Three Tips For Going Wild With Garden Animal Statues

Gorilla sitting sculpture

Our incredibly eclectic collection of garden animal statues makes it easy to bring a bit of the wild to your own backyard. You can conjure the spirit of an exotic safari with regal beasts you’d never see in your own neighborhood or recreate an animal menagerie more in line with local wildlife. Summon the pastoral countryside with realistic-looking cows and chickens, or turn back the clock millions of years with cool dinosaurs that stepped out of the Jurassic Park period. Of course, having so many diverse styles and sizes to choose from can make it a little challenging to know where to start as you create your magical animal kingdom. Here are three helpful tips to transform your garden into a creative statuary sanctuary for all creatures great and small.

Consider the Size of Your Garden

It would be wonderful to fill your garden with majestic-size beasts, but keep in mind big creatures need space, whether they’re living and breathing or realistically cast in designer resin! That’s why you should size up your garden before buying outdoor statues. Selecting properly scaled animals will enhance the natural splendor of your garden rather than overwhelm it.

black panther animal statue creeping on walkway
Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue

Bring the unbridled beauty of Africa to your garden with our sleek, intricately detailed and hand-painted Black Panther statue (KY71174) cast in high quality designer resin. And because this exotic predator is available in several sizes, it will look equally amazing in medium to large gardens. If space is no problem, you can turn your garden or interior into a magnificent showplace with our handsome and sleek Life-Size Quarter Horse Filly Statue (NE100019) or Growling Grizzly Bear Life-Size Statue (NE120049) with authentically fierce bared teeth, massive claws and grizzled flecked fur.

The Great Roadrunner Statues
The Great Roadrunner Statue

Bird statues are an ideal way to spice up your garden with species that normally don’t pay a visit to your neck of the woods. Our magnificent, heirloom-quality Large Herons Cast Bronze Garden Statue Set (KW955020) is actually perfect for any size garden because although these elegant birds are tall, they don’t take up too much ground space. Finished with a hand-applied classic sepia patina, their graceful legs and exquisite elongated necks will refine any garden and they can be piped with our pump kits to send cascades of water flowing from their beaks into your pond. On a smaller scale, bring the rustic Southwest to your garden with our exclusive Great Roadrunner Statue (QM2757200), an ideal choice for rock gardens or patios.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Man-sized Bigfoot sculpture walking near lake
Bigfoot the Garden Yeti Statue

Another thing to consider when planning your animal menagerie is deciding between fantasy/novelty vs. realistic styles. In some animal categories you’ll find both. For example, Design Toscano has a superb assortment of exclusive frog statues, including some you’ll never see on a lily pad. Choose from realistic amphibians like our delightfully agile and colorful Jungle Forest Tree Frog (JQ6871) or playful styles like Boogie Down (QM920894), a pair of adorably zany frogs that love to dance! If you’re looking for something fantastic and other worldly, make a statement with our exclusive and unique Bigfoot Garden Yeti Statue (DB383091). You can supersize him if you have the space, or enjoy a more diminutive version. And you’ll go ape when you see our incredible collection of apes and monkeys in humorous varieties or gorillas that look so real, you’ll think they traveled from Africa’s densest jungles to your own backyard!

Cute and Cuddly or Wild and Fierce

Yawning Cat Statue, tem#QM2158270
Lazy Daze Kitty Yawning Cat Statue

If you prefer cute and cuddly to wild and fierce, Design Toscano has plenty of sweet cats and dogs, like our Lazy Daze Kitty Yawning Cat (QM2158270), a sleepy domestic short hair kitty with a playfully pink pussycat tongue. Bunnies are among the most popular garden décor and our delightfully sweet rabbits won’t wreak havoc on your vegetable garden! On the other side of the coin, create your own scary movie with fierce beasts you’d run from if these statues sprang to life. From long extinct dinosaurs like our impressively enormous Velociraptor (NE110015) to lions , gators and bears, oh my, we have plenty of wild animals!

You’d have to hunt far and wide to find as eclectic and impressive a collection of marvelous menagerie as Design Toscano offers! Browse our animal statues today to create your own amazing backyard zoo.

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