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New Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

For some of us, spring is here! For others, well, it’s going to be a few more weeks before we see fresh green grass. Nevertheless, in terms of making plans for the garden, the spring season is definitely here because when we think about how we want to decorate the backyard, snow and ice won’t be part of the picture.

If the planning involves nothing more than taking the old garden statuary items out of storage and putting them back in the same spots they occupied last year, then planning isn’t really needed. However, if we want a fresh, new look for the backyard, we need to invest some time and effort into the process. This can be as little as a few hours, or, if we want to give the backyard a serious make-over, a few days. No matter how much or little we want to make changes to the garden, though, we are going to need a few new items. If we want to get really creative, we are also going to have to consider some novel ideas for the decor we display, as well as how and where we show it.

This spring season, try these suggestions to surprise and entertain garden guests:

Unique animal garden sculptures: Instead of sticking with the same angel statues and other garden sculptures as previous years, shake up the backyard scenery with an animal statue or two. Sculptures of animals are an easy way to give the garden a touch of humor, a bit of natural beauty, or to just give it a brand new look. Fun decor like the At a Snail’s Pace Garden Gastropod Statues: Large Snail lend a creative, easy-going look, and fit right in with just about any decorating theme. If we would rather go the cute route, we can’t go wrong with adorable decor like the Prized Pup Statues and other detailed sculptures of cats, dogs, and baby animals.

Flower planters: The garden is an ideal place to showcase natural decor, the most common of which are flowering bushes and plants, and floral arrangements. Although it’s too early to see them come out of the ground, we can still envision where we want them to grow, as well as where we would like to show flower cuttings. In addition to making plans for flowerbeds, we can also purchase new sculptural planters. The Art Nouveau Mystic Maiden Wall Pocket Planter Sculpture and similar detailed decor lend a classic touch of elegance to any garden, and can give an equally fine touch to the interior of the home.

Consider gargoyle statues: The good thing about gargoyles is that they can be displayed in a lot more situations than we realize. Although they often act as essential decor for Gothic and medieval-themed gardens, ironically, gargoyle sculptures also work well with angel statues, other types of classic decor, and a backyard decorated with nothing more than garden gnomes and a water fountain. They can take the form of wicked statues that entertain the imagination, sculptures that welcome guests with Gothic flair, and can also act as backyard wall decor. One such example of classic wall decor is Gnash The Grotesque Gargoyle Wall Sculpture. This intriguing wall decor item looks just as classy on the walls of spring and summer gardens as it does inside the home.

New Asian-themed decor: An Asian garden statue or two can also act as a novel addition to the backyard. Make an impression with beautiful, quality sculptures like the Praying Baby Buddha Asian Garden Statue and the Shenzhan Buddha Garden Statue.

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Tips to Help Backyard Birds During the Winter

The garden is a place to work the soil, coax vegetables and other plants out of the ground, and relax in the shade. It’s also a place to go for a swim, host outdoor parties, and decorate as we see fit. While we enjoy the beauty of a summer backyard, we can’t help but notice the songs of robins, cardinals, and other birds that make use of our green space. Keep an eye on the backyard, and we can watch those same birds along with woodpeckers, doves, chickadees, and other species, especially if we have bird feeders and bird baths.

When the leaves fall and the temperature begins to drop, orioles, vireos, wood-warblers, and other summer birds leave for warmer climes. They are, in turn, replaced by sparrows, juncos, and other species that breed far to the north. Although the winter can be harsh in the northern United States and southern Canada, the snow and ice is still a far cry from the Arctic conditions of the boreal zone. Many of our winter birds breed in those vast spruce and pine forests of the northern wilderness and this makes them somewhat adapted to cold weather. Nevertheless, grosbeaks, redpolls, nuthatches, other boreal species, and our resident garden birds could still use help as they ride out the cold months.

There are a number of things we can do to make things a bit easier for the birds that visit a snow-covered backyard. Try these tips to see more action at the winter feeder, and enjoy the beauty of birds during the next two or three months:

Keep the feeder stocked: The easiest way to keep birds coming to a winter backyard is by providing them with plenty of food. As we might imagine, winter isn’t the easiest time of the year for birds to find something to eat. Resources are scarce and although woodpeckers and most other species are adept at finding seeds, nuts, and insects hidden beneath the bark, this doesn’t mean that survival is easy during cold weather. Some birds make it and some don’t but the ones that do may have to forage over a large area to find enough food.

