Laughs and Screams on Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve, or “Halloween”, is arguably the scariest holiday of the year. It’s when we can visit haunted theme houses and see if we scream when the monster hops out of the closet, when we dress up in costumes of witches, zombies, and other frightening creatures, and when we turn the house and backyard into places where it looks like things do indeed go bump during the day just as much as they do in the night. However, as much as we like to partake in such spooky aspects of Halloween, this October holiday can also be a time for laughs.

We laugh maybe even more than we scream on Halloween because, most of all, it’s a time to relax, dress up as characters contrary to who we really are, and make light of the spooky ideas and possibilities that scared us when we were kids. A really good Halloween party is one that goes far beyond just scaring guests with creepy decor. The best festivities on Halloween are the ones that demonstrate a good blend of both scary and funny. These are some ideas to help make that happen on Halloween, 2016:

Send funny, creative invitations: This year, instead of sending cards by snail mail, or even sending out an email with basic party instructions, treat guests to a video invitation. This is always going to be more dynamic than other invitations and will convince guests that your party is the one that they can’t miss. If we plan on hosting a zombie-themed party, we can make a video of a few friends (or family) in zombie disguise that shuffle towards the camera and then give a moaning address. As they moan, subtitle the video with wording that gives the invitation. We could also record our amazing decorations in the backyard, spanning towards the door of the house at the end. During the video, give a creative spoken invitation with a voice like a vampire from Transylvania. Guests will love it and your video might even go viral.

Welcome guests with frightening fun: The only problem with a fun, creative video invitation is that party guests will probably expect a spooky soiree that goes above and beyond their typical Halloween expectations. The easiest way to exceed those expectations is by giving them a fantastic greeting that combines fun with fright. This can take the form of anything from someone in a gorilla suit that offers a bowl of candy and party favors to guests upon arrival, or an entranceway decorated with a spooky welcome sign flanked by gargoyle sentinels, Gothic angel sculptures, or an outstanding Zombie Gnome Statue.

Zombie piñata: Offering any sort of piñata will add a fun touch to a Halloween party but why use a brightly colored ball piñata when we can let guests hit the zombie? Although it will probably be a bit time consuming to make a zombie piñata, do this and guests will be howling with laughter as they wack the zombie with a witch’s broomstick. Make sure to craft the zombie piñata from papier-mâché a few days ahead of time to give it enough time to dry. If that’s too much work, we could also buy a regular piñata and cover the front of it with a big picture of a zombie face.

The unexpected cutting of a frighteningly delicious cake: Surprise guests with a fun Halloween dessert, and then surprise them again when a masked, “chainsaw” wielding psycho bursts into the dining room to cut the cake. Since the “chainsaw” will actually be a cake knife disguised with cardboard, play the sound of a chainsaw in the background for full effect.

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