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New Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

For some of us, spring is here! For others, well, it’s going to be a few more weeks before we see fresh green grass. Nevertheless, in terms of making plans for the garden, the spring season is definitely here because when we think about how we want to decorate the backyard, snow and ice won’t be part of the picture.

If the planning involves nothing more than taking the old garden statuary items out of storage and putting them back in the same spots they occupied last year, then planning isn’t really needed. However, if we want a fresh, new look for the backyard, we need to invest some time and effort into the process. This can be as little as a few hours, or, if we want to give the backyard a serious make-over, a few days. No matter how much or little we want to make changes to the garden, though, we are going to need a few new items. If we want to get really creative, we are also going to have to consider some novel ideas for the decor we display, as well as how and where we show it.

This spring season, try these suggestions to surprise and entertain garden guests:

Unique animal garden sculptures: Instead of sticking with the same angel statues and other garden sculptures as previous years, shake up the backyard scenery with an animal statue or two. Sculptures of animals are an easy way to give the garden a touch of humor, a bit of natural beauty, or to just give it a brand new look. Fun decor like the At a Snail’s Pace Garden Gastropod Statues: Large Snail lend a creative, easy-going look, and fit right in with just about any decorating theme. If we would rather go the cute route, we can’t go wrong with adorable decor like the Prized Pup Statues and other detailed sculptures of cats, dogs, and baby animals.

Flower planters: The garden is an ideal place to showcase natural decor, the most common of which are flowering bushes and plants, and floral arrangements. Although it’s too early to see them come out of the ground, we can still envision where we want them to grow, as well as where we would like to show flower cuttings. In addition to making plans for flowerbeds, we can also purchase new sculptural planters. The Art Nouveau Mystic Maiden Wall Pocket Planter Sculpture and similar detailed decor lend a classic touch of elegance to any garden, and can give an equally fine touch to the interior of the home.

Consider gargoyle statues: The good thing about gargoyles is that they can be displayed in a lot more situations than we realize. Although they often act as essential decor for Gothic and medieval-themed gardens, ironically, gargoyle sculptures also work well with angel statues, other types of classic decor, and a backyard decorated with nothing more than garden gnomes and a water fountain. They can take the form of wicked statues that entertain the imagination, sculptures that welcome guests with Gothic flair, and can also act as backyard wall decor. One such example of classic wall decor is Gnash The Grotesque Gargoyle Wall Sculpture. This intriguing wall decor item looks just as classy on the walls of spring and summer gardens as it does inside the home.

New Asian-themed decor: An Asian garden statue or two can also act as a novel addition to the backyard. Make an impression with beautiful, quality sculptures like the Praying Baby Buddha Asian Garden Statue and the Shenzhan Buddha Garden Statue.

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The Many Benefits of Antique Replica Furniture

Furniture is essential for any home. Even the most ardent admirer of minimalist decor would find it pretty tough to live in a place bereft of chairs, tables, and other types of furniture. Although we make use of those items on a daily basis, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also act as decor. On the contrary, the more we use something in the home, the more the reason to leverage it as something that lends character and beauty to our indoor environment. Based on the number of decorative and sculptural furniture items seen in museums throughout the world, this general rule seems to have been followed by royal families from the time of the ancient Egyptians to medieval Europe and the Victorian era. Many more people follow suit in modern times and do so by way of decorating with actual antiques or replicas of antique tables, chairs, Ottomans, and other types of furniture.

Although few could ever lodge a complaint about decorating the house with authentic, antique items, several good reasons exist for using replicas of antiques. The following are some of the many benefits associated with antique replica furniture decor:

High quality furniture: As long as the chair or table in question is crafted with quality materials and care, and is sold by a reputable source, it will act as beautiful, high quality decor. Factors to look for include furniture made with mahogany and other rich hardwoods, hand-carved, fine details, and an appearance that would look right at home in a museum or storied estate. Decorate with pieces of furniture that show these characteristics and the home will look a little bit more like a classic, royal abode.

More durable than actual antiques: Although old, classic tables and other types of furniture lend a lovely touch wherever they are put on display, they tend to be more decorative than functional. By nature, many antique pieces aren’t as stable as newer items. They might still work but after weathering two hundred years, there’s a fair chance that the exquisite chair or lovely side table isn’t quite as strong as it used to be. Even if it is, since it was probably purchased for a high price, we might be more inclined to put it on display rather than actually use it. That concern becomes a non-issue when decorating with a beautiful, sturdy, heirloom quality antique replica like the Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table, or the Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair.

A classic, rich touch for the home: Beautiful antique replicas can’t help but lend a seriously classy touch to any home. Unlike average furniture items, antique replicas showcase the beauty of fine craftsmanship on rich, elegant materials. Their historical appearance also has a nostalgic influence on the atmosphere of the home.