When we put a feeder in the backyard, and keep it stocked on a daily basis, this acts as a constant, reliable food source, and in doing so, probably helps several birds make it through the winter. They don’t waste as much energy because they don’t need to move as far, they have enough food for survival, and we can be entertained by their cheerful colors and sounds on the bleakest of winter days.

Try suet: “Suet” is basically pork fat and some winter birds love it. It acts as an excellent source of much needed energy and is eaten by woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and jays. Since suet is a byproduct, it’s also cheap and easy to obtain from butcher shops. Bacon fat can act as an alternative to suet and is just as relished by the birds as it is by many people. Suet can be offered to birds by placing it in a small wire cage or on a small wooden platform. Make sure to put it where it is visible so we can watch the birds from the warmth of the home.

Shelter for the birds: Our avian friends don’t just need food to make it through the winter. They also need a place to take shelter from the snow as well as from hawks and other predators. Adequate shelter can come in the form of a brush pile, thick bushes, or even an old Christmas tree.

What about squirrels?: Many people have tried many solutions, some work, some don’t, and squirrels seem to eventually always find a way to get to that seed. To make things easier, we might just want to feed them too. If not, start with a squirrel baffle below the feeder.

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Beating the Winter Blues with Animal Garden Sculptures

Depending on the location, February is a month that can mark the end of winter, or a time when we still have to endure cold weather accompanied by short days and long nights. In southern states, the second month of the year often leads into the first mild days of spring. However, up north, rare mild days in February are usually followed by a choice of flurries, freezing rain, and a frozen backyard.

The bulk of the winter might be over but many of us still have to deal with a chronic case of winter blues. Vacations to sunnier, warmer climates are the best remedy, but if we can’t get away, we have to resort to other means of dealing with winter’s final weeks. One possibility is spending more time in a sun room. Whether the room in question acts as a greenhouse or as an enclosed back porch, as long as the place is bathed in sunlight, it can work wonders at this time of year. Decorate that warm, sunny corner of the home with house plants and cheery, summer decor and it might become your favorite spot to read a book, enjoy meals, or just wait until it’s warm enough to venture back outside.

In terms of decor, a vase and urn or two are easy, beautiful ways to showcase flower cuttings that remind us of picnics and walks in the country on warm, summer days. Framed paintings of spring and summer scenes also work well, and we can lend a vibrant look to the sun room by way of beautiful stained glass works of art. Other worthwhile decorations include any number of garden statues, especially ones that were used in last year’s backyard. Take a few of those favorite small garden sculptures out of storage and they can act as a useful reminder that spring will be back in a month or so.

We can also beat those winter blues by shopping for new spring decor. These items can take the form of any type of new statues suited for the backyard, including certain animal garden statuary that look just as lovely inside the home as in the garden. Although the best animal statues are always going to be the ones best suited to our decorating needs and themes, adorable animal sculptures are especially good at lending a fun, cozy touch to their surroundings.

Such “cozy” sculptures can take the form of functional decor like Pancho the Burro Planter and welcome signs highlighted with animals, as well as a variety of detailed, life-like statues. Even small statues can lend a cheerful look, especially when they happen to be sculptures of cute little baby chicks. By merit of their size, these and other versatile and adorable animal statues can be shown on tables and window sills, as well as in a corner or near the back door. When the time comes for decorating the garden, they work just as well near flower beds and as “pets” for garden gnomes.

Other farm animal statues also work well at beating the winter blues, including beautiful sculptures of lambs, hens, and even cute flying pigs! Compliment them with equally cute statues of puppies and kittens to ensure smiles during the final cold stretch of winter. Anything along the lines of the high quality, realistic “Lover Boy” Puppy Dog Statue is a good choice as is cute functional decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Bulldog Garden Statue, or a Jack Russell Terrier Dog Welcome Statue.

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Why Beautiful Urns Are Decor for Every Season

In general, garden decor is meant for warm times of the year. Resin garden statues can be damaged by freezing cold weather, especially when subjected to cold weather for extended periods of time, but even if we did want to leave our favorite angel sculpture outside during the winter months, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. At least not when the backyard lies under a blanket of snow, the ground is frozen, and biting, frigid wind blows through the bare branches.

Fortunately, depending on where you live, winter only lasts three to six months of the year, and we can still use some of those garden statues inside the home. Although we might want to leave most of the high quality garden gnomes in storage, some of our garden fairies and animal garden statues can act as a suitable addition to the inside of a winter home. In general, small garden statuary works best as interior decor, but there are a few other types of garden decor that work for every season no matter how big or small they may be.

