Calm Zen Décor for Your Home and Garden

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In the modern digital age, we are bombarded with a dizzying array of text and email messages, social media, 24-hour news, reality TV and politics, coupled with daily work and life stressors. This can make it challenging to find needed moments of stillness. Everyone needs time to unwind and disconnect from smartphones, computers and the media. Creating a peaceful abode is one way to find respite in a frenzied world. With muted colors, exquisite balance and serenity in forms inspired by nature and Buddhism, Asian décor is the perfect choice for attaining Zen balance in your home and garden.

Creating a Tranquil Space

While Buddha statues vary greatly and are open to different symbolic interpretations, placing one in your home or garden is a great start to creating a peaceful, meditative atmosphere. From beautiful sculptures to regal pagodas and tranquil outdoor fountains, Design Toscano has an impressive array of Zen décor to transform your home into a peaceful palace. Here are a few amazing pieces from Design Toscano to inspire your personal path to a Zen abode.

Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture
Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture

The heavenly Ancient Tree of Life (NG32454) bas-relief wall sculpture symbolizes a connection to the Earth and Sun, rebirth and eternity. This beautiful wall art will infuse any living space with meditative tranquility.

A Design Toscano-exclusive, our breathtakingly majestic Noble Buddha of the Grand Temple (AL1160) embodies the beauty of Asian antiques found in ancient mountaintop monasteries. The peaceful sculpture is a perfect way to bring Zen to your garden!

Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being Statues, Item#KY1459
Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being Statues

One of many Zen garden statues offered at Design Toscano, our exclusive Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being (KY1459) is lovingly sculpted to mirror intricate patterns often embroidered in gold thread on exquisite dresses. Contemplative and at peace, she will add a lovely touch of serenity to any home or garden.

Flowing water brings an element of fluidity and gentle music to a space. The cascading water music of our Asian-inspired Tranquil Springs Pagoda Garden Fountain (SS12657) will bathe your dream garden with harmony and balance.

Sacred Pagoda Lantern Illuminated Statues, Item#SS8577
Sacred Pagoda Lantern Illuminated Statue

Illuminate your Zen garden with our gracefully elegant Sacred Pagoda Lantern Illuminated Statue (SS8577). Featuring low-voltage LED lights, the tiers in this beautiful designer resin sculpture represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and sky.

Asian-inspired furniture is alluring for its clean, refined lines and understated elegance. With roots in the 17th century oriental Ming style, our Forbidden City Asian Console Table (MH10694), crafted with either a beautifully rich wood or a modern grey painted finish, adds exotic sophistication to any room. It’s a perfect place to display your small Zen décor, whether a miniature Bonsai, pretty vase or stunning tabletop-size sculpture.

Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture, Item#NG33380
Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture

Our Guan Yin Chinese Goddess (NG33380) is a divine choice for your console table. The pinnacle of mercy, compassion, kindness and love, our exquisitely sculpted version of the most worshiped goddess in China will fill your space with refined grace and calm.

Bring tranquility to your life with distinctively serene and elegant décor from Design Toscano!

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