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Egyptian Decor and Accents for Every Home

Decorating the home is no simple matter. While it’s easy enough to put a few paintings on the walls and a statue or two in the living room, that doesn’t really compare to the art of interior decoration. This is why those who can afford to do so sometimes hire interior decorators to plan the beautification of the home. The decorator might go with certain themes for different rooms or follow the suggestions of the home owner, but will always find creative ways to make a living space look fantastic.

One of the ways they accomplish this is by using unique accents and stunning decor in every type of decorating theme. If a room follows a medieval theme, it might also feature an exquisite classic statue in addition to Gothic decor and antique replica furniture. Likewise, a hallway that follows a classic theme might also be decorated with a few modern items as long as they augment the decorating objective. Egyptian decorations and statues can also be used as accents for just about every theme because they combine a striking, regal look with classic appeal.

This aspect of Egyptian items also makes many of them suitable for every home and just about every decoration situation. Although something as large and regal as a stunning replica of King Tutankhamen’s Egyptian Throne Chair might be better suited to a room dedicated to an ancient Egyptian theme, the following accents and decor are much more versatile:

Small Egyptian accents: Small statues of Egyptian deities and other accessories are an easy way to lend a royal touch to any situation. With its striking combination of jet black and golden colors, a sculpture like the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue gives a bit of detailed beauty to a living room, office, or any space in need of artistic, classic decor. This and other small Egyptian statuary work well as desk accessories, when displayed on a mantle, or in accompaniment with other types of small decor.

Other Egyptian-themed accents can take the form of colorful decor like the Egyptian Eye of Horus Offering Vessel, decorative treasure boxes, clocks, and other items that blend fine details with the regal and mysterious symbolism of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian lamps: Decor that also acts as lighting is an easy way to lend a touch of fine, unique decor to any room. In providing a necessary function, sculptural lamps like the Egyptian Goddess of the Night Illuminated Statue and the Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp can also find a place in rooms already decorated with or bereft of Egyptian decor. The smaller sculptural lamps can be displayed on tables to act as eye-catching accents and conservation pieces, while larger forms of decorative lighting can do the same when shown in a hallway or corner of any room.

Egyptian sculptural tables and furniture: Sculptural tables that showcase Egyptian-themed art are another excellent way to decorate with unique, creative, functional decor. The mesmerizing Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table entertains with detailed depictions of the Egyptian goddess of joy and the royal colors of the ancient Egyptian palette. Since this takes the form of a beautiful golden colored feline, it will also be appreciated by anyone with an appreciation for cats.

The rich colors and fine details of the Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-Topped Table will also turn heads whether it is used in an office setting, library, or sitting room of a home. It also acts as a lovely complement to the luxurious Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise and other examples of high quality Egyptian furniture.

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How and Where to Decorate with Mirrors

Although it can be said that every type of decor has a function, some items do more than act as beautiful works of art. Take decorative chairs and sculptural tables for example. These items are decor yet they are also meant to be used for seating and serving meals. If we like, we can just use them to decorate the house but they were also made for another purpose. Other types of functional decor include lamps, vases, clocks, and anything that can be used for more than just being put on display.

Since they are meant to reflect their surroundings, mirrors also fall into this category. The function might be one that is decidedly “hands off” but it is a function nonetheless, and one that can help extend the dimensions of a room by way of illusion. This and other interesting abilities of mirrors have made them coveted devices since the first ones were made around two thousand years ago. Before then, people hoping to see their own reflection probably looked into the calm waters of a vase or basin.

The first known mirrors were made of polished metal and stone, and eventually evolved into pieces of glass that used gold and other metals as a reflective backing. During the Renaissance, Venetian glass makers developed techniques for making high quality mirrors (considered to be highly valued luxury items) but the modern day mirror that uses silver backing didn’t appear until the 19th century. In present times, such modern, silver-backed mirrors are common, abundant, and available for a tiny fraction of the price that was paid by royalty and their courtesans for similar mirrors during the 17th century.

