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Early Spring is in the Air

Mid-February can be a time for Valentine’s Day dinner dates, a time to enjoy cross country skiing, or days to plan a spring garden. Depending on where someone lives, it can also mark a time when we feel the first warm breezes of spring. While folks living in the north still need to shovel snow and drink hot chocolate while watching winter birds in the backyard, a lot of people living further south might already be enjoying a warm day or two. They are feeling the change in the weather and some of the early spring birds have already come back.

When we hear the songs of robins and mockingbirds in the garden, we know that winter is finally giving way to spring. Soon, the snow will melt, the frozen ground will soften and show fresh green grass, and we can venture back outside. In a short matter of time, we can enjoy the renewed beauty of the backyard once more, and get our favorite garden decor out of storage and back into action.

Regarding decor, the new season also acts as a perfect excuse to shop for new garden sculptures, angel statues, garden gnomes, and other items destined for the garden. Whether spring is already happening, or is on its way, now is the best time to begin new plans for the backyard. Start the planning now and we will still have plenty of time to figure out exactly how we would like to decorate the backyard and save money doing it. Wait for a month and we might miss sales on unique garden statuary, resort to using the statues we already have, or regret how we end up decorating the backyard.

There are too many ideas to mention in just one post but we can start with a few suggestions for garden fairies. Whether some of these exquisite statues are already in storage or have never seen the light of the backyard, spring is the best opportunity to buy another sculpture or two of the wee folk. Since spring is a time for renewal, the fresh, new look of beautiful fairies helps them fit right in with our first annual display of garden decor. Lovely sculptures like the Poppy and Meadow the Windforest Fairies Statue Collection: Set of Two are ideal for showing this fresh, new cheerful look. They might work best when placed near equally beautiful, fresh spring flowers and other exquisite garden fairy statues.

Cheerful gnome statues are another good choice for spring because they sport bright colors and lend personality to a “new” garden. In addition to classic, smiling gnomes, it’s also fun to decorate with unique “action” gnome statues like the Nuttin But Net Gnome Statue, and the Hawaiian Hank Grass Skirt Gnome Statue. In a few months, these gnome sculptures can also act as fun conversation pieces during summer garden parties.

New animal garden statues are another good option for spring. The ones we choose depend on how we want to decorate the new garden and can take the form of detailed, realistic sculptures of wild animals to funny and cute animal statues like Buckets the Garden Frog Statue and the Monkey Mantra Zen Animal Statue.

While picking out new garden decor, it would also be a shame to neglect a few new decor items for the interior of the home. New, colorful furniture like the Staverden Castle Peacock Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, and accents like Faberge-Style enameled eggs are excellent spring additions because they lend a breath of fresh air to the home.

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Tips to Make the Most of Post Holiday Sales

It’s the first day after Christmas but the holidays aren’t over yet? That doesn’t really happen until we have to use a new calendar in January. Until then, we still have several days to enjoy time with family, make a snowman or two, and admire the beauty of treasured ornaments on the tree. After looking for gifts for the past several weeks, we might also feel like we are through with shopping for a while. However, given the great deals and sales going on during these post-Christmas days, we really shouldn’t call it quits on shopping yet. There are just too many savings to be had and still plenty of wonderful items that would look great in the garden, home, and even places of business.

These are some suggestions to make the most of post-holiday sales:

Go shopping today: A lot of things will be on sale until the end of the year but the best discounts usually happen today and tomorrow. Since some items could go out of stock, it’s worth it to get some shopping time in today, December 26th. Not to mention, that same sale might not be happening in a few days. When it comes down to it, we shouldn’t wait to save a lot of money on purchases of fine decor and whatever other items we would love to have.

It’s also just as important to know where to shop so we can avoid crowds and find the best deals. Don’t leave online stores out of this equation because they might have just what we are looking for, we won’t need those items right away, and we wouldn’t have to brave traffic or wait in any lines to buy them.

Check prices first: We shouldn’t buy on impulse because we see the word “sale”. Some places have discounts for more, and others offer discounts that differ little from the ones we saw before Christmas. If you aren’t aware of the usual price for an item, check prices at a few places before clicking that “buy now” button. It will be worth it if we can save even 25% instead of 20% on beautiful wall art, an exquisite mahogany table, or other items for the home and garden.

