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Early Spring is in the Air

Mid-February can be a time for Valentine’s Day dinner dates, a time to enjoy cross country skiing, or days to plan a spring garden. Depending on where someone lives, it can also mark a time when we feel the first warm breezes of spring. While folks living in the north still need to shovel snow and drink hot chocolate while watching winter birds in the backyard, a lot of people living further south might already be enjoying a warm day or two. They are feeling the change in the weather and some of the early spring birds have already come back.

When we hear the songs of robins and mockingbirds in the garden, we know that winter is finally giving way to spring. Soon, the snow will melt, the frozen ground will soften and show fresh green grass, and we can venture back outside. In a short matter of time, we can enjoy the renewed beauty of the backyard once more, and get our favorite garden decor out of storage and back into action.

Regarding decor, the new season also acts as a perfect excuse to shop for new garden sculptures, angel statues, garden gnomes, and other items destined for the garden. Whether spring is already happening, or is on its way, now is the best time to begin new plans for the backyard. Start the planning now and we will still have plenty of time to figure out exactly how we would like to decorate the backyard and save money doing it. Wait for a month and we might miss sales on unique garden statuary, resort to using the statues we already have, or regret how we end up decorating the backyard.

There are too many ideas to mention in just one post but we can start with a few suggestions for garden fairies. Whether some of these exquisite statues are already in storage or have never seen the light of the backyard, spring is the best opportunity to buy another sculpture or two of the wee folk. Since spring is a time for renewal, the fresh, new look of beautiful fairies helps them fit right in with our first annual display of garden decor. Lovely sculptures like the Poppy and Meadow the Windforest Fairies Statue Collection: Set of Two are ideal for showing this fresh, new cheerful look. They might work best when placed near equally beautiful, fresh spring flowers and other exquisite garden fairy statues.

Cheerful gnome statues are another good choice for spring because they sport bright colors and lend personality to a “new” garden. In addition to classic, smiling gnomes, it’s also fun to decorate with unique “action” gnome statues like the Nuttin But Net Gnome Statue, and the Hawaiian Hank Grass Skirt Gnome Statue. In a few months, these gnome sculptures can also act as fun conversation pieces during summer garden parties.

New animal garden statues are another good option for spring. The ones we choose depend on how we want to decorate the new garden and can take the form of detailed, realistic sculptures of wild animals to funny and cute animal statues like Buckets the Garden Frog Statue and the Monkey Mantra Zen Animal Statue.

While picking out new garden decor, it would also be a shame to neglect a few new decor items for the interior of the home. New, colorful furniture like the Staverden Castle Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and accents like Faberge-Style enameled eggs are excellent spring additions because they lend a breath of fresh air to the home.

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Beating the Winter Blues with Animal Garden Sculptures

Depending on the location, February is a month that can mark the end of winter, or a time when we still have to endure cold weather accompanied by short days and long nights. In southern states, the second month of the year often leads into the first mild days of spring. However, up north, rare mild days in February are usually followed by a choice of flurries, freezing rain, and a frozen backyard.

The bulk of the winter might be over but many of us still have to deal with a chronic case of winter blues. Vacations to sunnier, warmer climates are the best remedy, but if we can’t get away, we have to resort to other means of dealing with winter’s final weeks. One possibility is spending more time in a sun room. Whether the room in question acts as a greenhouse or as an enclosed back porch, as long as the place is bathed in sunlight, it can work wonders at this time of year. Decorate that warm, sunny corner of the home with house plants and cheery, summer decor and it might become your favorite spot to read a book, enjoy meals, or just wait until it’s warm enough to venture back outside.

In terms of decor, a vase and urn or two are easy, beautiful ways to showcase flower cuttings that remind us of picnics and walks in the country on warm, summer days. Framed paintings of spring and summer scenes also work well, and we can lend a vibrant look to the sun room by way of beautiful stained glass works of art. Other worthwhile decorations include any number of garden statues, especially ones that were used in last year’s backyard. Take a few of those favorite small garden sculptures out of storage and they can act as a useful reminder that spring will be back in a month or so.

We can also beat those winter blues by shopping for new spring decor. These items can take the form of any type of new statues suited for the backyard, including certain animal garden statuary that look just as lovely inside the home as in the garden. Although the best animal statues are always going to be the ones best suited to our decorating needs and themes, adorable animal sculptures are especially good at lending a fun, cozy touch to their surroundings.

