New Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

It seems like Halloween just happened but in terms of decor, it’s already in the distant past. Once a holiday is over, it really is time to take down those decorations and put them back into storage. This is especially true for Halloween because we are talking about statues and cut-outs of witches, skeletons, and other frightening decor that just don’t fit with any other time of the year. However, that changes if we also decorated with gargoyle statues, greenmen, and garden statuary that can act as decor for any season.

Since those items lend a Gothic, classic touch to the garden, they can work any time of the year as fine decor as long as the backyard doesn’t drop below freezing. If it gets cold, though, we do want to take them out of the garden and put them back into storage because resin garden statues can be damaged in freezing cold conditions. Nevertheless, if it stays warm enough during November, we might still be able to use various garden statues as fine, Thanksgiving-themed decor.

Statues of angels and other quality garden sculptures continue to lend a peaceful, classic look, especially during the forlorn days of late fall. After removing any Halloween accessories, they can be touched up once again with holiday wreaths, garlands of multi-colored corn, and even decorated with small squashes and gourds. Gnome statues can also be decorated with autumn-colored vegetation and other fall decor, and will lend a refreshing touch of bright colors to the garden.

Animal garden statues can also work well for this time of year, especially when we can greets family and friends with decor like the cheerful “Delightful Dancing Ducks” Welcome Sign, and the Edison with the Lighted Lantern Garden Gnome Statue.  Welcoming guests with these and other fun, unique garden statues fits right in with the warm, happy feelings of Thanksgiving. We can also entertain with beautiful animal statues of dogs, and a host of other cute animals that might work even better inside the home than outside in the garden. But, no matter which animal statues we put on display at this time of year, there’s one animal that works better for Thanksgiving than any other. That animal, is of course, the Turkey.

When we think of this fun, late fall holiday, one of the first words that usually comes to mind is, “turkey”. Also known as “the bird”, or just “the main course”, a big, roasted turkey is an all important part of many a Thanksgiving dinner. Native to North America, this bird species was very likely eaten at the first Thanksgiving dinners and tastes so good, we have eaten it ever since! Images and statues of Wild Turkeys also act as important Thanksgiving decor. We can decorate the front porch with pictures of turkeys in the windows and on the front door, but to make a big impression, try putting a realistic, life-size statue of a turkey in the garden. It also looks just as impressive when placed inside the home, and acts as fun, eye-catching decor that augments the holiday atmosphere of restaurants, hotels, and other places of business.

Other decor ideas for Thanksgiving can take the form of banners or posters that show a cornucopia of vegetables and other food items, as well as replicas of classic paintings that show still-lifes of apples, autumn landscapes, and other themes associated with Thanksgiving. Finally, we shouldn’t overlook tabletop decor like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble and other accents that lend a regal touch to the dining room.

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