Impress at the office: Decorating the office with one or more quality antique replicas is one of the easiest ways of making an impression on clients and guests. Pieces like the La Voute Grande Crescent Mahogany Executive Desk, and the Mountbatten Hardwood and Solid Marble Desk demonstrate an appreciation for a combination of elegance and class, and might even make us look forward to a day in the office. Highlight a beautiful, antique replica desk with a majestic chair and sculptural side table for a classy, complete expression of success.

A fraction of the cost: Given the often prohibitive cost for antiques, this is probably the biggest benefit of working with high quality antique replicas. Better yet, when stunning replicas are on sale, we might save hundreds of dollars on fantastic heirloom quality furniture.

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Display Trophies and Treasures on Creative Mantels, Shelves, and Pediments

We all have our own, personal treasures. When we were kids, those might have been things like interesting rocks and shells from trips to the beach, a note from a special friend, or small gifts from grandparents. As we became older, treasures turned into trophies, photos, and any number of beautiful objets d’art collected over the years. Although some special items are best kept secret, most are meant to be put on display and shown with pride because they represent our achievements, what we enjoy in life, and anything held close to our hearts.

Whether the treasure in question is a photo of the family, a framed diploma, or a small exquisite accent, it will look best when shown in a beautiful setting. Since the importance of an item is reflected by the way in which we display it, we don’t want to put treasures on the top of a television, on a cluttered coffee table, or other place that diminishes their importance. This is why we reserve space for trophies and other important items on shelves, or on the mantel above the fireplace. However, these aren’t the only places where we can display fantastic decor and other personal items. We can also showcase their importance and beauty in a number of creative ways, including these ideas:

Themed shelves: Although the function is the same, the appearance is what makes these types of shelves stand out from regular pieces of furniture. For example, the Egyptian Columns of Luxor Shelves lend a classic, regal touch wherever they are put on display. Painted by hand and standing seven feet tall, this functional piece of furniture art is fit for the halls of any modern day king. However, the six foot long tempered glass shelves won’t be complete until they showcase small sculptures, trophies, or other personal items. Whether used for showcasing a collection of Egyptian art or anything else, these striking shelves are also an easy, excellent way to give any room a creative touch.

The same goes for shelves that follow classic, medieval, or Gothic decorating themes including beautiful pieces of furniture like the lovely Broadgate Grand Presentation Case. This and other, high quality themed shelves are also fitting additions to the office.

Curio Cabinets: Sometimes, we feel better about keeping accents and heirlooms behind glass, and there’s no better way to do that than with a beautiful curio cabinet. This type of furniture is specifically designed and crafted to display antique dishware, cutlery, and other highly valued items. As with other quality furniture, beautiful functional decor like the Rosedale Hardwood Wall Curio Cabinet lends a classy touch all on its own. Nevertheless, as with themed shelves, it and other hardwood, mirror-backed curio cabinets are at their best when displaying beautiful objets d’art, Faberge-style eggs, and other fine items.

Such cabinets also work well in smaller rooms, or when we don’t have as much space to work with. They can also act as an excellent, easy way to house our favorite books and other personal items in the bedroom, or as functional decor for a library or reading room.

Mantel pediments: Mantels aren’t restricted to the top of a fireplace. They can also act as fantastic, functional wall decor in the living room, and come in various sizes. The Dunbridge Soupiere Mantel Pediment is ideal for celebrating the beauty of fair-sized decor like framed art, vases, and small sculptures, and makes a classy, regal impression by way of hand-carved, rich mahogany. If a slightly smaller pediment is needed, The Bounty of Karnington Manor Wood Mantel acts as a fine Victorian addition.

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Five Tips to Trim the Tree with Unique Decor in Time for the Holidays

Americans have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving but make no doubt about it, Christmas is coming. For busy folks, the winter holidays seem to have this perennial habit of creeping up on us. When the calendar reaches November, all it takes is a few extra days of work or other endeavors instead of shopping for gifts and decor to put us seriously behind schedule for the holidays. It can be tough to stay organized when we have so many other things to take care of but we just need to stick to the schedule if we want to have the house ready for hosting parties and enjoying the beauty of the holiday season with family and friends.

One of several things that we need to be careful about scheduling is trimming the tree and home with beautiful decor. These five suggestions are designed to help make that happen in time for the holidays:

Get ornaments and decor out of storage in November: Don’t wait until the last minute for holiday decor. It’s all too easy to wait until December to bring those bags of ornaments and other decor out of the attic, basement, or the garage, but when we do that, we run the risk of not finding the ornaments we were looking for, and not having enough subsequent time to look for high quality replacements. Avoid the stress of looking for decor at the last minute by seeing what we have now, picking out the decor we want to use, and scheduling time to shop for new, high quality decorations.

