How to Personalize Your Garden with Accents

A garden is a truly special place to celebrate the changing seasons, enjoy the sounds of nature and find serenity. Think of your garden as a sanctuary — a stone’s throw away from your house, but a magical universe of your own creation. In essence, a garden can be whatever you want it to be. And you don’t even need a green thumb to bring a stunning garden design to life and make it bloom!

Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain Item#DW8005
Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain

Certainly, plants and flowers are the heart of most gardens, but unique accents will truly set yours apart. If you don’t know where to start, think about delightful gardens you’ve seen and the details that made them memorable. Perhaps a tranquil outdoor fountain, gorgeous statue or playful garden gnome captivated your heart.

Design Toscano is proud to offer a globally diverse selection of creative outdoor décor. These great garden statues don’t require getting on a plane or leaving your own backyard to be transported to an exotic locale! Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you plan your dream garden.

Five Fantastic Ideas to Create a Dazzling Garden

Poseidon: God of the Sea Grand-Scale Sculpture

1. Garden Statues: You’ve always admired stunning gardens with beautiful statues, but never dreamed you could recreate this look at home. In fact, incredible garden statuary from all over the world inspired many of Design Toscano’s exclusive designs. Now you can choose from an impressively eclectic selection of distinctive, finely detailed classic or contemporary designer resin statues to create your own memorable garden. To make a majestic statement, consider our 18th century replica of mighty Greek god Poseidon or exclusive tropical designs inspired by ancient Easter Island Moai monoliths!

Tranquil Springs Pagoda Garden Fountain, Item#SS12657
Tranquil Springs Pagoda Garden Fountain

2.     Outdoor Fountains: With soothing sounds and unique beauty, a fountain adds an enchanting touch to any garden. One of the most legendary public fountains, Manneken Pis has stood near Brussels Town Hall since 1619. Our mischievous Peeing Boy of Brussels Sculptural Fountain honors the original, bringing humor and playful sound to your garden. It’s easy to see why our showpiece Quenching a Big Thirst, cast in designer quality resin, is top rated! We’re certain you’ll love this European-style fountain — from the giant Saint Bernard’s incredibly detailed fur coat — to the melodically musical bubbles! Create your own peaceful oasis with our LED-lit Asian-inspired Tranquil Springs Pagoda Garden Fountain featuring gentle water cascading down from two stone bowls balanced on a bamboo ledge.

Melody's Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture, Item#NG33502
Melody’s Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture

3.     Outdoor Wall Décor: While you may not have considered hanging art outside, creative wall décor elevates a garden patio, deck or porch to an exciting new level! Add bright, bubbly color and dimension to a garden or home wall with our exclusive hand-painted Melody’s Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture. Evoke the timeless beauty of a French Art Nouveau garden with our Le Printemps and L’Etoile Wall Sculptures. With flowing tresses, these feminine and ultra-romantic pieces double as pretty planters for green foliage or flowers.

The Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table, Item#DB383038
Kanaloa Grand Tiki Sculptural Table

4.     Outdoor Furniture: Garden benches or tables are a must-have functional and decorative accent to enhance the mood of any garden. Our magnificent Giant Neoclassical Swan Garden Bench would be at home in the most spectacular palace garden. It is an enchanting place to welcome visitors or an unforgettable setting to read your favorite novel. If you’re looking for something playful that brings to mind beach-combing in the South Pacific, look no further than our versatile Grande Tiki Sculptural Tables. What a fun accent for outdoor terraces in the summer and a playful table to enjoy indoors after the snow blankets your garden.

Backwoods Bird House Collection, Item#HF933088
Backwoods Bird House Collection

5.     Bird Feeders: Gardens and chirping birds go together like milk and cookies! And there’s no better way to bring happy birds to your garden than with a unique bird feeder or bird bath. A playful sculptural celebration of warm childhood days gone by, Summer’s Splash Sculptural Birdbath features a cute barefoot lad and graceful butterfly who beckon birds to splash in style! Hand-painted with a rustic log cabin feel, hang our Backwoods Bird House Collection from your favorite tree to welcome feathery friends to your garden.

Browse our lovingly curated collection of garden accents to bring out the beauty of your blooms!

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