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Early Spring is in the Air

Mid-February can be a time for Valentine’s Day dinner dates, a time to enjoy cross country skiing, or days to plan a spring garden. Depending on where someone lives, it can also mark a time when we feel the first warm breezes of spring. While folks living in the north still need to shovel snow and drink hot chocolate while watching winter birds in the backyard, a lot of people living further south might already be enjoying a warm day or two. They are feeling the change in the weather and some of the early spring birds have already come back.

When we hear the songs of robins and mockingbirds in the garden, we know that winter is finally giving way to spring. Soon, the snow will melt, the frozen ground will soften and show fresh green grass, and we can venture back outside. In a short matter of time, we can enjoy the renewed beauty of the backyard once more, and get our favorite garden decor out of storage and back into action.

Regarding decor, the new season also acts as a perfect excuse to shop for new garden sculptures, angel statues, garden gnomes, and other items destined for the garden. Whether spring is already happening, or is on its way, now is the best time to begin new plans for the backyard. Start the planning now and we will still have plenty of time to figure out exactly how we would like to decorate the backyard and save money doing it. Wait for a month and we might miss sales on unique garden statuary, resort to using the statues we already have, or regret how we end up decorating the backyard.

There are too many ideas to mention in just one post but we can start with a few suggestions for garden fairies. Whether some of these exquisite statues are already in storage or have never seen the light of the backyard, spring is the best opportunity to buy another sculpture or two of the wee folk. Since spring is a time for renewal, the fresh, new look of beautiful fairies helps them fit right in with our first annual display of garden decor. Lovely sculptures like the Poppy and Meadow the Windforest Fairies Statue Collection: Set of Two are ideal for showing this fresh, new cheerful look. They might work best when placed near equally beautiful, fresh spring flowers and other exquisite garden fairy statues.

Cheerful gnome statues are another good choice for spring because they sport bright colors and lend personality to a “new” garden. In addition to classic, smiling gnomes, it’s also fun to decorate with unique “action” gnome statues like the Nuttin But Net Gnome Statue, and the Hawaiian Hank Grass Skirt Gnome Statue. In a few months, these gnome sculptures can also act as fun conversation pieces during summer garden parties.

New animal garden statues are another good option for spring. The ones we choose depend on how we want to decorate the new garden and can take the form of detailed, realistic sculptures of wild animals to funny and cute animal statues like Buckets the Garden Frog Statue and the Monkey Mantra Zen Animal Statue.

While picking out new garden decor, it would also be a shame to neglect a few new decor items for the interior of the home. New, colorful furniture like the Staverden Castle Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and accents like Faberge-Style enameled eggs are excellent spring additions because they lend a breath of fresh air to the home.

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The Many Benefits of Antique Replica Furniture

Furniture is essential for any home. Even the most ardent admirer of minimalist decor would find it pretty tough to live in a place bereft of chairs, tables, and other types of furniture. Although we make use of those items on a daily basis, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also act as decor. On the contrary, the more we use something in the home, the more the reason to leverage it as something that lends character and beauty to our indoor environment. Based on the number of decorative and sculptural furniture items seen in museums throughout the world, this general rule seems to have been followed by royal families from the time of the ancient Egyptians to medieval Europe and the Victorian era. Many more people follow suit in modern times and do so by way of decorating with actual antiques or replicas of antique tables, chairs, Ottomans, and other types of furniture.

Although few could ever lodge a complaint about decorating the house with authentic, antique items, several good reasons exist for using replicas of antiques. The following are some of the many benefits associated with antique replica furniture decor:

High quality furniture: As long as the chair or table in question is crafted with quality materials and care, and is sold by a reputable source, it will act as beautiful, high quality decor. Factors to look for include furniture made with mahogany and other rich hardwoods, hand-carved, fine details, and an appearance that would look right at home in a museum or storied estate. Decorate with pieces of furniture that show these characteristics and the home will look a little bit more like a classic, royal abode.

More durable than actual antiques: Although old, classic tables and other types of furniture lend a lovely touch wherever they are put on display, they tend to be more decorative than functional. By nature, many antique pieces aren’t as stable as newer items. They might still work but after weathering two hundred years, there’s a fair chance that the exquisite chair or lovely side table isn’t quite as strong as it used to be. Even if it is, since it was probably purchased for a high price, we might be more inclined to put it on display rather than actually use it. That concern becomes a non-issue when decorating with a beautiful, sturdy, heirloom quality antique replica like the Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table, or the Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair.

A classic, rich touch for the home: Beautiful antique replicas can’t help but lend a seriously classy touch to any home. Unlike average furniture items, antique replicas showcase the beauty of fine craftsmanship on rich, elegant materials. Their historical appearance also has a nostalgic influence on the atmosphere of the home.