Such “cozy” sculptures can take the form of functional decor like Pancho the Burro Planter and welcome signs highlighted with animals, as well as a variety of detailed, life-like statues. Even small statues can lend a cheerful look, especially when they happen to be sculptures of cute little baby chicks. By merit of their size, these and other versatile and adorable animal statues can be shown on tables and window sills, as well as in a corner or near the back door. When the time comes for decorating the garden, they work just as well near flower beds and as “pets” for garden gnomes.

Other farm animal statues also work well at beating the winter blues, including beautiful sculptures of lambs, hens, and even cute flying pigs! Compliment them with equally cute statues of puppies and kittens to ensure smiles during the final cold stretch of winter. Anything along the lines of the high quality, realistic “Lover Boy” Puppy Dog Statue is a good choice as is cute functional decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Bulldog Garden Statue, or a Jack Russell Terrier Dog Welcome Statue.

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It’s Never Too Late for Last Minute Gifts

Still looking for last minute gifts? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of us still need to get more presents for the people we love. Various scenarios may have brought us to this anxious place including buying presents in advance and then suddenly realizing that we forgot to get one or two gifts, not knowing where to find the gifts we need, or just not finding the time to go shopping for that final present. All of these reasons are valid but we don’t need to panic because there are solutions.

First and foremost, if we have a busy schedule, we really do need to set some time aide for buying those final gifts. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but should at least be enough to do a bit of searching and purchasing whatever we need. Since we are down to the wire, we also need to consider where we are going to shop, how far away that is, and if the extra driving time is worth it, especially because the holidays roads are already going to be busy. Factor in looking for a gift that might not even be present and last minute shopping at a department store might not be the best option.

We could still order gifts from online stores but then again, since Christmas is just a few days away, we have to take shipping times into consideration. However, at least one solution to that is having a rush delivery option. If we can use that and have our purchases arrive in two to three days that could work. To be sure if it will work, we should call the store in question and talk to them about it. If it will take longer for the gift to arrive, then we have to decide if it will be alright to give those presents a few days after December 25th.

Ideas for last minute gifts are also a huge help. If we already know what to buy, we don’t have to waste hours in searching for something we might not find. We don’t need to have an exact idea of what to get either because even an inkling of what to get will be a big leap in buying those final gifts. For example, although we might not know which types of garden statues to buy for Aunt Rose or a friend who loves to throw garden parties, we at least know that we want to give them a beautiful garden statue.

With that in mind, the next step involves picking up the tablet or phone, or turning on the computer, and making a quick search on a confirmed, well known site that offers dozens of garden statuary options. Then, we can pick a suitable category of sculptures, say animal garden statues, browse the ones that are “best sellers” or on sale, and pick out and purchase a fantastic, high quality gift. Although it depends on how long we browse the site, the entire process is much less time than a trip to the store and can be a mere question of minutes.

Furthermore, if we would rather see reviews about a lovely angel statue, or high quality wall art, we can probably find those on that same trusted online store, usually right on the same page as the item in question. If the site selling garden decor also has categories for accents, gifts, and other items, it’s going to be much easier to find gifts at the last minute than we ever imagined.

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Unique Gifts and Decor for Folks who Love the Outdoors

December is here and the calendar is on a quick run to the holidays. This can be an anxious time for folks who are still looking for gifts but we shouldn’t worry too much because there are still several days left to find everything on our lists. Although it would certainly be better to shop sooner rather than later, preferably today, the reason why we still need to buy those final presents might be more related to knowing what to buy. If we don’t know what to give, we can have all the time in the world and it still won’t matter.

However, there might be easier ways that we realize to pick out the right gift. If that special person has a hobby, or loves certain activities, all we need to do is focus on that interest to find an excellent, much appreciated present. Whether they love birdwatching, knitting quilts, or just going for walks in the park, it’s actually pretty easy to find the right gift. The same goes for anybody seriously interested in the outdoors.

