Interior Decor Ideas for a Fantastic Halloween

Decor in the form of ghosts and witches can be seen in the neighborhood, pumpkins are on some of the porches, and there is a cool, autumn breeze. No doubt about it, Halloween is almost here! Most of us have already decorated the garden with an extra gargoyle sculpture, and some of us have converted the front of the house and the backyard into a fun, spooky display. The local “haunted houses” have opened, and we have picked out costumes to host and attend our own Halloween festivities. But, if we haven’t picked out interior decor for the holiday, we aren’t truly ready for the scariest day of the year.

Late October is always fun, but why not outdo last year’s party with one for the record books? Why not make this year the Halloween to remember? There are several ways to make this Halloween nothing short of fantastic, one of the essentials being interior decor. To make this year stand out from all the rest, we can’t just add a few new everyday items to the living room, give the home a new paint job, or put up a few cut-outs that say “Happy Halloween”. To take decorating a few steps further, try these ideas:

Serious wall decor: We aren’t talking about a few average paintings or cute items suitable for other times of the year. To turn this Halloween into “the one to remember”, we need to get serious about wall decor and put up decorations that grasp the attention of guests and make them wonder if they should laugh or scream. Instead of going with regular decor, think of decor that look more like movie props than something purchased at a temporary seasonal store. Some examples would be zombie wall decor that looks straight out of the halls of the undead, or creepy wall statues that reach out to passersby with long, shadowy, eager fingers. Wall crawling gargoyles will also do the trick, especially when combined with dark and eerie tapestries and paintings.

Strategic placement for wall decor is also important. We don’t want to put a scary piece of decor in a dark, out of the way corner. Although there is something to say about shadows feeding the imagination, if the piece is in a dark corner, fewer guests will see it. Instead, put that eye-catching decor in the entrance hall or on a prominent spot in the living room to make the most impact.

Scary statues: Sculptures can also play a big role in turning a fun, average Halloween party into a major night to remember. While some statues look better in the backyard, the more confined space inside the home works with certain sculptures to lend a frighteningly good atmosphere to the place of residence. Some good examples include greeting guests with high quality gargoyle statues, putting something like the super creepy Dweller Below Statue in a corner of one of the rooms, or maybe even in the basement, and surprising guests with a statue of a zombie in a back room. Put a few statues of creatures in that same back room and we could put a sign on the door that reads, “Keep Out! Monster Show Room”. Augment the fear with a creepy alien, Bigfoot statue, or zombie sculpture right outside one or more of the windows, and the party will be a hit.

Gothic accents: In general, the more Gothic decor as accents, the better because these mysterious items are excellent for lending a lot of atmosphere to the home. Suggestions include statues of ravens, interesting candle holders, greeting guests at the front door with a skull or dragon door knocker, using Gothic-themed goblets, and even serving guests with a fantastic dragon sculptural table.

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