Urns and vases fall into this category. It doesn’t mean that we would want to leave such “all-season decor” outside during the winter months (not a good idea for any decor made from resin), just that there are urns and vases suited for every season.  During the hot days of summer, decorative urns play an easy role in gardens of every size. Their gestalt can help them fit in with everything from classic statuary to Gothic decor and backyards decorated with animals garden sculptures, and they can also be placed in just about any corner of the garden. In general, items like the Versailles Cherub Urn & Plinth just act as basic, classy decor no matter where or how they are displayed.

Another good thing about urns and vases is that they can also be used for displaying cuttings of flowers and other plants, and some can be leveraged as planters. This makes them suitable for the backyard during the summer months, as decor on the porch or sun room during spring and fall, and as a means of lending cheer to a winter home with brightly colored floral arrangements. An example of a beautiful, decorative urn that can be used outside during the summer and then shown inside when the weather turns cold is the Larkin Arts and Crafts Architectural Garden Urn & Plinth Set. This classy urn looks best when placed on the plinth, but still makes a regal statement when displayed without it.

We could also use certain urns for the garden, and then make use of other, more elegant urns as interior decor. While we might limit a large Versailles Cherub Urn and the Versailles Floral Oviform Urn: Set of Two to the outdoors, exquisite vases like the Peacock Centerpiece Sculptural Vase act as elegant interior decor during the cold months. This and other beautifully detailed vases make for easy, classy accents, work well with Victorian-themed decor and antiques, and lend a touch of beautiful elegance to any room.

The same can be said for the impressive Chatsworth Manor Sculptural Neoclassical Pedestal Urn. Although this detailed work of functional art works well for every season, in a warm spring or summer backyard, it can act as fine decor on its own or for showcasing favorite floral arrangements. During autumn, until it gets too cold, it can still be used in the backyard before eventually being placed in an enclosed porch, and when the snow starts to fall, it can host greenery in the living room.

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Angel Statues and Gargoyles in the Same Garden?

Summer is in full swing and so is garden decor season. Although most of us began to decorate the backyard as soon as the snow melted, we don’t have to stick with the same set of statues. We can switch things up, or, if we don’t feel like going that route, might still have room for a few more garden sculptures. Guests will be impressed and we can also enjoy the new, fresh look.

Part of that new look can include sculptures that we never dreamed of putting in the backyard. Such statues wouldn’t take the form of low-quality or below-average sculptures, but decor that just didn’t happen to jive with the look we had envisioned for the garden. For example, if we already hoped to decorate the backyard with a combination of cute animal garden statues and gnomes, we might have put off buying that magnificent angel sculpture or various Greek garden statues. If we chose to limit our decor to a garden fountain, one or two metal benches, or Asian-themed decor, we might have put the gnomes back into storage.

However, although the garden might not seem to be suited for certain statues or combinations of decor at first glance, folks are frequently surprised at how good the garden looks when decorated with different types of statues. If the garden is big enough, or just has enough vegetation to create miniature grottoes or other nooks and crannies, we can easily find room for an extra angel statue or two. While one part of the backyard might be dedicated to easy-going decor or garden fairies, another corner of the backyard could host a classic beauty like the Angel of Patience Sculpture.  No matter what other statues we have on display, various angel statues can also make a beautiful statement when displayed next to the pool.

Statues of angels can also fit in with just about any type of decor when they are already part of a fountain, or work as wall decor. Two such examples are the Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture, and the Santa Croce Angel Wall Frieze. Both lend a lovely statement when displayed on garden walls or in a place of business no matter which types of statues are shown in the garden. In fact, these beautiful angels would still look just as impressive even if the backyard was decorated with a Bigfoot statue or other types of decor that represent the realm of myth and fantasy.

Some might also find it surprising that Gothic decor often looks great when shown with statues of angels. Many actually consider angel sculptures to be a type of Gothic decor although that really depends on the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, one type of Gothic statue often looks right at home when sharing a backyard with statues of angels. Although we might not expect it, gargoyle statues work very well when shown with angel decor. Both types of statues have a similar origin that date back to the Middle Ages, and despite their very different appearance, both also share the same ramparts of many Gothic cathedrals. When displayed in the same backyard, they entertain and lend character with their classic contrast between good and evil, and work well in any backyard.

Even an angel as magnificent as the Grand Basilica Praying Angel Garden Statue can share a garden with something as intimidating as Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture although we might want to put them in separate corners of the backyard.