If that person in question loves to go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or doing other activities that make use of national parks, forests, and other wild areas, we are in luck because there are plenty of gift options. In fact, the high number of possibilities might even make it difficult to settle on the right gift. Since they love to spend time in the outdoors, they very likely already have many objects, gear, and apparel associated with their hobby. They certainly have favorite fishing rods, hats, and footwear, and might also be members of outdoor organizations, and have subscriptions to magazines that focus on their hobbies.

However, no matter what sort of things aficionados of the outdoors may or may not already have, there are still more unique options to choose from than we realize. We just have to know where to look and that means not going to the same stores where they have gone shopping because, in all likelihood, they have gone there on many occasions and bought the things they want. Sure, there should still be some good gifts ideas but to avoid giving them what they already have, we need to think outside the box.

Instead of browsing a big box fishing or camping store, we can save time by shopping for outdoor-themed accents and decor online. If he or she loves the outdoors, they probably also spend a fair amount time in their own backyard or garden and might do more with it than we realize. Whether they actually plant vegetables and flowers in the garden or not, folks who love the outdoors are going to be pretty happy with unique animal garden sculptures like a hanging bear cub statue, the Fishing for Trouble Bear Statue, and decor like the Agitated Alligator Swamp Gator Statue. This is because such detailed, high quality animal statues represent the wild, untamed places enjoyed by folks who love the outdoors.

We can also go with a variety of beautiful, detailed wall decor options, including the Freedom’s Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture. This majestic wall decor item captures the fierce beauty and power of the Bald Eagle and immediately captivates with life-like, grasping talons that extend a full eight inches out from the wall. This and other quality outdoor-themed wall decor like the American Buffalo Wall Trophy make bold statements in a den, living room, furnished basement, or office, and will be much appreciated by folks who love the great outdoors.

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Excellent Gift Ideas for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the many great things about Turkey Day is that it happens on Thursday and not on Friday. This gives us a holiday weekend that also includes two days during the week along with football, parades, fun family time, a wonderful autumn feast, and the biggest shopping day of the year. Yes, Black Friday happens in just a couple of days, and for folks interested in big savings, this is the one of the most important days of the year.

Most stores will be offering major savings on most items, and popular toys, tech, and gifts will be selling like hot cakes. The doors will open at midnight, and more than a few folks will race inside to grab the items on their holiday shopping lists. Those of us who would rather not deal with the crowds (and lack of sleep) will wait until later in the day, go shopping on Saturday, or just stick to online stores. Fortunately, quite a few online shopping sites host Black Friday sales, the main difference from brick and mortar stores being the lack of crowds. The sales will still be happening and they might only be offered on Friday but we won’t have to worry about parking spaces, waiting in long lines, and dealing with traffic on the way home.

Instead, we can pick out most or maybe all of the gifts we need to buy from the tranquil, warm, relaxing comfort of our homes. When searching for those gifts, we might also consider the following ideas:

Fun wall decor: Wall decor is a great choice for a gift, we just have to figure out what the person in question would love to see on the walls of his or her home or office. This is an easy gift especially when we aren’t sure what to buy for that special person, or when the person already seems to have everything. This is because every home could use wall decor, as long as the decor in question is of the highest quality. When picking out the wall decor gift, we could go for items that match the tastes of the people in question (such as the Bacchus, God of Wine Greenman Wall Sculpture for aficionados of the fermented grape), or pick out something that would appeal to a wide variety of people (the beautiful Winthrop Court Wall Niche and the classy French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L’Etoile fall into this category).

Walking sticks and other accessories: If the person in question uses a walking stick, or enjoys strolls in the park, an elegant, Italian walking stick like the Bulldog Pewter Walking Stick is a good choice. This and other walking canes from the Padrone collection are an expression of elegance and a grand gift for any gentleman.

Unique jewelry:  This also works well as a gift, especially for women with unique tastes.  The beautiful Lady Anastasia Victorian Ensemble and the eye-catching Victorian Lace Necklace and Earring Ensemble are fine choices for ladies who appreciate antique items and jewelry that hearken back to another, more simple time. There are also plenty of options for ladies who happen to be big fans of the fantasy genre (the Dragons Thorne Serpent Dragon Bronze-Finished Pendant is one of several possibilities), as well as women who like Gothic and Egyptian art.

Unique Desk Accessories: These small items always make great gifts whether the person has a desk or not. There are fun pen holders like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory and the Knight’s Templar Helmet Desk Accessory, as well as elegant bookends and journals.

