, fine replicas of antique paintings that show Egyptian themes, and stunning, textured art like the “The Egyptian Pharaoh and His Maidens” Wall Sculpture.  These and many extraordinary, high quality decor items lend an equally high quality touch to any place of residence.

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Excellent Gift Ideas for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the many great things about Turkey Day is that it happens on Thursday and not on Friday. This gives us a holiday weekend that also includes two days during the week along with football, parades, fun family time, a wonderful autumn feast, and the biggest shopping day of the year. Yes, Black Friday happens in just a couple of days, and for folks interested in big savings, this is the one of the most important days of the year.

Most stores will be offering major savings on most items, and popular toys, tech, and gifts will be selling like hot cakes. The doors will open at midnight, and more than a few folks will race inside to grab the items on their holiday shopping lists. Those of us who would rather not deal with the crowds (and lack of sleep) will wait until later in the day, go shopping on Saturday, or just stick to online stores. Fortunately, quite a few online shopping sites host Black Friday sales, the main difference from brick and mortar stores being the lack of crowds. The sales will still be happening and they might only be offered on Friday but we won’t have to worry about parking spaces, waiting in long lines, and dealing with traffic on the way home.

Instead, we can pick out most or maybe all of the gifts we need to buy from the tranquil, warm, relaxing comfort of our homes. When searching for those gifts, we might also consider the following ideas:

Fun wall decor: Wall decor is a great choice for a gift, we just have to figure out what the person in question would love to see on the walls of his or her home or office. This is an easy gift especially when we aren’t sure what to buy for that special person, or when the person already seems to have everything. This is because every home could use wall decor, as long as the decor in question is of the highest quality. When picking out the wall decor gift, we could go for items that match the tastes of the people in question (such as the Bacchus, God of Wine Greenman Wall Sculpture for aficionados of the fermented grape), or pick out something that would appeal to a wide variety of people (the beautiful Winthrop Court Wall Niche and the classy French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L’Etoile fall into this category).

Walking sticks and other accessories: If the person in question uses a walking stick, or enjoys strolls in the park, an elegant, Italian walking stick like the Bulldog Pewter Walking Stick is a good choice. This and other walking canes from the Padrone collection are an expression of elegance and a grand gift for any gentleman.

Unique jewelry:  This also works well as a gift, especially for women with unique tastes.  The beautiful Lady Anastasia Victorian Ensemble and the eye-catching Victorian Lace Necklace and Earring Ensemble are fine choices for ladies who appreciate antique items and jewelry that hearken back to another, more simple time. There are also plenty of options for ladies who happen to be big fans of the fantasy genre (the Dragons Thorne Serpent Dragon Bronze-Finished Pendant is one of several possibilities), as well as women who like Gothic and Egyptian art.

Unique Desk Accessories: These small items always make great gifts whether the person has a desk or not. There are fun pen holders like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory and the Knight’s Templar Helmet Desk Accessory, as well as elegant bookends and journals.

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