It’s a long, dark winter: We are just getting started with the winter, and for folks who love sunny weather, unfortunately, we literally have a lot of dark days ahead of us. The lack of sunlight can be trying even if we do manage to break up the cold weather with a two week trip to Cancun, Jamaica, or Costa Rica. This is a worthwhile thing to keep in mind while shopping during these discounted days because we might come across some items that will lend the home a bright, cheerful look. Keep an eye out for discounts on sculptural floor lamps like the eye-catching Peacock Goddess Torchiere, and the fun Heads above Giraffe Floor Lamp. We should also look for deals on unique sculptural wall sconces, cute table lamps, and other cheerful interior decor.

Keep spring and summer in mind: It can hard to imagine the pleasant warm days of summer when the garden is a frozen landscape of ice and snow, but in a few months, spring will be here again and fresh green shoots of grass will be coming up in the backyard. It will be time to think about decorating the garden, and if we shop for decor now, we can be prepared for it while saving money on beautiful animal garden statues, sculptures of angels, and other high quality decor.

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Deck the Halls with Fantastic Holiday Decor

Now that we are well into December, the time has come to deck the halls with decor. The “halls” we are talking about can be the hallways, rooms, staircase, and the front porch of our homes, and the walls of an office or place of business. Decorating these and other places for the holidays helps us celebrate and mark this time of year as a season of cheer, joy, and gratitude. We can go with classic decor like branches of holly or other evergreens, put a wreath on the front door, and use plenty of garland. We can also decorate with unique statues and modern decor, or we can try a blend of classic and modern decorations meant to both entertain and impress guests.

However we choose to deck the halls, we hope to create a fantastic display of decor that invokes the magical, nostalgic feelings at the heart of the winter holidays. We can help make that happen with a variety of decor items including these ideas:

Antique decor and ornaments: If we have antique decorations and other family heirloom decor, we definitely want to put these on display. We have to be careful about displaying them in a manner that will keep such valued items from falling and breaking (especially if we have young children running around the home), but we should certainly put them in honored places where they can be admired by everyone. Such old decor can take the form of true antiques handed down for generations as well as decor made by family members when they were in kindergarten. Both types of decor trigger memories and act as nostalgic pieces that warm the atmosphere of any room. We can also highlight the nostalgic beauty of such antique decor with classic statuary like the Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square.

Beautiful holiday statues: Holiday-themed sculptures are a wonderful, easy way to lend a big touch of enchanting cheer to any room. These can take the form of sculptures as small as the cute little Holiday Snowman’s Slumber Statue to a wonderful, large statue of a reindeer. We can also decorate with statues of Santa Claus. A brightly colored sculpture of the jolly old elf is always a fun way to lend cheer to a display, and will be appreciated by kids of all ages. Once again, these can also be small, high quality sculptures like the Ho-Ho-Hold It Santa Mantle Stocking Holder Statue and the detailed Santa’s Coming to Town Holiday Statue, or larger Santa statues that can greet guests in the front hallway. A larger than life Santa sculpture like the “Jolly Santa Claus” Life-Size Statue will also be a hit at places of business.

Holiday wall decor: We can’t overlook the walls of a home or place of business when decorating for the holidays. The walls of hallways and other rooms are suitable places for additional wreaths, family pictures from past holidays, garland, and other decor. Some of those other items can include beautiful hanging tapestries and works of art like The Madonna of the Roses (1903) Canvas Wall Scroll, as well as illuminated canvas wall hangings, and more festive wall decor. These and other high quality wall art provide a touch of elegant class to any winter holiday display.

Unique ornaments for the tree: A few extra unique, high quality ornaments on the tree and placed in other areas of the home augment a fantastic Christmas display. These can take the form of exquisite snow dragon ornaments, splendid Egyptian-themed ornaments, and even a fun Bigfoot ornament or two.

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The Versatility of High Quality Angel Statues

There are garden statues that look better in a classic, ordered, Victorian setting, and others that look best when paired with sculptures of dragons, wizards, and other fantasy-themed decor. Most will look fine when placed in any part of the garden but certain statues make a much better fit when displayed in a corner, next to a pool, or other specific situation. There are also statues that are far more versatile and fit into just about any setting. Surprisingly to some, angel sculptures fall into this category and this is why they are an excellent, easy way to decorate any garden, backyard, or other place in need of a classic touch.

