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Ancient Civilization Art as Modern Day Decor

Art evolves and changes over time and follows different paths in different places and cultures. However, because art is timeless, it also endures. Although the pictographs seen on the walls of caves in central France were made thousands of years ago, we still admire the form and grace of those ancient pictures. Like a view into the distant past, we can imagine the artist mixing minerals and crushed rock to make the paints. We can picture the artist carefully drawing images of extinct bison, Cave Bears, and sacred symbols with a stick or his or her fingers.

Viewing the work (or pictures of it) can act as a mental bridge going far back in time. It helps connect us with another era very different from this one even if the artist passed away more than 15,000 years ago. Other types of ancient art can have a similar affect. We view the symbols and works of ancient Sumeria and we wonder how those people lived. What clothes did they wear? What foods did they enjoy? What games did their children play? Did they appreciate the beauty of a night sky unhindered by urban glare? Could they have imagined watching television or listening to the radio? They probably couldn’t have imagined anything like a mobile phone or tablet but a lot of their basic needs and concerns would have been the same as those of people in present times.

In common with us, people who lived thousands of years ago in places like Sumeria, Egypt, Asia Minor, and China also decorated their homes. Although decor for most working class folks would have been limited to small items, the statues, wall decor, and art found in the abodes of royalty and rich families were stunning and often extravagant. We know this because we can still admire and study many such items in various museums. However, thanks to advances in resin technology and a cadre of dedicated artists, we can also enjoy similar, high quality replicas of ancient decor in modern homes and places of business.

Using such decor can lend a seriously classy look to any home. This pair of suggestions can help anyone leverage the exquisite beauty of ancient-themed art for every situation:

Make use of wall decor: This is an easy, excellent way to showcase decor and is one of the reasons why paintings have acted as popular decor for centuries. Although paintings in ancient cultures were typically done directly on a wall, we can still enjoy framed wall decor art that showcases the symbolism and artistic styles of ancient Sumerian and Egyptian cultures. For example, decor such as the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze and the stunning “The Egyptian Pharaoh and His Maidens” Wall Sculpture show the colors, details, and texture typical of art that graced the halls of the pharaohs. The same can be said about the powerful beauty of the ©”Persian Griffin” Wall Sculpture.

Statues: These can take the form of large, majestic sculptures of Egyptian deities such as the Egyptian Grand Ruler Collection: Life-Size Anubis Statue, or a variety of smaller statues that showcase the beautiful art of ancient Egypt, China, or Greece. A big sculpture is a good choice for making a statement, acting as a centerpiece for a collection of art and Egyptian decor, or calling attention to a place of business.

Small statues like the exquisite Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Sculptures and the “Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Beauty” Statue lend a quick touch of detailed ancient beauty to a hallway, desk, living room, or other spaces in homes and places of business.

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Why Beautiful Urns Are Decor for Every Season

In general, garden decor is meant for warm times of the year. Resin garden statues can be damaged by freezing cold weather, especially when subjected to cold weather for extended periods of time, but even if we did want to leave our favorite angel sculpture outside during the winter months, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. At least not when the backyard lies under a blanket of snow, the ground is frozen, and biting, frigid wind blows through the bare branches.

Fortunately, depending on where you live, winter only lasts three to six months of the year, and we can still use some of those garden statues inside the home. Although we might want to leave most of the high quality garden gnomes in storage, some of our garden fairies and animal garden statues can act as a suitable addition to the inside of a winter home. In general, small garden statuary works best as interior decor, but there are a few other types of garden decor that work for every season no matter how big or small they may be.

Urns and vases fall into this category. It doesn’t mean that we would want to leave such “all-season decor” outside during the winter months (not a good idea for any decor made from resin), just that there are urns and vases suited for every season.  During the hot days of summer, decorative urns play an easy role in gardens of every size. Their gestalt can help them fit in with everything from classic statuary to Gothic decor and backyards decorated with animals garden sculptures, and they can also be placed in just about any corner of the garden. In general, items like the Versailles Cherub Urn & Plinth just act as basic, classy decor no matter where or how they are displayed.

Another good thing about urns and vases is that they can also be used for displaying cuttings of flowers and other plants, and some can be leveraged as planters. This makes them suitable for the backyard during the summer months, as decor on the porch or sun room during spring and fall, and as a means of lending cheer to a winter home with brightly colored floral arrangements. An example of a beautiful, decorative urn that can be used outside during the summer and then shown inside when the weather turns cold is the Larkin Arts and Crafts Architectural Garden Urn & Plinth Set. This classy urn looks best when placed on the plinth, but still makes a regal statement when displayed without it.

We could also use certain urns for the garden, and then make use of other, more elegant urns as interior decor. While we might limit a large Versailles Cherub Urn and the Versailles Floral Oviform Urn: Set of Two to the outdoors, exquisite vases like the Peacock Centerpiece Sculptural Vase act as elegant interior decor during the cold months. This and other beautifully detailed vases make for easy, classy accents, work well with Victorian-themed decor and antiques, and lend a touch of beautiful elegance to any room.

