New Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

For some of us, spring is here! For others, well, it’s going to be a few more weeks before we see fresh green grass. Nevertheless, in terms of making plans for the garden, the spring season is definitely here because when we think about how we want to decorate the backyard, snow and ice won’t […]

The Many Benefits of Antique Replica Furniture

Furniture is essential for any home. Even the most ardent admirer of minimalist decor would find it pretty tough to live in a place bereft of chairs, tables, and other types of furniture. Although we make use of those items on a daily basis, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also act as decor. On […]

Display Trophies and Treasures on Creative Mantels, Shelves, and Pediments

We all have our own, personal treasures. When we were kids, those might have been things like interesting rocks and shells from trips to the beach, a note from a special friend, or small gifts from grandparents. As we became older, treasures turned into trophies, photos, and any number of beautiful objets d’art collected over […]

Five Tips to Trim the Tree with Unique Decor in Time for the Holidays

Americans have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving but make no doubt about it, Christmas is coming. For busy folks, the winter holidays seem to have this perennial habit of creeping up on us. When the calendar reaches November, all it takes is a few extra days of work or other endeavors instead of shopping for gifts […]

Heading Home for the Holidays

Tis the season for winter decor, and it’s also a season for travel. Maybe not for the entire two months but certainly during the days before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas. These days tend to be the busiest times of the year at airports, train stations, and on highways across the USA, and can be […]

How to Create a Medieval Garden

There are many ways to decorate a garden and summer is the time to do it. Actually, spring is the best season to pick a decorating theme and highlight the backyard with beautiful garden statues but if that hasn’t happened yet; we can still have a lot of fun decorating it during the summer months. […]

Tips to Save Money on High Quality Interior Decor

When it’s warm outside, it’s good to focus on decorating the garden but, at the same time, we don’t want to ignore the rest of the home. The backyard may be where we spend most of our time during the hot summer months, but at the end of the day, we still sleep indoors. If […]