Fountain How-To Series: Part 1 – Advantages & Types of Fountains


“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.”

– Washington Irving

asian-inspired fountain - 3 levels
Tranquil Springs Pagoda Fountain

This is the perfect time of year to plan out a garden oasis for you and your family. Compose a peaceful garden sanctuary in a sunroom, on a patio or deck, or in the backyard with an eye-catching centerpiece, an indoor/outdoor self-contained fountain with pump that recycles water from a hidden reservoir. Finish off your own personal paradise with wall décor, your favorite statues, trellises, garden accent tables, and garden furniture – whatever your personal style, you’re sure to find just the thing at Design Toscano.

Design Toscano offers over two hundred different water features to choose from and we’ll discuss some of the countless varieties of styles in hopes you’ll find one that just right for you.

Today we are starting multi-part blog series that will cover a whole lot about fountains, everything from: “Advantages of a Design Toscano Garden Fountain” to “Maintenance and Cleaning”.

So let’s jump right in!

Advantages of a Design Toscano Garden Fountain

The advantages of adding a water feature or cascading fountain to your garden are numerous. So here’s a small list of the best:

Azalea flower and 3 stacked rocks representing tranquility
  • The lyrical sound of water music will help drown out noise pollution and promote tranquility.
  • These calming sounds will help you to relax and lessen stress which is shown to have health benefits.
  • You can easily create a peaceful serene spot for meditation and a spiritually calm space with a garden fountain and lush, green growing things.
  • A garden fountain will help to refresh and to cool off your yard on hot summer days.
  • By adding art and beauty as focal point, a Design Toscano fountain can become the anchor of your garden décor.
  • Providing fresh, flowing water can attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden.
  • A unique Design Toscano fountain can even serve as a conversation starter during summer backyard get-togethers!
Fountain of child pouring water
L’Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain)

Types of Water Fountains

There are three basic types of Design Toscano fountains and various combinations of these three:

Forced Water Jet-Style Fountains: used mostly in larger, more formal fountains, with one or more jets of water shooting into the air. You can see and hear the dancing water from a distance; like the sound of splashing or falling rain, these fountains often will become the showpiece of the whole garden. (For example: L’Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain #KY30082)

Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain Item#DW8005
Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain

Cascading Fountains: water emerges from one or more locations and spills down one, or multiple, levels. This gentle, natural sound is more like a flowing stream, usually found to be very peaceful, almost like white noise.

Larger fountains, with more distance between the top and bottom of the spill, may be louder. (For example: Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain #DW8005)

Dog drinking out of a fountain statue
Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain

Bubbler Fountains: water bubbles up from a small pool; and then may cascade down the sides like a sheet of water on glass. These fountains don’t produce a lot of noise other than a quiet bubbling and trickling sound. (For example: Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain #KY27148)

If a self-contained fountain isn’t what you are searching for, Design Toscano also has an entire line of bronze or resin piped pond “spitters.” This assortment of lost wax bronze or quality designer resin garden statues are piped to “spit” water into a pond, swimming pool or a bowl with the addition of a recirculating pump (we have an assortment of UL-listed pumps available).

Grande Heron Cast Bronze Garden Statue Set, Item#PN96970
Grande Heron Cast Bronze Garden Statue Set

Some spitters are so magnificent, like the Grande Heron Cast Bronze Garden Statue Set #PN96970, that they might inspire you to construct a pond if you don’t have one already!

Next time we’ll continue discussing fountains and making sure that your outdoor space is as wonderful as you always dreamed.

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