The same can be said for the impressive Chatsworth Manor Sculptural Neoclassical Pedestal Urn. Although this detailed work of functional art works well for every season, in a warm spring or summer backyard, it can act as fine decor on its own or for showcasing favorite floral arrangements. During autumn, until it gets too cold, it can still be used in the backyard before eventually being placed in an enclosed porch, and when the snow starts to fall, it can host greenery in the living room.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Folks with Elegant Tastes

Some people feel alright with average furniture and forgettable decor. That’s fine even though they probably don’t realize how easy it is to buy beautiful, high quality decor, and amazing furniture for similar prices. They might not know about those better options because they shop at stores in a nearby plaza or just aren’t aware that such possibilities exist. In any case, once they find out, don’t be surprised if they eventually switch one of their side tables for a stunning antique replica like the Louis XIV Glass – Topped Cocktail Table,  or decorate the library room with the elegant L’ Escritoire Secretary Desk.

They might even switch over most of the decor in the home and garden to express their appreciation for artistic high quality pieces. Whether they change all of the decor in the home or not, we at least know that they have an appeal for elegant, classy decor and this can actually facilitate finding gifts for them. Instead of feeling forced to buy average, everyday items as gifts, we can give them accents and other items that they will truly appreciate and cherish. The following are a few gift ideas that meet this criteria:

Sculptural lamps: Lamps that blend sculptural grace with soft illumination are excellent gifts for anyone with at least some appreciation for beautiful decor. These can be anything from lovely, easy-going pieces like the Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture to larger floor lamps that influence the atmosphere of an entire room. These include such options as the Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp, an impressive, tall sculptural lamp that adds a touch of old Parisian nostalgia to any room, and the Setting Sun Black Bear Sculptural Floor Lamp,  a creative combination of an animal sculpture and lighting.

There are also plenty of smaller, creative lighting options that can lend a touch of elegant class to any home.

Wall decor: Always an easy, charming way to decorate a home, elegant decor for the wall ranges from classic paintings to sculptural mirrors, and textured items that extend out from the wall itself. High quality reproductions of classic paintings are an easy way to immediately lend a touch of class to a room, especially when the painting is presented in a beautiful frame. A high quality frame is actually a work of art on its own and is appropriate for reproductions like Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, 1888, and Sanzio’s Madonna della Seggiola, 1514.

There are a number of lovely mirrors that also work very well as an elegant gift. Whether used as an actual looking glass, or as creative decor, every home looks better with one or more sculptural mirrors. The Madame Antoinette Salon Mirror is modeled after Rococo antiques that decorate museums and the halls of old French estates, and gives any hallway or room a charming royal touch. We can also lend a touch of creative class with mirrors like the Lady of the Lake Art Deco Wall Mirror, and the Dance of the Nymphs Sculptural Wall Mirror.

Fine accents: Although a floor lamp or beautiful wall decor always makes a big impression, folks who appreciate fine, elegant decor also love smaller items and accents. Faberge-Style enameled eggs are an easy, lovely option and work well for anyone who collects fine, high quality objects d’art. Urns and other centerpiece decor items for a table or mantle also act as fine gifts, including the French Rococo Centerpiece Comport Urn, and the Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden Sculptural Vessel.

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New Uses for New Decor

No matter how much we love the decor in our home and garden, there eventually comes a time when we need to replace one, two, or all items. Those statues and other items might be getting too old and worn out, or we might just need a change of scenery. Either way, new decor is an easy way to inject a breath of fresh air into the home and office. While that new decor will give the place an automatic, fun, new look, it can also be leveraged in a variety of interesting ways, including the following:

Complement antiques with high quality decor: Antiques are a fine, classy means of decorating any home or place of business. They represent another time and place, and stand on their own in terms of creative beauty. However, they look even better when complemented with other types of high quality decor. For example, creative decor like the Grand Plumage Peacock Sculptural Vase, or pieces that pay homage to the Art-Deco era lend a lovely touch to a room decorated with antique furniture or other items.

It can also be worth it to think outside the box and augment the beauty of an antique display with unique statuary. The Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Statue and other equally exquisite garden fairy statues act as an easy, fine complement to a room with antiques. After enjoying their beauty during the winter months, we can out them outside to give the garden a fresh look.

Use offering vessels to lend a touch of class to the home and place of business: Offering vessels are an easy, fun way to lend a beautiful touch to a home or place of work. They can work as table centerpiece decor, or be placed on a bookshelf, on a mantle, or other surface. Since it’s very easy to find a place for an offering vessel, the most important thing to keep in mind is choosing one that lends a true touch of class. For example, if we put something like the Pharaoh’s Treasure Offering Vessel on display, we can highlight the room with a touch of beautiful royal Egyptian colors and classic ancient Egyptian symbols. The offering vessel itself can be used to display a bouquet of flowers, the scent of fresh potpourri, or a cookie jar.

Lend a touch of fantasy to the home: Folks who enjoy fantasy movies and novels might enjoy updating the home with new, fantasy-themed interior decor. This can take the form of anything from an indoor statue of a raven to a unique sculptural table of a unicorn. Since the unique appearances of such creative, fantasy-themed items stand out, we might only need a few such pieces of decor to give the place a fresh, new look.

Beautiful furniture: Chairs, tables, footstools, and other furniture items can lend a wonderful new look, especially when they are beautiful antique replicas and sculptural works that blend function with decor. The Saint-Lazare Petite Metal Daybed is a unique piece of furniture that can act as a wonderful place for an afternoon nap, a lovely spot to get lost in a good book, or a cozy corner to share with that special person.

Creative lighting: Illumination doesn’t have to be restricted to average track lighting and lamps. We can also combine lighting with decor through the use of beautiful Tiffany-Style lamps, decorative works of art like the Peacock & Wisteria Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window, and creative sculptural table lamps. These artistic items are an excellent, easy means of lighting a room with detailed, eye-catching decor.

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