The classic appeal of angel statues is one of their strong points. An angel sculpture that stands or kneels in an old cathedral can still look right at home in a new backyard because, by nature, angels are timeless. They aren’t of this world, do not age, and sculpted representations of angels show this with peaceful, timeless features, long robes, and hidden power. This is partly why an angel statue can have a similar, awe-inspiring effect when put on display in a garden, cemetery, church, or even in a restaurant lobby. Angels are meant to inspire awe, and this is usually demonstrated by high quality statues of these other worldly beings.

As befits their origin, statues of angels also work very well in a setting with other religious-themed sculptures. The calm and peaceful countenance can inspire us to pray, meditate, and reflect, and contributes to a stress-free, healing atmosphere. This is also why angel statues are such a fine fit for any garden or place for reflection, whether they are paired with other religious statues or not. That said, we can’t go wrong in having an angel sculpture share space with statues of saints or other religious symbols. This was how classic angel sculptures were originally portrayed in Gothic cathedrals and other Christian churches, and they still look very much at home in such settings.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also use angel sculptures as decor for other purposes. For example, this beautiful form of sculpture can look fantastic in a Halloween setting because people often associate angel statues with cemeteries. Take advantage of that fact by decorating the angel sculpture with a wispy white sheet. Cover the face of the angel with that sheet or a mask and the sculpture can take on an entirely new, somewhat frightening personality. Likewise, for the winter holidays, angel statues can play a fitting role whether shown on their own, or decked out with elf hats and other holiday decor. Trumpeting angels work especially well at this time of the year. Just make sure to showcase such angel statues inside the home or place of business if the temperature approaches freezing because prolonged, cold weather can harm resin garden statues.

An angel sculpture can also make a fine, house warming gift. As long as the folks in question have nothing against angel sculptures, this can be an easy, elegant gift. If the people in the new house enjoy Gothic decor and the fantasy genre, they will probably love any number of angel statues, especially ones that have a mysterious appearance. People who enjoy classic or religious decor will also enjoy classic, beautiful angel statues, and folks who like to tend the garden won’t have any problem finding space for angel sculptures like the In God’s Grace Angel Statue.

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Gutters and Weathervanes For a Unique Home

Decor is an essential part of every home, big or small. It gives a home character, and can also be used to showcase our interests, hobbies, and fantasies. Certain statues and other types of decor can also be leveraged to give any home a unique look, especially if the decor in question is created with fine details and an appearance that captures the attention of neighbors, house guests, and anyone who just happens to be passing by.

That decor in question doesn’t have to take the form of angel statues or cute welcome signs either. Although those can act as beautiful decor for any home, decor for the exterior of the home can also be just as functional as it is decorative. Take gutters for example. We need these “accessories” to capture rain and other debris that fall on the roof of the home to keep the roof from being damaged or even collapsing. Their simple design helps channel water and other unwanted stuff off of the top of the home and away from it. It’s an easy, essential concept but that doesn’t mean that gutters have to look like a mundane, overlooked part of the home.

They can also add flair and be leveraged to give any home a unique and interesting look while still working to protect the house. Not to mention, if animal garden statues or other garden decor are already featured in the backyard and around the home, certain decorative gutters can be used to work with those decorating themes. Nor do we need to remove the entire gutter or do a major home exterior make-over just so we can decorate the house with a few more accents. If we want to stick with a cute animal theme, we can work with ©Jolly, the Squirrel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue and other animal downspout statues that take the form of a turtle, pig, or other animals. Likewise, if we want to stay with an angelic decorating theme, we can decorate with the ©Blessings from Heaven Angel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue.

To make these functional statues work, all we need to do is attach them to the end of the gutter and wait for the next downpour. The same goes for fantastic dragon rainspouts like Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon Rainspout. Whether we already decorate the backyard with exquisite gargoyle and dragon statues or not, we might still want to use these dragon rainspouts because they look simply fantastic, especially when water rushes out of the dragon’s mouth. These are the types of unique decor that leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who sees them because they demonstrate a combination of artistic fine details, and life-like features.

We can also make an easy impression with functional decor up on top of the home. Weathervanes act as classic, fun, functional decor that works for homes of every size. Put one on top of the house and we crown the home with a type of decor that immediately communicates with anyone who looks at it. In keeping with weathervanes from throughout history, these modern versions also tell us which way the wind is blowing.  We can also use one like the Castle Guardian Dragon Full-Size Copper Weathervane to keep going with the medieval dragon theme, top the house with a classic, beautiful copper angel weathervane, or go with the Celebration Wine Bottle Full-Size Copper Weathervane to demonstrate our love for the fermented fruits of the vine!

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