5 Elegant Pieces of Art for Your Office Walls

It’s true most of us learn to see the world through our eyes, but art helps us see the world through our hearts. Art also makes the world go around. It transforms a room, evokes a wide range of emotions and allows us to experience a spectacular world beyond our wildest dreams! Every time an […]

The Moving History of Antique Secretary Desks

“Still, something about writing made me spend large hours of my free time at my desk.” –John Grisham The history of the “secretary desk” is a long and very interesting one. Originally taking its name from the French word for writing desk, secretaire, it is a term for a rectangular desk, usually taller than it […]

The Crystal Palace

The desire to embellish our homes with art was born in an ornate palace of crystal… Design Toscano is proud to offer many of the objects that first captured the imagination of the world in the lovely Crystal Palace in the park. Deemed the eighth wonder of the world by some, to the Victorians of […]

Feeling Nostalgic: Kitsch Art & Décor

Kitsch. We have all heard the word and probably used it, but what does it really mean? When kitsch was used for the first time in the art markets of Munich in the 1860s it was used to describe the popular, inexpensive and marketable paintings and sketches that were sold to tourists. The first mention […]

Fountain How-To Series: Part 5 – Rewards of Adding a Design Toscano Pond Spitter

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”–Leonardo de Vinci Want to create a peaceful spot for meditation, add the lyrical sound of water music, and freshen up a pond, pool or water feature? Here are a few ideas that I hope will inspire you… Pond Spitters will fill the demand as they are available […]

Wild About Black Bears

“In every walk with nature, one receives more than he sees.” – John Muir I’m Sue Mell and I’ve been crazy about bears ever since childhood. As child I saw black bears up close and (almost) personal. My family took annual summer car trips and one year we were camping in the woods of Yellowstone […]

How to Personalize Your Garden with Accents

A garden is a truly special place to celebrate the changing seasons, enjoy the sounds of nature and find serenity. Think of your garden as a sanctuary — a stone’s throw away from your house, but a magical universe of your own creation. In essence, a garden can be whatever you want it to be. […]


PRODUCT REVIEW: “Versailles Maidens” Sculptural Mantel Clock Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend. Rating: I echo what the other reviewers have said. This piece is beautiful and looks like it belongs in a museum. It took me a minute to figure out where to put the battery 😉 (the clock face on the front […]