New Autumn Décor from Basil Street Gallery

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn is a mosaic of the all.” – Stanley Horowitz Basil Street Gallery, a diverse and comprehensive catalog of fine interior décor, extraordinary objets d’art and replica antiques, has recently been expanded and now this extensive collection is featured on Design Toscano’s website. Presented […]

New Autumn Décor from Design Toscano

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” –Anonymous As summer slowly slides into fall — my favorite time of the year — we have a lot to look forward to. And now it has gotten even more exciting as I just recently attended the Design Toscano Autumn New Product Launch. The […]

Showcase Flower Cuttings with Beautiful Garden Statues

Summer is a time for celebration. By nature, those of us who live through a long, cold winter appreciate every wonderful, warm day of summer. Many of us show our appreciation and celebrate with friends by hosting dinner parties and grilling in the backyard. Those of us with even a hint of a green thumb […]

Last Day to Take $100 off Garden Statues and More at Design Toscano

Today, June 7th, marks the final day of our tiered, site wide sale. Don’t wait until tomorrow to buy beautiful resin garden statues and high quality decor because we are offering $100 off many of the items in our collection today! If the sculpture, antique replica furniture piece, or other item has a price tag […]

Buy More Fantastic Garden Statues and Save

Summer is the best excuse for buying beautiful garden statuary for the backyard and a place of business. It’s when we spend more time in our gardens, host parties in the backyard, and when more people go dining, take vacations, and visit many a place of business. Today and tomorrow also happen to be two […]

Enjoy Discounts on Beautiful Animal Garden Statues

Certain animal garden sculptures can lend a lovely look to any yard. Whether you go with a dramatic statue of a stalking panther or a super cute Golden Retriever Puppy Dog, a beautiful animal yard statue is a fine choice for the garden. As with other statues for the garden, it’s important to look for sculptures […]

How to Save $100 on Garden Fairies for Summer

Garden fairy statues are a fine, classic addition to any yard. Lovely depictions of the “little folk” have been a common feature of Victorian gardens for more than a century, and continue to lend an enchanting touch to many a modern-day backyard. If the summer backyard could use a garden fairy statue or two, there’s […]

Save Big on Garden Statuary and Unique Decor at Design Toscano

Father’s Day is coming and we are celebrating this special holiday with a big site wide sale. Since our Father’s Day Sale is a tiered sale, you have to buy to save, but the savings can be big for exquisite antique replica furniture, amazing animal garden statues, and much more. For example, buy the St. […]

Sconces and Other Unique Wall Decor at Design Toscano

There are a several terms in the decorating world that just don’t make their way into everyday speech, and that’s a shame because some of those words refer to beautiful ways to decorate the home and business. One of those words is “sconce”. Although some might call a sconce a lamp, if the “lamp” in […]

Gargoyle Figurines in the Garden

A garden can be a place for relaxation, for growing vegetables, or even a place of mystery and enchantment. If the backyard is big enough, it can also host garden statuary that pertains to a variety of decorating themes. No matter which themes you decide to go with, there are still some statues that work […]