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Celebrate Beauty and Elegance with French Decor

French culture has marked the world in many ways. Thanks to the people of modern day Gaul, we enjoy hundreds of wonderful French vintages, cheer important events with bubbling champagne, have incorporated French words into the English language, and can decorate the home with lovely French-themed decor. We also celebrate Mardi Gras, the parades and parties being held on a much larger scale in Louisiana, Saint Louis, and Montreal.

Although we can celebrate “Fat Tuesday” by decorating with French-themed lamps, using exquisite antique replica furniture, and serving King Cake, we can also celebrate French culture all year long with a variety of beautiful, high quality French decor. There are several types of French-themed decor but most exhibit a distinct, high quality, artistic appearance that demonstrates an appreciation for elegance, class, and the good things in life. For this reason, such decor works just as well in a home as it does in an office, and such items are also an excellent addition to restaurants, hotels, and other places of business.

Try these suggestions to showcase the elegance and beauty of French decor throughout the year:

French accents: These are many small or medium sized items that pay homage to French culture. They can take the form of lovely items like The Eiffel Tower 1892 Reproduction Telephone and other decor associated with the late 19th century, exquisite candlesticks, beautiful mirrors, or elegant pieces like the Salon Michele Art Nouveau Vase. Such beautiful works of art work well when shown with other fine accents, when used as centerpiece items on the dining table, or when sharing a room with Victorian decor. In a place of business, display high quality French accents in prominent spots to make an impression.

Furniture: Antique French furniture is renowned for its fine blend of art and function. Accordingly, authentic French antique furniture items cost thousands of dollars. Given their value and age, such pieces aren’t meant to be used any longer aside from acting as valued additions to a fine collection of antiques. Fortunately, dozens of high quality antique replicas are available that are just as beautiful, and these much newer furniture items are also meant to be put to use. These include absolutely lovely sofas like the Mademoiselle Moreau’s French Salon Settee, and the stunning Madame Claudine’s Mahogany Chaise Lounge.

French chairs also lend a touch of class to any home and can be used as a storied, comfortable place to sit while reading a favorite novel or when entertaining guests. Handsome chairs like the Brussels Library Bergére Chair are ideal for this purpose whereas luxurious seats like the St. Gabriel Neoclassical Armchair lend a fine, royal look to any room.

French wall art: Whether sharing room space with fine French furniture, or decorating a wall on its own, French inspired wall decor is an excellent means of lending a beautiful French touch to the room. Framed prints of the Eiffel Tower work well in just about any situation and look even better when accompanied by lovely tapestries of vintage French advertising. We can also decorate with exquisite wall mirrors, and classy sculptural wall friezes.

French statues: French sculptures show the same sense of detailed, exquisite beauty as other aspects of French decor. Small, bonded resign statues act as a lovely accent and addition to an office or living room, and we can also decorate with more colorful sculptures like the “Summer” Art Nouveau Maiden Statue. Out in the garden, we can do the same with the mysterious French Pleurant, and the magnificent Versailles Cherub Urn.

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The Many Benefits of Antique Replica Furniture

Furniture is essential for any home. Even the most ardent admirer of minimalist decor would find it pretty tough to live in a place bereft of chairs, tables, and other types of furniture. Although we make use of those items on a daily basis, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also act as decor. On the contrary, the more we use something in the home, the more the reason to leverage it as something that lends character and beauty to our indoor environment. Based on the number of decorative and sculptural furniture items seen in museums throughout the world, this general rule seems to have been followed by royal families from the time of the ancient Egyptians to medieval Europe and the Victorian era. Many more people follow suit in modern times and do so by way of decorating with actual antiques or replicas of antique tables, chairs, Ottomans, and other types of furniture.

Although few could ever lodge a complaint about decorating the house with authentic, antique items, several good reasons exist for using replicas of antiques. The following are some of the many benefits associated with antique replica furniture decor:

High quality furniture: As long as the chair or table in question is crafted with quality materials and care, and is sold by a reputable source, it will act as beautiful, high quality decor. Factors to look for include furniture made with mahogany and other rich hardwoods, hand-carved, fine details, and an appearance that would look right at home in a museum or storied estate. Decorate with pieces of furniture that show these characteristics and the home will look a little bit more like a classic, royal abode.

More durable than actual antiques: Although old, classic tables and other types of furniture lend a lovely touch wherever they are put on display, they tend to be more decorative than functional. By nature, many antique pieces aren’t as stable as newer items. They might still work but after weathering two hundred years, there’s a fair chance that the exquisite chair or lovely side table isn’t quite as strong as it used to be. Even if it is, since it was probably purchased for a high price, we might be more inclined to put it on display rather than actually use it. That concern becomes a non-issue when decorating with a beautiful, sturdy, heirloom quality antique replica like the Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table, or the Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair.

A classic, rich touch for the home: Beautiful antique replicas can’t help but lend a seriously classy touch to any home. Unlike average furniture items, antique replicas showcase the beauty of fine craftsmanship on rich, elegant materials. Their historical appearance also has a nostalgic influence on the atmosphere of the home.

Impress at the office: Decorating the office with one or more quality antique replicas is one of the easiest ways of making an impression on clients and guests. Pieces like the La Voute Grande Crescent Mahogany Executive Desk, and the Mountbatten Hardwood and Solid Marble Desk demonstrate an appreciation for a combination of elegance and class, and might even make us look forward to a day in the office. Highlight a beautiful, antique replica desk with a majestic chair and sculptural side table for a classy, complete expression of success.

A fraction of the cost: Given the often prohibitive cost for antiques, this is probably the biggest benefit of working with high quality antique replicas. Better yet, when stunning replicas are on sale, we might save hundreds of dollars on fantastic heirloom quality furniture.

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