Impress at the office: Decorating the office with one or more quality antique replicas is one of the easiest ways of making an impression on clients and guests. Pieces like the La Voute Grande Crescent Mahogany Executive Desk, and the Mountbatten Hardwood and Solid Marble Desk demonstrate an appreciation for a combination of elegance and class, and might even make us look forward to a day in the office. Highlight a beautiful, antique replica desk with a majestic chair and sculptural side table for a classy, complete expression of success.

A fraction of the cost: Given the often prohibitive cost for antiques, this is probably the biggest benefit of working with high quality antique replicas. Better yet, when stunning replicas are on sale, we might save hundreds of dollars on fantastic heirloom quality furniture.

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Four Interior Decor Ideas for the Winter Months

The holiday season is over and with it comes a promise of cold weather for much of Canada and the USA. In many places, a green garden is a memory covered by a cold, white blanket in the backyard, and, in most places where snow is lacking; it’s still too cold and wet to enjoy the backyard. This will eventually pass but it will be a month or more before fresh green shoots of grass peak out of the garden soil. The good news is that in the meantime, we can fulfill all of our decorating desires right inside the cozy warmth of the home while we make plans for our spring and summer gardens. Try these five ideas to make the most of fantastic interior decor during the cold months of winter:

Indoor statues: Who says that sculptures can only be used outside? Many a refined home also features one or more statues. These can take the form of classic statuary, African sculptures, and even detailed, realistic statues of animals. With dozens of indoor sculpture ideas to choose from, the best statues for a winter home depend on the decorating theme already inside the house. If Egyptian art is on display, eye-catching, quality Egyptian statues like the ©”Isis, Goddess of Egypt” Statue, and larger sculptures like The Egyptian Grand Ruler Collection: Life-Size Thoth Statue lend an additional, stunning, splendid look to the home.

Likewise, a Venus of Arles Sculpture is an easy way to give a touch of class to any home or place of business. This can also be achieved with small statues of angels, a fairy sculpture or two, or other small statues that were used in the backyard during warmer days.

Unique wall decor: Sometimes neglected, often decorated with nothing more than a few average pieces of decor, the walls of the home offer more decorating opportunities than many people realize. This winter season, get creative, think outside the box, and try decorating with various types of animal-themed decor, Egyptian items, and wall sculptures that also work in the garden. We can give character to a blank wall with minimal materials like decals and adhesive patterns, as well as large, eye-catching decor like the Freedom’s Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture, and augment the classic beauty of other decor in the house with beautiful sculptural wall pediments.

Exquisite lighting: It might be darker during the winter but that’s the perfect excuse to decorate and experiment with beautiful, indoor lighting. We can light up the hallways with medieval-themed sconces that help turn any home into a personal castle, use Gothic-themed lighting to give the place the character and personality we have always wanted, and give the home a lovely vintage look with fantastic floor lamps like the Peacock Goddess Torchiere. Other floor lamps can also be employed to decorate the home with sculptures of animals, dragons, and classic themes. Augment the beauty of those floor lamps with stained glass illuminated pedestals, and exquisite table lamps.

Antique replica paintings: Framed art has acted as classic, staple decor for centuries and with good reason. A beautiful painting can capture nostalgic, timeless scenes, represent a range of emotions, or just lend a lovely look to the rooms of any home. Thanks to the skills of modern day artists, we can also decorate the home with detailed, high quality replicas of paintings seen in museums. These include replicas of Impressionist paintings, works that pay homage to the Renaissance era, and American West themed artwork.

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Suggestions for Black Friday Weekend, 2016

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Yes, today is Black Friday and for many, this is the best shopping day of the year. It might not be the most tranquil time to make purchases but it is a day when we can find big savings on dozens of gifts and other items. Since many savings are also offered on Saturday and Sunday, the shopping spree usually goes on for the entire weekend. Whether someone plans on doing all of their shopping today, until Sunday, or not at all, try these suggestions for a fun Black Friday weekend:

Online shopping: We have said it before but it’s worth repeating because a lot of savings can also be found online during Black Friday and the rest of the weekend. This is a major boon for anyone not that interested in braving traffic and over-enthusiastic crowds of shoppers. Check favorite online stores throughout the day because some deals might only last for a few hours, or just for Friday.

Make a gift list before shopping: Whether we shop online or at the nearest mall, a lot of time will be saved if we make a list beforehand. With so many deals available and so many things to buy, it’s all too easy to waste hours looking in the wrong places, buying extra stuff that aren’t priorities, and missing out on the best deals. It’s of course alright to save money on items that aren’t on the gift list but if gifts are the priority, we should probably purchase those first (unless we chance upon large items available for amazing discounts). The sooner we cross off all of the gifts on our list, the sooner we can browse for other Black Friday deals to our heart’s content.

