Halloween Gothic Surprise

Halloween is coming and we can start decorating any day now! Although there’s no official rule for when we can start putting cut-outs of ghosts and witches in the windows, most folks at least wait until October to get the yard ready for the spookiest day of the year. The cooler October weather, increasingly early evenings, and falling leaves go hand in hand with Halloween displays, and help set the stage for the big , scary party at the end of the month.

In getting things ready for that party, we need to figure out what we are going to put on display and how we are going to do it. If we are just looking for an easy, average display, all we need are a few cheap decor items for the front windows, a few pumpkins for the porch, and maybe a ghost or two for the backyard. The display will pretty much look like those of most other homes but we won’t have to worry about spending too much time and effort on decorating for the holiday. However, before we decide to decorate as little as possible for Halloween, we should remind ourselves that it only happens once per year, is usually the most fun party of the year, and might not take as much time and effort as we think.

If we already know where to buy fantastic, unique decor that saves us plenty of time that would have been spent on looking for those items. If the place to buy unique decor is also online, we don’t have to worry about braving any traffic or crowds to help turn this year’s display into an incredible Halloween treat for family, friends, and all of our party guests. As for what can meet the definition of “fantastic Halloween decor”, that can take the form of anything from beautiful statues of angels to wicked gargoyles, dragon skulls, and even zombie gnomes!

However, unique statues aren’t the only way to kick Halloween decorating up a notch. That can also be easily accomplished with a variety of Gothic-themed items. Yes, these do take the form of Gargoyles and some other wonderfully classic creepy sculptures, but can also be represented by a wide variety of distinguished furniture, wall decor, accents, and other items that will impress every Halloween party guest.

This year, instead of sticking to the same old decor, give guests something to talk about with skeleton gnome statues and other Gothic sculptures in the garden. Give guests a fright with creepy greenman decor like the Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpture , and why not welcome them to the party with the tombstone of a vampire! The frightening nature of these fine statues can be further highlighted with a host of other Gothic decor including statues of ravens, skulls in the flower beds, and even an incredibly creepy sculpture of a fiend clawing its way out of the ground.

Once they walk inside the home, we can keep on entertaining them with a suite of lovely Gothic decor. Greet them with Gothic lighting in the form of dark candles and sculptural sconces like the Blackfriar’s Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp, and Gothic wall decor that entertains, intrigues, and sparks the imagination. Once they enter the main chambers of the home, treat guests to more Gothic decor in the form of accents and furniture. Seat the most special of guests in a throne fit for a vampire king,  and encourage them to play “mirror mirror on the wall” with the splendid Chateau St. Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror.

However we decide to decorate the home and garden for Halloween, we can’t go wrong with a Gothic theme. Find the best selection of beautiful Gothic decor at Design Toscano.

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