Advances in mirror making technology have also resulted in a wide selection of artistic and creative mirrors that can act as fine, functional decor. Such mirrors can be used to work with other types of decor in more than one way. For example, Egyptian-themed mirrors like the Wadjet Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces are an excellent addition for rooms, hallways, or homes that feature other forms of Egyptian art, whereas the Peacock Dreams Mirrored Wall Sculpture works well in rooms that feature Victorian and Art Deco items.

The reflective nature of a mirror can also be used to highlight the beauty of sculptures, floral arrangements, and other types of decor in a room or hallway. Place the fantastic Royal Baroque Mirror in front of or across the room from exquisite decor, and we can further showcase its beauty while decorating with a beautiful hardwood antique replica. This is also why a high quality mirror works well in a hallway that features sconces and decorative lighting, especially candles. Place the mirror where it can best reflect the candle or other light source and it will help with lighting as well as lend a creative touch to the hallway.

When putting a mirror on display, we should also remember that mirrors were first and foremost, meant to be looked at. A small mirror just past the front door, and especially near key and coat hooks, will be much appreciated by guests. Using a creative, decorative looking glass like the Lady of the Lake Art Deco Wall Mirror, or the striking Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall Sculpture can also act as an opportunity to make a fine first impression. Further down the hall, or in other rooms, we can use larger mirrors to keep up with the good impressions. These can take the form of anything from classic antique replicas to something along the lines of the exquisite Madame Antoinette Ebony Salon Mirror.

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Tips for Decorating with Sculptural Furniture

It’s January and it’s the dead of winter. In many states and provinces, the backyard has become a frozen, snow-covered place where we used to enjoy the pool, host garden parties, and just relax with a good book on a favorite piece of garden furniture. At this time of year, our favorite angel statues are safely stored in the garage, and it’s too cold to hang out in the garden. A lot of us end up spending more time indoors but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because being inside gives us a chance to spend more time with family and friends, have fun with new board games, and host cooking parties.

Although we can’t go outside and see how new garden statues will look in the backyard, when it comes to decor, we can still be constructive and focus on sprucing up the inside of the home. It’s a good opportunity to try new decorating ideas and different types of decor, including sculptural furniture. By blending function with art, this type of furniture lends a creative, artistic touch wherever it is used, and is an easy way to inject a bit of excitement and elegance into the most average of rooms. The following are a few suggestions when decorating with beautiful sculptural tables and chairs:

Exquisite and stunning additions: Many sculptural furniture items are detailed, beautiful works of art. This makes them an easy means of lending an exquisite touch to the living room, dining room, library, or other parts of the home. One such example is The Muses Glass-Topped Sculptural Table. When guests see this classic work of art, they may wonder if it is an elegant indoor sculpture, or a small table. As with any piece of sculptural furniture, it’s actually both and thus acts as functional decor. The same goes for any number of other sculptural tables, including more colorful, splendid pieces like the Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table.

Go Gothic: This type of furniture tends to be either tables and chairs suited for folks who love statues of Ravens and other classic Gothic symbols, or items of a more medieval character. Either way, we can make use of these decor themes to give the home an intriguing, classic look. Fantastic Gothic decor like the Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table acts as treasured art for anyone with a deep interest in the fantasy genre. The fine details on Hastings give this dragon knight a life-like appearance and make an impression on every guest. The Gothic flavor of this creative table is augmented when it can share a room with the Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table, and other Gothic or medieval furniture.

An easy way to decorate a hallway: It’s easy to overlook the decoration of a hallway when we have other, more visited rooms to think about. However, we also need to remember that although we may not linger as often in a hallway, everyone needs to walk through them to reach other parts of the house. The decor that we show in such places does leave an impression, and influences the overall atmosphere of the home. Fortunately, the limited space in a hallway also makes it an easy place to decorate. By decorating with sculptural furniture, we can impress guests and lend an extra, creative touch that will be appreciated. This can be accomplished with just about any high quality sculptural furniture item that can fit in a hallway without obstructing the passage of people. Since a hallway also stands apart from other rooms, it can also feature decor not associated with themes in other rooms.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Folks with Elegant Tastes

Some people feel alright with average furniture and forgettable decor. That’s fine even though they probably don’t realize how easy it is to buy beautiful, high quality decor, and amazing furniture for similar prices. They might not know about those better options because they shop at stores in a nearby plaza or just aren’t aware that such possibilities exist. In any case, once they find out, don’t be surprised if they eventually switch one of their side tables for a stunning antique replica like the Louis XIV Glass – Topped Cocktail Table,  or decorate the library room with the elegant L’ Escritoire Secretary Desk.