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Colorful Decor for a Bright and Beautiful Garden

Summer is a season for the outdoors and enjoying warm, beautiful weather. We can go camping, take road trips to national parks, visit theme parks, and golf every day of the week but few places are better for experiencing the beauty of summer than our own backyards. Walk into the garden and we don’t have to worry about any entrance fees, long drives, lines, or sharing that green space with anyone else. We can take a dip anytime we want, host parties for our favorite set of family and friends, plant herbs and vegetables, and trim the rose bushes however we see fit.

Take a stroll in the backyard and we can also enjoy our own, personal set of animal garden statues and other beautiful garden decor. We don’t need to decorate for anyone other than for ourselves, and summer is the perfect time of the year to lend the backyard a touch of cheer by way of brightly colored, beautiful decor. Garden sculptures painted in bright shades of yellow, blue, and red lend a cheerful look to any garden and remind us that summer is a time for celebration. Try these suggestions to turn a summer garden into a lovely, cheerful place for reflection, relaxation, gardening, and making merry:

Beautiful plantings: No matter which decor we go with, it’s always worth it to start the decorating with a natural touch. Every garden looks better when planted with bright, beautiful flowers, and they complement the artistic beauty of animal sculptures, classic garden statues, and other garden decor with ease. We can plant our own set of flowering plants and bushes, or, if our thumbs aren’t all that green, hire someone to lend a colorful, natural touch to the backyard. Likewise, if the garden is too small for plantings, or doesn’t have enough space for another flowerbed, we can still give it a lovely, natural look with planters, including sculptural ones like the European-Style Metal Window Box.

Gnomes: Angel sculptures and classic garden statues might come to mind when talking about impressive, artistic statuary, but as far as bright colors go, gnome sculptures usually take the cake. Gnomes express their good cheer with hats and clothing painted in bright primary colors like red and blue. They can also wear yellow, or green tunics, but we won’t see many gnomes wearing black, brown, or other somber hues. Put a gnome or two in the backyard for an easy touch of summer cheer.

The welcome sign: A welcome sign is another easy way to decorate the backyard with beautiful, cheerful decor. Since this will also be the first decor item seen by garden guests, it can also be leveraged to make a big first impression. A fun sign like the “Delightful Dancing Ducks” Welcome Sign gives guests a light-hearted “hello”, and lets them know that the garden is a place where they can leave their worries behind. Welcome signs can also take the form of cute signs that feature a litter of puppies, a fun western theme, or, as in the case of the “Gideon, the Garden Gnome” Welcome Sign Statue, can be combined with a gnome theme.

Tropical decor: Tropical-themed statues and sculptures are another easy means of lending the backyard a cheerful, vibrant look. We could go with a statue of a toucan or other exotic bird, a beautiful mermaid that doubles as a sculptural table, or other decor that brings the exciting beauty of the Caribbean into the backyard.

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The Best Way to Pick Out an Angel Sculpture for the Garden

One of the main difficulties for decorating the garden is choosing decor. If we can’t get past that first step, the backyard is going to look pretty plain. However, at the same time, we can’t jump at the first statues and other garden decor items we come across because that will probably result in a backyard decorated with cheap, below average statues, or a hodgepodge of items that end up diminishing or even tarnishing the character of the backyard. When picking out decor for a new summer garden season, it’s worth it to stop and think about what we would like to display in the backyard and how we would like to showcase those items before we even think about purchasing that first statue.

For example, a good place to start is with decorating themes. A tropical flavored garden can be a summer time hit, especially for folks who love to throw parties and grill outside. A fantasy-themed backyard is also made possible with a bevy of dragon and gargoyle garden statues, Celtic sculptures, and other unique decor. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to classic sculptures either, and that’s where angels come into the picture.

Sculptures of angelic beings have played a standard role as decor for gardens, cemeteries, and plazas for centuries. Although most are found in churches and cathedrals, they are also seen in Victorian gardens and in any backyard where beautiful, classic decor is appreciated. We also see a variety of angel sculptures because they come in more forms than most people expect. We hope that these suggestions will help in picking out the best angel statue for the backyard:

Centerpiece statue or smaller decor: One of the first main things to consider is the size of the angel sculpture. Browse a good selection of angel statues and we find quite a few large angels, several medium-sized sculptures, and more than enough small ones to choose from. If we buy a large angel like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture, it could easily act as majestic centerpiece decor. However, if the backyard isn’t big enough to host an angel of this size, it might be better suited to the smaller yet just as elegant Angel of Patience Sculpture. Or, we could go smaller still with a couple of cherub sculptures or an easy-going Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture.

