Unique Specialty Home & Garden Decor

Remembering Frederic…

                                                                                            This week Design Toscano lost a trusted business partner, a creative artist, and most of all a good friend with the passing of artist Frederic Levesque. Frederic holds a special place in Toscano lore: He was […]

Cast stone garden fountains

Just in time for summer – we have a new collection of custom finished cast stone garden fountains.  From classic Italian wall fountains to ultra-modern waterfall fountains with LED lighting, Design Toscano offers a wide variety of outdoor garden water fountains you can choose from to bring timeless art to your home or garden.        Each one is cast to order […]

Under Wraps

Design Toscano specializes in the unusual and in the large.  Those two qualities meet in our Grand-Scale Animal Statues Collection.  Last week a shipment of colossal critters arrived in our warehouse with some pretty inventive wrapping.  (Don’t worry, we inspect and crate them before shipping them out to you).  Check out our before and after pictures! 

See our Awesome Assortment of Garden Gnomes!

Gnomes are everywhere this spring.  They roam.  They write software.  They play video games.  They even visit the Today Show!  And they are our number one requested item on our Facebook page.   Well you asked and we answered!  See our new gnomes page for nineteen new web-only garden statue gnomes.  We have gnomes that work: Gnomes that play:   And […]

Cherub Garden Statues

Cherubs started as artistic Biblical images and religious icons seen on church buildings, but their beauty and symbolism inspired artists to make them prominent figures and characters in paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. these winged beings, often depicted as childlike angels, are famous images in art history and are often seen in scultpures for the garden. […]

Design Toscano – The Source for Gothic Decor

Since Design Toscano’s first gargoyle-filled catalog in 1994, we have been the premier source of gothic decor in the U.S.    Whether your taste runs more toward the classical gothic architecture of medieval times, or more toward the fantasy of dragons and skulls, we can provide for all of your decor needs.