They might even switch over most of the decor in the home and garden to express their appreciation for artistic high quality pieces. Whether they change all of the decor in the home or not, we at least know that they have an appeal for elegant, classy decor and this can actually facilitate finding gifts for them. Instead of feeling forced to buy average, everyday items as gifts, we can give them accents and other items that they will truly appreciate and cherish. The following are a few gift ideas that meet this criteria:

Sculptural lamps: Lamps that blend sculptural grace with soft illumination are excellent gifts for anyone with at least some appreciation for beautiful decor. These can be anything from lovely, easy-going pieces like the Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture to larger floor lamps that influence the atmosphere of an entire room. These include such options as the Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp, an impressive, tall sculptural lamp that adds a touch of old Parisian nostalgia to any room, and the Setting Sun Black Bear Sculptural Floor Lamp,  a creative combination of an animal sculpture and lighting.

There are also plenty of smaller, creative lighting options that can lend a touch of elegant class to any home.

Wall decor: Always an easy, charming way to decorate a home, elegant decor for the wall ranges from classic paintings to sculptural mirrors, and textured items that extend out from the wall itself. High quality reproductions of classic paintings are an easy way to immediately lend a touch of class to a room, especially when the painting is presented in a beautiful frame. A high quality frame is actually a work of art on its own and is appropriate for reproductions like Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, 1888, and Sanzio’s Madonna della Seggiola, 1514.

There are a number of lovely mirrors that also work very well as an elegant gift. Whether used as an actual looking glass, or as creative decor, every home looks better with one or more sculptural mirrors. The Madame Antoinette Salon Mirror is modeled after Rococo antiques that decorate museums and the halls of old French estates, and gives any hallway or room a charming royal touch. We can also lend a touch of creative class with mirrors like the Lady of the Lake Art Deco Wall Mirror, and the Dance of the Nymphs Sculptural Wall Mirror.

Fine accents: Although a floor lamp or beautiful wall decor always makes a big impression, folks who appreciate fine, elegant decor also love smaller items and accents. Faberge-Style enameled eggs are an easy, lovely option and work well for anyone who collects fine, high quality objects d’art. Urns and other centerpiece decor items for a table or mantle also act as fine gifts, including the French Rococo Centerpiece Comport Urn, and the Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden Sculptural Vessel.

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Colorful Decor for a Bright and Beautiful Garden

Summer is a season for the outdoors and enjoying warm, beautiful weather. We can go camping, take road trips to national parks, visit theme parks, and golf every day of the week but few places are better for experiencing the beauty of summer than our own backyards. Walk into the garden and we don’t have to worry about any entrance fees, long drives, lines, or sharing that green space with anyone else. We can take a dip anytime we want, host parties for our favorite set of family and friends, plant herbs and vegetables, and trim the rose bushes however we see fit.

Take a stroll in the backyard and we can also enjoy our own, personal set of animal garden statues and other beautiful garden decor. We don’t need to decorate for anyone other than for ourselves, and summer is the perfect time of the year to lend the backyard a touch of cheer by way of brightly colored, beautiful decor. Garden sculptures painted in bright shades of yellow, blue, and red lend a cheerful look to any garden and remind us that summer is a time for celebration. Try these suggestions to turn a summer garden into a lovely, cheerful place for reflection, relaxation, gardening, and making merry:

Beautiful plantings: No matter which decor we go with, it’s always worth it to start the decorating with a natural touch. Every garden looks better when planted with bright, beautiful flowers, and they complement the artistic beauty of animal sculptures, classic garden statues, and other garden decor with ease. We can plant our own set of flowering plants and bushes, or, if our thumbs aren’t all that green, hire someone to lend a colorful, natural touch to the backyard. Likewise, if the garden is too small for plantings, or doesn’t have enough space for another flowerbed, we can still give it a lovely, natural look with planters, including sculptural ones like the European-Style Metal Window Box.