Which type of angel? Before buying an angel, we also need to be aware of the different types of angel sculptures available for the garden. There are eye-catching, impressive angels suitable for a cathedral, praying angels, motherly angels that walk with or hold children, shy angels, child angels, and more artistic representations of heavenly beings like the “Extended Grace” Angel Statue. In choosing the type of angel, we should always keep in mind how it will complement or fit into the general decorating theme, as well as if we would like to use it as an interior statue during the winter months.

Where to show the angel? Before picking out any angel sculpture, we also need to think about where we are going to put it on display. Do we want to put the statue in a quiet corner of the garden to act as inspiration for contemplation? Or, will it look better when placed shortly after the entrance to the garden? Envisioning where each angel looks best will help us pick out the best one for the garden.

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Gutters and Weathervanes For a Unique Home

Decor is an essential part of every home, big or small. It gives a home character, and can also be used to showcase our interests, hobbies, and fantasies. Certain statues and other types of decor can also be leveraged to give any home a unique look, especially if the decor in question is created with fine details and an appearance that captures the attention of neighbors, house guests, and anyone who just happens to be passing by.

That decor in question doesn’t have to take the form of angel statues or cute welcome signs either. Although those can act as beautiful decor for any home, decor for the exterior of the home can also be just as functional as it is decorative. Take gutters for example. We need these “accessories” to capture rain and other debris that fall on the roof of the home to keep the roof from being damaged or even collapsing. Their simple design helps channel water and other unwanted stuff off of the top of the home and away from it. It’s an easy, essential concept but that doesn’t mean that gutters have to look like a mundane, overlooked part of the home.

They can also add flair and be leveraged to give any home a unique and interesting look while still working to protect the house. Not to mention, if animal garden statues or other garden decor are already featured in the backyard and around the home, certain decorative gutters can be used to work with those decorating themes. Nor do we need to remove the entire gutter or do a major home exterior make-over just so we can decorate the house with a few more accents. If we want to stick with a cute animal theme, we can work with ©Jolly, the Squirrel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue and other animal downspout statues that take the form of a turtle, pig, or other animals. Likewise, if we want to stay with an angelic decorating theme, we can decorate with the ©Blessings from Heaven Angel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue.

To make these functional statues work, all we need to do is attach them to the end of the gutter and wait for the next downpour. The same goes for fantastic dragon rainspouts like Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon Rainspout. Whether we already decorate the backyard with exquisite gargoyle and dragon statues or not, we might still want to use these dragon rainspouts because they look simply fantastic, especially when water rushes out of the dragon’s mouth. These are the types of unique decor that leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who sees them because they demonstrate a combination of artistic fine details, and life-like features.

We can also make an easy impression with functional decor up on top of the home. Weathervanes act as classic, fun, functional decor that works for homes of every size. Put one on top of the house and we crown the home with a type of decor that immediately communicates with anyone who looks at it. In keeping with weathervanes from throughout history, these modern versions also tell us which way the wind is blowing.  We can also use one like the Castle Guardian Dragon Full-Size Copper Weathervane to keep going with the medieval dragon theme, top the house with a classic, beautiful copper angel weathervane, or go with the Celebration Wine Bottle Full-Size Copper Weathervane to demonstrate our love for the fermented fruits of the vine!

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Garden Fairies for the Home and Backyard

Summer is an easy time to decorate the garden. It’s much nicer outside than spring or fall, and we can’t really put statues in the backyard during winter. Well, we could but it’s not a good idea because the cold weather can damage the statuary and we can’t really enjoy much of the garden during the winter anyways. In summer, however, the garden and backyard beckons with shade trees, a refreshing dip in the pool, relaxing by the side of the pool, or just listening to the bubbling water in our outdoor water garden fountains.

After a long winter, the outside is where most of us want to be, especially when we can enjoy the outdoors in the safety and beauty of our own backyards. We also enjoy it more when we decorate the garden with high quality sculptures, cute statues, and other items that give the place character. One of those types of statues is that of the garden fairy, a sculpture that makes an easy, lovely addition to any backyard. Better yet, when the weather turns cold, those same fairy statues can also be used inside the home as enchanting, unique interior decor.