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Big, Wild Animals in the Backyard

Animals can be entertaining, cute, and downright adorable. The ones that fall into those categories tend to be animals like pet cats, dogs, bunnies, and Meerkats.  There are also animals that fall into categories at the opposite end of the cute spectrum. For most folks, these would be things like spiders, hairy caterpillars, and other creepy-crawlies along with Hyenas, and (for a lot of people) snakes. Then there are the members of the animal kingdom that aren’t usually described as being cute, nor as being revolting, but make an even bigger impression. These animals are the big, wild ones that we all know but have rarely seen in the wild unless we go on a safari to Africa, India, or Nepal.

If we can’t travel to those far-off, wild places and reserves where wildlife like Tigers, Lions, and Giraffes occur, most of us would still love to see them even if it happens to be on the other side of a big moat in a zoo. Those big animals always make an impression because not only are they larger than us humans, some of them could also eat us! This fact gives us a healthy, instinctive sense of wariness and fear when it comes to  big wildlife but never stopped people from featuring such animals in movies, stories, and art. If anything, the feelings generated by megafauna make us that more interested in them.

However, as cool as a bear or Siberian Tiger looks, no one really wants one roaming around the backyard; at least, as long as we can’t keep it under control. About the only way to do that is to either illegally own a very risky pet or have the garden back up to a game reserve or huge national forest. This latter situation is indeed the case for some people and they do see occasional visits from bears, Mountain Lions, Leopards, and other big animals. Deer and even Elk or Moose are more likely in some places but when you get animal visitors of that size, the garden almost stops being a place to grow vegetables and becomes a private wildlife reserve!

Since we might have to turn the backyard over to big animals in a case like that, the vast majority of folks would agree that we are better off reserving the garden for smaller, more manageable wildlife, cultivations, and our favorite set of garden statues. Fortunately, we can still celebrate the wild beauty of big animals via high quality, grand-size garden sculptures. These aren’t just small, average statues of cats or other animals either but truly large and very impressive sculptures with highly realistic features and details.

Some such animal garden sculptures are so life-like that garden guests and folks passing by will do a double take and wonder how on earth you managed to put a Tiger or a small African Elephant in the backyard. That’s a regular, expected response from most people who suddenly come face to face with a life-size statue of a Bengal Tiger. They will probably hesitate just as much upon seeing a tiger resting with her cubs, or a bear fishing for a meal.

It goes without saying, but dinosaurs also make a naturally big impression. If these massive beasts still roamed the planet, they would certainly be the biggest, baddest wild animals around. Although we are 65 million years too late to see one of those huge animals at our backyard bird feeder, we can still impress guests and clients with fantastic, realistic, Jurassic-sized statues of VelociraptorsTriceratops, and other dinosaurs.

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Late Summer Suggestions for Garden Decor

At the end of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the weather can be anything different than hot and muggy. Walk outside and in many places, the warm air feels downright tropical. However, it only takes one look at the calendar to know that cool weather will be here before we know it. In a couple of months, temperatures might even be cool enough to wear a jacket. We will have closed down the pool, might start putting up Halloween decor, and will be getting ready for the much colder weather of winter.

For now, though, we can still enjoy hot summer weather and take full advantage of it by spending more time in the backyard. Go for a swim every day because that won’t be possible in a month or two from now. The same goes for birds coming to the bird bath, and outdoor dinner parties. When the weather turns cold, we will also have to put resin garden statues back into storage. But, before then, we still have plenty of time to showcase favorite sculptures and enough time to change up the decor in the backyard. This change can help give the backyard a fresh, new exciting look for this last bit of summer and early fall. Try these suggestions to help make that happen:

Change every statue or just a few?: The number of sculptures we remove and add depends on how much we want to change in the garden. We might want to consider removing a few gnomes or fairies and replacing them with animal garden statues. We might want to only replace sculptures that remind us of spring or early summer, and replace them with statuary and decor that are associated with harvests and other aspects of autumn.

Instead of switching over a few sculptures, we could also change the entire look of the backyard by putting every piece of decor back in the garage. This is a good option if we want to change the decorating theme, make room for Halloween decorations and statues, or to just decorate with a few sculptures to facilitate getting the yard ready for winter.