Make a schedule: It’s going to be much easier to decorate the tree and the rest of the home if we schedule time to look at the decor we already have, to shop for new decor, and to put those decorations up in the home and on the tree. When we put time aside for these endeavors, we can have the time we need to think about how we are going to decorate for the holidays, and where we are going to buy high quality, unique decor.

Shop for high quality decor online: There are two main ways to shop for unique decor. We can either browse stores in a local mall, plaza, or shopping district, or look for and buy decor online. The main advantages of the first option is having the chance to see ornaments up close and not having to ship them. However, the advantages stop there and are often outweighed by dealing with traffic, spending many hours or even days to find unique decor, and then paying more than we would have liked. Shop online in the right place for fantastic holiday statues and other high quality tree ornaments and we can save a substantial amount of time and money. If we shop in November, we probably won’t have to worry about shipping either, and there are usually fast-track shipping options in any case.

Think outside the box: There are plenty of beautiful options for classic decor (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but we can also try a few Gothic decor ornaments, and put exquisite statues of dragon-themed ornaments on the tree. Keep thinking outside the box to give this year’s tree a unique look.

Fun Christmas-themed statues: Although sculptures of reindeers, nutcrackers, and even Santa Claus lend a magical holiday touch no matter where they are displayed, they look even better when placed near the base of the tree. The Santa’s Red-Nosed Christmas Reindeer Statue and ©A Visit from Santa Claus Holiday Statue are just two of several high quality holiday options.

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Heading Home for the Holidays

Tis the season for winter decor, and it’s also a season for travel. Maybe not for the entire two months but certainly during the days before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas. These days tend to be the busiest times of the year at airports, train stations, and on highways across the USA, and can be a true source of anxiety and mental pain for millions.  Most of us would much rather stay at home or travel on another day but it’s also when we want to see family, when we need to share time with loved ones, and to do that in modern times, all too many of us need to take to the roads, rails, or air.

Travel for the winter holidays has been happening for centuries in the USA, Canada, and elsewhere. Although people who were related to each other tended to live much closer, many still had to travel between towns, or head out into the country to the village where they were born. That might not sound too difficult nowadays but one hundred or more years ago, it usually meant traveling by horse and buggy on muddy or snow-covered roads. A trip of ten or twenty miles could be a major undertaking especially if it was snowing, and if folks had to walk through those conditions, they might have been better off waiting until after the holidays to pay a visit.

Whether uncle Joe, aunt Mary, or any number of cousins paid a visit before, after, or during the holidays, it was always a big deal. If they lived a few towns away, they might have only been able to visit a few times a year, so each one was like a family reunion. When we keep in mind that those folks didn’t have Internet, television, or even radio if we go back far enough, we can only imagine how important those visits were, especially during a cold, dark winter. To mark the occasion, they would have brought gifts from the city as well as presents for the holidays. They often brought special cakes and other food items that took hours or even days of preparation. The special occasion of a visit was worth the extra effort to make a delicious whiskey cake and holiday fruitcakes because it was such a rare, important event.

They would have also decorated the home with wreaths and other hand-made, classic decor, and when the family was together, it was a warm place of cheer where folks shared laughs, stories, and songs in cozy rooms illuminated in the soft light of candles and accompanied by a crackling fire in the hearth.

In modern times, whether we live far away or close to loved ones, millions still share laughs, stories, and the company of cherished family members during the holidays of November and December. Although the distances tend to me far greater than our ancestors could have ever imagined, we still do our best to make it home for the holidays. We don’t have to worry as much about winter storms (except when flights are cancelled), nor losing our way in the cold, dark night, but the trip can still be an adventure. However, when we reach that old, familiar door, hear the welcome sound of the doorbell, and see the happy eyes and open arms of Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, and other family members, we know that the lines, waits, and traffic was worth it because finally, we are home once again for the holidays.

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How to Create a Medieval Garden

There are many ways to decorate a garden and summer is the time to do it. Actually, spring is the best season to pick a decorating theme and highlight the backyard with beautiful garden statues but if that hasn’t happened yet; we can still have a lot of fun decorating it during the summer months. As far as picking a theme, this year, why not go with something different? Instead of a garden with three or four cute animal garden sculptures, why not give the backyard a Gothic look, turn it into a place that pays homage to the plazas of ancient Rome and Greece, or go for a medieval appearance?