Before talking about garden fairy statues, though, in light of fairies being shown in a certain way in various films and books, we need to clarify how garden fairy decor differs from those depictions. While some fairy decor does show delicate little creatures with butterfly wings, the similarities usually stop there. They aren’t really statues of funny, cartoon characters for kids, but are more like sculptures of mythical, magical beings with an ancient history.

People have been telling tales about fairies and similar, nature-based supernatural creatures for thousands of years. Although we associate them with tales for children, many cultures throughout history and in many parts of the world have seen them in a different, much more serious light. Most times, the view is one of magical, small beings that cannot be controlled, and can cause a great deal of harm and trouble if they are not appeased. Keeping them happy ends up being a part of everyday life and is done by leaving small offerings in the garden. It really is a form of blackmail but to do otherwise is seen as a great risk.

Fairies can be good and they can be bad, but most of all, they are known to be mischievous, capable of wielding magic, and do not like being observed. Perhaps this is why the bad ones are frequently associated with wild, remote areas, and places where people aren’t meant to visit. The Stretch Garden Pixie Sculpture is one such depiction of a sneaky fairy that could cause trouble if it feels offended.

However, on the other hand, we also have fairies that help the garden grow, and would much rather protect the keepers of green space than bring them any harm. Statues of these types of fairies are more common in the garden and give it an enchanting touch. They are represented by valiant, powerful protectors like Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue, beautiful, easy-going angelic fairies like the Daydream Fairy Sculpture, and adorable garden caretakers like the Fairies of the Meadow Garden Statues.

These and other statues of fairies can be displayed in just about any part of the garden but might look best when shown near flowers or other backyard vegetation. During the winter, they can be used to lend an enchanting look to a greenhouse, office, or even in a personal library.

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How to Celebrate Summer in the Backyard

Summer is when we spend a lot more time outdoors, when we take advantage of the pool, and when we relish the green beauty of the garden. During summer, we celebrate the beautiful warm weather in a number of ways, some of which can take place right in our own backyards. We all have our own ways of celebrating summer, but folks who are looking for something different, or aren’t sure what to do this summer season might like the following ideas:

Get the pool ready for games: Consistent, hot summer weather can turn the pool into our favorite place at home. When it’s too hot to go for a run in the park, we can just dip into the pool, and swim as many laps as we like. When we are done, we can hang out in a chair next to or in the pool and enjoy cold drinks while reading a favorite book or enjoying conversation with friends. However, when more guests come over, we can also turn the pool into a place for fun, summer games. Get a pool volleyball net, fun pool floats, and other accessories to make the most of water and the hot summer season. We can also add to the fun atmosphere of the backyard pool by decorating with tropical decor, and eye-catching, aquatic animal decor like a Large Leaping Sea Dolphin Statue, or a life-like walking crocodile statue.

Interesting summer parties: When the weather is warm, the backyard is a fantastic place for parties, especially during the evening hours. This year, in addition to having friends over for dinner, try hosting small events like wine-tastings, themed dinners, and parties that put the focus on watching the sunset and meteor showers. We can also host parties in the backyard that include classic outdoor games like croquet, and try “Halloween in summer”, an outdoor Venetian ball, or other soirees that require a costume.

Backyard competitions: The backyard can also be an excellent place to host friendly, neighborhood competitions. Sure, we could stick to common games like horseshoes, bean bag toss, or other well-known games. But, guests might have more fun if we also try on-site grill-offs between three or four competitors, or chili cook-offs that make use of the fire pit. We could also take those grilling competitions and cook-offs a step further by limiting the competitions to certain gourmet ingredients.

Of course, competitions can also take the form of swimming races, the best summer hat, best summer costume, and other possibilities. For example, we could also have scavenger hunts with questions that make use of the decor in the backyard. Just be creative, easy-going, and keep the focus on fun, and the backyard event will be a hit.

Summer film fest: Why go to Cannes when you can host a film fest in the backyard? It won’t be as big or star-studded as other film festivals but it will be a lot more private, and might also be a lot more fun. It can also be as big or as small as we like. For example, we could invite a few close friends over and watch a few episodes of a favorite show or a couple of movies that stick to a certain theme or genre. Or, we could pick out Oscar favorites, films by Scorsese, or a favorite trilogy and invite the whole neighborhood over. We just have to make sure that we can find a projector for a big screen, set up enough chairs, and make sure that people know how fun the event will be. If it works, we could also show the films on the side of the house. This event would also work well when combined with a grilling competition, and could be accompanied by food as simple as delivered pizzas, or as fancy as catered gourmet snacks served on unique decorative furniture like the At Your Service Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.

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