Gnomes: Angel sculptures and classic garden statues might come to mind when talking about impressive, artistic statuary, but as far as bright colors go, gnome sculptures usually take the cake. Gnomes express their good cheer with hats and clothing painted in bright primary colors like red and blue. They can also wear yellow, or green tunics, but we won’t see many gnomes wearing black, brown, or other somber hues. Put a gnome or two in the backyard for an easy touch of summer cheer.

The welcome sign: A welcome sign is another easy way to decorate the backyard with beautiful, cheerful decor. Since this will also be the first decor item seen by garden guests, it can also be leveraged to make a big first impression. A fun sign like the “Delightful Dancing Ducks” Welcome Sign gives guests a light-hearted “hello”, and lets them know that the garden is a place where they can leave their worries behind. Welcome signs can also take the form of cute signs that feature a litter of puppies, a fun western theme, or, as in the case of the “Gideon, the Garden Gnome” Welcome Sign Statue, can be combined with a gnome theme.

Tropical decor: Tropical-themed statues and sculptures are another easy means of lending the backyard a cheerful, vibrant look. We could go with a statue of a toucan or other exotic bird, a beautiful mermaid that doubles as a sculptural table, or other decor that brings the exciting beauty of the Caribbean into the backyard.

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FAQs About Stained Glass Decor

Art has also functioned as decor throughout history. Much of that decor has taken the form of sculptures and paintings that decorated the halls and plazas of ancient temples and estates. In present times, many of those works of art can be seen in the Louvre and other museums, as well as in Gothic cathedrals. Although the architecture of those old, magnificent structures is impressive on its own, the exterior of those churches are also decorated with beautiful statues of angels, detailed gargoyles, and other works of art. However, we need to enter the cathedral to see the works that were carefully designed to make the biggest impression.

Walk through the entrance to Notre Dame in Paris, or other Gothic cathedrals, and we are greeted by niches with exquisitely carved sculptures, antique paintings, and impressive frescoes. However, no matter how magnificent the angel statues may be, the first things we usually notice are the stained glass windows. This is where light enters the place of worship and as it passes through the glass, it illuminates the windows with vibrant ruby red, deep sapphire blues, and other jewel-like colors. The beautiful effect is both hypnotic and provokes a sentiment of awe. These are the feelings that the people who crafted the stained glass wanted to evoke and the fact that folks continue to be impressed more than a thousand years later is testament to their skills.

Stained glass has continued to be a popular form of decor in modern times, and is still used in the construction of places of worship. It has also become an easy, popular means of lending a classy, exquisite touch to any home. The following are some FAQs about this beautiful type of artistic decor:

How is stained glass made?

Like other types of glass, a good supply of silica is needed along with ovens that can make consistent, high temperatures. After the silica is melted, powdered metal is added to create different types of colors. Copper oxides are used to produce green and blue-green hues, cobalt gives the glass a deep blue color, and in ancient times, gold was used to give glass a red or violet coloration. In modern times, copper is used instead of gold to give the glass a deep red hue, green glass is made with silver and other metals, and manganese and nickel can be used for making purple glass.

After the metals are added to the molten glass, and the glass cools, it is cut into shapes suited to the design that the artist hopes to achieve. These pieces are placed into a lead frame, the joints are soldered into place, and a soft cement is used to weatherproof the window. When the window is ready, it is placed into the window space, and iron or copper rods are sometimes used to support its weight.

When was the first stained glass crafted?

While silica is commonly found in most parts of the globe, in ancient times, ovens that could create sufficiently high temperatures were another story. Nevertheless, examples of colored or stained glass have been found that date back to ancient Egypt and Rome. During the 7th century, stained glass for windows was produced in some parts of Europe and in Syria. However, it didn’t become an art form that showed illustrations until the 10th and 11th centuries.

Stained glass in medieval Europe to the modern era:

During the middle ages, works of art in the form of stained glass were installed in dozens of churches and cathedrals. One of the main centers of stained glass production was in Chartes, France, a medieval town that still sees visitors who come to see the fantastic stained glass in the cathedral.

In modern times, various artists made innovations with stained glass to create more colors and artistic forms, including “Tiffany lamps”. Beautiful stained glass works of art in the form of small windows and other decor also be used inside many homes.

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