Shop for big items: By “big items”, we mean furniture, garden statues, and other large items. It can really be worth it to shop for things like antique replica tables and beautiful angel sculptures this weekend because they might be available for the lowest prices of the year. Whether we gift those items or keep them for ourselves, it would be a shame to pass up big discounts on large, high quality decor and furniture like the Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair.

Enjoy leftover turkey recipes: Although Black Friday and the next two days tend to be the biggest days of the year for savings, we don’t have to spend every second looking for deals on gifts and high quality decor. If we shop online, we can also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the holiday weekend, and part of that enjoyment can involve recipes that make use of leftover turkey. Instead of eating a turkey sandwich or two, look up some recipes and give them a shot. If family members are staying for the weekend, we can also try two or three recipes and hold a taste test contest.  If we have leftover ingredients, we can do the same with different recipes for apple and pumpkin pies.

Fun, Games, and Decor: When not shopping, we can also take advantage of this holiday weekend and play board games, watch movies, and even have a video game competition. If we feel like doing some arts and crafts, why not also help the kids make decorations for the tree and next big holiday on the calendar.

Avoid travel when possible: Last but not least, just a reminder that if you don’t need to travel, it would be better to stay off the roads and away from train stations and airports. Since all of the above are already going be saturated with folks who need to travel, there’s no point in making the situation more crowded than it already is.

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Just 40 Days until Christmas!

It’s hard to believe but December 25th is less than 40 days away! In just a month, folks who celebrate Christmas will be marking this major holiday, and many of us host holiday parties well before that date. If we want to celebrate in style, and to impress people of all ages, we need to start getting ready for the winter holidays today. If we wait until after Thanksgiving, we will be joining thousands of other last-minute shoppers and might not even find the high quality decor and gifts that will make this holiday one to remember for years to come.

There’s still plenty of time to find fantastic decor and gifts for everyone but we do need to get started as soon as possible. One of the easiest ways to begin with the search for unique decor is by shopping online for high quality ornaments and decorations. It’s easier than braving early winter holiday traffic, and there’s a lot more options. Not to mention, we don’t have to necessarily see the item in person when we can check out high resolution images and learn more about the decor in question by reading posted reviews.

As far as gifts go, we can also save huge amounts of time by shopping online. Given the huge popularity of various online stores, that news isn’t exactly new but it’s always good to be reminded of the option, even when searching for the unique, high quality gifts for the most discerning of friends and family members.

For example, if we aren’t sure what to get for that sister, cousin, or favorite co-worker, we can start by browsing a site like the Basil Street Gallery. Whether we find something or not, it’s still a great place for gift ideas, and if we don’t buy a gift or two on the first visit, it’s a lot easier to come back and shop compared to driving an hour or more to a specialty store that has a much more limited selection. What makes Basil Street such a great place to look for holiday gifts is the varied selection of high quality items that includes everything from small exquisite accents to beautiful wall decor, and fantastic antique replica furniture.

In terms of accents, the Peacock-Feathered Orbs Decorative Accent Balls: Set of Three is an easy, beautiful gift for people who enjoy collecting small, detailed items. These accents pay homage to the art deco movement and still act as a colorful, classy means of decorating a mantle, and lending an old touch of class to a table, or top of a piano. Likewise, other high quality accents and small items will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates creative, artistic decor.

Functional decor items also work well as gifts because they can be used to do something while adding a beautiful touch to a room or place of work. Such useful items can include anything from unique sculptural tables to decorative, interesting clocks like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock, an ideal choice for fans of Steampunk and other fantasy genres.

Speaking of genres, this is also an easy, efficient way to find gifts for many of our unique friends and family members. For example, if we know that they enjoy Egyptian art, we can focus the search on Egyptian decor like the “Egyptian Eye of Horus” Wall Sculpture, or the Ancient Ankh, Egyptian Symbol of Life Wall Sculpture. If that special person likes to read fantasy novels or is a fan of horror, they might like decor and statues with a Gothic flair. If they prefer more conservative themes or spend time in the garden, a beautiful angel statue might be a good choice. Whether we need to shop for ten or twenty people, we always need to remember that we have less than 40 days to work with!

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Unique and Beautiful Furniture for Siestas

Summer isn’t just the best time of the year for enjoying the great outdoors, it’s also the best season for sleeping. Although many would probably argue that winter is when some of us truly take to hibernation, we shouldn’t forget that it was hot summer weather in Spain that led to the siesta. In much of Spain and some other places in the world where day time temperatures can climb to uncomfortable heights, a lot of people sleep during the heat of the day. It would be nice to do otherwise but if it’s too hot to work, why not just sleep and put in the hours when it cools down?

