Fountain How-To Series: Part 3 – Choosing a Fountain Style That Suits You

Choosing a Fountain that suits you

“There is no life without water.” –anonymous

Style is both one of the easiest and one of the hardest concepts to realize. Easy if you or your gift recipient already know what your style is and what you want it to convey about you. Hard if you’re not sure where to begin (hello, new home owners!). Even if you only have a small space to work with you can still make a huge impact in your garden with just a few added accents and the fountain of your choice.

Here are a few ideas that I hope will inspire you.

If you are a dog lover there are many sculptural fountains available featuring these gentle canines. An open fire hydrant with a friendly pooch sitting beside it as water pours out into an old boot lit by included low-voltage LEDs, Fire Hydrant Pooch (SS10494), is exceptionally unique. Quenching a Big Thirst (KY27148) has a lovable St. Bernard drinking from a bubbling park water fountain.

Nature lovers will find so many different incredibly realistic options in our Natural Garden Fountains category that it will be a hard choice to make! There are rocky river runs, like our Roaring River Cascading Garden Fountain (DW46049) with included low-voltage LED lights, flowing streams, waterfalls and hollow logs sometimes with added tangled branches and gnarled tree roots. As an animal lover you can find Animal Fountains with woodland animals, such as song birds and mischievous squirrels (Tree Squirrels Sculptural Fountain (SS5539)). If gentle giants are more your style, there are many fountains that feature playful bears getting up to their old antics (check out our Bathing Black Bear Cubs Cascading Garden Fountain (AL28349) with included low-voltage LED light).

If you admire the old world charm of a sun-baked Italian countryside, choose from one of our many rustic Bowls & Cascading Fountains that include clay pitchers (like the Richardson Oval Cascading Garden Fountain (SS11121) with included low-voltage LED lights), urns, old world brick walls, and charming wishing wells.

For a relaxing atmosphere, consider creating a place for mediation and quiet reflection by adding an Asian & Tropical Fountain featuring a Buddha sculpture (try the Earth Witness Buddha Illuminated Fountain (QN164006)). For an Asian inspired vibe try a Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain (SS8416) or a pagoda (Mokoshi Pagoda Garden Fountain (QN150010), with included low-voltage LED lights) with water gently flowing into the basin.

If your family loves the beach or enjoys splashing around in the pool or outdoor spa, think about the large numbers fountains available with sea shells, turtles, a pelican (Pelican Seashore Roost Cascading Illuminated Fountain (SS11780)), fish or even mermaids and seahorses for your garden.

Make a statement! If clean, contemporary lines are your jam there are a number of cascading garden fountains created as modern art in realistic chiseled “stone,” and hand-crafted by our artisans in metal. These sculptural styles created with silver, bronze and copper patinas age gradually to a shade of green verdigris over the stylized lotus blossoms and lily pads like the breathtaking Grande Asian Botanical Fountain (FU71752).

Create your own little corner of paradise! If you’ve decorated your backyard like the tropics or with Polynesian island flavor, a tiki fountain like our Aloha Tiki Cascading Illuminated Fountain (SS11521), or Tiki Gods of Fire and Water (SH382465) with a mouth full of Ultra Fire LED Light technology that replicates real fire without fuel, gel or actual flames, is just what you need.

As an outstanding showpiece, if you want to echo the child in all of us, feature a fountain with laughing children playing as they try drinking at a bubbling water fountain Get a Leg Up: Girl and Boy (KY29848), or the very charming Nature’s Children (KY4012).

Classic designs with European flair include estate-sized, double or triple tier fountains festooned with ornamentation like cherubs, angels, fairies and lions of a more elegant age. One of the most popular Design Toscano single tier fountains is the Manneken-Pis Peeing Boy (NG33505) which has stood in Brussels since the 1600s as a timeless centerpiece.

Want something a bit more classic but with extra function? Check out the White Chapel Manor Pedestal (SS12241) garden fountain that doubles as a birdbath, showcasing included river rocks atop a stone pedestal that would look wonderful surrounded by pots of flowers and greens.

Ceramic fountains, shaped as vases, cascading vines, Grecian Jars (SS11352) or upscale modern sculptures add contemporary flair; they bubble up and send water rippling down in a continual stream of recycling water.

For a relaxed, peaceful country or farm life try a water pump fountain, or cisterns, water troughs, barrels, and wishing wells. A touch of old world charm with the Farm Cistern Barrel Fountain (QN164015) just right for any kitchen, herb or floral garden.

If you’re looking for something whimsical there is the fun and fantastic Sculptural Fountain category that includes, gnomes, fairies and gargoyles to discover. One of my favorite Design Toscano fountains blends nature with fantasy; the Enchanted Forest Tree Ent Garden Fountain (SH382532) with included low-voltage LED lights; it appears like a natural tree stump yet with the face of a wise spirit, water bubbling from the top with three tiny sparrows having landed to drink.

If you sit up at night enjoying the outdoors into the wee hours, consider a lighted fountain as a softy illuminated focal point. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a cozy corner to relax.

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