Try a new theme: This is the perfect time of the year to change over the decorating theme in the backyard. More than enough time has passed to enjoy the previous theme, and a new set of sculptures and decor will impress garden guests. If spring and the first part of summer already played host to statues of angels and classic decor in the garden, we could switch to a display with more animal garden sculptures. We could also get really creative and use realistic dinosaur statues to turn the yard into an amazing display of prehistoric creatures. That change works especially well for a hotel or restaurant, and can be complemented by a Bigfoot statue.

Tree decor and hanging statues: We could also go with statues and decor that literally hang from the trees. These dynamic decor items work well when we want to decorate a backyard with just a few pieces of decor. Such hanging decor items can take the form of anything from fun sculptures like the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue to colorful statues of parrots on a perch or even Gothic decor fit for the scariest of Halloween displays.

Items meant to decorate trees don’t have to hang off of them either. Greenman statues literally put a face on a tree or garden wall, and character can also come in the form of animal statues like Simone the Squirrel.

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Essentials for Summer Garden Parties

Summer is a fantastic time of the year to entertain family and friends. The warm weather makes it so much easier for people to come over and visit, and much easier to host them because we can have the get-together, dinner party, or full-fledged summer bash out in the backyard. Have the party outside and there’s no need to worry much about having enough room inside the house or to get busy with interior decoration. We do need to get the garden ready for our guests but we can get as involved with that as much as we like. If the backyard already features fun decor, that will work well for any party. If garden statuary takes up too much space, we may want to actually remove a few statues for the date of the venue. We can also get new decor for summer party occasions, along with these ideas for summer garden party essentials:

Lighting: No need for any lighting during the day but since the best summer garden soirees happen at night, this is an essential. We can get as creative with garden illumination as we like as long as we remember to provide enough lighting for guests to dine, dance, and be merry. Strong lighting is probably a good idea on the back porch because we don’t want people falling on the steps, but in general, we just need enough soft lighting for folks to see their food and drink, the pool, and each other. Fun decor like the Bright Eyes Solar Cat Garden Statue can be combined with lighting to welcome guests. We can also put up colored lights next to or even on our favorite decor, and get creative and entertain guests by putting a dim red light near a Bigfoot Statue peering from behind a tree, or put a green light near the dragon skull in the garden. Guests will be impressed and will look forward to your Halloween festivities.

Fun decor: Parties are an opportunity to entertain and decor can always play a fun, central role. If there is a theme for the party, certain statues and accents can help guests feel like they are enjoying a true castle feast, or pay homage to the tropical beauty of the South Seas. To give the party a Polynesian touch, serve fruity drinks on the Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table, or other sculptural furniture inspired by tropical islands. A wide variety of animal garden statues also act as fun party entertainment. Just see how guests react to a highly realistic walking crocodile statue!

Games: One or two games always bring life to any party. If a few people are over, try interactive board games that can be played in the backyard, or if people feel like getting out of their seats, hold a miniature badminton or lawn bowling tournament. For larger parties, we could even do a slip and slide, play water polo in the pool, carry out a scavenger hunt, or play volleyball. Just use your imagination.

Furniture: People need places to sit and a few tables won’t hurt either. Although we can use our own furniture or rent chairs and tables, this is also the perfect opportunity to lend life and personality to the party with sculptural chairs and tables. Reserve the fantastic King Crab Chair for a guest of honor (or the winner of the slip and slide contest), and use Roman spa furniture to give guests a unique party experience.

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The Cutest Puppy

Puppies are undeniably adorable. This is simply a universal fact and one that can be easily confirmed with a quick look at a litter of baby dogs. We could also ask just about any child what the cutest animal is and most times, the answer will be “puppies”. However, when it comes to young dogs, the definition of cute has varied during history and in different cultures. People who judge dog competitions also have their own standards for determining the best-looking canine. The following are some of the factors that anyone could agree upon when choosing the cutest puppy:

The playful factor: Since just about every puppy is playful, this factor is almost a moot point. Nevertheless, some dogs play more than others at every age, and the ones that never get tired of playing tend to get more points for being adorable than others. That might be hard to judge when looking at a litter of dogs that are playing tug-of-war, rolling around on the floor, and just being their own cute selves but if we take a closer look we might notice a puppy that prefers to play with the kids, one that tries to bat a ball around with its over-sized paws, or a puppy that likes to jump over and over. Cute dog decor like the Black Labrador Puppy Dog Statue and the Playful Puppy Dogs Statue capture that eager, playful appearance with realistic details.