The answer to that question is the siesta and for folks who have a lot of free time, or can work during the evening hours, it might be a welcome idea. Although some might also argue that air conditioning takes away the need for a siesta in modern times, it’s still hard to beat snoozing in a hammock under the shade of a favorite oak, lounging by the pool, or just taking a nap on the back porch while listening to the drone of a fan or the peaceful bubbling of a garden fountain.

A siesta also becomes more inviting when we can catch some afternoon z’s on beautiful, creative sofas. Out in the garden, these can take the form of anything as simple as a blanket to something as fancy as a hammock with a canopy. To enjoy the blanket approach, just look for a few of the coziest blankets you have, put them down in a shaded spot in the backyard, and get some rest. A pillow and a book will probably help, as will putting the blankets down on grass instead of the bare ground. If the ground is too wet, it might be time to try the hammock, or put a quilt on a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture like the Giant Neoclassical Swan Garden Bench.

It’s even easier to get creative with siestas on the back porch or inside the home. We can take a nap on a favorite couch but those mid-day dreams might be more interesting if we snooze on sculptural sofas like the Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise. With its simple yet rich and royal contrast of gold and ebony colors, this beautiful piece of functional decor with an Egyptian flair is truly fit for a queen of the Nile. Unique, high quality sofas such as this one also act as fantastic centerpiece decor for any home. That said, we shouldn’t be afraid to use it for its true siesta purpose. The same can be said about the equally regal Tutankhamun’s Ritual Lion Divan.

We can also go classic when it comes to siestas and rest on exquisite antique replicas. As opposed to resting on a piece of furniture that was crafted three hundred years ago, we won’t have to worry that the sofa or bench might be too old to support anyone. The mahogany and other valuable hardwoods used in modern antique replica furniture make them more durable yet just as beautiful as divans and chairs found in old estates and museums. In addition to acting as inspirational places for a siesta, pieces like the Victorian Cameo-Backed Sofa and the Swan Fainting Couch also lend an elegant, classy touch to any home. Showcase them in the living room, in a reading room, or wherever their detailed elegance looks best.

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Inspire, Impress, and Save with Beautiful Antique Replica Furniture

We decorate our homes in any number of ways. Some of us choose a few, large statues and wall decor but put up few other decorations, others decorate with several paintings, small statues, and other accents, and some folks go for an approach that makes use of accents and functional decor such as sculptural lamps and tables. People also decorate with antiques, sometimes exclusively so.

Antiques lend a classic, elegant, and artistic touch to any home, but many such items tend to be costly. To find antiques, we also have to work with antique dealers or even attend auctions for items that we would rather put on display than actually use. The easiest solution to spending tens of thousands of dollars on antique items that we might not be able to use for fear of breaking them is buying antique replicas. These can’t be cheap knock-offs of antique items either, but high quality replicas made with durable, beautiful materials, and carefully made to last. This is why the best antique replica furniture items are made with mahogany or other long-lasting hardwoods, and aren’t generally available at a local big box store.

After finding high quality, antique replica chairs, tables, and other furniture items for a good price, we then have to think about how they can be used to decorate the home or place of business. Fortunately, most high quality replicas look so impressive, it doesn’t usually take long to realize that such items look fantastic no matter where we show them. That said, here are a few tips for using replicas of beautiful antique furniture to give any home or place of business a classy, elegant look:

Seating: Providing guests with beautiful seating is one of the easiest ways to showcase antique replicas. Not only will the person notice a magnificent seat like the Carved Rocaille Chair, they will also be drawn to it and just have to sit in it to see if it is as comfortable as it looks, or if they feel like royalty after sitting down. The same could be said about magnificent furniture items like the Victorian Cameo-Backed Sofa. Display such beautiful chairs and sofas where they can be easily seen by guests.

Tables: Tables don’t have to be places where we simply sit down for dinner. They can also be works of art and heirloom pieces that showcase our taste in beautiful, decorative furniture. Take the Sir Benedict’s Library Table for example. This stunning table pays homage to Renaissance era furniture with depictions of acanthus leaves and ornate carvings in beautiful hardwood. Display this and other lovely antique replica tables on their own, or highlight their beauty with Art Deco and Tiffany-style stained glass lamps.

Furniture to showcase small antiques: In addition to showcasing beautiful, functional furniture that can used as seating and for dining, we can also use fine furniture to display our favorite statues, small antique items, and treasures. In fact, we should use fine furniture to display such items because they deserve it. Whether we like it or not, the curio or presentation case ends up being an extension of those items, especially for guests who are seeing them for the first time. For example, if we show a treasured statue, trophy, or photo in a lovely hardwood presentation case, everyone immediately knows that it is something of serious importance. Place the treasure on an average desk or table, and we aren’t really showing it at all.

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