How to Personalize Your Garden with Accents

A garden is a truly special place to celebrate the changing seasons, enjoy the sounds of nature and find serenity. Think of your garden as a sanctuary — a stone’s throw away from your house, but a magical universe of your own creation. In essence, a garden can be whatever you want it to be. […]


PRODUCT REVIEW: “Versailles Maidens” Sculptural Mantel Clock Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend. Rating: I echo what the other reviewers have said. This piece is beautiful and looks like it belongs in a museum. It took me a minute to figure out where to put the battery 😉 (the clock face on the front […]

I love this product as an add-on for Sculpted walls.

PRODUCT REVIEW: “Demure Pose” Male Torso Wall Sculptures: Head Left Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend. Rating: I knew the height of the piece before I purchased it, but I thought it would look good on a short corner wall in my bedroom. It now hangs with 5 more sculptures on my main entrance […]

Leprechaun: Fairy or Garden Gnome?

Stories of fairies and the “wee folk” or “little people” are found in just about every culture throughout the world. In regions with tropical forests, they take the form of small forest spirits that play pranks, especially on poachers. In other places, fairy-like beings are believed to inhabit everything from trees to large rocks, and […]


PRODUCT REVIEW: Renenutet, the Cobra Goddess Altar Candlestick and Candle: Set of two Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend. Rating: In the photo of the candle holders the color looks like a brighter gold but actually it is a darker golden color.It really is lovely.The only disappointment I have is the Egyptian candles that […]