The “clumsy” factor: Puppies are also naturally clumsy but that only augments their adorable demeanor. When a puppy ambles across the floor, we just want to pick it up to help it, or to cuddle the cute little dog. This is often followed by more heart-warming quality time when the young pup looks into our eyes with loyal adoration. The cycle then continues with more, cute, clumsy play.

Big dogs, small dogs, all dogs: Some people prefer puppies from small breeds of dogs while others go for big dog puppies that romp around the room with huge paws and a penchant for causing trouble. Others prefer pure breed puppies like Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, or Lhasa Apsos.  However, most people love a puppy no matter which breed it belongs to. That said, it’s hard to deny the cute factor brought to the table by a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog especially when it is only a few months old. Those breeds almost have an unfair advantage when it comes to “cute” because they and other toy breeds were developed to be adorable. They were bred to be small so they could be carried around, and have big eyes and other baby-like features so they could be more adorable. Nevertheless, we all know that “cute” is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to dogs and those who love a Chihuahua might not be too crazy about a German Shepherd and vice versa.

The cutest puppy is the one we call our own: No matter what the judges say, we all know that the cutest puppy will always be the one that we raise as part of our family. Whether it happens to be a Golden Retriever, Poodle, or a mix of everything, we love that dog from the moment we see it crawl around and hear it give those adorable little yelps and cries. When it comes down to it, no dog is more beautiful or loved than the family pet no matter how young or old he or she may be.

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The Power of Elephants and Good Luck

One of the best known wild animals on the planet is also one of the biggest. As large as a house but supposedly afraid of a mouse, elephants have captured the attention and imagination of people for thousands of years. Actually, pachyderms would have always been famous whether they liked it or not because they are just too big to ignore, but they do have other endearing characteristics as well.

For one thing, elephants can be domesticated and are capable of getting much more work done than their handlers. In Thailand, India, and other parts of southern Asia, the Asian Elephant has been helping local people for a very long time. After a young elephant is tamed and domesticated, it is eventually put to work in felling and transporting trees, helping farmers in various ways, and doing other tasks. Its strength is such that it might be considered to be the precursor to modern-day tractors and farm machinery.

However, all of that strength in one big animal also comes with its own set of hazards. Elephant handlers, or “mahouts”, have to be very careful about how they domesticate and train elephants, and have to be even better at understanding them. For example, a mahout who does not know how to recognize when an elephant is upset or what might anger the animal won’t just lose his job. He will also very likely lose his life because it takes very little effort for an elephant to crush a person, or pick up someone with its trunk and toss the person as if he or she were a stick. This is why mahouts not only train elephants in a certain way but also form a lifetime bond with the animal.

They also need to recognize when a bull elephant enters “musth”, a situation where very high levels of testosterone are accompanied by equally high levels of aggressive behavior. The reasons why male elephants enter “musth” are still a mystery and don’t seem to be directly tied to mating although they might be related to dominant behavior associated with fighting for mates or controlling the herd. In any case, when a bull elephant enters musth, even the sweetest and tamest of individuals becomes very dangerous and capable of killing its mahout as well as other people and animals. For this reason, when a domesticated elephant starts to enter musth, it is chained and then starved until it returns to normal behavior after about a week (the traditional method), or put in an enclosure for one or two months. Some say that the traditional method is actually more humane because this allows the animal to return to normal life in a much shorter period of time.

Although most domesticated elephants have been used to help with forestry and farming, their powerful potential was not lost on the military. These original, organic tanks were used by armies in southern Asia for centuries, and also played a major role in Hannibal’s military campaigns against the Roman Empire.

The innate power of the elephant has also been responsible for making this animal a symbol of good luck, good fortune, and stability. It has also been a symbol of wisdom at least since the era of ancient Greece, and this contributes to the elephant being an animal held in high regard for centuries. Many still believe that a statue of an elephant with its trunk up can bring good luck to wherever it is put on display.

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