Tips to Help Backyard Birds During the Winter

The garden is a place to work the soil, coax vegetables and other plants out of the ground, and relax in the shade. It’s also a place to go for a swim, host outdoor parties, and decorate as we see fit. While we enjoy the beauty of a summer backyard, we can’t help but notice […]

Big, Wild Animals in the Backyard

Animals can be entertaining, cute, and downright adorable. The ones that fall into those categories tend to be animals like pet cats, dogs, bunnies, and Meerkats.  There are also animals that fall into categories at the opposite end of the cute spectrum. For most folks, these would be things like spiders, hairy caterpillars, and other […]

The Beauty of Dancing Cranes

There are around 10,000 species of birds that share this planet with us, but very few of them are known to the general public. For example, most people know what a penguin is, are familiar with robins, pigeons, sparrows, and other backyard birds, and would recognize an owl if they saw one. There are also […]