If we opt for a medieval-themed garden, we can make the backyard look like green space that belongs to a castle, or like beautiful gardens from our favorite fantasy novels. These are a few ideas and suggestions to help make that happen:

Where to start: When decorating for any theme, we need to start by checking out the backyard to see where decor would work best, and how much space we have. We need to do this before buying garden statues and getting them out of storage to avoid buying sculptures that won’t fit or work with the overall theme. Take a look around the garden and imagine where sculptures would look best as well as functional decor like garden furniture and outdoor garden water fountains.

Medieval garden statues: Since we will be sticking to a medieval theme, we don’t want to get Buddha statues or sculptures that would take us away from that (at least not for this garden). We are better off focusing on medieval decor and sculptures that remind us of castles, keeps, and fantasy realms. For example, instead of putting a modern bronze sculpture on display, try something like the Celtic Circle of Life Sculpture, or the Nature’s Wanderer Sculpture. Classic angel statues also work especially well, along with a garden fairy sculpture or two.

Dragon statues and gargoyle sculptures: Statues of both dragons and gargoyles are near essential decor for any medieval or fantasy-themed garden. These mythical creatures are strongly associated with tales of castles, kings, and magical realms, and add that imaginative touch to help the garden display truly stand out. When guests are greeted by truly impressive gargoyles like Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture followed by dragon statues like the ©”The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat” Lawn Statue,  they will know that they are entering a unique place with a strong appreciation for fantasy. Crown the medieval atmosphere with a dragon skull or two in the flower beds.

Outdoor medieval furniture: Although sculptures act as the most important part of the medieval display, garden furniture can also play an important role. In addition to augmenting the medieval look, they also provide us and guests with places to sit and rest. A variety of Victorian-themed chairs and benches work well in just about any garden, including ones with a medieval appearance. Put the elegant Roundabout Architectural Steel Garden Bench around a favorite tree, and admire the garden while sharing the magnificent Giant Neoclassical Swan Garden Bench with special garden guests.

Where to place decor: Once we have our statues, furniture, and other garden decor, we have to figure out where they should go. Hopefully, we will already have that in mind but if not, it’s easy enough to pick prominent spots for eye-catching sculptures, and the best places where chairs and benches can be used to admire the backyard.

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Tips to Save Money on High Quality Interior Decor

When it’s warm outside, it’s good to focus on decorating the garden but, at the same time, we don’t want to ignore the rest of the home. The backyard may be where we spend most of our time during the hot summer months, but at the end of the day, we still sleep indoors. If it’s too hot outside, we might also spend more time in that air-conditioned oasis just to escape the heat. Take the other months of the year into account, and when it comes down to it, we end up spending more time inside the home.

We need to keep this in mind when shopping for decor to spend just as much time looking for indoor statues, beautiful furniture, and accents. After picking out that angel statue for the backyard, or another stunning outdoor garden fountain, take a break from garden statues to browse for interior decor. Just make sure to look in the right places or we might spend more than we would prefer for low quality, mundane items. To save money on beautiful decor for the interior of the home and place of business, try these tips:

Shop with quality in mind: Sure, we can save money on cheap decor at stores that sell a lot of other things but don’t expect that decor to be impressive, highlight the backyard with unique beauty, or last as long as we like. In all likelihood, cheap, average garden sculptures will lend a silly touch to the backyard, make a bad impression, and will probably be thrown away sooner than we expected (because they wear out and/or just look bad). Although high quality statues and decor will cost more, it will also last longer, make the garden look better, entertain guests, and be a better investment.

Look in the Basil Street Gallery: This collection of fine decor showcases a wide variety of statues, wall decor, unique accents, and other items fit for the most distinguished of homes. The only items that make it into the gallery are ones that show fine details, exquisite beauty, and a level of craftsmanship that draws the eye. As far as savings go, this gallery offers some of the best deals on unique interior decor that we will ever find. One fine example of this comes in the form of the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock. This unique clock pays homage to the Steampunk genre by combining sculpted gears and globe with Roman Numerals. The end result is a clock that gives the time and lends a touch of unique fantasy to any room for a low price.

Other high quality bargains are also represented by stunning wall friezes like that of St. Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze, and the Le Bouquet Grand Sculptural Wall Frieze, a variety of eye-catching Egyptian sculptures and decor, and hundreds of beautifully detailed items.

Antique replica furniture: Replicas of beautiful 17th century chairs, magnificent mahogany tables, and other beautiful furniture make it possible to decorate the home with stunning, artistic, functional decor without handing over many thousands of dollars at an auction. Buy the breathtaking Carved Rocaille Chair and we can sit in a lovely, hand-crafted mahogany seat for a fraction of what a similar museum piece would cost. The same goes for the magnificent Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table.

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